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CoreSense Protection

Harness Installation Instructions

1) These instructions are applicable for Copeland Discus compressors (2D/3D/4D/6D) with CoreSenseProtection. a. 2D and 3D line-break protected (internal protection) compressors use harness assembly part number 529-0097-00 b. 2D, 3D sensor protected (motor temperature sensors1) compressors use harness assembly part number 529-0118-00. 4D / 6D compressors use 529-0098-00 or 529-0118-00. 2) Service Warnings a. Installation of this harness requires access to the inside of the motor power terminal box, and into the CoreSense front module b. Warning: High voltage may be present in both of these access areas. Electrically isolate the compressor by turning off the compressor pilot circuit power and open the contactor main breaker before servicing the compressor. 3) Removal of the original harness a. Remove electric power to the compressor in both the terminal box and in the CoreSense module on the front or side of the compressor. b. Remove the terminal box lid (2 screws) and take off the CoreSense module front cover (loosen 4 screws). Note: the module cover screws have retainers to keep the cover screws from falling out of the cover once its removed and set aside. Refer to Figure 1
Temperature Sensor Connections Figure 3 Current Sensing Module Connector Figure 2

c. Unplug the harness connections in the terminal box. For compressors with line break protectors, there is a single connection at the current sensing module (Figure 2).

d. For sensor protected compressors, the black and 3 orange wires at the sensor terminal strip (Figure 3) must also be removed. Slide the conduit adaptor out of the terminal box.

e. Unplug the 2 harness connections in the front module. Refer to Figure 4.

Motor protection type is indicated in the compressors electrical code (characters 10-12); the following electrical codes are used for PTC sensor protected motors: -TSK, -TSN, -ES8, AWX. For example, 4DH3R22ME-TSK-C00 Module Connections Figure 4

Cover Screws

Figure 1

f. Slide the conduit adaptor straight out and away from the front of the module (refer to Figure 5).

Slide Adaptor Straight In or Out Harness Adaptor Figure 5

4) Installation of the new harness a. The new harness has a part number label on one end. The end of the harness that does not have this label will connect to the front module. Slide the front module adaptor straight into the adaptor slot. Engage the 2 connectors as shown in Figure 4 above. b. Install the front cover and tighten the 4 mounting screws. Tighten 7 9 in-lb. c. Slide the terminal box adaptor into position. Connect the current sensing module to the harness (Figure 2) and connect the motor sensing terminals (for a sensor protected compressor). Tighten the motor temperature sensor nuts to a torque of 8 10 in-lb. Route the motor sensor leads and current sensing module cable away from contact with the motor voltage posts. Use tie-wraps if necessary to support the wire bundle appropriately. d. Install the terminal box cover (2 screws) 5. Turn on pilot circuit and the contactor breaker when other service work is completed. Refer to AE bulletin A8-1367 for additional troubleshooting assistance.

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