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User Manual

Important Safety Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully: 1. Unplug the ADSL Modem Ethernet Adaptor from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. Do not use the ADSL Modem Ethernet Adaptor near water. Make sure the working platform is flat. Do not put heavy objects on the ADSL Modem. Use the AC/DC power adapter that matches the ADSL Modem. Disconnect the power supply and all wires from the ADSL Modem in lightning storm, to avoid lightning strike. Take water proof measures during the storage, transportation and running of the ADSL Modem. Avoid direct sunlight.

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Note: When the ADSL Modem is used for a long time, temperature of the shell will rise. This is normal.

Chapter 1:


ADSL modem is the ADSL user-end equipment (ATUR) to with Ethernet interface, complies with variety ADSL standard, and excellent interoperation.

Full rate with ADSL router, support Bridge/Router Up to 24Mbps downstream and up to 3Mbps upstream data rate Maximum transmission range: 5.4 Kilometers Friendly GUI for web configuration, complies with the popular Server/Browser mode Complies with full rate ADSL standard: ANSL T1.413 ISSUE 2 ITU G.992.1 (G.dmt) Annex A ITU G.992.2 (G.lite) ITU G.992.3(ADSL2) ITU G.992.5(ADSL2+) Annex M

Encapsulation Supports
RFC 1483 bridge RFC 1483 Router Classical IP over ATM (RFC 1577) PPP over ATM (RFC 2364) PPP over Ethernet (RFC 2516)

System requirement
Recommended system requirements are: 1

Pentium 233MHZ or above Memory: 64MB or above 10M Base-T Ethernet or above WIN9X WIN2000 WINXP WINME WINNT Ethernet Network Interface Card Please collect the following information from your ADSL service provider. This information will be very helpful for your ADSL configuration. To keep a record for reference, you can fill in the column as below: VPI VCI Encapsulation: VCMUX or LLC Protocol Standard User name Password Password protocol

LED indicator Indicator

Power Link

ON ON Slow Blink

Power supply is on Have connected to CO physical floor Be trying to connect to physical link

Quick Blink Data Blink ON Ethernet Blink

Be handing with CO physical link Be receiving sending data Have linked to HUB Be transmitting data to HUB and

Rear pane Layout

Interface Switch Power Power on/off


Plug in for power Modem Reset button Press and hold around 5~8s to reset the hardware. The modem will automatically restart. This action will recover the modems default configuration. Plug in for RJ45, Can connect to HUB or computer Connect to ADSL telephone line interface


Ethernet Line

Chapter 2:

Hardware Installation

Connect your ADSL modem to computer as the following image: If connecting to the splitter, following the below: If connecting to the splitter, connect the Line splitter to wall jack using one telephone cable Use the other telephone cable to connect modem port of the splitter and LINE port of the modem. The phone port of the splitter can be use to connect the telephone and the splitter by a telephone cable. Use LAN cable to connect Ethernet port of the modem and LAN port of your computer.

If do not need to connect to the splitter, Connect the modem to wall jack using one telephone cable Use LAN cable to connect Ethernet port of the modem and LAN port of your computer

Chapter 3:

Modem parameter setting

Set computer network card IP address

Fix network card and set network card IP Address. Set IPaddress into same as network-band (For example: modem IP address: computer network card IP address: 192.168.1.X, X is the any value from 3~254)

Web setting interface

Open IE or Netscape Web browser, input (Modem IP address) in the address column, then clicks enter button, and access the following setting interface: Input user name and password, then clicks enter key to enter web setting interface. Default setting: IP address: User name: admin Password: admin

Main interface
After inputting right user name and password, the following window will pop up:

Protocol and parameter setting

Select ADSL protocol and related parameter according to the local ADSL supplier vendor in local. The common protocols: Ethernet over ATM (RFC1483 BRIDGE) (EOA) PPP over Ethernet (RFC2516) (PPPoE) PPP over ATM (RFC2364) (PPPoA)

RFC 1483 Router (IPoA) IP over ATM (RFC1577) (IPoA) 6

We can give the common RFC1483 Bridge (EOA) and PPPoE as example, if you want to know how to use other protocols, you should get it from your supplier vendor.

Ethernet over ATM (RFC1483 Bridge) (EOA) setting

Check VPI/VCI provided by your supplier vendor provided is the same with one of broad network connection setting status or not.

If they are the same, any other operation is not need. If no any couple is the same, you need to quick set MODEM Select Quick Setting in main menu in task column, access Quick setting interface. Select0 in ATM connection, Enable in running mode, and RFC1483 Bridge IP LLC in packing mode, VPI and VCI must be the same with the one provided by local supplier vendor, any other parameters changes are not required. After setting, clicks enter to save the setting .See the following window.

Save configuration
If you want to save the parameters into modem chipset, you must open management page in setting menu select Management page in task column, click Commit &Reboot item.

Click commit button, to save setting. Click reboot button, to restart modem.

If you select static IP address 1483 Bridge, you should fill out IP address and other parameters in computer network card. After ADSL modem setting, if you select Dial-UP link, install Dial-up software to connect to Internet. (Such as Ethernet 300, Ethernet 500, WinPoet and so on.) If your system is WinXP, you can directly create new connect ion.

PPP over Ethernet (RFC2516) (PPPoE) setting

Check VPI/VCI provided by local your supplier vendor is the same with one of WAN interface setting status or not.

If they are the same, select the low layer interface (ATM interface) related to VPI/VCI. That is: aaL5_*. As the above image: select Quick Setting in main FrontPage in task column, access Quick Setting interface. Fill out the related information the vendor provided in related place.

For example: the information the vendor provided. VPI: 0 VCI: 32 Packing: PPPoE LLC. User name: Password: abcd See the following setting: Set VPI/VCI against as15-3 in WAN interface setting, ATM sekect:3 Running Mode: Enable Packing: PPPoE LLC Bridge: Disable DHCP: Disable Default Router: Enable 10

User name: Password: abcd DNS: Enable After the setting, other parameters need not be changed, keep the default setting. Then click enter button to save setting. If no any couple is the same, you need quick set the following: For example: the information provided by the vendor. VPI: 0 VCI: 32 Packing: PPPoE LLC. User Password: abcd Save configuration If you want to save the parameters saved into modem chipset, you must access management page in setting menu to save your setting. Select Manage Page in task column, click Commit &Reboot item. Click Commit button, to save setting. Click Reboot button to restart modem.

DHCP setting
DHCP: Dynamic Host configuration Protocol. DHCP server: DHCP server can set the modem into a DHCP server If only one computer connects to modem, DHCP is optical, but TCP/IP protocol settings are different. If many computers connect to one Modem IP Address or IP address is not enough, DHCP server parameters must be changed. 1. Select DHCP server in local network, access DHCP server setting interface.


2. 3. 4.

Click DEL button, and delete the current DHCP server parameter. Click Add button, and configure your DHCP server parameter. Select DHCP Mode in the task column, access DHCP server See the following:


Refer to the above way about save configuration to save the current setting.

DHCP Relay
Select DHCP Relay can make modem buffer, computer will get IP address form ISP stack, so that RFC1483 computer dynamic IP address link to Internet. 1. Select DHCP buffer in local network in task column, enter DHCP mode setting interface, see the following: 12

2. 3. 4.

Select eth-0 item, and click ADD button right. Click SUBMIT button, to submit setting. Select DHCP mode in local network, and enter DHCP mode setting menu, to set DHCP mode: DHCP Relay. See the following:

5. Refer to the above save configuration way, to save current setting. Notice:
After the setting, IP address will be Auto-Search status.


1. 2. Select DHCP mode in local network, access DHCP mode setting interface. Set DHCP mode none. Refer to the above save configuration way, to save current setting. Set Network card IP Address and modem IP address into the same network band (such as: 192. 168. 1. X) Set default gateway as modem IP ADDRESS (such: 192. 168. 1. 1) Start DNS to set DNS server.

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Chapter 4

Questions & Answers

1. Question: Why all LED indicators are off? Answer: Please check whether the power is inserted well, the power switch is on or not. If the LED is off yet, the probably because the hardware has already been damaged, please contact locality operator at this moment. 2. Question: Why the ADSL will always lose the line? Answer: 1) Please dont use the telephone directly through the separator and register ones residence on the line, the telephone should be answered after the separator. Please dont use the outdated ISA net card, change into a PCI net card and upgrade the driver. If still cant solve that please contact your operator to solve.

2) 3) 3.

Question: Why my computer cant connect to Internet? Answer: User may have the following reason to cause users unable to surf the Net normally after joining ADSL and installing PPPoE dialing software. 1) 2) 3) The reliable connection of the circuit, please guarantee to connect and insert stabilizing. Please confim that VPI/VCI set up and keep the same with information that DSL operator offers. Please confim that PPPoE dialing software is installed 15

correctly. 4) 5) Please enter the Username/Password correctly. Please try to login in a lot of websites in order to confirm that is not caused by a server trouble of one website.

4. Question: Why my unable successful authentication of now of account number? Answer: 1) 2) Your account number has been already overdue or already owed the fee, please pay dues in time. You may have changed the circuit, because some operators tied account number and circuit definitely, the authentication that so change the circuit and use the original account number to be will be unable and succeed. You might break unusually, your account number at this moment can canceling at the broadband access server in time, dial after proposing waiting for several minutes, if still dial and fail, please contact your operator to solve.