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True or False

Chapter 8: Telecommunications, Networks, and the Internet

1- Broadband is a shared network service that works well on reliable lines that do not require frequent retransmissions because of error. Correct: True False Reference: P 264

2- A switch is a device that connects multiple computers into a network in which multiple communications links can be in operation simultaneously. Correct: True False Reference: P 268

3- The link by which data or voice is transmitted between sending and receiving devices in the network is called a channel. Correct: True False Reference: P 270

4- In the acronym TCP/IP, the IP refers to the Internet Protocol that handles the movement of data between computers. Correct: True False Reference: P 269

5- Wireless technologies use radio frequencies or infrared signals to send data between communications devices. Correct: True False Reference: P 271

6- A bus network is a network in which local processors share the same bus or communications channels. Correct: True False Reference: P 273

7- Local area networks are mainly used to connect computers and other information processing devices within a large city or metropolitan area. Correct: True False Reference: P 273

8- DSL allows high-capacity transmission over copper wires. Correct: True False Reference: P 275

9- The topology of a system is the way in which the components of the network are connected. Correct: True False Reference: P 276

10- People are increasingly using information appliances to connect to the Internet. Correct: True False Reference: P 280

11- AltaVista has become overwhelmingly the most popular Web search tool and is used for about 55 percent of all searches on the Web through its own site. Correct: True False Reference: P 283

12- An intranet is an internal organizational Internet that is guarded against outside access by special security hardware and/or software called a firewall. Correct: True False Reference: P 286

13- Lotus Notes and OpenText's LiveLink are both examples of commercial groupware products. Correct: True False Reference: P 288

14- PlanetLab is a grassroots effort to build an experimental overlay network on top of the Internet using computers called smart nodes attached to traditional Internet routers. Correct: True False Reference: p 287

15- A third-party-managed network that multiple organizations use on a subscription basis is called a VAN. Correct: True False Reference: P 291

Multiple Choice
Chapter 8: Telecommunications, Networks, and the Internet

1- The ____________________ routes and manages communication on the network and coordinates network resources.
abcdVAN frame relay NOS broadband


Reference: P 268

2- The formal set of rules that govern the way in which computers communicate are called
abcprotocols. algorithms. standards.




Reference: P 269

3- The process of converting digital signals into analog form so that data may be sent over twisted pair telephone lines is referred to as:
abcdmodulation. Amplification demodulation. digitization


Reference: P 270

4- A communications medium where data are transformed into pulses of light would be a(n):
abcdtwisted-pair cable. satellite. coaxial cable. optical fiber.


Reference: P 271

5- The greater the bandwidth, the greater the:

abcdsignal change. geographic scope. analog speed. channel's transmission capacity.

Correct: 6- A star network:


Reference: P 272

is a central switching system that handles a firm's voice and digital communications. links all computers in a closed loop in a manner that passes data in one direction from one computer to another. links all computers and other devices to a central host computer through which all communications must pass. connects computers and peripheral devices located close to each other, often in the same building.




Reference: P 273

7- A network that covers a large geographic area is most commonly referred to as a(n):
abcdwide area network. local area network. intranet. Internetwork.

Correct: 8- Frame relay:


Reference: P 273

is an outdated technology. does not work well on the Internet. is used by facsimile machines. does not use error-correction routines.


Reference: P 274

9- Which of the following maps domain names to their IP addresses?



Reference: P 277

10- A device that has been customized to perform a few specialized computing tasks well with minimal effort best describes:
abcdserver appliance dedicated appliance. shopping bot. information appliance.


Reference: P 280

11- Which of the following are two important technologies for developing the Semantic Web?


XML and HTML XML and RDF RDF and HTML Wi-Fi and XML


Reference: P 285

12- A network inside an organization that provides an environment for information sharing, communications, collaboration, and to support business functions is called a(n):
abcdintranet. extranet. virtual private network. Internet.


Reference: P 286

13- Hardware and software placed between an organization's internal network and an external network to prevent outsiders from invading private networks best describes a(n):
abcdintruder detection system. Firewall. cyber checkpoint. cyberwall.


Reference: P 286

14- LISTSERVS are used for:

abcdperson-to-person messaging and document sharing. transferring files from one computer to another. discussion groups using e-mail mailing list servers. interactive conversations.


Reference: P 288