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<h1>Jolly Technologies Asset Labeling Software Overview</h1><p> Jolly Technologies Asset Track Asset Labeling Software is used for

tracking asse ts and inventory. Asset Track Asset Labeling Software is very flexible making it easy to customize the software for any organization looking to track inventory or assets. Report on who has assets, where they are and where inventory stands w ith easy to customize exportable reports. Issue easily generated bar-code labels for asset and inventory assignment. Pull easily customizable reports for an aud it history of assets. </p> <h1>Asset Track Asset Labeling Software Systems Integration</h1><h2>Integrate As set Track with databases</h2><h5>Asset Track boasts an open database architectur e, central to the Asset Track Asset Labeling Software. This open-architecture al lows customers to use most open databases as its source: MS Access, MS SQL, MySQ L Oracle, Sybase, and more.</h5><h2>Integrate Asset Track with LDAP and Active D irectory</h2><h5>Look up and import host (who the visitor is visiting) informati on into Asset Track using LDAP or Active Directory. Automatically notify the hos t by email using an existing email system.</h5><h2>Integrate Asset Track with pe ripheral devices</h2><ul><li>Dymo Turbo 450 Thermal Label Printers</li><li>Zebra Thermal Label Printer</li><li>Office Printer</li><li>Barcode Readers</li></ul> <h1>Asset Track Asset Labeling Software Applications</h1><p> Asset Track Asset Labeling Software is the perfect tool for both large and small organizations to mange and track both their internal physical assets as well as inventory items. Asset Track Asset Labeling Software handles each step of the p rocess, from connecting to an existing database of assets or inventory, to creat ing asset tags and serial number labels for assets and inventory, to reporting o n the movement, addition and subtraction of assets and inventory. </p> <h1>Asset Track Asset Labeling Software Customers</h1><p> Asset Track Asset Labeling Software is used at all types of facilities. You'll f ind it in companies large and small. You'll find it in government institutions. You'll find Asset Track Asset Labeling Software at universities and K-12 schools . It's used at construction sites as well as in vehicle yards. Asset Track Asset Labeling Software can be relied on anywhere you need to keep track of property. </p> <h1>Asset Track Asset Labeling Software Usage</h1><p> With the Asset Track Asset Labeling Software administrators can register assets and track inventory. Asset track is used by companies in all verticals to track day to day assets of all kinds from software, to vehicles and beyond. </p> <h1>Asset Track Asset Labeling Software Technology Partners</h1><p> Asset Track Asset Labeling Software is partnered with Avery Dennison, Brady People ID, and a wide assortment of tracking devices and label printers.</p> <h1>Asset Track Asset Labeling Software Features</h1><p> Asset Track Asset Labeling Software allows you to collect and record asset infor mation. The database is completely customizable so much so that you can use your own: asset track can connect to any ODBC database! Asset Track Asset Labeling S oftware includes Label Flow Label Software so that you can design and produce an y type of asset label. Assets can be checked in and out to individuals by scanni ng the ID card or looking up their record through a database search of LDAP / Ac tive Directory integration. The asset's record is updated with the borrower info rmation and due dates can be automatically set. </p><p> The reports can show you lists of checked out and overdue items. Asset Track Ass et Labeling Software's detailed reports show you exactly how many times an asset was used, and on which dates. Graphical reports show you asset usage by time of day, day of week and month of year so you get an easy snapshot regarding usage. </p> <h1>Asset Track Asset Labeling Software Editions</h1><p>Asset Track Asset Labeli ng Software has three editions.</p><h2>Small Business Edition</h2><p> Asset Trac

k Asset Labeling Software Small Business Edition is for single workstations and uses databases like Excel, MS Access, and .CSV. This edition does not network.</ p><h2>Corporate Edition</h2><p> Asset Track Asset Labeling Software Corporate Ed ition is for organizations with multiple users and locations that will benefit f rom centralized data management. The Corporate Edition of the Label Flow softwar e can connect to ODBC databases and customize the layout of the data entry scree n.</p><h2>Enterprise Edition</h2><p> Asset Track Asset Labeling Software Enterpr ise Edition is used in organizations where organizations want to track assets ou t to people by scanning their ID card or pulling information directly from LDAP and Active Directory. Asset Track Asset Labeling Software Enterprise Edition is also used where advanced data management is a must. Import and export data, set drop-down lists and manage datasets with millions of records.</p>