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You are the pillar of love, as a Mother, a Wife, a Daughter, a Companion and the list goes on You are cherished, admired and respected for your courage and determination in each of every role and challenges and hardship of life You deserve to be rewarded with the best protection and coverage which gives every woman essential financial relief and assistance...


TAKAFULINK Wanita Ultimate Tribute For Women


Takafulink Wanita Plan is a Regular Contribution Investment-Linked Plan that expires at person covereds 1age 80. It is a unique product that offers both protection and investment benefit. A proportion of your regular contributions are allocated to buy units in any of the MAA Takaful Shariah Funds of your choice. Takafulink Wanita is packaged together with three riders which are Wanita Illness (MTWI), Wanita Maternity Protection (MTMP) and Golden Wanita Protection (MTGW) riders. The value of Takafulink Wanita certificate depends on the performance of your chosen funds.


It provides you with a guaranteed 2Death & Total Permanent Disability benefit. Upon Death or Total Permanent Disability of the person covered, the Sum Covered and Participant Investment Account (PIA) are payable and the coverage will cease. Comprehensive plan that is tailored specially for women with protection against Female Critical Illnesses, Maternity and Disability Protection. It is a plan that provides 24-hours protection with Worldwide Coverage. Affordable contribution payable in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually mode. Payment channel: Salary Deduction through Biro Angkasa, Auto Debit Deduction (RHB, Maybank, BSN & CIMB), Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Easy Pay (Credit Card Auto Debit), Bank Standing Instruction and Internet Banking. The contribution paid may qualify for a personal tax relief maximum up to RM6,000 a year. (subject to the final decision of Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia) Surplus Sharing every Participant is entitled to share the surplus if any, from the Participant Risk Investment Account (PRIA) with the Takaful Operator based on 50:50 sharing ratio.

Person Covered: Anyone from the 1age of 16 years old up to age 69 years old. Participant/Applicant: Anyone from the age of 18 years and above. Note:
1 2

Not applicable for Wanita Maternity Protection. Please refer to the Benefits Description of Takafulink Wanita. Death and Total Permanent Disability benefit is guaranteed, given that PIA balance is sufficient to pay for tabarru deduction.

Wakalah Model
MAA Takaful Berhad operates under the principle of Wakalah, whereby the Takaful Operator acts as an agent to the Participant for managing the operations of the Takaful business. A Wakalah Fee will be charged up-front from the contributions paid. Tabarru (donation) will be deducted to the PRIA, where it will be used for mutual aid and assistance, based on the concept of Takaful. The benefits are paid from the PRIA only upon a covered loss, and not upon maturity or surrender of the certificate. Surplus Sharing (if any) at the end of each financial year will be shared between the Participant and MAA Takaful Berhad at 50:50 ratio. No surplus will be paid if the certificate is surrendered or terminated due to a claim. The investment profit earned on the Participant Investment Account (PIA) is derived from the return on underlying assets and MAA Takaful Berhad charges a Wakalah Tharawat Fee (Fund Management Fee) for managing these assets. The investment risk in PIA is fully borne by the Participant.


Protection Benefits Death You have a choice of how much Takaful Coverage you need, which is called the Basic Sum Covered. Upon death both the Basic Sum Covered and the Participant Investment Account (PIA) are payable. Basic Protection Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Upon Total and Permanent Disability before age 65, the Basic Sum Covered and the Participant Investment Account (PIA) are payable. Note: The Sum Covered for Death and TPD benefit is guaranteed, given that PIA balance is sufficient to pay for Tabarru deduction to the Risk Fund. In the event of deficit in the PRIA, it would be met through Qardhul Hassan (benevolent loan) from the Takaful Operator. Participant Investment Account The balances of your contributions which are not allocated for Participant Risk Investment Account are allocated to invest into any of the MAA Takaful Shariah Funds. a. b. c. d. e. f. g. Female Cancer(Breast, Cervix, Uterus, Fallopian Tubes, Vulva/Vagina, Ovary) Female Carcinoma-In-Situ of breast and Cervix Uteri Systemic Lupus Erythematosus(SLE) with Lupus Nephiritis Fibroid Ovarian Cyst High Grade Squamous Intrapithelial Lesion(HSIL) with Severe Dysplasia RM100 Annual Female Medical Check-up(Reimbursement Basis) Pap-Smear Mammogram Pelvis Ultra Sound Facial re-constructive surgery due to accident Skin grafting due to skin cancer or burns Re-constructive surgery for breast due to accident and cancer Fractures due to osteoporosis Rheumatoid Arthritis with Complication

Wanita Illness Protection

h. i. j. k. l.

Wanita Maternity Protection

a. Newborn Allowance 1% of rider Sum Covered or RM500, whichever is lower, up to 3 childbirth and is only for children that survive at least 30 days. b. Death due to childbirth i. Takaful coverage up to 200% c. Complication of Pregnancy i. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation ii. Ectopic Pregnancy iii. Still Birth iv. Neonatal Death v. Hydatidiform Mole (Molar Pregnancy) vi. Eclampsia d. Congenital Abnormalities of the Baby i. Downs Syndrome ii. Spina Bifida iii. Tetralogy Fallot iv. Transposition of Great Vessels v. Ventricular Septal Defect vi. Artial Septal Defect e. RM 200 Hospitalisation Benefit per day will be payable up to a maximum of 7 days due to complication arising from childbirth. Note: Person Covered age 45-69 is not entitle for Wanita Maternity Protection coverage. A permanent disability (lasting for a minimum of six (6) months) to perform at least three (3) of the Activities of Daily Living.

Golden Wanita Protection

Activities Of Daily Living a. Transfer b. Mobility c. Continence d. Dressing e. Bathing/ Washing f. Eating

Fund Options
You have the option of choosing any of the following MAA Takaful Shariah Funds which best suit your investment objective and risk tolerance level: a. MAA Takaful Shariah Growth Fund It provides a capital growth over medium to long-term investment through predominantly invested in Shariah-compliant equities and equity related securities. A part of the fund will be invested in Islamic debt securities and short-term Islamic money market instruments. It suits for high-risk investors who are looking for a high growth potential. b. MAA Takaful Shariah Balanced Fund It provides a balanced mix of income returns, as well as capital growth over medium to long term investment through a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant securities, predominantly Malaysian equities, Islamic debt securities and shortterm Islamic money market. It suits for moderate to high-risk investors who prefer a higher-than-deposits return generated from dividend yield Shariahcompliant equities and fixed income instruments. c. MAA Takaful Shariah Income Fund It provides a steady capital growth at rates higher than average fixed deposit rates over medium to long-term period through primarily invest in Islamic debt securities and short-term Islamic money market instruments. A small portion will be invested in dividend yield Shariah-compliant equities. It suits for low to moderate-risk investors who seek a consistent and stable income distribution from Shariah-compliant fixed income instruments such as Sukuk. d. MAA Takaful Shariah Flexi Fund It aims to provide a positive return over medium to long-term investment period, given the flexibility of the asset allocation. It suits for moderate to high-risk investors who prefer a stable investment returns and potential for medium to long-term capital appreciation.

Takafulink Wanita Fees and Charges

Tabarru Certificate Fee Switching Fee Reinstatement Fee Wakalah Fee Irregular Top-Up Service Fee Irregular Top-Up Wakalah Tharawat Fee Partial Withdrawal Charge Surrender Charge : : : : : : : : : Based on age, rating (if any) and Basic Sum Covered. RM5 per month. One free switching is allowed each certificate year. Subsequent switching will be subject to a fee of RM50 per transaction. RM50. 5% of the Irregular Top-Up amount. RM25 for every Irregular Top-Up. *The allocated 95% of Total Irregular Top-Up minus RM25 is available for investment in the Participant Investment Account (PIA). 1% - 1.5% per annum, determined based on the weighted (Fund Management Fee) average of total gross assets of each MAA Takaful Shariah Funds. RM50 per withdrawal. NIL.

Wakalah Fee
Certificate Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 Thereafter

Wakalah Fee 60% 50% 30% 30% 15% 10% 0%


Wakalah Fee shall mean the fee charged by the Takaful Operator as an agent of the Participant for managing the operations of the Takaful business. 2 Additional 2% will be added to the Wakalah Fee above for payment under BIRO ANGKASA.

There are no charges on full surrender of the plan. A partial withdrawal or full surrender of an investment plan may be made by redeeming the available units in PIA. The PIA value will fluctuate based on the underlying performance of the MAA Takaful Shariah fund(s) and it is not guaranteed. The fees and charges are subject to changes from time to time, initiated by the Takaful Operator. The Takaful Operator maintains the right to revise the fees and charges by giving Participants a 3-month notice in writing prior to the certificate anniversary.

Takafulink Wanita Contribution Allocation

The contributions paid are allocated based on the following allocation rates (example based on annual contribution of RM1,000) Year Contribution Amount (RM) Contribution Allocation Allocated Contribution (RM) Wakalah Fee (RM) 1 1,000 40% 400 600 2 1,000 50% 500 500 3 1,000 70% 700 300 4 1,000 70% 700 300 5 1,000 85% 850 150 6 1,000 90% 900 100 Thereafter 1,000 100% 1,000 0

The allocated contributions will be used to purchase units in the MAA Takaful Shariah Funds of your choice. In the example above, in year 5, RM850 will be used to purchase units, of which some of these units will be deducted to pay for the fees and charges under the certificate. The Wakalah Fee represents the unallocated contributions for Takafulink Wanita.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I eligible to be covered by this plan? All women from the age 16 to 69 years old are eligible to be covered under this plan. 2. When will my coverage begin? Your coverage will take effect upon Takaful Operators approval of your application together with the payment of contribution. A certificate of Takaful will be issued to all successful Participants. 3. How much is the contribution? Takafulink Wanita can be yours for as little as RM50 a month or RM600 a year. You have the flexibility to pay the contributions in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. 4. How do I pay my contribution*? You can pay your contribution through convenient and various methods such as Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Easy Pay (Credit Card Auto Debit), MAA ATM Machine, Over-the-Counter (MAA Branches or Head Office), BSN Giro, Biro Angkasa, Bank Standing Instruction, Salary Deduction and Internet Banking.*Please refer to your consultants for further details. 5. What are the available options? You may opt to stop paying your regular contribution under a contribution holiday and still enjoy the protection of Takafulink Wanita as long as there is sufficient PIA value to pay for 1Tabarru. If the PIA value becomes zero, the Takaful Coverage shall automatically terminate. Note:

Tabarru shall mean a donation and it is the amount that the Participant agrees to relinquish to assist other Participants who are participating in the Takaful plan to pay for the Takaful Benefits.

You may also exercise a partial withdrawal at any time subject to a minimum withdrawal amount of RM500 and a minimum remaining balance of RM1, 000 in the PIA fund. A partial withdrawal fee of RM50 will be imposed for any withdrawal amount. Takafulink Wanita gives you added flexibility to top-up on a regular basis with Takaful Saver, which starts from as low as RM50 a month, whilst giving you 95% contribution allocation. In addition, you also have the flexibility to top-up your investment at any time with a minimum lump sump payment of RM1,000 also at 95% contribution allocation, less an additional RM25 fee. These top-up facilities are available to you to maximize your investment value. In addition, the Participant also will have the facility to switch all or some of the allocated units of the PIA fund in a particular MAA Takaful Shariah Funds to other Shariah funds, subject to fees and charges as prescribed in the certificates.

6. How do I make a claim on the certificate? In the event of claim, please notify Takaful Operator in writing and we shall send the necessary claim forms. Written notification must be done within 90 days from the date of the incidents. 7. Can I surrender my certificate? Yes, you can surrender your certificate. The 2Participant Investment Account (PIA) value is payable when you surrender your certificate. The PIA value is not guaranteed. You will be deemed to have terminated your Takaful Benefit/Coverage and no benefits will be paid from the PRIA. 8. Is there any surrender charge imposed on my certificate? No, there will be no surrender charges imposed on your certificate. 9. What about valuation of unit price? The unit price is valued at the end of each business day. It is derived by dividing the Net Asset Value on the business day before the Valuation Date by the number of units in issue of the relevant MAA Takaful Shariah Funds. 10. What are the extended benefits/riders that can be attached to Takafulink Wanita? There are extended benefits/riders available to be attached to Takafulink Wanita. You may refer to your consultant for further details. Note:

Participant Investment Account (PIA) value is based on the actual performance of the fund and it is not guaranteed.

1. 1Exclusion for Death Benefit Death from suicide within one (1) year from the commencement date or date of increase in the Sum Covered, whichever is later, whether the Person Covered is sane or insane, shall limit the Takaful Operators liability to the Participant Investment Account value on the date of the death calculated according to the Unit Price on the immediate next Valuation Date following the date of death. 2. 1Exclusion for Total Permanent Disability Benefit a. Self-destruction or any attempt thereat while sane or insane; b. Armed forces service in time of declared or undeclared war or while under orders for warlike operations or restoration of public order; c. Entering, operating or servicing, riding in or on, ascending or conveyance except while the Person Covered is in an aircraft operated by a commercial passenger airline on a regular scheduled passenger trip over its established passenger route. Note: The above exclusions are not exhaustive and cross reference may be made to the exclusion clause of the Certificate Contract.

About MAA Takaful Experience and Expertise MAA Takaful Berhad is a result of a strategic joint venture between MAA Holdings Berhad (MAAH) and Solidarity Company BSC (C) of Bahrain, one of the leading companies in the Arab world. On 21st February 2006, a Joint Venture (JV) Agreement was signed with Solidarity, to form a JV company called MAA Takaful to carry on the Takaful business. On 3rd March 2006, Bank Negara Malaysia granted approval for a new Takaful license for the joint venture of MAAH and Solidarity. On 2nd May 2006, MAA Takaful was incorporated with a paid up capital of RM100 Million and licensed on 1st July 2007 as a composite Takaful Operator. Today, MAA Takaful has an agency force of over 12,000. MAAH holds 75% equity interest in MAA Takaful while Solidarity holds 25%. MAAH is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Its subsidiaries and associated companies are involved in general and life insurance businesses, including offshore and reinsurance businesses, hire purchase, leasing and other credit facilities, unit trust, property management, fund management and investment advisory, security and consultancy services and the operation of charitable dialysis centres. Over the years, MAAH has expanded its operations into Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand through MAA International Assurance Ltd, the offshore insurance arm of the Group. Takaful Regulations The Takaful industry in Malaysia is regulated under the Takaful Act 1984 and is supervised by Bank Negara Malaysia. Takaful Operators are required to follow strict compliance with Shariah, Statutory and Regulatory requirements. a. This is a Takaful product and it is designed in line with Shariah principles.The funds are MAA Takaful Shariah Growth Fund, MAA Takaful Shariah Balanced Fund, MAA Takaful Shariah Income Fund and MAA Takaful Shariah Flexi Fund. b. The investment risk of the PIA fund will be borne solely by the Participant and the benefits may be less than the total contributions made to the investment fund. c. The benefits of the investment fund will be based on the actual performance of the fund and it is not guaranteed. The fund values are dependent on prevailing market values and the underlying investment performance of the respective funds. Past performance may not be a reliable guide to future performance, which may be different. d. If you find the product unsuitable for whatever reason, you have the right to return the certificate under the clause of free-look period/ cooling off period to the Takaful Operator within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of delivery of your certificate document. The Takaful Operator shall refund: (i) the unallocated contributions; (ii) value of units that have been allocated (if any) at the unit price at the next valuation date; and (iii) any takaful charges and policy/certificate fee that have been deducted; less expenses which may have been incurred for the medical examination of the life insured/participant. e. You should satisfy yourself that this plan can best serve your needs and that the contributions payable under this certificate are the amount that you can afford. The contributions payable under this certificate are guaranteed. f. The Asset Allocation on each of the MAA Takaful Shariah Funds may vary depending on the fund managers outlook and in the event of unfavorable market conditions, which will be positioned to benefit from potential capital growth and preserving the unit holders investment returns. g. A purchase of a Takaful plan is a long-term commitment and it is not advisable to hold the certificate for a short period of time in view of the high initial costs. h. It is advisable for a Participant to buy a Single Contribution Investment-Linked Plan if the annual contribution paid is above RM5,000. i. A contribution holiday may lead to the possibility of the certificate to be lapsed if the Tabarru amount is higher than the value in the Participant Investment Account. j. A Participant who is buying too many unit deducting riders may deplete the value in the Participant Investment Account. k. If you terminate the certificate in the early years, you may get back less than the amount that you have paid in. l. This brochure merely provides a brief information in relation to Takafulink Wanita Plan. It is never intended to be a basis of a takaful certificate or contract. The information contained in this brochure maybe changed without prior notice. For further details of terms and conditions, please refer to the certificate documents and sales illustration. m. If the consultant discontinues to be operating under Takaful Operator, the Takaful Operator will appoint a new consultant to transmit the future contribution to the Takaful Operator for the affected customer. n. If your contributions are not paid by the due date, your tabarru amounts will be automatically deducted from your Participant Investment Account into the Participant Risk Investment Account, until the Participant Investment Account is insufficient at which time the certificate shall lapse. A Grace Period of thirty-one (31) days from the due date will be allowed for you to make a payment.

MAA Takaful Berhad, Menara MAA, 15th Floor, 12, Jalan Dewan Bahasa, 50460 Kuala Lumpur.
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