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Profile of Mr. Amit Arora ( Lect. in Chem. Engg.) 1. Name : Mr. Amit Arora 2. Date of birth: 07.12.1977 3.

Educational Qualification: B.E (Chemical Engg.) Ist Div. Pursuing M.Tech (Environmental Engg) M. Tech. (Bio-Tech.) Ist Div. 4. Work Experience Teaching: 8 1/2 Years of Teaching experience During this tenure gained the experience of teaching various theory and practical courses. Appointed examiners from various Universities related to Chemical Engg discipline. Undertook various activities related to Academics of the Deptt. Research: Study on Membranes at Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai and as B.Tech. project worked at B.C.E.T. Gurdaspur. Industry: Worked as Trainee Engineer at Wock Oliver Ltd., Chandigarh. . Others: - Lifetime member of ISTE - Lifetime member of IICHE 5. Area of Specialization: Chemical Engg 6. Subjects teaching at Undergraduate level: Heat Transfer Fluid Flow Chemical Reaction Engg Chemical Equipment Design Heat Transfer Lab Computer Aided Drafting Industrial Pollution Control Numerical Methods in Chemical Engg. Organic & Biotechnology Transport Phenomena Rubber & Plastic Technology Chemical Processing Technology Project Management 7 Research Guidance -Masters nil -Ph.d nil 8. No. ofPapers Published in : - National Journals nil - International journals-nil -Confrences 03 three a. Synthesis of Sugar based biodegradable surfactants to trap organic pollutants from waste water: Published in National Seminar on Science & Technology in present perspective (Oct.2002). b. Membrane Separation Technology: Published in National Seminar on Science & Technology in present perspective (Oct.2002). a. Review of Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer (TLCP) : Presented in International

Conference: International conference on CAD, CAM, Robotics and Autonomous Factories (Aug. 2003) at IIT Delhi. 9. Projects Carried Out: Removal of Fluoride from waste water using rice husk Ash Removal of Pesticide i.e. Anilofos from waste water using cowdung & Sand. Energy conservation problem of Nestle India Limited. Prepration of compost from hostel food waste 10. Patents: Nil 11 Technology Transfer : Nil 12. Research Publications : As mentioned in Sr No 8. 13. No. of Books Published with details: Nil 14 Summer Schools Attended /Ref/ : Attended Short Term Training Programme on Strategic Manegement for Excellence CEC (dept.) From 20/07/09 to 24/07/09 at NITTR, Chandigarh Attended Short Term Training Programme on Total Quality Management and ISO-9000 Quality Systems: at S.B.S.C.E.T. Ferozepur. Sponsored by AICTE from 01.07.2002 to 12.07.2002 Induction Programme for the faculty of Engg. College, Conducted by Educational Management Deptt. by NITTTR, Chandigarh. from 15.07.02 to 26.7.02. -Attended Short Term Training Programme on AutoCAD conducted by NITTTR, Chandigarh at S.B.S.C.E.T., Ferozepur from 18.04.2005 to 22.04.2005.