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... have chosen you, and ordained you that ye should go and bring forth fruit ...

"John 15:16 "I

Nahum Evangelist - Rev. Wendell Calder P.o. Box A - Newport, Maine 04953 Phone (207) 368-2232 Fax (207) 368-5904 Email: Website: Proclaiming the Gospel through Crusades - Camps - Conferences



Family and Ministry News

Ministered in6 different Countries Ministered in 7 different States in the United States Ministered in 14 different churches Taught a total of GO hours in Bible Institutes We saw over 200 people trust Christ as personal Savior

Doing God's Will from the Heart Ephesians 6:6

I have been dwelling a lot lately on the subject of the Wtlll of God. I have noted especially how much emphasis the Scriptures place on "Doing His Will" and not just "Discerning His Will". If we are to do God's Will it requires a heart decision of unquestioning obedience.

Will of God Demands a Decision

A. To Follow Him - Luke 9:23 B. To Be Faithful to Him - I Corinthians 4:2 1. Separation - I Thessalonians 2:9 1. Denial - Of Self 2. Submission - Romans 12:1 2. Death - To Self 3. Sacrifice - Romans 12:1 3. Daily - Everyday 4. Directien= Follow Me C. To Finish with Him - Acts 20:24l 1. Stay Biblical - Convictions 2. Stay Balanced - Consistency 3. Stay Building - Commitment 4. Stay Believable.a.Character

Papa and Gigi with the Bell Family

Great GrantiCiaughter - Keagan Bell I(indergarten Graduation - Heritage Christian Academy June 3, 2011

Keagan with Papa and Gigi


Jubilee at Sea - Fe'bruary 4-11, 2012





Ports of Call:

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Labadee, Haiti
_ _4_ -..

Falmouth, Jamaica

February 4 -

II, 2012

7 Nights, 8 Days
For descriptive brochure which includes pricing Contact us at: Local Church Evangelism P.O. Box "A" Newport, ME 04953 --E~mail:Jcevangelism@aoLcam---

Royal Caribbean's


Ministry in Costa Rica - March 26 - April 1, 2011 Score International Gap School


Enjoying the Trip

Mission Project - 2012

Portugal- May 16-22, 2012 Spain - May 23-28, 2012 Chile - October 25-31, 2012 Bolivia - November 1-5, 2012 Estimated Total Cost = $20,000.00
This amount covers round trip air fare plus salaryfor four weeks while absent from meetings in the United States

,---""",-Willyou 'P us raise this amount? he

Send Gifts payable to: Local Church Evangelism Designated for Mission Project 2012

Project ndia Mission Re

t: January - June, 2011

KUMAR FAMILY - HINDUPUR - INDIA In our Gospel Camp we were able to reach 84 Rural Villages with the Gospel message. Our Team divided into three groups and we preached 'the Gospel for three full days. We distributed 4000 Gospel Tracts, 300 New Testaments and 3000 Gospels of John. We saw over 200 people trust Christ as personal Savior. In March and April we had 5 Gospel Outreaches including ministry to over 10,000 people at the Annual Ox Festival. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. NORONHA FAMILY - BANASWADI - BANGALORE - INDIA I am presently teaching a 3 Hour per week Course on PASTORAL CARE AND COUNSELLING at South India Bible Seminary. We will be visiting our Mission Field in Assam which is an 8 day trip by train. BTM Fellowship Church is doing well by His Grace. We are experiencIng goo groWtJi ana need a larger facility in Which to meet. Please make s a special matter or prayer.We appreciate your prayers and financial support. SIGAMANI FAMILY - BANGALORE - INDIA Our church work is going well with many people being added to the membership. Our Children's Home now has 46 children so we have a real need for financial help. We pray you will consider helping us with this ministry. We are able to reach thousands of children through the OPERATION SHOE-BOX MINISTRY distributing gifts to the children. Through this Out- reach we are seeing many saved. Thanks for being partners with us in the ministry. GOVINDAM FAMILY - BERIGAI - INDIA We are doing well and our church is growing. We presently have 18 people preparing for Believer's Baptism. We had a great Vacation Bible School with over 180 children in attendance. My goal is to reach at least 10 new families by the end of 20 11. Please make this a matter of prayer. Thank you for standing with us in the work of the Gospel. SATHYADASS FAMILY - BANGALORE - INDIA Our family is doing well and rejoicing in the Lord. I have been accepted to study at SAIACS (SOUTH ASIA INSTITUTE OF ACCELERATED CHRISTIAN STUDIES). We will be living on Campus as I also will serve in the Music Department of the Seminary. Please pray for us in this new phase in our lives. A Catholic couple who have been attending our House Church have opened their home for us to meet. Please pray that they will soon respond to the Gospel and be saved. Our family appreciates your prayers and support.