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From the last six months, we everyday come to know the scandals like 2G scam, scam related to ISRO

etc. We are bearing the corruption at each and every level of Government offices. The Govt also start the proceeding against the culprits who were caught red-handed. But unfortunately, we had never seen a Govt Officer who was punished in any corruption case. Enquiries are conducted against the Govt Officers, they got suspended to calm the public and then ultimately what happened, we all know. They are found innocent, clean and got their post once again. Now Question arises- when a Govt Officer was caught redhanded, how are they escaped from the jaws of Laws? The answer of this question lies in our Anti corruption policy that is very weak. According to our policy, the main agency which is dealing with the corruption cases is Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Apart from CBI, in every Department, there is an Anti-corruption cell to tackle the problem of bribery. But all this will work only when they are allowed to use their powers and allowed to work them in free environment. But in India, the political pressure is influencing the working of each Department including anti-Corruption cells in Each Department. Whenever any officer gets caught in corruption case, first thing what is done by Department itself is, trying to protect the officer to maximum extent. Only if Department didnt get succeed to protect him, then a case will be booked against him and public hope that the culprit officer will get the punishment. But then politicians play their role and phoned to anti-corruption cell on behalf of that officer. Now unfortunately a large number of loop-holes exist in our rules and by making use of these loopholes, officer always escaped from the punishment. Our judicial proceeding is also very slow, old and time taking and allowed the culprits to make undue arrangements for his escape. These are the reasons why Govt Officers are not getting punishments in corruption cases. In the recent cases like 2G scam, it is seen that our Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singhs ignorance had made the things worse rather then bad. Prime Minister seems to be a dummy PM who has no power to take decision. Further, I am of the opinion that if PM had worked as per the powers given by the Constitution, then the culprit Ministers would have been got punishment long before. Prime Minister has given some discretionary power and one of them is that he can demand resignation from any minister if PM feels that the same is involved in illegal process or crime or malfunctioning of ministry. In case of 2G scam, telecommunication Ministers had allocated the bands to companies at the 2004-05 base rates instead of 2008-09 rates and hence resulted in the revenue loss upto a large extent. All this could be stopped if PMO office had worked sincerely. Not only this, PMO also tried to save the culprit minister and did not demand his resignation for a long time. In case of appointment of P J Thomas having a corruption case related to Palm in Kerala High Court, as the CVC of India is worst thing which can be happen in India. You are appointing a Culprit person as CVC to control the corruption activity. How a person having involved in Corruption, will be able to fight against corruption, no one can guess except PMO. The Space matters in India are directly under the Control of PM Of India

and in space related band distribution system and in this matter also, there is corruption. Therefore I am of the opinion that the PMO is not doing his duties properly to prevent corruption but helping the corrupt people to make the thing from bad to worse.