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: HP HP0-069 : HP Integrity Mid-Range Server Technologies

Version : R6.1

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1. Which tool is used to configure nPars? A. HP Partition Manager B. nPars Insight Allocator C. HP OpenView Partition Wizard D. HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) Answer: A 2. What are functions of the MP on Integrity servers? (Select two.) A. performs OLRAD B. initializes system hardware C. reports, logs, and controls system status D. controls the installation of firmware updates E. deallocates the processor and memory during a failure Answer: CD 3. Which resource should be used to find technical specifications for hardware and software? A. Product Bulletin B. SalesBuilder for Windows (SBW) C. PartSurfer D. Enterprise Configurator Answer: A 4. What are features of the cell controller? (Select two.) A. RAID memory B. SCSI controller C. Interleaved memory support D. Error checking and correcting E. Automatic Power Consumption control Answer: CD 5. What is the benefit of cell-local memory (CLM)? A. can be used from other hardware partitions B. can be used as virtual memory within a cell board C. provides memory protection within a cell board (Chip Memory Sparing) D. provides faster memory access to local CPUs Answer: D 6. What enables the new sx2000 chipset to increase the system crossbar bandwidth by a factor of four? A. The clock frequency is four times higher. B. The sx2000 chipset uses four separate crossbars.

C. The sx2000 uses the new high-speed SERDES technology. D. The crossbar cache uses the new DDR2 SDRAM @ 267/533 MHz. Answer: C 7. What is the maximum number of internal DVD-ROM drives in an HP Integrity rx7620 server? A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 4 Answer: B 8. Which statement highlights a feature of iCAP and processor cache error resiliency on HP Integrity servers running HP-UX? A. There is offline activation of an unused iCAP processor. B. There is online activation of an unused iCAP processor. C. An iCAP processor can be activated locally by the system administrator. D. Remote activation of iCAP processors is no longer necessary on HP Integrity servers running HP-UX 11i. Answer: B 9. If an HP partner requires information about porting software, which resource should he use? A. HP Product Bulletin B. SalesBuilder for Windows (SBW) C. Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) D. HP-UX 11i v2 System Administrator Reference Guide Answer: C 10. What functionality does Global Shared Memory enable in the sx2000 chipset-based HP Integrity servers? A. All partitions read and write from the same memory pool. B. All processors within a partition read and write from the same memory pool. C. Processors may read from "sharing windows" in other partition's memory. D. All nPars can access a limited amount of memory for fault protection. Answer: C 11. Which ASICs are used in the sx1000 chipset? (Select two.) A. Peripheral bay B. Memory Adapter C. Cell Controller (CC) D. Core I/O Controller (CIC)

E. System Bus Adapter (SBA) Answer: CE 12. Which new features differentiate the sx2000 chipset from the sx1000 chipset? (Select three.) A. double chip spare B. multiple crossbar interfaces per cell C. spare channel for crossbar interface D. eight memory buses with up to 32 DIMMs total E. four front-side buses with up to two sockets each Answer: ABC 13. What is the minimum number of Itanium 2 single core 1.6GHz processor modules that can be installed on an Integrity rx7640 server cell board? A. 1 B. 2 C. 4 D. 8 Answer: B 14. What is the function of the cell controller on a cell board in HP Integrity mid-range servers? A. provides PCI bus technology for each I/O card cage B. enables "chip-kill" like redundancy of cache C. replaces the Service and Management Station (SMS) or Test Station D. provides connections to crossbar, CPU, memory, and I/O components Answer: D 15. Which are features of the rx7640 and rx8640 servers compared to the rx7620 and rx8620 servers? (Select two.) A. redundant system backplane B. no single point of failure C. redundant PCI power supplies D. redundant PCI-backplane E. redundant clock source Answer: CE 16. Which additional hardware component is required to create four nPars on an rx8640 server? A. IOX (I/O Expansion Unit) B. SEU-2 (System Expansion Unit) C. No additional hardware component is required D. additional power supply for expanded power consumption

Answer: B 17. Which rule needs to be followed to prevent memory performance bottlenecks in a HP Integrity rx7640/8640 multi-cell partition environment? A. load memory symmetrically across all cells within a partition B. firmware is taking care and no loading order needs to be followed C. load memory symmetrically on the first cell for optimal performance D. operating system takes care and will use the memory with lowest latency Answer: A 18. HP Integrity Virtual Machines can run in which partition types? (Select two.) A. vPars B. nPars C. Standalone Servers D. Secure Resource Partitions Answer: BC 19. What is the minimum number of cell boards required to use more than six internal disks in an rx8640 with SEU-2 configuration? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Answer: D 20. You are installing a rx8640-32 server with HP-UX 11i v2 in a Fibre Channel SAN solution. The SAN environment consist of HP StorageWorks EVA8000 and MSA1500cs. Which multi-pathing component do you have to configure? A. MultiPath I/O (MPIO) B. Emulex Multi-pathing driver C. LSI Logic Multi-pathing driver D. Physical Volume Links (PVLinks) Answer: D 21. For which operating system is Partition Manager not available? A. Linux B. HP-UX C. Windows D. OpenVMS Answer: D

22. You want to add a PCI card to an rx7620 running HP-UX 11i. Which tools can you use to do that online? (Select two.) A. Partition Manager B. Availability Manager C. Process Resource Manager D. SCSI Command Utility (SCU) E. System Administration Manager Answer: AE 23. How can a user be prevented from viewing and changing a system in the VSE Management Suite and HP Systems Insight Manager management domain? (Select two.) A. Exclude the system from the managed group for that user. B. Add the system to the HP System Insight Manager discovery exclusion list. C. Add an authorization for the user with the system and the Monitor Tools toolbox. D. Create a private custom collection for the user which does not include the system. E. Change the rights to use the tools within HP Systems Insight Manager for that user. Answer: AE 24. An rx8620 server will be deployed under the Utility Metering model. Which software must be installed under Microsoft Windows Server 2003 64-bit? A. HP Version Control Agent B. HP Insight Lights-out Agent C. HP CPU Pay-Per-Use Agent D. HP Insight Management Agent Answer: C 25. Which dependencies are associated with the installation of PCI-X cards in an rx8620-32 server? A. PCI-X cards can only be installed in slots with an odd slot number. B. PCI-X cards that require higher bandwidth should be installed in a slot with dual ropes. C. PCI-X cards that require higher resiliency should be installed in a dedicated, single-rope slot. D. PCI-X cards must be installed in a specific order on the PCI bus connected to the LAN/SCSI card. Answer: B 26. What is the minimum level of entitlement that can be granted to a VM? A. 1 % B. 5 % C. 10% D. 15 % Answer: B

27. What technology in the Dual-Core Intel Itanium2 processor enables high-end systems to operate even in the event of errors in the L3 cache that can normally bring other systems down? A. On-Die Enhanced ECC Cache Technology B. Virtualization Cache Technology C. Duo Chip Sparing Technology D. Cache Safe Technology Answer: D 28. What statements about double chip-sparing are true? (Select two.) A. uses the system cache for redundancy. B. restores chip-spare functionality instantly after a DRAM failure C. uses the same amount of memory in the background for redundancy. D. identifies the failed DRAM and removes it from the ECC calculation entirely. E. allows system to survive a DRAM failure, but DIMM must be replaced quickly. Answer: BD 29. You are planning to deploy a mission-critical HP Serviceguard solution with full business continuity capabilities. The customer has data centers located between two major cities that are more than 1000 miles (1600 kilometers) apart. Which solution is required? A. MetroCluster B. ContinentalCluster C. Local MC/SG Cluster D. Extended Campus Cluster Answer: B 30. Your customer has an rx8620 server with an HP Smart Array 6402 Controller and two disks connected. Which RAID type can you configure to ensure fault tolerance? A. RAID 0 B. RAID 1 C. RAID 5 D. RAID 6 (ADG) Answer: B 31. Which clustering solutions are available for Integrity servers? (Select two.) A. HP AlphaTru64 Cluster B. Microsoft Cluster Server C. HP Serviceguard Cluster D. HP Integrity NonStop Cluster Server E. HP Integrity AlwaysOn Cluster Server

Answer: BC 32. How many independent power circuits does an rx7620 server require to be fully redundant? A. 1 B. 2 C. 4 D. 6 Answer: B 33. Which component provides the intercell connection on an rx7640 server? A. SBA I/O interface B. cell controller C. management processor D. Itanium processors Answer: B 34. Which RAID level can handle the simultaneous failure of any two drives? A. RAID 5 B. RAID 1 C. RAID 1+0 D. RAID 6 (ADG) Answer: D 35. Intel Itanium processor technology is more advanced compared to other processors. Which technology does the Intel Itanium processor use? A. Super Scalar Reduced Instruction Computing B. Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing C. Reduced Instruction Set Computing D. Complex Instruction Set Computing Answer: B 36. The major contribution of the sx2000 chipset is to improve bandwidth between the cell board and the crossbar, and also between the cell board and the I/O subsystem. Which link technology is used? A. four fibre channel (copper) connections @ 4Gbit/sec B. twenty channels of SERDES technology C. four channels of HP's new crossbar trunking technology D. eight channels of CISCO's Metro Core technology Answer: B 37. What are the advantages of error checking and correction (ECC) compared to parity protection? (Select two.)

A. multi-bit error detection B. multi-bit error detection and correction C. single-bit error detection and correction D. faster single/multi-bit error detection and correction Answer: AC 38. What types of services are included with the HP Support Plus Care Pack bundle? (Select two.) A. 6-Hour Call-to-Repair B. Account Management C. 8-Hour Response Time 24x7 D. 2-Hour Software Support 13x5 E. 4-Hour Hardware Support 13x5 Answer: DE 39. What action will the customer need to take to register a new support pack? A. Place a phone call to HP support 1-800-633-3600 to place a new support call B. Call their local HP support office, request to have the support pack activated C. Access a supplied website from HP, enter the required information D. Care packs are already active once purchased Answer: C 40. What is included with HP Standard Managed Services? A. Incident handling, Server Monitoring and Patch Management B. Incident handling, Server Monitoring and Server Hosting C. Reporting, Incident Handling and Server Hosting D. Reporting, Incident Handling and High Availability Answer: A 41. Your customer has a Proactive 24 Service support three-year contract on two rx7640 servers. After the system warranty expires, which onsite service might he expect from his support contract if one of the servers fails? A. parts exchange only B. onsite response, next day C. onsite response, same day D. onsite response in four hours Answer: D 42. What information must be included in the Environmental and Site Audit Final Report, following a complete evaluation of your customer's computer room and environment? A. water distribution review results

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