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You are invited to celebrate local food and produce by entering the fifth annual:

Glastonbury Harvest Show

A fabulous food competition in the best possible taste!

Glastonbury Town Hall Saturday 17th September 2011

Public entry from 12:30 pm

The Glastonbury Harvest Show highlights the importance of local food, and celebrates local resilience
Members of Glastonbury Country Market will provide refreshments all day There will be stalls selling local produce and displaying information about local food projects
The event is supported by Glastonbury Town Council, Glastonbury Gardeners Group, Transition Glastonbury, Mendip Community Credit Union, Flaxdrayton Farm & Torganics Rosettes are sponsored by Glastonbury Spring Water Many thanks to all of the organisations that have donated prizes - a full list of their names will be displayed on the day

Timetable of Events
Show entries to be received: 8:45-10:15 am Judging: 10:30-12:15 pm Show open to the public: 12:30-2:45 pm Prize winners collect prize money: 12:30-2:45 pm Award of prizes and rosettes: 1:30 pm Afternoon activities: see back of programme full details available on the day Auction of Produce: 3 pm (any entries not collected by 2.55 pm will be auctioned)


FRUIT AND VEGETABLES We want to see useful food, not special exhibition inedibles! We will assess texture, colour, scent, and ease of preparation homegrown food that is 'sink-ready' for the cook to prepare and use. 1) Squashes, gourds and marrows 2) Halloween prize pumpkins, specifically for carving
(Not necessarily the biggest!)

3) Leafy greens 4) Onions, leeks and garlic 5) Roots & tubers 6) Peas & beans 7) Tomatoes 8) Soft fruit 9) Other fruit 10) Anything that does not fit into the classes above! 11) A Harvest Box: A balanced group of useful, meal-making food types can include fruit, vegetables, and home produce. Box to be no larger than 60cm x 45cm x 20cm (24 x 18" x 8").

FRUIT AND VEGETABLES (Cont.) 12) Fantasy Fruit & Vegetable Hat let your imagination run wild! Stewards will be on hand to help with classifying produce on the morning of the show! FLOWERS Please use locally grown flowers and foliage 13) An arrangement of garden flowers in a vase 14) A harvest wreath HOME BAKING Please use local flour for all items (e.g. Sharpham or Burcott Mill) you are encouraged to use organic fruit and vegetables where possible: 15) Freestyle bread - a loaf or rolls of up to 0.5 Kilos/1lb, any type, any shape. Please provide a label indicating the type of loaf This class is to celebrate the huge variety and versatility of bread 16) A cake which has fruit or vegetables as one of its primary ingredients Please provide a label indicating the type of cake

PRESERVES We are looking for consistency, flavour, colour, and originality. Label the jar with the type of produce, indicating which ingredients are locally grown (but no name or address). Any preserves that are mouldy or in jars with corroded lids will not be judged. 17) A jar of jam (454 gms/1lb) 18) A jar of jelly (454 gms/1lb) 19) A jar of pickle / chutney (454 gms/1lb) 20) A jar of honey clear or set (454 gms/1lb) 21) A bottle to lift the spirits!

COUNCILORS CHALLENGE 22) Local Councillors to submit their best entry from any of categories 1 - 21 and let the judges decide!

YOUNG PEOPLE AND CHILDRENS CLASSES For Individuals: 23) Children 6 years and under - A fantasy creature Use your imagination to create a creature from fruit and vegetables. You may use cocktail sticks to hold it together. 24) 7-12 year olds A Fantasy Fruit & Vegetable Hat Let your imagination run wild! For young peoples groups (e.g. clubs, classes, nurseries, schools etc.): 25) A Harvest hamper inspire us with your collection of edible treats drawn from as many categories as you like. NB: Young people are very welcome to enter the other classes.

Good luck to all the shows entrants

Notes for Show Entrants: 1. Entries to be at Town Hall from 8.45 am on the morning of show. Hall must be clear for judging by 10.30 am. 2. The show will be open to the public from 12.30-3.00 pm this will be followed immediately by an auction of produce. 3. Items must not be removed before 2.45 pm. Any items left at 2.55 pm will be auctioned (please leave some items for sale - money raised by the auction will help fund the show in 2012). Selected items will be auctioned during the afternoon, with the owners permission. 4. Adult entries are 30p each (4 entries for 1). Childrens entries are 10p each. 5. Gold, Silver, Bronze, & Commendation certificates and prize money of 1.00, 0.60 and 0.40 will be awarded in each class (if there are sufficient entries). There will be awards for Best in Category and Best in Show. 6. Best in Show is awarded to the person who accumulates the most points (three points for Gold, two points for Silver and one point for Bronze). The more classes you enter, the better chance you have of being awarded Best in Show. Notes for Show Judges: We want to encourage creativity, food growing, fun and participation. Fruit, vegetables and home produce may be cut/opened/sampled to assess quality and taste. Fruit, vegetables and produce will be assessed on taste, smell, colour, freshness and visual appeal (note that this does not mean supermarket quality perfection) Judges are impartial, and they will not know who the competitors are. They will apply their own judgement on the day. Their decisions are final. Recipes are very welcome as part of any produce display wed also like you to submit them for inclusion in a new Glastonbury cook-book.

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Childrens activities Illustrated Talk by celebrated, local permaculture expert Patrick Whitefield Tomato tasting with the Glastonbury Gardeners Group (G3) Ask the Gardening Expert Find out about Fruit Trees For All and Bee Keeping Get involved in practical cooking and gardening workshops

Members of Glastonbury Country Market will provide homemade refreshments all day including lunchtime snacks of pasties, pizza & quiche, plus cakes and cookies

And for an auction of show produce at 3 pm