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General Questions: 1. What are the five tiers in a BOEXI environment? 2.

List all 8 of the BOEXI servers that are part of the Processing Tier? 3. What are the 4 new BOBJ servers added to the CCM? Crystal Reports Page Server: 1. What does the -noautomaticdbdisconnect switch do when added to the Page Server? 2. How many pageserver.exe processes are created when the Page Server is first started? 3. If the Maximum Simultaneous Report Jobs: setting is set to Unlimited jobs for the Page Server: a) What does the maximum number of report jobs default to for the Page Server(on a single CPU machine)? b) What is the default Maximum Number of Subprocesses set to when Unlimited jobs is selected (on a single CPU machine)? 4. How many jobs does each page server subprocess process by default?Hint:Maximum Jobs divided by subprocesses. 5.If the Maximumnumber of subprocess for the the page server is set to 3,how many page servers.exe processes will you see in task manager after viewing 3 different reports ondemand? 6. By default, what is the maximum number of records a user can view on-demand using the Page server? 7. How can you change the maximum number of records a user can view on-demand using the Page Server? 8. What type of file is the Page Server primarily responsible for creating? (File extension and description please) 9. In BOEXI, is ther any performance advantage to having multiple Page Server services running on one machine? 10. The option Oldest On-Demand Data Given To a Client(in minutes): is set to 0 or the Page Server. a) Does this mean users will always receive new data in their On-Demand reports? b) Name one advantage to setting this option to higher number than 0 11. If a Page Server sub process is unresponsive for a certain amount of time, will it automatically shut down? If yes, what is the default amount of time? 12. How many report jobs will a Page Server sub process serve before it will shut down and re-spawn a new sub process? 13. What does the Viewer Refresh Always Yields Current Data option for the Page Server do? 14. What switch would you use to specify the default directory for Processing Extensions for the Page Server? Crystal Reports Job Server: 1. How do you specify which ports the Job Server and Job server Children use? 2. When does the Report Job Server use the Cache server? 3. Where does the Report Job Server store a successful instance? 4. What library is specified in the lib command line switch for a Report Job Server?

5. Can the Job Server be setup to communicate to the other BOEXI servers using SSL communication? 6. What are the 4 destination types that you can enable\disable for the Job Server? 7. What three events can you turn auditing on for on the Job Server? 8. Name the two places that you can set the Report Job Servers maximum job load. Program Job Server: 1. Name the 3 types of program objects you can add to a BOEXI system. 2. Where are the program objects that you add to the system stored? 3. When a program object is successfully run,does it store anything in the output FRS? 4. By default, you cannot run scripts and binary program objects. How do you enable the running of scripts and binaries? 5. What process(exe) runs the program object? 6. Where can you specify the working directory that you want your program object to use when it is run by the Program Job Server? If no working directory is specified, what is the default working directory? 7. Can you set a default working directory on the Program Job Server level?If so where do you access that property? 8. If you plan on running Java applications through the Program Job Server,what 3rd party software needs to be installed on the Program Job Server machine? 9. When running a Java application through the Program Job Server,can you specify a CLASSPATH for the Java application to use?If so,how can you do that? 10. BOEXI forces the use of a Java Policy file for the security rights for all the Java applications run through the Program Job Server: a) Where can you find the policy file on default (C;\Drive) installation of BOEXI? b) What tool can you use to modify the default policy file? 11. How can you specify which ports the JobServerChild.exe will use for the Program Job Server? Report Application Server (RAS): 1. When a user views a report through Infoview using the Advanced DHTML viewer,what BOEXI server renders that report viewer? 2. Does the RAS server utilize the Cache Server to stored cached report pages? 3. Is there an SDK for RAS that allows user to create their own applications that create and modify reports? 4. What type of file does the RAS server primarily create? 5. Is the RAS server used to process List Of Value objects? If so, when? 6. Name the two places that you can set the maximum number of records read by the RAS when previewing or refreshing a report. 7. Can you specify the number of records that are returned by the RAS when browsing a fields data?

8. If a client was complaining that the data they were getting back from RAS was not the most current data when they were viewing reports on-demand,what setting could be causing this? 9. What setting would you use to ensure that the Report Application Server doesnt keep database connection open after it is done retrieving all the database records that are needed to process a request? 10. What rights needs to be assigned to the windows account running RAS if end-toend single sign-on is going to be used? 11. Is there a predefined access level to grant users the ability to create and modify reports through RAS? 12. How can you specify the port that the Report Application Server starts up on? (different from the request port) 13. What command line switch can you use to specify the request port for a RAS? 14. Is there any way to specify which CPUs, in a multi-processor deployment, that the Report Application Server can use? If so, how do you do this? 15. What 6 events can be audited on the RAS? 16. Can RAS be setup to communicate with the other BOEXI servers through an SSL connection? Destination Job Server: 1. How can you add a Destination Job Server (DJS) to your BOEXI deployment? 2. If the Destination Job Server receives a request to send a report or program instance to a destination, where does the DJS retrieve that instance from? 3. Does the DJS process the report objects that it sends to the destination? 4. When you schedule a report instance to email destination, is the DJS used to send that instance to email? 5. What destination is enabled by default for the Destination Job Server? 6. What two places can you set the temporary directory for the DJS? 7. What 4 destinations can you configure for the DJS? 8. What 3 events can you audit for the DJS? 9. Is it possible to send a published PDF file to a destination from the CMC? If so how? 10. Is it possible to send a published PDF file to a destination from Infoview? If so, how? List of Values Job Server: 1. Where can you schedule a List-of-Values (LOV) server object? 2. Where do you find LOV objects in the CMC? 3. Where do you find LOV objects in Infoview? 4. Where are LOV objects stored in the BOEXI system? 5. Where are LOV instances stored in the BOEXI system? 6. When you schedule a LOV object, what BOEXI server is responsible for scheduling that job (keyword scheduling) 7. What process (EXE) processes a LOV object and populates it with data? 8. In the CCM, what is the default command line executable for the LOV Job Server? 9. How do you add another List of Values Job Server to your BOEXI deployment?

10. If you add a new LOV Job Server, what is the command line executable for the new LOV Job server? 11. Is it possible to force a LOV object to only use a particular LOV Job Server? 12. What 3 events can you audit with the LOV Job Server?