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Jul. 2011


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This is the easa011 bulletin. In it you will find all the information and news related to the XXXIst European Architecture Students Assembly and to the forthcoming events that will be organized on the months previous to the summer Assembly.

easa011 will start in 20days 00h. 00m. 00s.

upcoming events deCOASTruction a pinch of history

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The Project is supported by: University of Ljubljana Faculty of architecture and The Students Organization of the University of Ljubljana Contact:

order they entered the crisis: first housing, then the non-residential and, finally, civil engineering. Production levels of residential change little during 2011 (-5.5%) and 2012 (5%), assuming that initially did not go far from the benchmark of 100,000 homes. Non-residential building housing differs in that it will take longer to recover by waiting longer to enter crisis, which in 2011 will experience a decline of 18.5% and in 2012 the decline will slow to 6% experience a positive rebound in 2013 with a rise of 3%. The decline in state investment, which caused a drop in production in 2010 in civil engineering (-16.5%), experience over the biggest adjustment this year, down 29%. Likewise, containment worsens the outlook for fiscal 2012 with a 14% fall, which may be aggravated when municipalities fail to invest in public works. Meanwhile, the CEO of ITEC, Anton M. Czech, said that housing stocks have been depleted in some cities and in certain regions could start building again, but the lack of funding prevents it. *Continue reading on:

South - New Fashion Latitude Where? All around Cadiz old town When? From 29th June until 2nd July 4th edition of the fashion and new tendencies in Cadiz

Architecture workshop (summer courses) Where? Architects institute of Cadiz When? From 18th June until 21nd July The Colegio de Arquitectos de Cdiz organises from 18th until July 22nd a summer course/workshop under the theme The Uprising of the Public Space. Different groups will try to study the recent phenomenon of the crisis relating it to the 15M movement, the public space, etc.

EASA Slovenia: Apartments for Young Families Theoretical and constructive workshop about residential problematics, particularly conserning the lack of minimal apartments for young families and couples. The Association of Students of Architecture EASA Slovenia is active again! This time preparing and collecting everything necessary to make the best and the most socio-architectural oriented workshop at the faculty. Connecting with the most active students of sociology in Ljubljana, well be searching for the best way of designing a social but comfortable, as small as possible but dignified apartment for a typical young family living in the city. Naturally the point is not stop at the design, but to construct this apartment and spend a day in it. During that day our team will be, apart from cooking and sleeping on the couch, attracting the passers-by by communicating with the interested ones and giving them advice on how to design your own space. Hopefully we attract the media and the goal is noticed by someone who cares about the problematics, to help make the living of young families easier. Workshop date: 4th 14th July 2011 Workshop public action: 15th July 2011

easa011 Where? Cadiz When? 23rd July - 7 August The XXXI edition of the European Architecture Assembly!

Uncertain future The construction in Spain will continue to fall until 2013, when it will end five consecutive years of contraction and begin to contribute positively to the economy growth of 1.5%, the report Euroconstruct the first half of 2011. The year 2012 will be negative, falling 3.6% after Spanish construction 2011 closing with a 15% decrease, explained Ramon Josep Fontana, head of the Economic Forecasting Unit of the Institute of Construction Technology de Catalunya (ITeC). At a press conference, said that recovery in the different markets will begin in the

Carranza football tournament The Ramon de Carranza Trophy competition is a summer football tournament since 1955 that is held in the city of Cadiz. In the record, the number of titles per club is: Club Atletico de Madrid - eight throphies, the Cdiz Football Club - seven throphies and Real Madrid football club 6 throphies. The trophy ends up every summer in a beach party in Cadiz. From the tournament Saturday afternoon until early Sunday Cadiz organises barbecues with family and friends who come to gather many people in the coastal zone. In recent years the festival has been fa-

mous for the excess overflow of visitors, a lot particularly from Seville and Madrid. Notably, it was in Cadiz, in the edition of this tournament in 1962, in which first was held a penalty shoot-out as a method of tiebreaking.

Sleeping arrangements EASA goes comfy! In this years edition the slepping arrangements will consist on bunk military beds. Dont forget your sleeping bag!

Dear NCs, if you wish to collaborate in these monthly bulletins either with articles, pictures, etc. write to an email with the subject easa011 bulletin, an we will be happy to include it in the following issues.

Carranza tournament celebration This years Carranza Tournament will take place during the days 4th - 6th August.

easa011 timetable

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