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C U S TO M E R C A S E S TU D Y Helps Anji Automobile Club Members More Than Double its Growth rate
Since deploying, the growth of our member business has more than doubled and overall customer satisfaction has increased by 30%. But the biggest benefit has brought to Anji has been in the smooth integration and consolidation of the business.
Shi Gong General Manager of Anji Automobile Club


Automotive service industry


As one of Chinas first car clubs, Anji Shanghai Automobile Club Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is committed to providing its members with professional, comprehensive, high-quality after-sales service. Anji Automobile Club has been recognized as a best business for outstanding performance in providing after-sales service to the car industry. The company currently has 180 employees and 80 call center locations, with a turnover of 28 million yuan in 2008. With an expanding business and rapidly increasing client base, the company is dedicated to achieving continuous progression in the way customer information is managed, particularly in terms of the integration, accuracy and timeliness of customer-related data. Needless to say, it was not long before an urgent need was identified for an efficient information management system with real-time communication, that would assist Anji in applying business models throughout day to day operations and underpin the fast development of the company. Before using, Anji didnt have a CRM solution, which resulted in the following urgent issues that needed to be resolved: Lack of customer data management, integrity and reliability Requirement for real-time communication with customers and improvements in the frequency of ................customer dealings and overall customer satisfaction Urgent need for consolidation of corporate business processes, including clearly defined division of ................labor, for improving the efficiency of company operations. While was the first CRM provider approached by Anji, it was not the only one taken into consideration. The advent of auto clubs represents an emerging business sector in the auto services industry, which means there are many variables in terms of service, business model and business scale. The traditional step-by-step approach to implementing CRM wasnt able to accommodate necessary customization and so was clearly not suitable for Anji. On the other hand, Anji was won over by salesforce.coms reputation for delivering highly flexible, scalable solutions that are quick to deploy and easy to use, ultimately choosing Salesforce CRM above competitive options to be its first CRM solution.

Challenges :: Lack of customer data management,

integrity and reliability

:: Requirement for real-time communication

with customers and improvements in the frequency of customer dealings and overall customer satisfaction

:: Urgent need for consolidation of corporate

business processes, including clearly defined division of labor, for improving the efficiency of company operations.


Anji Automobile Club used the Salesforce CRM solution to integrate its internal systems and processes and achieve automation of sales, service and support functions across the organization. The company continues to customize and develop its CRM solution on the platform, to integrate new business and finance models, R&D, internal management of call centers and other functions. Using Salesforce CRM Anji is able to automatically create service reminders, consolidate business processes and establish real-time monitoring of sales activities, significantly reducing the risk of task omissions and delays, increasing the frequency of client contact and improving customer satisfaction.

Results :: Operational efficiency doubled :: Overall increase in customer satisfaction

by 30%

Member contact frequency and satisfaction soar

By the end of 2005, Anji had begun the implementation of two applications: Service & Support and Sales Force Automation - deployment was completed across the organization within six months. Anji Automobile Club General Manager Shi Gong anticipated that the new Salesforce CRM solution would enhance the effectiveness of the enterprise in the following ways: Improve service frequency and thereby increase customer satisfaction and contract renewal rates Provide comprehensive, informative and reliable reference data for developing new services

:: More than doubled growth in volume of

member business

As expected, Salesforce CRM provided Anji with the ability to comprehensively manage its customer information for the very first time this included the automatic generation and sending out of birthday greetings, as well as notices for inspections and car tax renewal reminders. The system was configured to automatically proceed to follow-on services after initially dealing with a customer, including issuing reminders, invitations and even returning phone calls.

Through the consolidation of key business processes and the associated operating efficiencies, accidental task omissions and delays could be completely avoided. The result was greatly improved frequency of customer contact and overall customer satisfaction. In addition, the software made it easier to monitor the activities of service personnel and so improve work efficiency. Within four years, Anji Automobile Clubs operational efficiency had increased substantially, the number of customers more than doubling. According to the "Anji Automobile Club 2008 Customer Satisfaction Assessment Report" by the Shanghai City Quality Association, customer satisfaction reached 81.7%.

Integration of internal resources to boost operational efficiency

In addition to the Sales Force Automation and Sales & Support applications Anji also uses the platform. During the three years immediately following initial deployment, Anji began custom developing its solution using General Manager Shi said, " isnt a CRM system in the traditional sense. Its management tools permeate all of our business processes throughout every area of the company. Basically, is not just a set of business systems to us; its a complete, holistic management system." Today, Salesforce CRM operates across the majority of Anjis business departments, including sales, marketing, call centers, customer service, the finance department, the R&D center and engineering, achieving almost total coverage within the business. Using the platform, Anji has been able to integrate key internal resources and allocate them intelligently.

Plans to achieve integration of group resources

Anjis deployment of and development of its CRM solution on the platform are an integral part of a long-term strategy. As the business becomes more and more complex, Anji plans to continue optimizing its customer-related processes via the CRM. At present, in addition to Anjis own membership service, it is also integrating a number of outsourcing businesses, including wholesale, agent, retail, leasing, maintenance and other related motor vehicle operations. Anji sees this practice as imperative for enabling the parent company to accumulate valuable experience on managing automobile industry sales through a CRM system, as well as for service chain integration and brandbuilding.

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