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Agenda for Committee Meeting 11/01/2011

Crisis Meeting! Straight to the point

Any Other Business


Apologies were dispatched from Emma Parker,

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Hannah presented all the relevant keys, original list of events and leaflets. GULGBT mobile to be brought in. Hannah noted that she needed to be linked onto emails to know of meetings held,

VP Admin
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Ben noted absence of signatories, th Graeme noted that EGM should be discussed; AGM is the 25 , March, 2011.

Ben was wondering about possibility of forwards,

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DIJ: entered meeting at 19:08 Hannah suggested the setting up of a forwarding account upon the president s email, Graeme noted that would be best to assign a president, also noted that executive powers were needed within the hiatus period. EGM DATE STATED AS 26/11/2011, possibility of free pizza mentioned also noted that QMU might not be keen upon exporting food. Time would start at 19:00, Password to the mailing list was mentioned, and it was decided that best way would be to writing weekly letter and then forwarding it to a member of the previous Executive who would remain within their places. Hannah also noted that Tom had new mailing list set and new website set up, and that nothing was sent to him. Ben stated that did not mind the forwarding of the email,

3) Mentioned handover of the accounts, 2 things to note,

Explanation of note 3 and 4, Note 3 is Cheque to SRC for Williams Room, Note 4 Cheque to Debbie for Last Women s Event,

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Calculations Sheet for Celidh was left, notes upon how to gain grants within email and an email from 1 Glasgow in regards to obtaining 100. Also mentioned it was mentioned that Admin emails that were left undeleted for Sandra McBeth, and all the templates designed by Kit,

4) Calendar,

Noted that new website would mean that website would be more changeable, and officers would be able to add events.

5) Face book Password,

Ben has noted that face book password needed to be changed,

6) Forum

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Ben said that he needed to be removed from committee section on website, and Hannah noted that she needed to be removed from forwards, as no longer held Ben has added the keys, 19:25

7) Book Club,

Ben still happy to manage Book Club, 7PM, Thursday, Starbucks,

8) GULGBT Football,

9) 101

Note made to get into contact with Mark Scott,

Nothing to state,

10) GULGBT Mobile,

Reason for crap mobile, as relevant company does not have reception in west end, however needed to text opt in.


Every room booked for every Wednesday night, and Monday Lunch Time Drop In.


Cheque from SRC for Bake Sale needs to be collected,

13) If any funding needed before April from 1Glasgow , make note to apply as soon as possible as funding for LGBT events will stop.

Ben left the meeting at 19:31,

VP Welfare
Andy handed over the locker keys and all the relevant information: 19:02 Andy left the meeting at 19:03,

EGM Upcoming Events - Mixed Wednesdays,

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Quiz is already organised, and Graeme is to buy prizes, to be given rebate in due course, Quiz starts at 19:30, Noted that pens needed for pub quiz,


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Noted by Hannah that that she had contact details for Scene, Point made by Gillie that might be best to go back to basics, and that it would be best to focus upon getting members there, Also Graeme noted that best to get opinions for constitutional amendments, Noted that best to consult people and best to set up a forum for constitutional amendments, Jessica, also mentioned if it would be best to speak and get an idea of member s viewpoints, in order to get a general overview Also noted at the CELIDH that a few members of the committee did not social ise with those HIV Carers, and it has been stated that a member of the committee had not seen the need for condoms. Graeme wanted to look at the problems that were within society, which resulted within rapid turnover of Presidents. Noted that best to delegate responsibilities. Gillie noted that best to state new meeting, set date for next event, one next week and one before EGM, Monday, the 17th: 5-6PM, Committee Room 3, could continue for longer, Room booked for afterwards, noted that best to have EGM Planning Committee best to have only members of present committee. Graeme noted that maybe best to define roles, within the committee. WEBSITE FEEDBACK WOULD BE MENTIONED FROM THOSE WITHIN THE CURRENT COMMITEE, Meeting time for Refreshers Event, would be 7PM, committee room 1, QMU, best to include phone and meeting at 7:45PM, and include address of Scene. Graeme noted if the quiz and scene (refreshers night) could be placed upon calendar through tomorrow, and also to include on Facebook

Toilet Break GILLIAN: 19:56 DIJ: 19:56 HANNAH: 19:56


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Organisation would be needed for organising of GULGBT History Week, Jess suggested emailing, however noted would be best to stick to a text. Dij also wondered about the tying up of events with SRC, Flag Raising Send Email about raising Rainbow Flag, South Front, tie with SRC, Chaplain and Principal, Charles Kennedy and Press to be invited within the flag raising, coffee in John Mac Afterwards, Also noted to include Staff Network, Gillian also mentioned approaching of BBC Contact, Kit also mentioned contacting of Scottish Media Monitor, Dij mentioned the possible releasing of balloons, Dij mentioned possibility of debate, and possibility of a dvertisement, also mentioned that it is Media Week, OTHER EVENTS Eric Anderson to be contacted, Saturday trip to Edinburgh, Kit mentioned that would be best to place feelers to look at interest levels, Mentioned that might be good to present it as scene tour, and send email to Pip, Co President. QUEER 101/TRANS NIGHT: Get information from Gender Expert, Leaflet to include 101, and mentioned that transgender expert would be there to answer specific questions. Delegated to Kit, decided that Committee Room would be best venue. BOUNCY CASTLE/WELFARE FAIR: too large, and difficult to organise, WORKSHOP: Forward it to the Executive, Emailed James Morton, Sylvia Morgan, Running through of questions and basic definitions, Noted by Dij that would it be possible to come across to introduce himself to GULGBT members, also noted to include Trans Partners. Sensitivity Training: Best to discuss within the next committee meeting, SOG: Mentioned by Dij that society is still pushing for befriending training, noted as agenda point.


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COFFEE NIGHT TO BE CHANGED TO FILM NIGHT, (BI THEMED), Try to book the Williams Room, and deposit needed: COCKTAIL NIGHT STILL FINE TO SORT OUT, Noted that may be to look at different roles of members and the society, Dij noted that it lots of people unsure of sexuality and that it would be important to include this for members. Hannah noted that GUU, had another homophobic incident, GUGLBT said that EDU, needed to be contacted to sort out, also mentioned that SRC LGBT business need to be included. Noted that Stonewall s University Guide, did not include Glasgow University. Dij noted that reform would be needed to the posts, Hannah mentioned political role of society, as there was problems within the blood scanning situation, as others did feel that they could be compromised through the society taking a political position. Mentioned by Hannah if we should look at picking a stance on issues, Kit also noted that sending emails about how backing political issues. Best to leave the rest of the events to after the EGM,

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Mentioned that Dij would be happy to place GULGBT posters, Graeme also wanted group line, and it was decided that would be best to state that committee were not sure off previous events. Kit mentioned that S.O.E.G contact details were needed, Hannah noted that best to sort out email system, decided that would be place to place it to after EGM, make effort to place new posters around showing that there was new mailing list. Kit also noted to update, GULGBT website, but best to leave Executive, List

Book club
Ben still happy to manage Book Club, 7PM, Thursday, Starbucks,

Website Email Officer's Events?

Event will be announced to be confirmed next week, Next Thursday as Provisional Date: 20

Coffee Night, for next time, Thursday 27/01/2011,

Works shop on the Thursday, Discount for Offshore Coffee

Post Mat (In Absence)