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Dear Respondent I am looking forward to your kind support in carrying out this research study, where the only

purpose is academic knowledge. The questionnaires will not take much of your time but will be crucial to completion of my MS (M. Phil) thesis. All questions are optional if you do not want to answer any, however, I can assure you that all the information generated will be kept in strict confidence to be used for academic work only. Therefore I will be extremely grateful for your kind cooperation in filling out the questionnaires. Your opinion regarding the following statements in terms of your degree of agreement intends to measure your organizations approach to markets. The scale is anchored with 1 being completely DISAGREE and 5 being completely AGREE.

SECTION (A) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 Your firms objectives are driven by customer satisfaction. Your firm has a strong commitment to serving customer needs. Your firms competitive strategy is based on a thorough understanding of your customer needs. Your firms business strategies are driven by increasing value for customers. Customer satisfaction is assessed at least once every three months. Close attention is given to after-sales service in your firm. Sales-people with in your organization share information on competitors. Your firm responds rapidly to competitors actions. Top managers discuss competitors strengths and weaknesses at least once every three months. Customers are targeted when you have opportunity for competitive advantage. Top managers visit customers at least once a year. Information on customers is freely communicated thorough out the firm. All your departments (not just marketing and sales) are responsive to, an integrated and serving customer. All your managers understand how employees can contribute to creating value for customers

Completely DISAGREE


Completely AGREED

Your Approach to Internal and External Activities SECTION (B) 1 Co-operation agreements with other companies, universities, technical colleges, etc. are fomented. 2 The company is in touch with professional and expert technicians. 3 The organization encourages its employees to join formal or informal nets made up by people from outside the organization. 4 The employees attend fairs and exhibitions regularly. 5 There is a consolidated and resourceful R&D policy. 6 New ideas and approaches on work performance are experimented continuously. 7 Organizational systems and procedures support innovation. SECTION (C) 8 All members are informed about the aims of the company. 9 Meetings are periodically held to inform all the employees about the latest innovations in the company. 1 The company has formal mechanisms to guarantee 0 the sharing of the best practices among different fields of activities. 1 There are within the organization individuals who 1 take part in several teams or divisions and who also act as links between them. 1 There are individuals responsible for collecting, 2 assembling and distributing internally employees suggestions. SECTION (D) 1 All the members of the organization share the same aim to which they feel committed. 2 Employees share knowledge and experience by talking to each other. 3 Team work is a very common practice in the company. 4 The company develops internal rotation programs so as to facilitate a shift of the employees from one department or function to another. 5 The company offers other opportunities to learn (visits to other parts of organization, internal training programs, etc.) so as to make individuals adware of other people or departments duties. SECTION (E) 2
Completely DISAGREE Neutral Completely AGREED

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The company has databases to stock its experiences and knowledge so as to be able to use them later on. The company has directories or e-mails filed according to the field they belong to, so as to find an expert on a concrete issue at any time. The company has up-to-date databases of its clients. There is access to organizations data basis and documents through some kind of network (Lotus Notes, Intranet, etc.) Databases are always kept up-to-date. All the employees in the organization have access to the organizations databases. Employees often consult the databases. The codification and knowledge administration system makes work easier for the employees.

In following section we would like to know your opinion of your firms performance in comparison to your major competitor. For each performance measure -2 will be much worse than your competitor and 2 will be much better than your competitor.

SECTION (F) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Market share Customer satisfaction Competitive position Customer retention Sales growth Return on investment Overall firm performance

Much Worse -2

Slightly Worse -1

About the Same 0

Slightly Better 1

Much Better 2


Your name: (Optional) _______________________________ Your Designation: _______________________________

Experience in company: ______ years Gender: Age: Education: Male 20-25 Bachelors Female 26-30 Masters 31-35 MS/M.Phil 36-40 PhD 40 and above

SECTION (H) Name of Your Company: Year of Incorporation of company: Year of commencement of business: Number of Permanent Employees in the firm: Your company produces Your company is Single Product Public Limited ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Multiple Products Private Limited Joint Stock

Industry in which you are competing: Sector Textile Automobile Plastic and PVC Iron and Steel Leather and Tanneries Electric and Appliances Other Sector Medicine Chemicals Jewellery and Gem Stones Food and Allied Carpet and Tapestry Machinery (Please Specify)