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In this section we look at the specific rules for items located in the Armoury section. MAJOR PSYCHIC POWERS AND EQUIPMENT: A psyker may only attempt to use one Major psychic power per player turn. The only exception is a model with the Mark of Tzeentch, which can attempt to use up to two psychic powers per player turn but not two of the same powers or powers that both count as firing a weapon, as models can only fire one weapon per Shooting phase unless theyre a monstrous creature. Doom Bolt The Doom Bolt is virtually the typical magic missile taught to apprentice sorcerers at the beginning of their career in the dart warp arts. Depending on the experience and skill of the user a Doom Bolt can appear little more than a warm spark at the tip of the sorcerers finger tips or erupt into a Tsunami of vicious warp energy tracing a flash through the sky. Much like the Wind of Chaos the Doom Bolt depends significantly to on the Sorcerers alliance with their patron god. For a sorcerer of Slaanesh it can appear like a dazzling rainbow display that beguiles and disorientates his foe. Doombolt may be used in the models Shooting phase instead of firing a weapon. A psychic test must be passed in order to use the power. When used, Doombolt counts as a weapon with the following profile (roll to hit and wound as normal): Range 18 Strength 4 AP 3 Assault 3

Familiar A Familiar may be a small creature made of psychic energy, or a living being invested with the power of the Warp. They can take any form, but are often small imps, evil-looking mannequins or twisted, dwarfish mutants. A Sorcerer with a Familiar may be given up to two Major psychic powers and any number of minor psychic powers. The Familiar is always assumed to be on the same base as its master, although it is permissible to represent it separately for modelling purposes. It does not count as an extra model and is only removed if its master is killed. Gift of Chaos The psyker unleashes a whirling flash of Chaos energy, which envelops the target and rapidly mutates them. As the power of Chaos flows through the target, the unfortunate victims bones writhe its flesh distorts and agonizing mutations tear the enemy apart. A psyker may use this power at the beginning of his turn. The psyker may be in close combat at that time and the target. Pick and enemy model and take a Psychic test. If the test is successful and the target is found to be within 6 of the psker, roll a D6. If the D6 roll scores over the victims toughness, the victim is transformed into a shapeless blob of flesh and is removed as a casualty. (No wounds are taken therefore no saves apply!) Use the models base toughness not the modified Toughness. (Such as a bike.) The roll of 6 is always successful regardless of the targets Toughness value. Models without a Toughness value cannot be affected. If the player using the power has a Chaos Spawn model available, they may replace the victim with a Chaos Spawn. The spawn is immediately under the control players control (and is worth 40 victory points if killed). If the model was in base to base contact with friendly models, they now are engaged in combat with the Chaos Spawn. Lash of Submission A glowing whip of immaterial energy snakes out from the sorcerers hand and lashes across the battlefield. Those caught within its ethereal barbs are momentarily in thrall to the psykers will. Lash of Submission may be used in the models Shooting phase instead of firing a weapon. Pick any non-vehicle enemy unit visible to the psyker and within 24, and then take a Psychic test in order to use the power. If the test is successful, the target is moved 2D6 by the player using the power. This move is not slowed by difficult terrain, but dangerous terrain tests are taken as normal. Victims may not be moved off the table, into impassable terrain or within 1 of an enemy model or models. After this, the affected unit must pass a Pinning test. Siren The sorcerer has almost been in direct contact with his or her god Slaanesh. Due to this experience the sorcerer has been blessed with a charismatic aura so powerful that should anyone look upon him or her they would instantly feel a personal

connection with them so strong that they could never harm someone they are concerned so much about. At the beginning of the enemies shooting phase the sorcerer with Siren may attempt to cast it. If the Psychic test is passed the sorcerer may choose a unit or independent character that is not immune to moral checks or Fearless within 24. That unit or independent character may not shoot or assault the sorcerer or the unit and followers it has joined that turn. Warp Time The psyker surrounds himself with a dimensional instability, which warps the passage of time and grants the target the opportunity to place his attacks with supernatural precision. The power is used at the start of any players turn by making a Psychic test. If successful, the psyker may re-roll any rolls to hit and rolls to wound for the entirety of that players turn. Wind of Chaos Often sorcerers of Chaos possess the power of conjuring up a cloud of corruption. The Wind of Chaos is a fickle and temperamental power, that is always similar but never the same as it was before. The appearance and affect of the Wind of Chaos to the poor soul that witnesses it depends significantly to on the Sorcerers alliance with their patron god, For sorcerers of Tzeentch it will manipulate reality transforming the affected into writhing mess of carbons and energy. For the god Nurgle its victims will be subjected to the vilest of airborne contagions. While the god Slaaneshes sorcerers will send out an intoxicating musk that could bring its target to its knees begging in addiction giving the sorcerer ample time to cut them down with the ease of a Bolt pistol round or for the target to slump in a heap of overdosed rapturous death. Wind of Chaos may be used in the models Shooting phase instead of firing a weapon. A psychic test must be passed in order to use the power. If successful, this is resolved the same way as firing a template weapon. Any models fully or partially under the template suffer one wound on a D6 roll of 4+, with no armour of cover saves allowed. Vehicles touched by the template suffer a glancing hit on a D6 roll of 4+ MINOR PSYCHIC POWERS A psyker may buy up to two minor psychic powers from the Choas Armoury unless they have a Familiar which entitles them to as many Minor psychic powers they wish. A psyker may attempt to use up to one Major psychic power and one Minor psychic power per turn or two Minor psychic powers per turn. Psykers do not have to take a psychic test in order to use Minor psychic powers. Allure of Slaanesh During the shooting phase, instead of firing a weapon the Psyker projects a siren song up to 12 at a single enemy independent character or unit that is not in close combat. Make a leadership test for the model or unit affected. If they fail they must immediately move up to 6 towards the psyker, stopping 1 short of any Chaos models they encounter and ignoring difficult terrain. The psyker counts as targeting the unit in regards to shooting and assaulting. Aura of Acquiescence Psykers with this gift are wrapped in the glamour of Slaanesh. Such is their magnetism that their enemies subjugate their own survival instinct to the will of the Champion even if their cause is hopeless. If the psyker and any friendly models win the combat and the enemy are able to flee and get away they remain in combat or are cut down, this is the Chaos players choice. Beam of Slaanesh The psyker unleashes a dazzling rainbow display that beguiles and disorientates his foe. The psyker may target an independent character or unit up to 24. The target model or unit must make a moral check or counts as having moved for the purposes of firing their weapons but may still move next turn. No models are immune unless they have no leadership statistic. Fuelled by Pain The pskyer casts a reflective aura upon themselves. The pain which he suffers is absorbed by this aura and only fuels his anger. Once the psyker can bear no more he unleashes in a furious rage. For each successful saving throw the psyker passes in close combat, the unit or character immediately suffers a Strength 4

hit that ignores armour saves. She who Thirsts The Psyker reaches out and attempts to pluck the very soul from his enemy, leaving little more than a withered husk in his wake. This is a sight that may put the bravest of troops to flight. If the Psyker is able to kill an enemy in the assault phase but the enemy win this round of combat the enemy still count as failing and take moral check unmodified by the combat, this does not mean that their leadership statistic cannot be modified by other means. SPECIAL EQUIPMENT Chaos Space Marine Bike Chaos Space Marine Bikes are fitted with powerful engines, bullet-proof tyres, and are incredibly durable. Each bike is a versatile fighting platform capable of firing its armament on the move and launching devastating charges into combat. Models equipped with Chaos Space Marine Bikes are no longer classified as Infantry and are considered Bike type. Chaos Space Marine Bikes are fitted with Twin-Linked Bolters as standard. Bikes have a 12 movement and gains (+1) toughness. Bikes may Turbo-boost in a straight like up to 24. If turbo boosting and ending their move 18 or more away from where they started they gain a 3+ cover save. Chaos Space Marine Bikes follow all of the rules for Bikes as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Combat Drugs All the Astartes, Imperial and Chaos alike implement combat stimulants however the Emperors Children excelled in the art of concocting more exotic strains using forbidden techniques and ingredients. Fulgrims lust for creating the perfect warrior encouraged his apothecaries and surgeons to levels beyond acceptable, this directly contributed to the Legions debasement. At the start of your game and until your next turn explain to your opponent which of the drug options below your model will take. You may choose a minimum of none and up to 3 per turn. You may not take the same drug twice that turn. After you have selected the drug/s and clearly announced to your opponent roll a D6 for each drug taken each turn, if you roll a double the model suffers a single wound that ignores their armour as the injection was excessive. (Invulnerable saves may be taken if you have one) If you roll a triple your model has overdosed. As you worship the god of excess you receive an invulnerable save if you have one, Slaanesh rarely gets directly involved in its minions therefore a passed save must be rerolled for a triple. +1 Weapon skill +1 Strength +1 Attack Re-roll any misses in close combat Move through cover universal special rule (see page XX of Warhammer 40,000 rule book.) Feel no pain special rule. Frag Grenade Frag is the abbreviated name for fragmentation, Frag grenades are used to enabling the Chaos Space Marine to assault entrenched defenders as they dive behind cover avoiding shrapnel and explosions. Models equipped with Frag grenades count as being equipped with assault grenades, when the unit assaults units in cover the enemy unit does not gain the advantage for being in cover while assaulted and all combat is resolved at initiative 10. Frag grenades follow all of the rules for Frag grenades as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Jump Pack Jump packs contain jets or turbines that can lift even heavy Power Armour from the ground. A warrior equipped with a Jump pack can make great bounding leaps across the battlefield. A Jump pack allows the wearer to travel incredibly quickly, passing over obstructions and racing swiftly into close combat. Model equipped with Jump packs are Jump infantry and can move up to 12 or move as standard infantry in the movement phase. Models ending their move in difficult terrain count it as dangerous terrain if they moved over 6 as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

In addition, models that are wearing jump packs can be dropped from low-flying gunships, using their jump packs to swoop down onto the battlefield. To represent this they can be kept in reserve and arrive using the Deep Strike rules (See the mission Special Rules section of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook) Krak Grenade Krak grenades are specialist anti-tank explosives, designed to disable lightly armoured vehicles such as enemy walkers. The name Krak derives from Kraken a powerful ocean dwelling beast found on many Imperial worlds, Kraken is a name used widely in the Imperium as a highly explosive ammunition. See Warhammer 40,000 rulebook for details of how to use Krak grenades. Melta Bomb Melta Bombs are deadly demolition charges, powered by a subatomic charge, capable of melting through even the most heavily armoured targets. They are much bulkier than Krak grenades, with a more sophisticated detonation mechanism. Chaos Space Marines carry Melta bombs to destroy enemy tanks and bunkers. See Warhammer 40,000 rulebook for details of how to use Melta bombs. Phoenix Guard All Primarchs had a special retinue; Fulgrims were named the Phoenix Guard after his nickname the Phoencian, The one who rises. The Phoenix Guard whilst not leaders were often selected due to their absolute sacrificial devotion to their master and extreme combat prowess. Phoenix Guard train in order to better synergise with their master, they bring out a flair and indomitable advance unseen amongst chosen. They wear and have access to the Legions finest weapons and armour excessively embellished to reflect the truest nature of what they represent. Only certain special characters have enough devoted warriors or remembrance of traditions to afford Phoenix Guard thus they are rare. However should you wish to use them in friendly or Apocalypse games you can add them for 20 points per model as retinues to your favourite characters. The Phoenix Guard work exactly as Retinues do in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook which means the independent character may make attacks through the retinue as though they were character upgrades for the unit. Teleport Homer ARMOUR Chaos/Daemon armour The characters Chaos space marine Power armour has been blessed and sealed by the Chaos gods and therefore considerably more powerful, the armour often shines an aura of the warp as if halo of darkness follows it. Models equipped with Chaos/Daemon armour receive a 2+ armour save. Leather Garb Cultists afford little attention from their masters and are left to their own to select from the fallen when it comes to finding armour, Cultists of Slaanesh prefer to strap themselves with thick tight studded leather and fleshy hide, while it isnt exactly armour it does provide rather good protection and agility, if it wasnt for the fact that Cultists leave large portions of their body vainly exposed it could rival that of a trained imperial soldier. Models equipped with Leather Garbs receive a 5+ armour save. Power Armour Power armour is the standard protection for Chaos Space Marines and its distinctive outline casts fear into the enemies of the Ruinous Powers. Made from thick Ceramite plates and electrically motivated fibre bundles that replicate and enhance the movements of the wearer, Power armour offer some of the best protection armour can provide. Models equipped with Power armour receive a 3+ armour save. Terminator Armour Otherwise known as Tactical Dreadnought Armour, Terminator armour was originally designed for close fighting aboard hulks and in other confined areas, Terminator armour is capable of withstanding almost any attack. Even for its bulk a warriors agility is not significantly lowered.

Models equipped with Terminator armour receive a 2+ armour save, 5+ invulnerable save, and replace Frag grenades, Krak grenades, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Close combat weapon and Power armour. It also restricts Terminators to only able to take items from the armoury that are not marked with a *, Terminator armours movement may not be modified. Terminator armour also provides the Relentless universal special rule as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. ICONS Icon of Slaanesh To be given the responsibility of the units summoner is looked at in two ways, one of which distastefully as being weaker a solider than the others and is best put to use as support, but then some look at it as extra responsibility that only the highly skilled capable of. One thing is for sure a summoner is always useful. A leader of a unit must chose his summoner carefully, it is also his responsibility to chose well simply because he must pay his superiors for the right. The Icon of Slaanesh is an option available to most gaming units, should a unit take this option any one model must be shown with a symbol of Slaanesh acting as the summoner and may summon Minor Daemons from reserves as described in the Special rules section on page XX. Mark of Slaanesh Personal Icon Some warriors are often gifted with the responsibility of being the link with their god and act as a summoner. Often an icon also contains their owners own personal heraldry and trophies. A Personal icon may be bought from the armoury to enable a unit or character to summon minor daemons from reserves as described in the Special rules section on page (XX). Rapturous Standard It is hard to describe the Rapturous Standard in words; it is best done in emotions. The Standard draws something out of you when you gaze upon it. Some find the pastel colours, flowing silks and light glimmering chain mail, ornate incense thuribles, bells and chimes beautiful even when contorting and contrasted by garish colours, draped flesh, hooks and odd devices. The Rapturous Standard is a rare Icon option only available to highly devoted Chosen and Terminator models with the Mark of Slaanesh. Once per game the Rapturous Standard may summon a unit of minor Daemons held especially for it in reserve with no scatter or reserve roll. During its activation turn the summoners unit also benefits from The Siren Psychic power, however the psychic power may not be dispelled as though it was a psychic power. CLOSE COMBAT WEAPONS Chain Fist Not specifically designed for close combat but still effective, the Chain fist was designed to calve through bulk heads and vehicle armour with ease. Ignores armour save AP2 and Doubles users base strength but reduces initiative by 3 when using it. A Chain Fist can be combined with another Chain Fist or Power Fist for an extra close combat attack but not with another single handed weapon. A Chain Fist also adds a further D6 armour penetration against vehicles in close combat. Close Combat Weapon A close combat weapon can take the shape and form of almost anything from the fist of the user, a metal pole or a Chainsword. Having a close combat weapon is the simplest way to allow your model to attack. Force Weapon A Force weapon is usually a sword or axe, though sometimes a staff or rod. It channels the psychic energy of the wielder to rip the life force from those enemies it strikes. If the enemy suffers any unsaved wounds caused by a Force weapon the Psyker may take a Psychic test if it has not done so already this player turn, if successful the force weapon inflicts Instant Death, regardless of targets toughness.

See Warhammer 40,000 rulebook for details of Force weapons. Great Weapon A large two handed so large that the momentum of the swing proves hard to resist. In close combat a Great weapon is two handed so may not be combined with another single handed weapon bonus attack, attacks made are at +1 strength of the bearers base strength. Even in the hands of a Daemon prince a great weapon is two handed. Heavy Close Combat Weapon A Heavy Close Combat Weapon takes the form of a large chain-weapon generally an axe. A heavy close combat weapon could pretty much constitute as anything large without an integrated power field. Adds 1+ to enemies armour save. If the enemies armour save is 6+ then a Heavy close combat weapons ignores their armour altogether. Honour Blade Chaos Marines are not often known for being honourable by regular sense, but between them honour is something else. Those warriors that have the opportunity to wield an Honour blade are respected, feared and envied members of the legion, a wealthy leader has a relic or a new special crafted weapon awarded to that warrior. Honour blades count as two handed power weapons that add +2 strength to their attacks. Lightning Claw The favourite weapon of warriors that excel in combat, a man becomes a ferocious beast with these energy surging gloves. Some lightning claws appear as long bladed fingers whilst others appear as retractable blades mounted on the forehands. Lightning claws in the control of experts can manipulate the power fields to absorb and deflect projectiles. Ignores armour save AP2 in close combat and enables user to re-roll failed wounds. A claw weapon may not be combined with another one handed weapon for a bonus +1 attack unless the other one handed weapon is another claw weapon. Claws are designed to be used in pairs. Power Fist A heavy cumbersome gauntlet that crackles with energy able to singe away flesh at 5 centimetres away. The power fist is used widely by the Imperium to boost the strength of the individual and give them the opportunity to rip or crush almost anything in their path. Ignores armour save AP2 in close combat and doubles users base strength but reduces initiative by 3 in the assault phase when using it. A Power fist can be combined with another Chain Fist or Power Fist for an extra close combat attack but not with another single handed weapon. Power Lash The power lash is power weapon that burns and entangles the bearers enemy restricting their ability to effectively fight in close combat. Ignores armour save AP2 in close combat and models wishing to attack the bearer are at -1 attack to a minimum of 1 Power Mace A large bludgeoning weapon that shatters and burns its victim, The Power Mace is a very dangerous weapon in the hands of weak person wishing to exact revenge on a bully. Ignores armour save AP2 in close combat and adds +1 strength to bearer Power Weapon A swift blade of virtually any design but generally a sword with an integrated power field, backed up with the muscle of the bearer a power weapon can slice into even the thickest of body armour. Ignores armour save AP2 in close combat. DAEMON WEAPONS

Blissgiver A slender blade or writhing whip, those wounded by a Blissgiver are pitched into an ecstatic coma from which there is no recovery. Any unsaved wounds caused on the enemy by a Blissgiver inflict Instant Death, regardless of targets toughness. Lash of Torment The Lash of Torment has a mind of its own, a living daemon writhing inside The Lash of Torment follows the same rules as the Power Lash but also enables an independent character attached to a unit to attack as though he is part of the unit and is not required to be in base to base contact to attack. Needle of Desire A short sword like syringe designed to ram into the enemies soft spots. The needle of desire shares fluids with the holder sending used combat stimulants and other waste into the victim and extracting and converting the fluids taken from the enemy turning them into new stimulants. The needle often has tentacles around the grip which clasp onto the victim and pull them further into the shaft. Also inverted fibrous barbs stop the victim from pulling back. If youre stuck youre better shooting yourself in the head to escape the humiliation of the bearer mocking you as you slip painfully into darkness. The Needle of Desire is close combat Daemon weapon that does not harm the bearer on a 1. It does not rely on the users strength and never ignores armour saves. The Needle is resolved at strength 7, does not cause instant death and may not be used on unliving enemies such as vehicles, Eldar Wraiths and Necrons. The user must select one model as a target in the unit or independent character. Once the Needle hits and wounds and saves made every wound suffered is doubled, so for example 2 unsaved wounds would result in 4 unsaved wounds. Talon of Sin Much like a Lightning claw in appearance the Talon of Sin is a large guantlet with sharp curved hook like fingers. It was said to have been commissioned by Fulgrim himself by a master weaponsmith of the time. It is suitably ornate and gold with the wings iconic to the Emperors Children iconography. The Talon of Sin is a Daemon weapon that alows the user to reroll all rolls to hit and rolls to wound in close combat. DAEMONIC UPGRADES Daemonic Chains These are inscribed with powerful hexagrammic wards designed to assist in the summoning and binding of daemons. Should the Greater Daemon arrive from reserve and take possession of the host the host may fight it back each turn by rerolling the result. Daemonic Flight The warrior has sprouted large wings powerful enough to take to the air and swoop down on foes. Model becomes jump infantry type and has 12 movement Daemonic Speed The warrior moves at an eerie speed, either by mutated appendages or and ethereal drift. Model becomes beast type with fleet and has 12 assault movement Daemonic Strength The warrior has inhuman physical power such that it can snap a spine of a normal human with ease. The model has (+1) strength, not added to base profile. Daemonic Talons The warrior has unnaturally sharp talons and fingers. It may use no other weapons but will always count as having an addition close combat weapon. Model gains rending attacks

Daemonic Venom The warrior has been gifted with venomous raking claws and fangs. The model may have no other weapons but counts as having pair of close combat weapons with poisoned attacks that always wound on a 3+ Daemonic Visage The warrior is terrifying or beautiful to look upon and fills his enemies with preternatural dread or adoration. Enemy models test at -1 to leadership in combat Seeker of Slaanesh Long sinuous, graceful daemonic beasts with writhing gaits and whip-like tongues are the preferred mounts of the Champions of Slaanesh. Model becomes cavalry type and has 12 assault movement and gains (+1) attack. Model should be represented on a larger base and riding a seeker. FOLLOWERS Followers are removed from play if their master is removed. Followers count as a retinue therefore independent characters attack as though they are part of the unit and are not required to be in base to base contact to attack. More details in the Auxiliaries army list section on page XX. Spawn of Slaanesh A loathsome Chaos Spawn could be a former comrade whose original form and sanity has been lost beneath the overly generous gifts of the Chaos Gods or a victim cruelly mutated in the Eye of Terror and kept as a pet. Spawns move as infantry with the Slow and purposeful rule, this means they may slow he master down. Each Spawn counts as two models for transport purposes. War Beast Leaders have their minions train beasts as attack beasts, generally hounds. If these beasts survive for any length of time they tend to take on the appearance of the masters devotion sprouting possible horns, tentacles, wings, beaks, brass armour and so forth. War beasts move at the same speed as the owner and count as a single model for transport purposes. VEHICLE UPGRADES Battlecannon Daemonic possession Vehicles ignore Crew shaken and stunned results Demolisher Cannon Dirge Caster Dozer Blades Vehicles that roll an immobilised result when driving over difficult terrain may re roll the dice. Extra Armour Vehicles that suffer Crew stunned result count as Crew shaken instead Havoc Launcher Mutated hull Pintle-mounted Combi-weapons

Pintle-mounted Twin-linked Bolter Pintle-mounted Combi Flamer Pintle-mounted Combi Melta Pintle-mounted Combi Plasma Pintle-mounted Sonic Blaster Searchlight Smoke Launchers Terror Mortar Warp Amp Vehicles with a weapon skill force enemy models to make leadership checks within 12 to -1 leadership, at 6 are at -2 and in close combat -3 HEAVY WEAPONS Autocannon Blastmaster Heavy Blastmaster Heavy Bolter Heavy Flamer Heavy Sonic Blaster Lascannon Missile Launcher Multi-melta Plasma Cannon Reaper Autocannon RANGED WEAPONS Boltgun/Bolter Bolt Pistol Combi-weapons Doom Siren Flamer Inferno Bolts Laspistol Meltagun Plasma Gun Plasma Pistol Sonic Blaster