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Project: Date: Discipline: Location: Subject : Faculty: OPaL DFCU & AU PROJECT 23-November-2009 CIVIL QA/QC Quench Area (GDC), Common Pipe rack Area (GDC, Taein) Quality Aspects during Execution Work Language: Hindi English Meeting No: Time: 001 9:00 AM

Mr. sandip shah


Calibration Reports of all site & lab equipments to be submitted to Samsung. Proper file of calibration to be maintained in site Batching Plant after Samsung & EIL review. Daily IMIR of cement, admixture and other consumable materials with Test Certificate & Invoice to be submitted to Samsung without fail after proper filling as per instruction. In Batching Plant some Quality documents should be maintained without fail. a) b) c) d) e) f) Moisture correction register Daily Cement & Admixture consumption & stock register Daily Aggregate testing as per QAP in formats Batching plant production & slump register Cube register as per instruction FDD test by core cutter in each grid of site (Below PCC and each layer of Backfilling) and documentation (preparation of relevant compaction report). g) Material sending to external lab for testing as per Approved Batching plant QAP h) Proper filling of Pour Card i) Approved Mix design copy filing and all external lab reports duly reviewed by Samsung and EIL to be filed.




Area where concreting to be done should be properly checked by Samsung QC along with execution before final check by client. No quality violation will be allowed in any case.



In Admixture MTC, MTC no and Week no to be mentioned and the same no should be incorporated in relevant Invoice . All subcontractors should follow up with the manufacturer to implement the same. All specific quality works to be incorporated in fin and to be submitted in 1 day advance to Samsung QC. Site QC Engineer of Sub contractor should be always present at site and if any problems found by Samsung QC in site then it should be resolved without delay Batching plant computerised trip sheet to be checked as per approved mix design and then to be sended in site in all trips. Batching plant printout of all batches should come along with challan copy in site and it is mandatory. Cubes to be properly filled with care in site to avoid failing in future. Cubes ID should be properly marked in cubes (sl no, date of casting, grade, structure name) and same no , frequency should match with pour card cube ID and Cube Register for crosscheck.

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10. Curing in all executed works should be done minimum for 14 days 11. Quality Meeting to be attended in every week in scheduled time by all subcontracors Quality Manager in Samsung 12. Site Organization chart to be submitted and updated monthly by 10th of every month with job responsibility. Individual job responsibilities of QA/QC team should be submitted to Samsung without fail