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Get your car out of Public into Private

Posted by Jaro on November 3, 2010 at 3:30pm %3A19178&page=1 There's now way to take your car out of public/commerce, by getting a US DOT number. Doing that and unregistering it with your State should take the car OUT of the State's jurisdiction. Here's Dr Phil talkshoe transcript about it: dot_instr.pdf Here's the website: And you'll need a credit card, and use general-post address, since that is in the REAL states of the Union, and not in today's corporate States. And if you do that, you'll also have to cover the VIN number with black tape. USDOT_Registrant_Web_Page-5.pdf USDOT_Registrant_Web_Page-4.pdf USDOT_Registrant_Web_Page-3.pdf USDOT_Registrant_Web_Page-2.pdf USDOT_Registrant_Web_Page-1.pdf
The objective here is to obtain a non-commercial Exempt-From-Commercial-Jurisdiction USDOT number status for a "registrant"! This is what various law enforcement officials, who were asked, "said" when these cops enter a "registrant" USDOT number in their computer: 1. Local Police - no information shows up. So they interpret this as - No Jurisdiction, to stop, question or detain the conveyance , operator or occupants; 2. State Police - "Federal Authorized"! Which they interpret as - No Jurisdiction, to stop, question or detain the conveyance , operator or occupants. That does NOT mean that "your" individual or next encounter with a Revenue Collection Officer, will be the same! Meaning, ie NO GUARANTEE!!! This pdf document, is a capture of my US DOT SAFER-NET record as a "registrant" and not a MC or Commercial Motor Carrier! To obtain a USDOT "registrant" EXEMPT status registration, follow the instructions on the file pages named "Starting USDOT Registration Web Page" #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5.

Here's a place that lets you design your own license plates: Regarding insurance, SPC's probably might use a bond written against their BC Bond, like this one: Private-Surety-Bond.doc