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US 2 uy United States c2) Patent Application Publication (1) Pub. No.: US 2022/0341585 Al i) om cc en @) oD Perry et al. ELECTRONIC DEVICES WITH BACKLIT PARTIAL MIRROR STRUCTURE Applicant: Apple Ines Cuperina, CA (US) Inventors: Patrick R. Perry, Boulder Crack, CA, (US): Jun Cheng, Shanghai (CN): Martin Melcher, Paris (FR): Shravan Bharadwa), Sen Jose, CA (US) ‘Wanshan LL. Suzhou (CN: Seott M. Stryker, San Jose, CA (US) Appl. Now 171675834 Tiled: Feb, 18, 2022 Related S. Application Data Provisional application No. 63/177.788, filed on Ape 21, 2021, Publication Classification In. FIV 4300 (2006.01) 202203: S8SAL (43) Pub. Date: Oct. 27, 2022 Iv 800 (2006.01) Goze 528 (2006.01) (2) Us. co F21V $3004 (2013.00), GO2B S816 (01301; Go2w wons (01301; GaR S28 (2013.01): Go2B 008s 2013.01); F27¥ 115710 (2016.08) 7) ABSTRACT A backlit partially reflective minor may be used to form logo or other structure in an electronic device. Ue electronic device may have a housing. The housing may have a wall With one of more openings configured ta reeiveone or more oeresponting logo-shped portions of the parally rete: tive mimor The panially receive mizeor may’ be illuni- nated using backlight illumination from a backlight that is ‘overlapped by the partially reflective mirror. The partially reflective mirror may be formed from one at more protr- ing srvetures om common substrate, One or mor thin layers may be configured to provide the partaly reflective iiror ‘with desied visible light reflection spectrum, deste visible light transmission spect, and desitod visible light absorption spectrum. ‘The reflectivity of the mmirtor may be configure 50 that the misror serves as : R 10 Hom 20—} 308 = : i. re pop je z Na Patent Application Publi jon Oct. 27, 2022 Sheet 1 of 8 US 2022/0341585 Al 10 q 6 24 < «pel { no i + > ae ILE 18 16 14 =] Ay _ \ 12B No FIG.1 Patent Application Publication Oct, 27, 2022 Sheet 2 of 8 US 2022/0341585 Al pe 22-2 22-1 124 FIG. 2 Patent Application Publi Oct, 27, 2022 Sheet 3 of 8 US 2022/0341585 Al 380 750 WAVELENGTH (nm) FIG. 3 Patent Application Publi jon Oct. 27,2022 Sheet 4 0f8 US 2022/0341585 AI be 2 12a ——_7 \ 22 2A raw BR a (aes: YZ Z7Z7 Zz [-—2suB 228 384 36 FIG. 4 Patent Application Publication Oct, 27, 2022 Sheet S of 8 US 2022/0341585 Al 208 50° Cede L >°29po00 0 0 oOo FIG. 5 t ae at 28 ee FIG.7 y Xx ‘| vax 60 L. y = Patent Application Publi jon Oct. 27,2022 Sheet 6 of 8 US 2022/0341585 AI 2.2 2A 4 FIG. 8 Patent Application Publication Oct, 27, 2022 Sheet 7 of 8 US 2022/0341585 Al 22-1 22-1 FIG. 9 Patent Application Publi jon Oct. 27,2022 Sheet 8 of 8 US 2022/0341585 AI FIG. 10 US 2022/0341585 Al ELECTRONIC DEVICES WITH BACKLIT PARTIAL MIRROR STRUCTURES. [0001] This application claims the henefit of provisional patent applestion No. 6177788, fled Apr 21, 2021, ‘whieh i hereby incorporated by reference herein in is nlite FIELD. 0002] This relates generally to electronic devices, and, ‘more partcilaty, electonic devices with ikisinatd stuc> BACKGROUND 003], Electronic devices such as may have housings formes fom metal and other materials. In some strange ments, openings are formes in # howsing to occmmodate ‘components. Openings may also be formed inthe shapes of Togos SUMMARY [0004] An electronic device such as lap computer oF ‘other device may’ have a howsing, Components such a8 3 ‘splay and Keyboard may be mounted inthe housing, 10005] ‘The rearof the hosing may be provided wih log. “The log or other sinctres inthe device may be provided with a boeklt partially elective mieror. ‘The mire may provide the logo or other structures with a shiny appearance ‘while blocking interior components fom view. Atthe same time, the partial transparency of the mizror allows backlight illumination from within the devie to pase through the 0006] ‘The rlletive miror may be formed from one oF ‘more proiruding structures on a common substrate. The ‘protruding sinictures may be received within comesponding ‘openings in wall inthe housing 10007] One or mow thin-film layers may be configured 10 Provide the partially reflective mine with desir visible light reletion specirum, desired visible light transmission spocttum, ad a desired visible light absorption spectrum. The reflectivity ofthe mirtor may be configure 0 tha he imieor serves a5 a one-way mitror for the logo or other stracture The migror may have a newt color such 3 light ‘aay or may have a peu-ncutal color such as gold [BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS. [0008] FIG. 1 i a side view ofan itustatve electronic ‘vice with backit miror strate in acondance with an ‘mosiment [0009] "FIG. 2s. war view ofan stati housing with ‘bockt mimo tetare having he shape ofa opr logo in secordance with an embodiment [0010] FIG. 3 isa graph showing stave rele Spectrum for bro structure in aocrdance with embod [WO] 116. 4 sa eross-setonal sie vew ofan laste {ive backit mimor strate in accordance with an embod [0012] FIGS. 5, 6, and 7 are cross-setonal sie views of isteative backihts for mimo stetues in accordance ‘with embodiment [W013] FIGS. 8 and 9 are istrative back scconlance with embodiments Oct. 27, 2022 [0014] FIG. 10 is a perspective view of an illustrative Keyboard key formed! fom a backlit mimor in accordance with an embodiment DETAILED DESCRIPTION [0015] An clectronic device may have components ‘mounted in # housing. The housing may be formed from lass, metal, polymer, ceramic, flber-composite material ‘erste materials such as sapphire, other material, and ‘or combinations of these materls. In a istrative con- figuration, an electronic device housing maybe formed fom ‘met or other material with one oe more openings to receive Jogo-shaped backlit partially reflective mieor stuctues. In eneral, ay suitable portion of an eletrnic device may Thave a backlit mimor: Configurations in which the backlit mmiror has a logo shape and fs mounted ina housing wall ‘opening ae sometimes described herein as an example 0016}. FIG. 158-9 cross-sectional view of an hniative ‘electron device. Eleetonie device 10 of FIG. A may be a ‘computing device such a= a laplop computer, a compute ‘monitor containing an embedded compute, tablet com- pole, cellule telephone, « media player, or ober handheld tr portable electronic device, a smaller device sich a8 8 Wwantwateh orother devise Wor oma user's Wrist, a pendant ‘device, a headphone of earpioce devi, « head-mounted ‘device sichas eyeglasses, goueles, or other equipment worn fon a user's head, or other wearable or miniature device, a television, a computer display that does not contain an ‘embedded computer gaming devee, a navigation deview, ‘an embesidd system soch asa system in which electronic ‘equipment with display is mounted ina kiosk oF automo bile sguiment that implements the functionality of two oF more a these doves, or other electronic equipment. Ius- trative configurations in which deve 10 sa portable device such a a laptop computer may sometimes be described hota aya example 0017) As shown in FIG, 1, device 10 may include boos: ing 12, Howsing 12, which may sometimes be refered to as ‘an enclonire or eae, may be formed of plastic, glass, ‘eras, fiber composites, metal (64 slanles set, alt= ‘migum, te.) other suitable materials, ora combination of ny two oF more of these materials. Housing 12 may be formed using a unibody configuration in which some or all ‘of housing 12 is machined or molded wt a single severe o may be formed using moltiple structures (ean intemal frame structure, one of mote structures tht form exterioe housing surices, ete) 0018] Inthe example of FIG. 1 device 10 includes upper portion 12A (sometimes refered to ay a display housing Portion oF lid) and lower potion 128 (sometime refered 10 fe base housing portion or base). Portions 12 and 23 may be coupled at hinge 14. Hinge allows portions 124 ‘nd 128 to rate relative to each othe. This allows the lid ‘of housing 12 wo rotate relative To the base of housing 1210 ‘open and close housing 12. Device 10 may be a laptop ‘computer that inchides keyboard 16 and trackpad 18 in base housing portion 128 and that includes display 20 in display housing portion 12 Housing portion 12A may have front F and an opposing ear R. Display 20 may be mounted on front F, so that display 20 s protected when portion 12A is rotatd into closed position and so that display 20 visible to 8 user when portion 12A js open a shown ja FIG. 1 {0019} Housing 12 (including a display cover layer portion that covers display 20) may separate an interior region of US 2022/0341585 Al device 10 such a interior region 36 from an exterior region suroninding device 10 such as exterior region 38, Compo nents 34 may he mounted in howsing 12 (e., components ‘Mimay be mounted to one oF more printed cites 2 i interior region 46. Components 34 may include integrated circuits, discrete componeats, input-output deviees such 35. Sensors, trackpad 18, keyboard 16, display 20, et [0020], Componeats 34 may inl contol eteuiey, The contro circuitry may include storage and processing cit- cuir for supporting the operation of deview 10, The sto land processing circuitry may include storage such as hard disk drive storoge, nonvolatile memory (eg lsh memory for other eletically-programmable-ead-only memory con Figured to form a slid state crv), volatile memory (e Satie of dynamic random-secess-memors), ete. Processing ‘route ia the control circuitry may be used to contol the ‘operation of device 10. The procesing eitcutry muy be hase on one oF more microprocessors, microcontrollers, ligt signal processors, baschand processors, power mah ‘agement units, audio chips, application specie integrated cients, et. The contr eiruiry may include communica tions cteutry for supporting wited andor witeles commu- ications between device 10 and extomal eguipanent, For ‘example, contol czcuitry indevice 10 may include wireless ‘comatunications circuitry sich as cellular telephone eomm- ‘munications cireitry, wireless local area network eomm- nications circuitry, nd near-field communications circuitry. [0021] | Componcats 34 may aso include input-ouspt ci ccuitry. For example, input-output deviees in device 10 may he used tallow dat to be supplied to device 10 and tallow data to be provided fom device 10 to extemal doves Tnpatoutput devices may include butoas, joysticks, soll ing wheels, touch pas, Key pads, Keyboards, microphones, speakers, tone generators, haptic ouput devices cameras liph-emitting diodes and other stats indicators, data pons. dlsplays,ef- A user can contol tbe operation af device 10, ‘by suppiying commands thong inpat-outpa devices and may receive stats information sn other output fom device 10 using the opt resources of input-ouipu devices. The input-output devices may inlude seasrs. The sensors may include capacitive sensors, light-based proximity sensors magnetic sensors, accclerometer, forse sensors, fovch ren sors, Temperature sensors, pressure seusors, inertial mea- Surement units, accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, microphones, radio-nequency sensors, three-

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