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| FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011




From left: Monika Manchanda, Ojas, Narendranath and Selvaprakash Barbequeue: My dinner companions were Selvaprakash, an entrepreneur, Monika Manchanda, prolific food blogger, her husband Narendranath, who works with Dell, and their son, Ojas. Factory Floor: The factory makes an appearance only in the name, and there is no specific theme to the restaurant. The interiors manage to exude warmth though, and you could enjoy a view of the busy 80 feet Road below. Factorisation: The menu begins with a veg shorba and fresh fruits, and quickly moves into a collection of kababs five each in veg and non veg. Chaas is served throughout the meal and before we enter the main course, there is a Honey Paratha interlude. The main course consists of rotis, a selection of veg curries and a non veg curry and a choice of veg/chicken biriyani. The meal ends with a collection of three desserts, Badam Milk and a Maghai Paan. The selection of kababs varies on a daily basis. X factor: We began well with the Cream of Tomato soup, mildly spicy and flavourful. The boneless Fish Tikka, though not Zaffrani as indicated in the menu, was cooked to perfection, and the groups favourite starter. The Mutton Seekh, again not part of the days menu, but seemingly a replacement for the Boti Kabab, was a close second. The Chaas kept us good company throughout the meal. The Honey Paratha was appreciated for a well managed sweetsalt combination. Though commonly found fare, the Gulab Jamun, Semiya Kheer and even the Badam Milk ensured that the desserts section was well represented. The meal ended well with slices of mango presented, for a change, in a cocktail glass and a maghai paan. Vex Factor: The Shikampuri kababs lacked the slightly crispy exterior, though the mutton version was slightly better than its veg counterpart. The Murg Tikkas were also not the best weve had. The obvious indicator of the kababs quality was that, despite the unlimited offering, only the fish tikka and the mutton seekh made it to the second round of kabab consumption. In the main course, neither the Aloo Mutter nor the Dal Tadka showed any inclination to enliven the meal. The Biriyani was totally ignored as it was quite dry and lacking in masala too. Service: Friendly staff, but they were quite clueless about what they were serving. They also needed a couple of reminders for getting us a kabab refill. Ajay, part of the management team, could be seen going to every table and courteously soliciting feedback. He even convinced Ojas, who usually doesnt consume orange juice at home, to have a (complimentary) glass, and was rewarded with an It was nice. Verdict: Barbeque Factory does have a few things going for it, but the location has no dearth of gastronomic choices. The restaurant needs to focus more on the food if they want to ensure that people baar baar barbeque. FOOD AMBIENCE SERVICE
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Manu Prasad

the vegetarian version priced at `399 and the non vegetarian at `499, both inclusive of tax, and introductory. While this might seem value-for-money considering the number of items served, the quality aspect calls for a sprucing up.

PARKING: Basement Parking ALCOHOL:

wine. Only in the form of

VENUE: Barbeque Factory, Lotus 612/1,

80 feet Road, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034, 41505325

GENESIS: Barbeque Factory is the first venture of Leena Restaurants & Resorts Pvt Ltd, and its management team has decades of experience in the hospitality industry. The restaurant started operations just over a month ago. SIGNATURE DISH: Shikkampuri Kabab, Dal Barbeque COST: The prix fixe (set menu) has

ith a sub-Rs 500 all-youcan-eat offering, a pleasant ambience, and a play area for kids, Barbeque Factory has some elements in place to make it a decent restaurant. But when it comes to the food, they need to better their act.



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