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Agreement with IB (Introducing Broker)

This Agreement number , which entered into force _ 2011, concluded between: (A): Name: Butenix Capital Ltd. Address: Suite 1, Second Floor, Sound & Vision House, rancis Rachel Str., Victoria, Mahe,Seychellesx (Hereinafter and (B): Name: Address:_ _ _ (Hereinafter IB)

and the following conclusions: IB undertakes the expense of its resources and capabilities to attract customers to open accounts at and subsequent trading on these accounts. IB provides customers who will carry out trading contracts for difference (CFD), foreign exchange (Forex), using the trading platform coming online. in turn, is obliged to pay for the IB under the conditions set out below.

1. General: 1.1. The actual address of the contract the parties recognize registration address; 1.2. and IB accept the terms of this agreement to mutually beneficial cooperation, namely:
to attract new customers, increase transactions and increase the number of transactions committed by the client terminal AccentForex Trader 4.0 and others; 1.3. The Parties shall assume the rights and responsibilities listed by the treaty, and followed them until termination of this contract in a specified order shown below.

2. The relationship between, IB, and clients: 2.1. To enroll commissions IB must unearth a real 2.2. 2.3. 2.4.

2.5. 2.6. 2.7.


trading account, using the link , replenishment of the commission account is optional; IB uses to attract potential customers and advertising background information on, ongoing promotions, competitions and current bonus programs, referring to the relevant page on the site, as well as other information provided by for these purposes; IB customers can open a live account, fill out the appropriate application form for opening an account on the website client must also provide all copies of required documents for opening accounts in electronic form; Customers attracted by the IB, can not act IB, as well as his relatives and any other affiliates. If you find any data of IB and raised them to the client (such as passport details, address, phone number, e-mail, ip-address, etc.), that client will be removed from the list of customers, attracted by IB, the payment for that client will be canceled ; not provide recommendations and / or information can motivate clients to commit one or another transaction; IB customers can replenish their accounts using listed on the site ways; IB operates as an independent entity, and under no circumstances IB can not be considered an employee, working under the relevant employment contract in IB has no right to take on any legal or contractual obligations on behalf of not responsible for the acts or omissions of IB; The parties independently and at its discretion carry out their tax obligations;

3. Exchange of information: 3.1. Interaction with IB is done by exchanging information through any of the following
communications: Internal mail terminal; E-mail; telephone; postal correspondence; announcements and publications in the relevant sections of the site; Other tools (Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc.). 3.2. IB also communicates with - any of the above means of communication;

3.3. All analytical information published on this site, sent via e-mail and / or provided by
any member of the (as well as IB) through any type of communication or in person is for informational purposes and is not responsible for the actions of customers, directly or indirectly based on this information. 3.4. has the discretion to provide clients with IB for free or at a better price third-party trading signals for informational purposes only. IB Clients are not required to use the proposed thirdparty trading signals.

4. Rights and obligations 4.1. undertakes to offer its customers, attracted by IB, real trading accounts
AccentForex. in general conditions in accordance with the "Trader Agreement" with the specifications prescribed in this Agreement 4.2. IB undertakes to provide full information regarding the content of negotiated agreements, and to acquaint with the IB made to the Trader Agreement "changes by posting relevant information on the site, located at the following addresses: 4.3. has the right to receive from the IB full report on the progress and results of campaigns and promotions to attract customers. 4.4. undertakes to carry out a full account of trade book group IB; 4.5. undertakes to provide clients with the group IB to carry out trade transactions; 4.6. IB undertakes to pay compensation in the manner prescribed herein; 4.7. For all client accounts IB agrees to pay the remuneration specified in the "Table of remuneration" to the contract, not later than the 10th working day of each following the reporting month. 4.8. shall begin paying IB commission, only if the group IB at least 3 active clients, committing a total transaction at least 10 lots within one calendar month of the IB (the first of the month on the first number in the next month ) 4.8.1. If the size of the total volume of completed transactions of less than 10 units per calendar month - the total remuneration of IB is not canceled, but "frozen" until the end of the next calendar month. 4.8.2. If in the next calendar month, the size of the total of completed transactions does not exceed 10 lots, then the next month rolled only accrued for the current month, all previous charges IB undertakes to provide access to view the report information on each of the Customer IB; 4.9. may give clients belonging to the group IB, the receipt of the last commission committed to their trading in international financial markets; 4.10. reserves the right not to be taken into account for calculation of commissions, transactions lokirovaniem positions; 4.11. may not take into account when calculating the commission of the transaction clients, carried out by the imperfections of the trading platform; 4.12. Once a month, IB may request AccentForex reconcile the number of clients and their accounts; 4.13. reserves the right to exclude the customer account of the group IB, if it has not been updated within 30 calendar days; 4.14. reserves the right to request the IB additional data and documents in the case of coincidence of the registration data the client's account from the group IB, matching the IP address, the apparent co-orientation, or vice versa multi-directional orders (with the same volume and / or time of opening / closing) , if confirmed avtoreferalstva those accounts will be excluded from the group IB: 4.15. reserves the right to terminate this Agreement unilaterally out of court if the IB has attracted at least three customers within 90 days from the date of this Agreement by giving written notice to the IB, not later than ten working days; 4.16. obliged to provide "white-labeled" alternative trading platform, upon request, IB; 4.17. reserves the right to charge a fee for providing the IB "white-labeled" version of any of their trading platforms. 4.18. has the right to carry out other actions envisaged by the treaty.

5. Rights and duties of IB: 5.1. IB confirmed that it has all necessary licenses or legal approvals, if necessary, to carry out obligations
under this Agreement;

5.2. IB agrees that it shall read "the policy of working with clients. IB guarantees that will immediately inform
AccentForex in case of inconsistency of his clients of this policy; 5.3. IB is obliged to search for active customers, which will trade using online opportunities, mainly via the Internet, through the client terminal AccentForex Trader 4.0 and by phone.

5.4. IB (employees IB) must have sufficient knowledge of the scope of services and facilities provided, as well as hold general information and understanding of international financial markets 5.5. IB is obliged to familiarize themselves with the information published on the official information resource, independently and in a timely manner to inform customers about important changes; 5.6. IB has the right to disclose any information regarding the transactions, the size of deposits, profitability, personal data and other sensitive customer data third parties. As well as information obtained while working with, which is not public (not published on the website or not available for download from the site throughout the contract and three years after its dissolution; 5.7. IB guarantee the legitimacy and authenticity of all agreements and documents provided on behalf of the Client; 5.8. IB must provide full information about the progress and outcome of services listed in Clause 1.2. this contract; 5.9. IB has the right to use the trademarks, slogans, and other results of intellectual property rights that belong, without the prior written agreement; 5.10. IB has the right to use the logos, trademarks, slogans and other results of intellectual property designed specifically for this particular IB, as well as within the program "IB Accent" in general; 5.11. IB has the right to use the site made specifically for the business specified in Clause 1.2. ITdepartment (corresponding to formalize the provisional application); 5.12. IB has the right to use advertising campaigns, conduct which violates the law and other regulations of the State in which it is located; 5.13. IB has the right to attract customers, using illegal methods, such as for example: fraud, the provision of incomplete or erroneous information about the risks, misrepresentation, spam, etc.; 5.14. IB is obliged to provide comprehensive information and legal support to clients who belong to the group IB, as well as contribute to solving emerging from customers under the Treaty Trader or his opinion the problems and issues; 5.15. IB is obliged to provide clarification on any issues arising from the Customer relating to services provided 5.16. If IB is unable to resolve the situation described above alone, IB must immediately contact the staff, any convenient way, to explore all necessary to address the details (account numbers, support tickets warrants, terminal time and pr .) 5.17. IB is obliged to familiarize customers with a warning about the risks arising from trading in financial markets; 5.18. IB has no right to give clients advice on transactions under the "Treaty Trader; 5.19. IB has the right to enter into any other oral and / or written agreements (contracts) directly or indirectly relating to this agreement, the delegation of authority, rights, duties, IB, in whole or in part, only with the written consent of 5.20. IB has the right to independently develop, plan and carry out marketing and advertising campaigns, only after written approval from their; 5.21. IB may perform I / O operations received, earned through trade or establishment in person cash commission accounts, in accordance with the Treaty Trader 5.22. IB has the right to carry out transactions on commission account; 5.23. In case of problems, directly related to doing business IB (regarding the contract), IB shall provide all necessary information in sufficient amounts to jointly address the situation; 5.24. IB has the right to perform any operations with sales by attracting the Client only with the express written consent of the Client and in agreement with 5.25. IB has the right to make settlements with the Client in any form or currency, only with the written consent of 5.26. IB has the right to carry out an internal transfer of funds from their accounts to the accounts of its affiliate groups; 5.27. IB has the right to carry out other actions envisaged by the treaty

6. Decision disputed the claim and situations: 6.1. All disputes arising between the IB and solved by negotiations; 6.2. not compensate moral damage or lost profit; 6.3. IB has the right to present claim in the event of a dispute. Claims must be submitted
within three working days from the date of the grounds for their presentation;

6.4. The claim must be framed in the form of electronic mail (e-mail) and sent to the official e-mail addresses
listed on the site, no claim is made on paper and mailed to the address listed on the site company. The claims made in any other format can not be considered; 6.5. reserves the right to request information regarding the essence of the claim, to make objective decisions; 6.6. obliged to consider and decide on the reclamation no later than ten working days from receipt of such; 6.7. If questionable situation is not described in this agreement, render a decision based on the principles of world and its practices, in accordance with applicable law; 6.8. In the event of any disagreement between the parties in respect of or in connection with this Agreement, all such contradictions discussed in the respective legislative bodies Seychelles. 6.9. Controversial situations under the contract can also be seen in the "Seychelles International Business Authority", issued under the act: "Act 0000024/1994 Certificate # 072342" 6.10. If any provision of this Agreement is not enforceable, then this Agreement shall be provided and construed as if the invalid provision does not exist

7. Force Majeure: 7.1. Force majeure parties accept the circumstances that neither party could not reasonably or logically be
anticipated or foreseen.Circumstances beyond the normal (conventional) political, natural, or any other areas. Include, but are limited to: war, natural disasters, fires, floods, industrial accidents and other disasters, failures of communication power supply (or power lines), terrorist acts, riots, etc. 7.2. The parties are relieved from liability for failure to comply or not comply fully with this agreement, if these actions (or inactions) have caused a force majeure; 7.3. In case of impossibility of performance of this contract due to force majeure, the party shall notify about this the other party within five calendar days in writing; 7.4. In the absence of written notice of the occurrence of force majeure, the party loses the right to invoke the above circumstances, as force majeure.

8. Conclusion: 8.1. This agreement is in full force for one year from the date of its signing, if neither party notifies the other 8.2. 8.3. 8.4. 8.5. 8.6.
party of termination of this agreement no later than 30 calendar days - a term contract is automatically extended for another year; The rights and obligations under this Agreement may be revised, according to the agreement of the parties of its successors, authorized representatives and successors; Terms and conditions, rights and obligations of this Agreement may be changed unilaterally, what IB will be notified in writing no later than ten working days; Either party may terminate the contract unilaterally by notifying the other party not later than ten calendar days; This agreement may be terminated unilaterally without notifying the other party in the case of systematic or gross violations of paragraphs of this Agreement; This Agreement is made in Russian language in two copies and both are equally valid; IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties drafted and signed this Treaty, in the execution of which must comply with all of the above provisions.

This Agreement number , which entered into force _ 2011, concluded between:

On behalf of Butenix Capital Ltd Signature: Name: Position: EdwardKim vice-president .

On behalf of IB Signature: Name: Position: Representative Address

Annex 1
Amount of refunds By all accounts AccentForex client agrees to pay the following fees IB not later than 10 working days of each month from the usual spreads

IB Refunds on Micro account Currency pair

(in USD )SymbolFixed Spread (in points)IB



(in points)(in base currency)


(Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar)

Descr ibtion
1.2 12 CAD 12 CHF 1200 JPY 12 NZD 12 USD 1200 JPY 12 CAD 12 CHF 12 GBP 1200 JPY 12 NZD 12 USD 12 CAD 1200 JPY 12 USD 1200 JPY 12 USD 12 CAD 12 CHF 1200 JPY 12 / [USDCAD Rate] 12 / [USDCHF Rate] 1200 / [USDJPY Rate] 12 * [NZDUSD Rate] 12 USD 1200 / [USDJPY Rate] 12 / [USDCAD Rate] 12 / [USDCHF Rate] 10 * [GBPUSD Rate] 1200 / [USDJPY Rate] 12 * [NZDUSD Rate] 12 USD 12 / [USDCAD Rate] 1200 / [USDJPY Rate] 12 USD 1200 / [USDJPY Rate] 12 USD 12 / [USDCAD Rate] 12 / [USDCHF Rate] 1200 / [USDJPY Rate]

(Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc) (Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen) (Australian Dollar vs New Zeland Dollar) (Australian Dollar vs United States Dollar) (Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen) (Euro vs Canadian Dollar) (Euro vs Swiss Franc) (Euro vs Great Britain Pound) (Euro vs Japanese Yen) (Euro vs New Zeland Dollar) (Euro vs Unated State Dollar) (Great Britain Pound vs Canadian Dollar)

7 5 10 4 4 6 4 4 3 8 2 8 6 3 6 4

1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2


(Great Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen) (Great Britain Pound vs United State Dollar) (New Zeland Dollar vs Japanese Yen) (New Zeland Dollar vs United States Dollar)

USDCAD_FX (United State Dollar vs Canadian Dollar) USDCHF_FX (United State Dollar vs Swiss Franc) USDJPY_FX

4 3 2

IB Refunds on Mini and PROfit account

Currency pair
AUDCAD (Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar ) AUDCHF (Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc) AUDDKK (Australian Dollar vs Danish Krone) AUDJPY (Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen)

Fixed Spread
(in points) 4 4 30 2

IB Refunds
(in points) 1.2 1.2 2 1.2

IB Refunds
(in base currency) 12 AUD 12 CHF 20 DKK 1200 JPY

IB Refunds
(in USD ) 12 / USDCAD Rate 12 / USDCHF Rate 20 / USDDKK Rate 1200 / USDJPY Rate

AUDNZD (Australian Dollar vs NZ Dollar) AUDPLN (Australian Dollar vs Polish Zloty) AUDSGD (Australian Dollar vs Singapore Dollar) AUDUSD (Australian Dollar vs US Dollar) CADCHF (Canadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc) CADJPY (Canadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen) CHFJPY (Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen) CHFSGD (Swiss Franc vs Singapore Dollar ) EURAUD (Euro vs Australian Dollar) EURCAD (Euro vs Canadian Dollar) EURCCK (Euro vs Czech Koruna) EURDKK (Euro vs Danish Krone) EURCHF (Euro vs Swiss Franc) EURGBP (Euro vs GB Pound) EURHKD (Euro vs Hong Kong Dollar) EURHUF (Euro vs Hungarian Forint ) EURJPY (Euro vs Japanese Yen) EURLVL (Euro vs Latvian Lats) EURNOK (Euro vs Norwegian Krone) EURNZD (Euro vs NZ Dollar) EURPLN (Euro vs Polish Zloty) EURSEK (Euro vs Swedish Krona) EURSGD (Euro vs Singapore Dollar) EURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar) EURZAR (Euro vs South African Rand) GBPAUD (GB Pound vs Australian Dollar) GBPCAD (GB Pound vs Canadian Dollar) GBPCHF (GB Pound vs Swiss Franc) GBPDKK (GB Pound vs Danish Krone) GBPJPY (GB Pound vs Japanese Yen) GBPNOK (GB Pound vs Norwegian Krone) GBPNZD (GB Pound vs NZ Dollar) GBPSEK (GB Pound vs Swedish Krona) GBPSGD (GB Pound vs Singapore Dollar) GBPUSD (GB Pound vs US Dollar) GBPZAR (GB Pound vs South African Rand) NZDCAD (NZ Dollar vs Canadian Dollar) NZDCHF (NZ Dollar vs Swiss Franc) NZDJPY (NZ Dollar vs Japanese Yen) NZDSGD (NZ Dollar vs Singapore Dollar) NZDUSD (NZ Dollar vs US Dollar) SGDJPY (Singapore Dollar vs Japanese Yen) USDCAD (US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar )

8 30 9 1 4 4 2 8 4 4 30 5 1 0.5 20 40 0.9 20 50 10 40 40 10 0.8 100 6 6 4 40 4 80 15 80 15 0.8 200 8 6 3 10 3 5 1.3

2 2 2 1 1.2 1.2 1 2 1.2 1.2 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 3 2 3 3 2 1 3 1.2 1.2 1 3 1 3 3 3 3 1 3 1.2 1.2 1 2 1 1 1

20 NZD 20 PLN 20 SGD 10 USD 12 CHF 1200 JPY 1000 JPY 20 SGD 12 AUD 12 CAD 2000 CCK 10 DKK 10 CHF 10 GBP 20 HKD 2000 HUF 1000 JPY 20 LVL 30 NOK 20 NZD 30 PLN 30 SEK 20 SGD 10 USD 30 ZAR 12 AUD 12 CAD 10 CHF 30 DKK 1000 JPY 30 NOK 30 NZD 30 SEK 30 SGD 10 USD 30 ZAR 12 CAD 12 CHF 1000 JPY 20 SGD 10 USD 1000 USD 10 CAD

20 * NZDUSD Rate 20 / USDPLN Rate 20 / USDSGD Rate 10 USD 12 / USDCHF Rate 1200 / USDJPY Rate 1000 / USDJPY Rate 20 / USDSGD Ra 12 * AUDUSD Rate 12 / USDCAD Rate 2000 / USDCCK Rate 10 / USDDKK Rate 10 / USDCHF Rate 10 * GBPUSD Rate 20 / USDHKD Rate 2000 / USDHUF Rate 1000 / USDJPY Rate 20 / USDLVL Rate 30 / USDNOK Rate 20 * NZDUSD Rate 30 / USDPLN Rate 30 / USDSEK 20 / USDSGD Rate 10 USD 30 / USDZAR Rate 12 * AUDUSD Rate 12 / USDCAD Rate 10 / USDCHF Rate 30 / USDDKK Rate 1000 / USDJPY Rate 30 / USDNOK Rate 30 * NZDUSD Rate 30 / USDSEK Rate 30 / USDSGD Rate 10 USD 30 / USDZAR Rate 12 / USDCAD Rate 12 / USDCHF Rate 1000 / USDJPY Rate 20 / USDSGD Rate 10 USD 1000 / USDJPY Rate 10 / USDCAD Rate

USDCCK (US Dollar vs Czech Koruna) USDCHF (US Dollar vs Swiss Franc) USDDKK (US Dollar vs Danish Krone) USDHKD (US Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar) USDHRK (US Dollar vs Croatia Kuna) USDHUF (US Dollar vs Hungarian Forint ) USDJPY (US Dollar vs Japanese Yen) USDLTL (US Dollar vs Lithuanian Litas ) USDLVL (US Dollar vs Latvian Lats ) USDMXN (US Dollar vs Mexican Pesos) USDNOK (US Dollar vs Norwegian Krone) USDPLN (US Dollar vs Polish Zloty) USDSEK (US Dollar vs Swedish Krona) USDSGD (US Dollar vs Singapore Dollar ) USDZAR (US Dollar vs South African Rand)

30 1.3 20 5 80 30 0.8 10 15 30 30 40 30 5 100

3 1 1.2 1.2 3 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 3

300 CCK 10 CHF 12 DKK 12 HKD 30 HRK 2000 HUF 1000 JPY 100 LTL 100 LVL 20 MXN 20 NOK 20 PLN 20 SEK 10 SGD 30 ZAR

300 / USDCCK Rate 10 / USDCHF Rate 12 / USDDKK Rate 12 / USDHKD Rate 30 / USDHRK Rate 2000 / USDHUF Rate 1000 / USDJPY Rate 100 / USDLTL Rate 100 / USDLVL Rate 20 / USDMXN Rate 20 / USDNOK Rate 20 / USDPLN Rate 20 / USDSEK Rate 10 / USDSGD Rate 30 / USDZAR Rate

"Rate" - the current rate quotes given to Forex * For the purposes of this contract with the IB designation "Standard" auction, which means the value, which is usually ten times larger than the "mini" lot and a hundred times - "micro" lot. Typically, the nominal size of the "standard" lot of Forex 100,000 units of base currency, or 1,000 shares, and the nominal size of the "mini" forex lot is 10,000 units of base currency, or 100 shares. The abbreviation "r / t" refers to the term "round-turn" means the entire transaction of buying and selling. This fee applies to trade instruments whose price is expressed in the entire monetary units (ie U.S. dollars, pounds sterling, euro, etc.) rather than in fractional units (ie, cents, pence, centimes, and t . etc). For trade instruments whose prices are expressed in yen, rupees or fractional units will be applied commensurate with the calculation of pay after the conversion values spread in USD.Remuneration AccentForex IB, may not exceed the financial cost of spreads or commissions charged for the lot. reserves the right not to pay compensation for inappropriate trading activity, such as wrapping transactions on the account (too active an ultrashort transactions the trader to increase the remuneration of BP), and other such online trading practices. This Annex to Agreement number , which entered into force _ 2011, concluded between: On behalf of IB Signature: On behalf of Butenix Capital Ltd Name: Signature: EdwardKim Name: Position: vice-president Representative address Position: