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Name of Course: Driver cum Auto Mechanic Course duration: 2 months Total contact hours: 200 hours Contact hour/day: 04 hours Contact hours for theoretical classes: 37 hours Driving practical/day = 15 minutes Total driving practice = 15 minutes 40 days = 10 hours Total practical class: 153 hours Special note: Maximum theoretical classes will be as demonstration type.

Aims of course After completing this course a trainee will be able to 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.


Drive a vehicle efficiently in different condition. Stop a vehicle during brake of steering failure. Know the defensive driving. Take care of vehicle. Identify the different component of engine and vehicle. Perform basic servicing & maintenance at different systems of vehicle. Know the traffic rules & regulations. Know the road signs, road markings & traffic signals. Know the duties & responsibilities of a driver. Know the automotive air pollution control system. Know the first aid practice during road accident. Know the automotive fire prevention process.

Theory Sl. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


Total-37 hours Time in hours 1 2 2 3 2 (101)=10

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Description of Theory/ Topics To know the home of different parts in vehicle body. To know the name of function of different component of chassis. To know the basic working principle of automotive engine. To know the name and function of each component & basic servicing procedure of following systems. To know the home and use of different hand tools. To know the function of each component & basic servicing procedure of following systems. a. Fuel system (Petrol & Diesel) b. Cooling system c. Lubricating system d. Ignition system e. Brake system f. Steering system g. Power transmission system h. Suspension system i. Lighting system To know the brake fade and failure. To know the home & function of dash board instruments and camps. To know the tyre size, tyre pressure & tyre rotation. To know the battery servicing. To know the Pre-trip inspection procedure. To know the periodic Maintenance. To know the courses & effect of wheel skidding. To know the function of fuse & relay.

1 2

2 1
1 2 1 2

1 2 1 2

Theory Sl. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Part- II Description of Theory/ Topics To know the Physical & mental fitness of a driver. To know the duties & responsibilities of a driver. To know the overtaking procedure. To know the Traffic rules & regulations. To know the road sign, road making & traffic signals. To know the defensive driving. To know the driving in adverse situations, like. a) At night. b) On Sand, Mud & Ice Etc c) In Rain d) In Fog To know the causes of accident & remedies. To know the emergency stopping of vehicle in case of brake & steering failure. Time in Hours
1 2 1 2 1 2

3 2
1 2

8. 9.

1 2 1 2

Theory Sl. No 1. 2.

Part- III Time in Hours 1

1 2

Description of Theory/ Topics To know the first aid in case of accident. To know the fire prevention of automobile.

Practical Sl. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 11. 12.

Part- I Time in Hours 1 6 10

Description of Theory/ Topics Practice the ideal sitting before driving. Perform pre-trip inspection of before starting the engine. Practice marching of vehicle. (3-12) Practice changing of gear during driving Practice turning of vehicle toward left or right turn. Practice overtaking a vehicle. Practice reverse marching of vehicle through a narrow way. Practice parking of vehicle in a narrow space. Practice stopping a vehicle at a uphill slope and move forward. Practice of giving & following signal during driving on road. Practice downhill driving. Practice stopping of vehicle during brake failure. Practical Part- II

Sl. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16 17. 18.

Description of Theory/ Topics Identify the different parts of vehicle. Identify the different parts chassis. Identify the different parts of engine. Perform cleaning of air cleaner or changing of air filter element. Perform basic servicing of fuel system (both petrol & diesel). Perform basic serving of cooling system. Perform basic serving of lubricating system. Perform basic serving of brake system. Perform basic serving of ignition system. Perform basic serving of steering system. Perform basic serving of suspension system. Perform adjusting of clutch mechanism. Perform changing of gear oil & differential. Perform changing tyre Pressure, tyre change & tyre rotation. Perform servicing of battery. Identify dash board instruments & lamps. Perform periodic maintenance of a vehicle. Change fuses & relays of different circuits.

Time in Hours 3 6 6 6 12 9 9 12 12 9 12 6 6 6 3 6 9 3

Practical Sl. No 1.

Part- III Time in Hours 6

Description of Theory/ Topics Perform first aid practice.

BASIC TRADE COURSE AUTO MECHANICS TRADE LIST OF COMPLAINACIES 1. Removing Engine Head. 29. Servicing Carburetor 2. Removing Rocker ARM 30. Servicing AC Pump 3. Removing Engine Valve 31. Testing Spark Plug 4. Removing Oil Pump 32. Testing Condenser 5. Removing Oil Pump & Strainer 33. Servicing CB Point 6. Removing timing chain & Gear. 34. Servicing Ignition Switch 7. Dismantling Big End Bearing Cap 35. Servicing Wiper Motor 8. Remove piston Ring 36. Servicing Starter Motor 9. Removing Cam Shaft 37. Servicing DC & AC Dynamo/ 10. Removing Main/Journal Bearing Generator 11. Removing Tappet 38. Servicing Charging Regulator 12. Assembling Crank Shaft 39. Servicing Battery 13. Assembling Cam Shaft 40. Servicing Oil Pump (Rotary &Gear 14. Installing Piston Ring Type) 15. Assembling Cam Shaft 41. Servicing Radiator 16. Fitting Big End Bearing Cap 42. Servicing Water Pump 17. Fitting Main/ Journal Bearing 43. Washing the Car Body 18. Fitting Oil Pump & Strainer 44. Greasing Chassis Nipple 19. Fitting Push Rod 45. Servicing Clutch 20. Fitting Tappet 46. Servicing Pressure Plate 21. Fitting Engine Valve 47. Repairing Gear Box (Constant Mesh, 22. Fitting Rocker Arm Sliding Mesh) 23. Fitting Engine Head 48. Servicing Tie Rod Ball Joint 24. Fitting Timing Chain & Gear 49. Servicing Mechanical Brake System 25. Fitting Timing Cover 50. Servicing Hydraulic Break System 26. Servicing Air Cleaner 51. Servicing Master Cylinder 27. Servicing Exhaust Manifold 52. Servicing Leaf Spring 28. Service Fuel Tank (Petrol & Diesel 53. Servicing Coil Spring Fuel System) 54. Servicing Shock Absorber 55. Servicing Car Door Lock 56. Polishing Car Body

1. Introduction to the Trade

One Hour

8. Understand about Fuel System


a) Auto Trade Objective b) Contents of the Course

2. Knowledge of Safety

One Hour

a) Introduction of General Safety b) Introduction to the Personal Safety c) Introduction to the Safety in Machine Handling
3. Tools & Equipments

Hours a) Know the Diesel and Petrol Fuel System b) Know the Diesel Fuel System Components c) Know the Petrol Fuel System Components
9. Know the Ignition System


One Hour a) Understand About Basic Hand Tools b) Care & Use of Basic Hand Tools
4. Understand About Internal Combustion

Hours a) Know About the Working Principle of Ignition System b) Know About the Types and Components of Ignition System Understand About Lubricating System Four Hours a) Know the Purpose & Function of The Lubricating System b) Introduction to the Different Components of the Lubricating System

Engine Four Hours a) Define Engine b) Define its Type c) Functions of Various Terms Used in Engine
5. Introduction to the Engine Parts


Hours a) Knowledge about the moving parts b) Knowledge about the stationary parts 6. Understand about the valve mechanism One hour a) Know about the valve mechanism b) Know about the valve timing & tappet clearance
7. Understand about the Intake & Exhaust

Understand To the Cooling System Four Hours a) Purpose, Function and Necessity of Cooling System b) Introduction to the Different Components of Cooling System

System. Two Hours a) Introduction to the Intake System and Its Components. b) Introduction to the Exhaust System and its Components.

Understand to the Chassis One Hour a) Introduction to the Chassis and Its Components b) Function of the Chassis c) To Know the Different Between Chassis and Body.

Transmission System One Hour a) To Know About the Functions of Transmission System b) Introduction to the Different Components

of Transmission Understand the Clutch & Clutch Mechanism Two Hours a) Know the Objective and Necessity of the Clutch b) Introduction to the Components of Clutch Mechanism c) Know the Operation Principal and Adjustment of the Clutch
14. 15.

a) Know the type of suspension system b) Know the suspension system components c) Know the shock the absorber. Understand Front End Steering Geometry Three Hours a) Know the necessity the front end steering geometry. b) Know the different angle of the steering geometry. c) Describe the need of maintaining of the steering geometry.
20. 21.

Gear Box


Hour a) Understand the Working Principal of the Manual Gear Box b) Introduction to the Different Components of the Constant Mesh and Sliding Mesh Gear Box.

Drive Line


Hour a) Mention and Introduction to necessity of Drive Line b) Describe the drive line components and universal joint c) To know the two and four wheel drive system and its advantage and disadvantage. Understand the Mechanism of Differential. One Hour a) To know the purpose and necessity of differential b) Describe the operating /function of the differential. c) Identify the dioptre components of differential

Understand the Tire and Wheel One hour a) Know the different portion of the wheel and tire. b) Know they types, size and ply. c) Know the wheel portion.

Understand the Break System Three hours a) Know the needs and types of the break system b) To study the mechanical/parking break. c) To study the hydraulic break. d) To study the master cylinder and wheel cylinder. 23. Understand about Steering System One hour a) To study the necessity and types of steering system. b) Know the steering gear box. c) Know the different components & linkage of the steering system.

18. Understand to the Axle a) To know the necessary and objective of axle b) Type of axle c) Introduction to the different components to axle 19. To Study the Running Gear/Suspension Three Hours

24. Understand the Auto Electric System One hour a) Maintain the necessity of auto electric system b) State between Car and general electric system. c) To understand the different components of electric system.

a) Realize the necessity of suspension system.

25. To Understand the Storage Battery One hour a) What are storage battery and its necessity on the car? b) To study the storage battery maintenance c) What is electrolyte and plate? 26. To Study the lighting System One hour a) Mention the types of lamps b) Explain the necessity of the fuse box c) Know the adjustment of the head sealed beam. 27. Understand about Starting System One hour a) What is charging system? b) To study the cranking motor and its type c) Describe the working principal of the cranking motor d) To study the solenoid switch

28. Understand the Charging System Two hours a) Describe need of the generator of the car. b) Identify the different parts of generator. c) To know the generator and dynamo (AC/DC). d) To study the charging circuit. 29. To know about Engine over Hauling Two hours a) To know the necessity of overhauling b) To know the major and top overhauling c) To know the major engine tune up. d) To know the crank case ventilation/preignition detonation/ Auto ignition/knocking.

BASIC TRADE COURSE AUTO MECHANICS TRADE LIST OF COMPLAIANCIES TRADE PRACTICE Select Tools Six Hours i) Reset the Oil Pump. Practice Their Correct and Proper Use. j) Reset the Tappet. Care Proper Maintenance. k) Refit the Push Rod. Identify the Different Tools. l) Reassembling the Valve. m) Reassembling the Rocker Arm. n) Refit the Engine Head. o) Reset the Timing Gear Dismantling Engine Parts 64 Hours p) Set Engine/Valve Timing Remove the Engine Head. q) Reset the Timing Cover Remove the Rocker Arm from the Engine Head. 4. Service the Intake and Exhaust Remove Engine Valve. System 10 Hours De-carbonize the Engine Head. a) Remove Air Cleaner and Service Check Engine Valve and Guide. b) Remove Exhaust Manifold and Service Check Push Road. c) Remove Muffler and Service. Remove the Oil Sump. d) Assemble the Above Remove Oil Pump and Strainer. Remove Timing Chain and Gear. 5. Service the Fuel System (Diesel & Dismantling Big End Bearing Cap. Petrol) 15 Hours Separate the Piston from Connecting a) Service the Fuel Tank Rod. b) Service the Pump/Feed Pump Remove Piston Ring. c) Service Carburetor Check the Big End Bearing d) Service and Test the Injector Condition/Clearance. e) Bleed the Diesel Engine Fuel System, Remove Crank Shaft from the Block. f) Adjust Carburetor Needle Valve of the Remove Cam Shaft. Carburetor for Over Flow Check the Crank Shaft & Main Bearing Remove the Tappet and Check Its 6. Check & Service the Ignition & Auto Condition. Electric System. 25 Hours a) Check and Service the Spark Plug Reassemble the Engine Parts 70 b) Service the Distributor and Adjust the Hours CB Point Gap Reassembling the Crank Shaft. c) Test Condenser Reassembling the Cam Shaft. d) Set Ignition Timing Install the Piston Ring. e) Check Distributor Advance Mechanism Assemble the Piston and Connecting - Check the Ignition Key and Switch Rod. - Service the Wiper Motor & Its Blades Fit the Piston and Connecting Rod into f) Service the Cranking Motor the Cylinder. g) Service and Test the Solenoid Switch


a) b) c)


a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) p) q)

a) b) c) d) e)

f) Fit the Big End Bearing Cup. g) Identify the Stroke, TDC, BDC, and Clearance Volume. h) Refit the Oil Pump. i) Service Cut Out/Voltage Regulator j) Adjust Head Light Beam k) Service the Storage Battery
7. Service Lubricating System

h) Service Generator (AC/DC) (Dynamo/Alternator)


4 Hours a) Service Oil Pump (Gear/Rotary) & Oil Filter.

8. Service Cooling System

a) b) c) d) e)

Service the Running Gear 15 Hours Adjust Brake System Service Master Cylinder Service Wheel Cylinder Bleed Hydraulic Brake System Service Leaf Spring/Torsion Bar/Shock Absorber Car Body Service & Repair 6

4 Hours

a) Service Radiator. b) Service Water Pump. c) Adjust Fan Belt. 9. Service and Lubricate Vehicle Chassis


Hours a) Service Car Door Lock b) Wash Polish the Car Body c) Check The Gear Engine Oil Level 13. Start the Engine a) Set Idle Speed. b) Set Distributor Advance Mechanism. c) Check All Dash Board Instrument Performance.

10. Service the Transmission System 20 Hours a) Adjust/Repair the Wheel Bearing. b) Service the Clutch. c) Service the Pressure Plate. d) Adjust Play of the Clutch System. e) Dismantling the Gear Box. f) Perform the Servicing of the Steering Linkage. g) Perform the Servicing of the Steering Gear Box. h) Service the Tire and Tube The End