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1. Who was the first governor general of Independent India? a. Lord LouiMonutbatten 2. Think logically, if Mumbai is to India, then _____________ is to China a. Shanghai 3. How many distrcits are there in the State of Gujarat? a. 26 4. Which state in India has the longest coastline of all? a. Gujarat 5. Who is the current chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir? a. Omar Abdulla 6. Who was the First Chief Minister of Gujarat? a. Dr.Jivraj Mehta 7. Who is the current Minister of External Affairs in India? a. SM Krishna 8. Name the capital city of the state Sikkim? a. Gangtok 9. Which is the longest river of Pakistan, the river originated from India? a. Indus 10. Before New Delhi became the capital city of India, which was the capital of India earlier? a. Calcutta 11. Kalupur railway station in Ahmedabad is the longest in India, True or False? a. False 12. The first railway train started between Mumbai and ___________ a. Thane 13. Who founded the Social Networking Site Facebook? a. Mark Zukenberg 14. What is the full form of GCMMF? a. Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation 15. Who established the city of Ahmedabad? a. Ahmed Shah Badhshah 16. Which country has won the maximum cricket world Cups? a. Australia 17. VishwanathanAnandis famous for which sport? a. Chess 18. What is the name of the Airport in Ahmedabad? a. SardarVallabhai Patel International Airport 19. Asiatic lions are only found in which Wild Life Sanctuary? a. SasanGir 20. Who has been the longest serving Indian PM a. JawaharLal Nehru 21. What is the full form of BCCI? a. Board of Control for Cricket in India 22. Who won the silver medal in double trap shooting at 2004 Athens Olympics? a. RajyavardhansinghRathore 23. Victorial Memorial is located in which city of India? a. Kolkata

24. Who is known as the Nightingale of India? a. Sarojini Naidu 25. Who was ICC s President during 2011 cricket worldcup? a. SharadPawar 26. Which city is the capital city of Pakistan a. Islamabad 27. Leaning tower of Pissa is in which country? a. Italy 28. Who is the Vice President of India? a. Hamid Ansari 29. Which is the closest star to the earth? a. SUN 30. Logically speaking who could be termed as Mahatma Gandhi of South Africa? a. Nelson Mandela

Sports Section
1. Who was the first person to be given run out by the third umpire in the history of cricket? a. Sachin Tendulkar 2. Who currently holds the world record of 9.58 second in men s 100m sprint race? a. Ussain Bolt 3. In the current formula1 season which team is currently leading in run to championship? a. Red Bull Racing 4. Which tennis pair was named as Indian Express for their magnificent performance in late 1990 s? a. Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi 5. How many Wolrd Cups till date have West Indies won? a. Two 6. Which sport did Lance Armstrong represent? a. Cycling 7. Where would the 2016 Summer Olympicsbe held? a. Rio de Janerio, Brazil 8. Which cricket ground is known as the Mecca of Crickets? a. The Lords London 9. Who has won the highest number of Gold medals in a single Olympics a. Michael Pheleps 10. VelentinoRosi represents which sports? a. MOTO GP (Motor Bikes Grand Prix) 11. How many Grandslams are there in a Tennis season? a. Four 12. Which sport does PankajAdvani represent? a. English Billiards/Snooker

Business and Politics

1. Which company is the largest employer in UK amongst the Pvt. Sector a. The Tata Group 2. Who was the first Home Minister of India? a. SardarVallabhai Patel 3. Who was the primary founder of Apple computers? a. Steve Jobs 4. Which is the largest steel producing company in the world a. Arcelor Mittal 5. Which is the world s largest producer of Pouched milk Brand a. Amul 6. Who was the Finance minister during the Liberalization announcement in 1991? a. Dr.Manmohan Singh 7. Who is the current Defense minister of India? a. AK Antony 8. Who founded the News Agency NDTV a. Pranay Roy 9. Who is current chief minister of Maharashtra? a. PrithvirajChavan 10. Who is empowered by the Indian Constitution be the Supreme Commander in Chief of the Armed forces in India? a. President of India 11. Which is the largest oil refinery in the world? a. Reliance Oil Refinery Jamnagar 12. Who is the Chair Person for UPA? a. Smt. Sonia Gandhi

1. What is the Full form of BJP? a. BhartiyaJanta Party 2. Which car company s model is Beat ? a. Chevrolet 3. Buzz Aldrin was the second person to put step on moon, Agree/Disagree ? a. Agree 4. Pokhran is famous for which event? a. Nuclear Test 5. How many players play on field in a hockey team? a. 11 6. Montek Singh Ahluwalia is the deputy chairman for? a. Planning Commission of India 7. Which country does Michael Schumacher represent in the Formula1? a. Germany 8. BONUS Question: SawaiMansingh cricket stadium is located in which city? a. Jaipur

1. Name the famous cricket stadium of Kolkata? a. Eden Garden 2. Pluto is not a planet of our solar system, Agree/Disagree a. Agree 3. Who was the Prime Minister at the time of 1962 Indo China war? a. JawaharLal Nehru 4. In the world of football which country did David Becham represent? a. England 5. What post does PranabMukhrjee holds in the Union Cabinet a. Home Minister of India 6. Who is known as the Liquor Baron in India? a. Vijay Mallya 7. Which car companies did Tata acquire from ford 3 years ago? a. JLR 8. Bonus Question: Who was the captain of the cricket world cup winning Pakistani team in 1992? a. Imran Khan

1. In which city is the JhultaMinara located? a. Ahmedabad 2. HarshaBhogle did his Post Graduation from IIM Ahmedabad (Agree/Disagree) a. Agree 3. Which team won the last edition of DLF IPL T20 2011? a. Chennai Super Kings 4. Which is the smallest country of the world also the HQ of Christianity? a. Vatican City 5. What is the full form of ISRO? a. Indian Space Research Organisation 6. Which company acquired satyam computers? a. Mahindra Tech 7. Who is the Chief Minister of Bihar? a. Nitish Kumar 8. Bonus Question: Which country does Stuart Braud represent in cricket?

a. England

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