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TAGAP 2 continues the story of Pablo and Pedro, the cybernetic combat penguin heroes. After defeating Dr. Glowenko and saving the world, our waddling heroes stumble on clues that suggest the world hasn't seen the last of the zombie penguin invasions just yet. Indeed, there is even bigger zombie penguin army, spearheaded by general Primo, the most epic cyber-penguin ever! More advanced and better equipped, Primo and his troops are going to accomplish what their predecessors failed to achieve; To conquer the world! And guess who's job it is to prevent the second Penguin Apocalypse? Yep, it's you as Pablo. But this Pablo isn't alone, as Pedro joins the fray either as air support or in splitscreen co-op action! To win the game you must stop Primo from taking over the world or everyone who isn't a mind-controlled penguin is in peril!

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You play the part of Pablo, a cyber-penguin genetically built for combat. After defeating his creator Dr. Glowenko and stopping his insane Penguin Apocalypse, Pablo has assembled a base of sorts in Antarctica and he is determined to rid the world from the evil plots like the one of Dr. Glowenko.

Originally Pablo's adversary, Pedro joined his now-former-nemesis after being rescued from certain death. Pedro is much less an idealist than Pablo, fighting the war against evil mainly because fighting is what he does best. Pedro provides air support in single player game and joins Pablo side-by-side in co-op campaign.

General Primo is the ultimate evolution of the cybernetic combat penguin technology Dr. Glowenko pioneered with Pablo and Pedro. Imprisoned in stasis by his makers at R.E.P. Corporation, Primo is accidentally freed by the meddling of our heroes. Unleashed upon the world and wielding a massive mind-controlled penguin army, Primo is about to bring forth the Second Penguin Apocalypse!

All main characters influencing the events of TAGAP 2, including the deceased maniac scientist Dr. Glowenko, have their backstories explained in the Characters section of the Database.

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Zombie Penguins
Success rate of creating highly functional combat units like Pablo and Pedro is very low and most of the clone troops end up like zombies. However, thanks to the R.E.P.'s revolutionary BrainTweak mind control system even these almost braindead waddlers can be turned into workforce, security guards or just good, old-fashioned cannon fodder.

Rockhopper Elite
Rockhopper elites are, unlike the zombie penguins, created with much more advanced technology and higher success rate. These crested birds are a lot smarter, more agile, well trained and better equipped than any other combat penguin you've faced before. From tactical elites to Primo's flipper-picked Henchmen, rockhoppers are a force to be reckoned with.

Penguinators are robot penguins originally developed by Dr. Glowenko as fully artificial counterparts to the cyber-penguins. They may be a little slower than the Rockhopper Elite, but their thick titanium skin can take ten times more punishment.

Every time you defeat a new kind of enemy, it's logged into your Database. In addition detailed descriptions, each enemy entry comes with a slew of tactics for you to try out. If some specific kind of enemy keeps kicking your ass, there's no shame in checking out the Database for pointers.

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Your starter weapon is two classic 9mm sub-machine guns. They aren't the most powerful guns around, but they have unlimited ammo and you can shoot into two directions at once!

Pump-action 12 gauge combat shotgun can bring down lesser enemies with a single buckshot. With secondary attack you load multiple shells into floating, explosive mines that are good for both defensive and offensive tactics.

This hand-held rapid-fire plasma weapon can electrofry most enemies in no time. Secondary fire creates short-term plasma barriers that can shield you from incoming fire and even re-direct the assault of dumber zombie penguins.

EMP rifle
Multi-purpose EMP rifle may not do much actual damage, but it can temporarily turn off almost any electronic or mechanical enemy, rendering them immobile and vulnerable for a short while. The secondary fire works as a magnet you can use to quickly vacuum any items in your vicinity.

Napalm-powered burner with limited range, the flamethrower makes kebab out of nearly anything in less than a second. Secondary function uses enough fuel to set the floor on fire for a short period of time. [ 6 / 20 ]

Industrial nailgun packs heck-of-a-punch at close range, but on greater distances the heavy projectiles start to loose momentum and damage. Secondary fire shoots out an explosive nailbot ready to perforate anyone who dares to go near it.

Rocket launcher
70mm rocket launcher comes with high-explosive power, just beware not to blow yourself up with it. Secondary fire enables the rocket's guidance system, with which you can guide your rockets manually even around corners while you sit safely in cover!

6-barreled machine gun that fires over 40 rounds per second! Secondary fire enables the weapon's automation, turning it into target-identifying turret. Turret mode takes all the ammo, but you can pick the weapon up again by pressing .

OMG-20k ionizes air creating a deadly stream pure energy that blows through every target. While it deals a lot of damage, it's best suited for clearing crowds of zombies with single shot. Secondary fire overcharges the weapon causing a screen-cleaning explosion.

With this small radio targeting device you can signal Pedro that the assistance is needed; Pedro will then do a flyby with his helicopter, bombing the ground around you with rockets, clearing the area smaller enemies. [ 7 / 20 ]

Context sensitive concussion grenades you can bounce off floors, walls and ceilings. If you have grenades, you can throw one at any time by pressing .

Defender drone
Defender drones are independent, AI driven robot bodyguards. Once you activate a defender drone, it will immediately associate you as its VIP and provide protection for you until its power cell depletes.

MedKits are wall mounted first aid kits filled with drugs, bandages and hypos; Everything you need to revive yourself completely, no matter how badly hurt you are. Press to use MediKit.

TAGAP hypos
A jet injector loaded with two vials of concentrated TAGAP. Designed as a combat stimulant, an injection of concentrated TAGAP will boost you into an instant Overdose mode without affecting you in any other way. Press to use TAGAP Injection.

Heavy-duty drug that stupefies your nervous system so you won't even notice the incoming damage, rendering you invulnerable for a short while. It also affects your awareness and motor functions, making the world appear as if everything around you happens in fast-forward. Press to use Painkiller.

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TAGAP, or Tissue Augmenting Green Addictive Pill, is the the wonder-drug invented by the mad scientist Dr. Glowenko. TAGAP is the substance that made cybercombat-penguins like Pablo and Pedro possible and it's the your lifeblood. TAGAP level of your blood is shown at the top-left corner of the screen - when it reaches zero, you're wasted. You can munch the pills and boost your ideal blood TAGAP level over 100 to reach Overdose state.

OneUp pills contain a super-dose of TAGAP, up to 20 times the dose of the basic green pill. These pills are capable of regenerating even the most serious combat wounds of a cybernetic penguin like you. If you have one of these when you die, you will be automatically resurrected.

A fancy super-hi-tech weapon module, Freeloader doubles the firing rate of your weapons and, better yet, makes your weapons to work without using any ammunition. Crazy? Yes. Fun? Very much so. Freeloader burns out fast, so use it for all it's worth while you can

Quad Damage
Weapon module which multiplies the amount of fired rounds by four. This hi-tech device is based on alien technology and obviously designed after spending too many nights at the arcade hall, so stop asking how it works, okay?

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Playing the Game

Status Display
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Ideal TAGAP level of your blood in percent, equals life. Your current weapon and its ammo. The full list of weapons is opened while switching weapons. Your current portable gadget. Amount of grenades you carry. Amount of OneUps you posses. Amount of frags you've managed to score during the current level. You'll be rewarded with Freeloaders and Quad damages for every 100 enemies you manage to frag. Your current score. You'll be rewarded with a OneUp for each 150 000 points (or 100 000 points on Easy difficulty setting).


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Status Display (continued)

8. Boss gauge that appears during boss and mini-boss fights showing boss' condition. The gauge will pulse white if boss is currently shielded and can't be hurt.

Game Screen
9. Screen is centered on Pablo; That is you. 10. Targeting crosshair, the exact point Pablo will shoot at. 11. Flash of red light indicates the enemy or object is taking damage. If you know you should take down a target but you can't seem to deal damage to it, you'll need to either discover a weak point or find a way disable a high energy shield.

Database is essentially an in-game game manual, strategy guide and background information hub all in one. Information on everything, from weapons, items and vehicles to characters you face and InfoComps you've accessed, are cataloged into Database. Database is split into four categories; Gameplay (everything from tutorials to help tips), Equipment (weapons, items and vehices), Characters (main characters, enemies and security robots) and Intel (intelligence downloaded from InfoComp terminals). You can access Database at any time either from the main menu or by hitting while in the game. If you have just unlocked new database entry, pressing will automatically open the said entry for you to read.

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Information stations you can access for intel about gameplay, your surroundings, equipment, tactics and more. To access InfoComp, stand next to it and press . Once the InfoComp has been accessed, the intel is stored into your Database, from which you can read it at any time afterwards. Database can be accessed from the main menu or by pressing .

Teleports are state-of-the-art hi-tech transporters that transmit matter at the speed of light. Operate one and you'll instantly find yourself in a different part of the level. To use teleport, walk to it and press . Some teleports are broken and can't be used for two-way travel.

Triggers and terminals

Trigger switches and buttons are used to activate or deactivate things like doors, elevators, gates and generators. More sophisticated devices are usually controlled via computer terminals. To use trigger switch, button or computer terminal, walk to it and .

Use of some doors, elevators and equipment is restricted and you'll need a keycard to proceed. Once you've found a keycard, return to the electronic lock and press to unlock it. Some doors and devices have multiple locks requiring multiple keys to bypass.

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Basically next-generation cleaning robots, scavengers save and store all the valuable items they find laying around. This means blowing them up always reveals some useful supplies.

Weapon cabinets
Secured cabinet filled with weapons. To stock up, just walk up to the cabinet and press to open it. Contents of the cabinets vary, but in general the further you get in the game, the bigger arsenal the cabinets contain. Most cabinets have also some grenades.

There are three kinds of generators powering the field equipment; Petrol generators, power nodes, and power panels. Power nodes and panels can be broken, but petrol generators are too durable, so you'll have to find the control switch instead.

Dual levers
Dual levers appear in co-op campaign. To rotate a lever, walk to it and hold . A lever wont lock unless its pair has been fully rotated as well, so both players have to be operating the levers simultaneously.

These are just a fraction the TAGAP 2 environment. For info on even more equipment and hazards, check out both your Database and the in-game Tutorial.

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Hints and Tips

Combos are the key to mastering the combat of TAGAP 2. Increase your Combo by taking down multiple enemies in short enough time. The higher the Combo, the higher scores you'll get from each consequent enemy you gun down. Also, each time you manage to take down four or more enemies in a Combo you will be rewarded with a TAGAP pill. Continue the Combo even further to gain even more pills. Mastering the art of doing Combos and reaping the rewards is an essential skill, especially on higher difficulty levels. Score tracking isn't in TAGAP 2 just for sake of Achievements or way to measure your skills; For every 150 000 points or 100 000 points on Easy difficulty setting you score, you will be rewarded with a OneUp. The best scores are gained from longer kill Combos and taking down large enemies, like bosses. Evasive movement is essential in surviving any firefight and in TAGAP 2 you have plenty of options; Land in line of fire or something nasty? Do a double jump flip to gain more air time. Need to dodge incoming gunfire while airborne? Use stomp to zip out of harm's way faster. Need to get into or out of a firefight fast? Do the tummy slide! Combine and improvise; The more you move, the harder it is for the enemies to lock on to you.

Take cover when possible. Floors and ceilings provide great cover when guiding rockets to their targets, while plasmagun's plasma walls and even other enemies provide some temporary cover. Everything is better for taking enemy fire than your feathers! Exploding objects inflict damage to everything around them as they go, so one well-timed boom can blow multiple targets to smithereens. Just remember; you can get knocked by the shockwaves, too! [ 14 / 20 ]

Know your weapons and the enemies and get to know what weapon is best for each situation. Knowing when to pull out your EMP rifle and when to spend those few shots of OMG-20k can make all the difference. If you don't seem to get a grip on how to use a specific weapon or how to defeat certain enemy, check out the Database for tactics and tips. Take advantage of rewards. When things get too hectic for you to keep up, grind some cannon fodder to reach overdose and pass the scene with ease. You can also time your frags to ensure you will benefit from the rewarded Freeloaders and Quad damages that are rewarded for every 100 frags. Keep an eye out for hazards. Zombies are quite dumb and can easily be maimed by flames, turrets or even gunfire of other zombies. Be innovative and you'll save a few hundred rounds of useful ammo. Coordinate your co-op action. In co-op both players contribute to the same score and frags, share the same OneUps and can carry one portable gadget you both have access to. Soloing will only ruin the game for both of you, unless you've decided to tactically split up. Save your game if you want to keep your game progress when you are about to switch between co-op and single player campaigns, as this will overwrite your autosave. You can save in the middle of the level as well, so when you load to game you will start from the mid-level checkpoint instead of beginning of the level. Achievements are unlocked by completing specific goals, like completing a level. Complete the entire game to gain access to even more Extra content, like soundtrack Jukebox and the concept art galleries! Change the difficulty if the game feels unfair or too easy. Easy difficulty gives you more OneUps, while Hardcore has less OneUps and makes enemies react faster. Complete the game to unlock the very extreme Necrophilissimo! difficulty.

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Default Controls

Move Aim Jump Tummy slide / Stomp Peek Use / Reload Uzis Primary fire Secondary fire Throw a grenade Use portable gadget Next weapon Previous weapon Weapon favorites (hold to assign) Access the Database

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Penguin Development Team
Jouni Lahtinen voice of Pablo
Design, programming, art, sounds, Music, gameplay design, sounds,

Petja Heiskanen voice of Pedro

Timo Liimatta Voice of Primo, inventor of TAGAP bacronym

Helping Hands
Adam 'izraqthedark' Recap narration and "Let's Torture TAGAP" Samadifard series Heini Liimatta Additional promotional artwork Jussi Koskenkorva TAGAP website hosting and web support Alex Nordlund Original community forums and web support

Sound Effects
TAGAP 2 uses sound effects released under Creative Commons license on The Freesound Project. For complete list of users who's sounds were used in the game, see in-game credits.

Special Thanks
izraqthedark, Heini Liimatta, Tiina Heiskanen, the Heiskanen boys (Teemu, Niiko and Veeti), Nekku, The Freesound Project and its community, 1SoundFx, and its community, id Software, Saunaseurat, Ralfy Mitchell, Nestl and BBC. Very super special thanks to all the fans of TAGAP; Your support and feedback, both positive and negative, energized us to create this sequel. TAGAP 2 is dedicated to the memory of Np. He was Petja's grumpy old cat who had decided that Jouni was the best sofa around. We miss you, you grey purring furball!

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Legal Info
TAGAP 2 is freeware, and all the standard disclaimers apply; As TAGAP 2 is licensed FREE OF CHARGE, there is NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND FOR THIS PROGRAM. The ENTIRE RISK as to the quality and performance of the program is WITH YOU. In no event do we (PENGUIN DEVELOPMENT TEAM) take ANY RESPONSIBILITY for ANY DAMAGES, including any general, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use this program (including but not limited to loss of data or data being rendered inaccurate or lesses sustained by you or third parties or a failure of the program to operate with any other programs), even if such holder or other party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In layman's terms; If it happens that TAGAP 2 causes you some brain damage, screws up your OS, blows up your computer or turns your computer self-aware resulting total annihilation of human race, too bad. It was YOU who INSTALLED the software. Despite heavy testing our computers are still up and running, but thanks to many wise-ass lawyers we have to warn you about the worst-casescenarios. TAGAP 2 and TAGAP: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins: Copyright Penguin Development Team. All rights reserved. TAGAP is a registered trademark of Jouni Lahtinen. All rights Reserved. TAGAP 2 uses FMOD Ex Music & Sound Effects System; Copyright Firelight Technologies, Pty, Ltd. Used under the terms of the freeware license. For more information, visit TAGAP 2 uses OpenGL API for graphics. OpenGL is a registered trademark of Silicon Graphics International. For more information, visit TAGAP 2 is FREEWARE; You are free, even encouraged to share it as long as you don't charge anything for it!

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