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Wastewater Treatment Processes

Fine Bubble Aeration


Hydrok UK sole UK distributors for


Wastewater Treatment Processes

The Wastewater Treatment Process historically demands a high level of energy input which is contrary to current water management guidelines and legislative requirements. Any improvement in discharge quality using existing assets will require an increase in energy consumption at a time when regulatory demands require a reduction in energy use. Hydrok UK, with its established ethos of providing innovative water engineering solutions, now offer significantly reduced energy solutions using fine bubble aeration systems that deliver an extremely high efficiency with reduced power consumption. Hydrok UK has established an association and exclusive UK distribution agreement with Aquaconsult, the market leaders in fine bubble aeration. The Aquaconsult range of fine bubble diffusers allow the Hydrok design teams to provide highly efficient solutions that can, increase capacity of existing assets or, provide new builds with reduced civil requirements and low energy consumption. The fine bubble aeration process enables reduced energy requirements through increased efficiency within the process and with the added benefit of reducing the whole life costs of the asset for little or no change to the capital investment required. The fully comprehensive Hydrok aeration packages range from the optioneering stage through design and on to the manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning - with all aspects of the contract managed and delivered within house. This ensures total commitment and control at every stage.

With existing plants consuming nearly half of a percent of the UK total generated power, the Hydrok solutions can make a significant contribution towards energy savings within the Water Industry, and contribute to helping to improve the environment.
Hydrok UK sole UK distributors for


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Wastewater Treatment Processes

Design Options
Wastewater Treatment Processes - Design Options
The Hydrok UK approach to water treatment is reflective of a company wide philosophy; to deliver environmentally friendly and efficient solutions to the water industry requirements, government green policies and energy efficiency. For these reasons the Hydrok UK design and engineering teams will always pay particular attention to the environmental impact of any project undertaken. Approaches to any given proposed water engineering solution will always include careful consideration of suitable alternatives, such as: Retrofit - expanding service capabilities within the existing current asset, utilising the industry leading products and processes from Aquaconsult Additional on-site expansion - current asset expansion within the existing service area footprint and location New build - new site development to meet the water company requirement Whichever route is the most appropriate the Hydrok UK team can offer a built in contingency for later further expansion whilst ensuring that an equilibrium between optimum efficiency is balanced against capital investment culminating in a reduction in whole life costs of the asset.

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A Complete Service
The Hydrok UK approach to managing a water treatment project is based on a single point of contact service covering all requirements. This approach enables an efficient control of the overall project design whilst permitting monitored, flexible design development in a bespoke manner for each installation process thus leading to increased efficiency and management of project costs. Component elements of the project are managed by the Hydrok UK team:-

Hydrok operate as the sole UK distributors for Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP Aquaconsult offer the most energy efficient fine bubble strip diffusers Hydrok in house technical team offer a complete project design and management service Hydrok supply total design, manufacture and installation service for the complete aeration plant package Hydrok can offer enhanced biomass activity through the addition of Biotextil Cleartec curtains into the filtration tanks

Hydrok work closely with all blower suppliers. All blowers specified jointly with manufacture and customer to match the design solution

Pipe work
All Stainless Steel pipe work manufactured by Hydrok in house Stainless Steel pipe is purchased from Outo Kumpu, manufactured within the EU Both grades, 304 & 316 are available with ISO 9001 traceability

Hydrok work closely with preferred valve suppliers All valves are expertly specified and sized to match the design solution

Hydrok are able to specify all instrumentation Hydrok have the in house expertise to support the PLC provider

In House manufacturing
In house CAD design In house Finite Element Analysis In house manufacture ISO 9001 - 2000 Achilles & UVDB Verify

Hydrok works with the water company and the selected contractors not just for it.

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Wastewater Treatment Processes

Fine bubble aeration is a simple process, but one that consumes 0.481% of the total power generated within the United Kingdom. Therefore any efficiencies that can be found to reduce this demand make sound commercial and environmental sense. Hydrok can provide significant reductions in energy consumption, along with reduced whole life costs and very competitive capital costs. At the root of each Hydrok solution is an Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP diffuser. This range of ultra fine bubble diffusers transfer oxygen to effluent more effectively than any other type. This efficiency allows the designers at Hydrok to reduce blower sizes, reduce air main diameters, and make savings on valves and other hardware. Energy efficiencies in the range 40% over existing systems are being provided. By adopting the Hydrok/Aquaconsult solution, immediate cost savings can be gained, or perhaps more significantly, existing plants can be upgraded - with the increased efficiency the capacity of an existing plant can be increased, sometimes eliminating the need for costly civil structures or new sites. The operational life of an Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP diffuser is typically in the range of 14 20 years, and with the unique way in which the membranes self clean, whole life costs are reduced, and man entry into tanks for maintenance purposes is avoided. The increased efficiency of the Aquaconsult diffuser is due to the very fine bubble that is generated - this presents a greater surface area for any given volume of air to the flow compared to any other system. However, increased efficiency is also provided due to the general arrangement of the diffusers and the fact that they are secured directly to the tank floor; this increases contact time, and the curtain effect of the bubble pattern avoids dead areas. Hydrok, who are proud of their association with Aquaconsult, and the exclusive distributorship for the U.K. and are looking forward to making a significant contribution to the reduction in carbon emissions.

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Wastewater Treatment Processes - Aeration


Aquaconsult have been designing and building what are widely regarded as the best diffusers available in the market for a number of years and, with the development of the new generation P type panels, AEROSTRIP , even greater increased efficiency and cost effectiveness has been achieved. These diffusers offer the optimal symbiosis between low capital investment and low energy cost on the one hand, and maximum performance on the other. The diffuser is made from PVC-U with a polyeurathene membrane, and depending on the density of diffusers on the tank floor, the efficiency of the oxygen transfer and subsequently the standard aeration efficiency can be varied -resulting in an optimisation of investment and operating costs.

Exceptional operating properties

The AEROSTRIP can be operated intermittently, allowing both nitrification and de-nitrification, resulting in large savings in energy requirements Flat design, allowing the AEROSTRIP to be fastened directly to the floor of the tank Water flow created by a mixer is not hindered by the diffusers, unlike a dome design No precipitations can occur underneath the diffusers Oxygen transfer efficiency up to 60% Aeration efficiency 3 to 5 kg O2/kWh 0 to 100% control of air flow range Non-clogging diffuser membrane Capable of intermittent operation Low maintenance requirements and costs Extended operational life expectancy

Oxygen transfer in clean water

The outstanding qualities of the AEROSTRIP have been confirmed by numerous field measurements carried out by Public Authorities, Universities and independent research institutes.

Operating characteristics in dirty water

Outstanding results are not only achieved in clean water tests, but also in practical operation with dirty water - tests showed a considerable alpha value of around 0.8 - and a significant low energy consumption level for BOD removal in plants.

Installation Variations
AEROSTRIP offers a flexible installation system which allows for optimal adaptation to all tank shapes, sizes and volume requirements. ISO 9001 - 2000 CERTIFIED

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Wastewater Treatment Processes - Aeration



Hydrok is the appointed UK distributor for the Biotextil Cleartec IFAS system, which when used in conjunction with the Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP diffusers offers even further efficiencies in the treatment process. Biotextil Cleartec is a textile product made of 100% polypropylene which by the nature of its construction creates a large specific surface area on which biomass can grow. The construction of the material permits good oxygen supply and prevents excessive growth of thick layers of biomass thus maintaining the optimum efficiency of the process.

A PERFECT PARTNERSHIP In order to maximise the volume capacity of the treatment tank, diffusers should be as close to the base as possible with the Biotextil Cleartec curtains positioned ideally between 40cm and 60cm above the diffusers. The best possible scenario is the combination of the Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP diffusers and the Biotextil Cleartec IFAS system. The curtains are set to allow the flow to pass between them horizontally, with the diffusers creating a vertical flow. As a result the curtains are in constant motion and if thicker active sludge layers should attempt to settle on the material these are shaken off and removed as a result of the movement. This shedding process prevents blockages and maintains optimum efficiencies and minimum energy requirements.

Hydrok are able to construct a bespoke cage system which incorporates both elements, this allows them to be lifted for routine maintenance without interfering with the operational activity of the plant Key Advantages Increased performance Excellent nitrogen elimination Reduction of surplus sludge No blockages of the textile curtains Reduced energy requirement

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Wastewater Treatment Processes - Cleartec

The Biotextil Cleartec curtains are positioned directly above the diffusers, housed in a removable frame, set parallel to the flow. The configuration of the material allows for flexibility and movement within the flow of the tank, leading to an enhanced performance, this in turn increases the capacity of the waste water treatment plant.



The purification of effluent within a waste water treatment plant using encouraged biomass growth is common practice but it is not always as efficient as it could be. Many fixed bed systems have poor attached biomass to surface area ratios, which means a low biologically active surface. To achieve a good fixed bed operation the following essential attributes should be exhibited: A large specific surface area on which the biomass can adhere A surface area that guarantees a good supply of oxygen, which prevents development of anaerobic areas Optimisation of fixed bed biomass activity by utilising available maximum depth within the treatment tank The objective is to increase the concentration of biomass activity within the aeration tank by maximising the correct type of biomass growth. This greatly enhances the tank performance and increases the purification capabilities and capacity. The Biotextil Cleartec is a submersed polypropylene fixed bed which when installed with the Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP diffusers creates a combined process with both fixed film biomass and suspended activated sludge, creating an even better purification performance.

Biotextil Cleartec properties

The basic property of the Biotextil Cleartec growth surfaces are loop tapes. These loop tapes are manufactured into a textile material which is flexible because of the mesh design, and creates a large surface area for the active biomass to form on and adhere to.

Exceptional operating advantages

Enhanced performance with reduced operating costs Increase of solid matter content within the tank without additional load to the final sedimentation Reduction of surplus sludge Excellent nitrogen elimination Blockages eliminated due to the flexible nature of the Biotextil Cleartec curtains

New plants Retrofit Systems for heavily loaded industrial waste water Compact waste water treatment systems

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Hydrok UK sole UK distributors for

Wastewater Treatment Processes - Cleartec


Hydrok UK Limiteds Liftout Diffuser Grids are specifically designed to allow the operator to remove and maintain the Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP diffusers without the costly need to drain the aeration tank. The Hydrok liftout grids are advantageous to sites that have one, two or three tanks as it allows the operational capacity of the plant to be completely maintained whilst the liftout grids are being removed. In most circumstances, the Hydrok unique guiderail system allows the liftout grids to be installed and commissioned without the need to drain the tanks. The liftout grids are particularly suitable for retrofit applications as all the necessary installation work can be completed externally with the liftout grids lowered into place, brought online and commissioned. We also have a range of liftout grids that we can hire out on short or long term. These are generally used on sites that have the need for temporary or emergency aeration requirements.

For optimum site performance and plant flexibility, the Hydrok liftout diffuser grids can be designed to also incorporate the Biotextil Cleartec biomass fixed bed system within the frame.

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Wastewater Treatment Processes - Liftout Grids


Key advantages
Can be easily removed in minutes without draining the tank Operational capacity of the plant is maintained Total plant flexibility Unique guiderail system Eliminates costly tank drain down Eliminates confined space man entry for maintenance Suitable for both new and retrofit plants Can be combined with Biotextil Cleartec biomass fixed bed system Ideal for emergency aeration requirements

New plants Retrofit (drained tank) Retrofit (full tank)

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Wastewater Treatment Processes - Liftout Grids

High Efficiency Package Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant
The Hydrok /Atac Hybrid Submerged Aerated Filter (HY-SAF) offers a power efficient, robust, small footprint biological wastewater treatment solution individually designed to achieve the final effluent consent standard required. HY-SAF package treatment works are suitable for treating municipal wastewater for 100 - 3,000 PE (Population Equivalent) and industrial effluents - offering a complete turnkey package. With no moving parts in the main tank, the HY-SAF is simple to operate and low in maintenance. In order to minimise power costs, we incorporate control software linked to a highly efficient motor control centre, this ensures effective and accurate blower control/air delivery whilst maintaining the most efficient treatment process conditions.

Permanent wastewater treatment plants Mobile emergency response treatment units Temporary treatment during planned maintenance To supplement biologically overloaded works Green Leachate treatment Industrial waste treatment Pilot treatability studies

HY-SAF Selection Guide MODEL Population Equivalent* BOD Capacity (kg/d) Max Flow (l/sec) Power absorbed (kW) Module size (LxDxH) metres Number of modules Overall footprint metres HY-SAF 300 300 12.6 3.0 2.2 2 x 3 x 3.5 1 2x3 HY-SAF 600 600 25.2 6.0 3.0 2 x 3 x 3.5 2 4x3 HY-SAF 900 900 37.8 9.0 4.2 2 x 3 x 3.5 3 6x3

* Population Equivalent based on 60gms BOD/h/d crude and 30% removal through primary tank to give 42gms/h/d

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Wastewater Treatment Processes - HY-SAF

Operating Principle
The Hydrok/Atac Hybrid HY-SAF treatment plants are fabricated from stainless steel cells. Each cell houses a number of the Hydrok Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP fine bubble membrane diffusers, which are mounted below a Biotextil Cleartec media. Cleartec media has many advantages over conventional SAF block or random packed media. It is a fixed media IFAS (Intergrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) system utilising sheets of textile supported by a rigid frame. For this reason, it is not susceptible to clogging, which can reduce the effective treatment area and treatment efficiencies of conventional SAF systems. The AEROSTRIP diffusers provide air to efficiently maintain a healthy treatment system, releasing dead biomass and removing the need for backwashing. The media and diffusers are mounted within a removable frame assemble which can be simply lifted from the cell for maintenance or inspection. Flow enters the first HY-SAF cell at high level, passes through the media within each cell in turn, and exits the final cell also at high level. This arrangement ensures that the Biotextil Cleartec media is constantly submerged and the HY-SAF remains permanently active during periods of low or no flow. The Cleartec and AEROSTRIP technology within the HY-SAF has a well proven performance record supported by many installations throughout the wastewater industry. The HY-SAF has a rapid seeding time from commissioning, quickly reducing BOD and likely to be 100% effective within 2-4 weeks of start-up; this may be accelerated through the introduction of activated sludge seeding, or by the addition of proprietary bacteria.

Advantages of the Hydrok/Atac HY-SAF wastewater treatment plant

Unlike conventional SAF units, no media clogging or sludge retention No retained dead weight after draining down of cells Reduced power consumption compared to conventional SAF units Above or below ground installation Robust performance Simple in operation Few moving parts in main tank Low maintenance Rapid installation High performance Ultra low COD / BOD and total N removal options Hire units available

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Wastewater Treatment Processes - HY-SAF

Wastewater Treatment Processes - Blowers & Valves
Blowers will be selected according to site specific requirements and sized to suit the efficiencies offered by using the Aquaconsult fine bubble air diffusers. The highly efficient Aquaconsult diffuser allows Hydrok to operate systems with lower air volumes than alternate solutions. This provides the opportunity to reduce blower sizes, saving both long term energy costs and capital cost. Existing reference sites are operating with positive displacement tri-lobe designs, and with sophisticated centrifugal units that provide even greater opportunities for reduced energy requirements.

Hydrok has carried out extensive tests on a wide range of valves, and can select from a variety of approved products to optimise the performance of its aeration systems. The particular characteristics of each type of valve are known, and valves are selected to maximise the efficiency of a design. In particular the dynamics of a valve can have a marked effect on energy consumption, and also noise and heat. No single valve is suitable for all site applications, therefore the Hydrok design software and selection matrix is essential to ensure that the most appropriate and cost effective solution is recommended.

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Wastewater Treatment Processes - Intrumentation
Tapping points for instrumentation will be provided where necessary. Hydrok will provide instrumentation if requested, or liaise with clients own process engineers to ensure provision is made at the design stage to accommodate the clients own requirements.



Hydrok works with all reputable manufacturers to provide the MCC and PLC requirements and control software. We do not provide this facility in house as we find that our clients tend to have strategic alliances with their preferred suppliers who can provide this service, and we can not provide any further efficiencies by including this element within our scope. Our relationship with the appropriate suppliers however does enable us to provide a complete turn key package if the client prefers.

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Wastewater Treatment Processes - Control Centres
Hydrok Control Centres are designed and built to the highest standards conforming to the latest water industry specifications, controlling from simple motor starters to complex systems incorporating PLC software control. When supplied with any of the Wastewater Treatment Processes or Water Management products offered by Hydrok, these systems enable the complete black box supply to the end client. Hydrok are able to provide the complete road side kiosk fully assembled within our factory facility in the South West of England. The control panel designs suit particular customer needs and specific plant specifications without any detriment to lead times due to our in house manufacturing facilities which enable flexible production of special metalwork arrangements etc. All standard components are kept in stock, special orders are arranged via key supplier agreements for the supply of any non-standard customer requirements. All control panels and control centre assembles are designed, manufactured and certified to National (i.e WIMES) and International standards: BS EN 61439-1:2009, IP31, IP54 and IP65 where required. In house factory testing and on site commissioning is carried out by Hydroks electrical engineers and supported through to the issue of all necessary certification.

Our design engineering division has an excellent working knowledge of CDM regulations and work closely with the client during the development of a project. Hydrok utilise the latest CAD technology to produce the system circuitry and component layouts prior to customer approval and manufacture. The continual review of new technologies enables the improvement of system design and optimisation which benefits our end clients when faced with new challenges associated with design, installation and operation.

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Wastewater Treatment Processes - Control Centres
Hydrok UK Ltd adhere to NICEIC design guidelines and approval processes, and are experienced in the provision of new systems installation for the control of screening equipment to the UK Water Industry. Hydrok deliver site services to the water industry including MCC installation and cabling plus the installation and commissioning of control systems.

Key advantages
Complete design package Latest CAD Electrical software PLC Software design/development In house Control panel Metalwork manufacture In house panel manufacture In house kiosk assembly Full site installation service NICEIC approved ATEX installations Experienced in CDM regulations Compliance to BS 7671: 17th edition 2008, WIMES 4.01 Full documentation and O&M manuals

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Hydrok UK Ltd has a history of providing engineering solutions for the Water Industry and is the largest manufacturer of Static CSO Screens in Europe, and a major player in the mechanical screen market.

Our fabrication area occupies over 10,000 square feet, allowing for very large structures to be assembled on the premises. This area is fully equipped with the most up-to-date welding plant, CNC guillotines, CNC press brakes, rollers and manipulators and overhead cranes. In addition to the general fabrication facilities a further 2,000 square feet is devoted to production welding of thin wall pipe. Using the latest CNC controlled automatic welding plant Hydrok can rapidly produce welded pipe to a consistent high quality. By maintaining such a comprehensive manufacturing base Hydrok UK is able to provide traditional craft apprenticeships, many of our skilled engineers have trained within our own workshops and are now progressing into our management teams. This provides a high level of support to our designers, who also benefit from the graduate training programs that the company provides. Whilst perhaps not following current trends which tend to dictate sub-contract philosophies, we believe that we are offering excellent long term career prospects to our staff and long term support to our clients.

Engineering Solutions Hydrok UK, Warren Road, Indian Queens Industrial Estate, St Columb, Cornwall TR9 6TL Tel: +44 (0)1726 861900 Fax: +44 (0)1726 862008 website:

Wastewater Treatment Processes - Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facilities operate within purpose built modern facilities using up to date machinery. Our tool room facilities occupy around 8,000 square feet and provide every aspect of precision engineering, with CNC lathes, machining centres, surface and cylindrical grinders, spark eroding, and skilled personnel.


Hydrok are specialists in stainless steel fabrication and provide clients with unrivalled expertise in the welding and manipulation of thin wall stainless steel pipe. Our own design engineers size and specify the air distribution pipe work to complement the efficiencies of the Aquaconsult AEROSTRIP diffusers, pipe diameters are kept to minimum sizes whilst carefully controlling air velocities to reduce inefficiencies and the resulting heat and noise.

Hydrok designs do not compromise on quality; for example, Hydrok manufacture stainless steel mounting brackets to eliminate risk of cross material contamination. Stainless steel continuity cables are used throughout every installation. Individual pipes sections are tagged and referenced, ensuring that replacement sections can be provided within one working day, with all materials traceable to source.

Engineering Solutions

Hydrok UK, Warren Road, Indian Queens Industrial Estate, St Columb, Cornwall TR9 6TL Tel: +44 (0)1726 861900 Fax: +44 (0)1726 862008 website:

Wastewater Treatment Processes - Pipework

All of our pipe requirements are manufactured in house using the highest quality materials sourced from Outo Kumpu. Our designers precise requirements are carefully produced by skilled craftsmen and coded welders using the latest techniques and advanced machinery in a controlled environment. Fully automated welding plant ensures consistent high quality welds with full penetration and smooth profile.

Managed from head office with regionally based satellite teams and backed up fully by a national service, the Hydrok UK installation procedure is a considered, professional one that ensures the final stages of the project are fulfilled with the same efficiency that the design and manufacturing stages have undergone.

Hydrok own and run a fleet of vehicles from site vans to 6.5 tonne Lorries Our dedicated logistics team coordinate the fleet through a tracking system to ensure efficient transportation

All of our schemes are installed by qualified Hydrok site engineers Installations are fully supported by our factory based staff and transport coordinators

Hydrok are equipped to carry out all site testing of the pipe work and diffusers Our in house commissioning engineers carry out diffuser pattern tests and assist with the oxygen efficiency tests

Hydrok are able to support commissioning from local depots across the UK Hydrok employ in house commissioning engineers

We dont just walk away at the end of the project !
The Hydrok and Aquaconsult aeration system is specifically designed to reduce maintenance requirements Programmable sub routines within the operating software enable automatic routine maintenance

Hydrok offer efficiency and performance guarantees Aeration efficiency guarantees of 4 kg 02.kWh are common Extended product guarantees also available

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Wastewater Treatment Processes - Installation

Hydrok runs a fleet of extended chassis vehicles built specifically for the transportation of fabricated pipe. Pipe is racked in specially manufactured stainless steel spillages that reduce offloading time, and protect the pipe from impact damage and cross contamination from other types of restraint. Our own vehicles are 6.5 tonne capacity making them ideal for daily deliveries. Very large volumes are delivered using specialist carriers, but still utilising the unique stillage system to ensure that all pipe and components arrive on site in the same condition that they left our factory.

All of our schemes are installed by our own installation engineers. A core team of engineers will be assigned to the site, supported strategically by additional specialist teams when additional resource is required. Our teams are fully supported by our factory based staff and transport co-ordinators. All of our staff are appropriately trained to ensure a safe and efficient installation. All areas of risk are considered and eliminated where possible. This is illustrated well in our use of drilling rigs that eliminate the risk of white finger, whilst dramatically reducing the time taken to carry out the task.

Hydrok UK, Warren Road, Indian Queens Industrial Estate, St Columb, Cornwall TR9 6TL Tel: +44 (0)1726 861900 Fax: +44 (0)1726 862008 website:

Wastewater Treatment Processes - Delivery

Details such as loading our stillages so that pipes are delivered in the correct sequence for installation, pre-packaged flange fixing kits, and purpose made transportation seals on all openings all contribute to reduce installation time.

All air main pipe assemblies are pressure tested during the installation phase, mobile compressors are used in conjunction with blanking plates and isolators to pressurise specific areas and check that pressure drops are within predetermined limits. A test rig using calibrated gauges ensures consistent and accurate results. As soon as the blowers are ready and air is made available a dry leak test will be carried out on each drop leg and diffuser joint using a soap based solution. Once this has been completed sufficient clean water or good quality final effluent will be required to a depth of 100mm above the diffuser membranes. A wet inspection can then be carried out. Once basic leak testing is complete, a diffuser pattern test will be performed to ensure that the diffusers have uniform air distribution and there are no dead zones within the aeration lanes. Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (OTE) tests can then be undertaken if required. Scaled tests can be carried out at the Aquaconsult technical facility in Vienna as an economic alternate to commissioning full scale tests on large tanks.

Hydrok are aware that the commissioning phase of any scheme can become an extended affair. Our input at this stage tends to revolve around mainly mechanical requirements that are quickly addressed. Our presence however may at times be required to support other elements during this phase, this has been addressed by providing locally based depots and commissioning engineers who can respond promptly when attendance is necessary. This policy ensures that time spent on site is cost effective.

Hydrok UK, Warren Road, Indian Queens Industrial Estate, St Columb, Cornwall TR9 6TL Tel: +44 (0)1726 861900 Fax: +44 (0)1726 862008 website:

Wastewater Treatment Processes - Testing/Commissioning

All elements of the installation including the diffusers will be guaranteed for a period of one year. Extended warranty periods can be negotiated for a small additional cost.

Linked to our planned maintenance program we can ensure the smooth running and efficiency of our installations for the life time of the plant.

The Aquaconsult range of fine bubble diffusers and Hydroks unique approach to design has reduced day to day operator maintenance requirements to an absolute minimum. Routine maintenance is carried out automatically by sub routines programmed into the control of the system. Diffuser membranes are cleaned daily by a deflation cycle that flexes the membrane, effectively removing organic growth and deposits. The frequency of this flexing cycle is increased if the pressure within the system exceeds pre-determined set points. The number of flexing cycles is recorded and should this exceed recommended levels an acetic acid dosing cycle may be initiated to clean more thoroughly. Therefore depending on local conditions manual cleaning will be significantly reduced or eliminated. In the unlikely event of manual cleaning being necessary, it is a simple process using a high pressure hand lance. Hydrok will also provide a planned maintenance programme to ensure optimum performance at all times. This will be carried out by our own locally based maintenance engineers. The manual cleaning of tanks and diffusers should be avoided where possible. By using extractable sample points that provide a safe means of examining the conditions at the bottom of the tank without draining down, the need for man entry can be significantly reduced.

Hydrok UK, Warren Road, Indian Queens Industrial Estate, St Columb, Cornwall TR9 6TL Tel: +44 (0)1726 861900 Fax: +44 (0)1726 862008 website:

Wastewater Treatment Processes - Maintenance

Written guarantees will be provided to ensure that agreed levels of efficiency and performance are delivered. These are site specific but aeration efficiency guarantees of 4 kg O2/kWh are common.