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Tithis & Nakshatra Lords:

Bhavishya Puarana
Shubhangi Naik, India
(Submitted in March 2008)

A strology is a Shastra & while learning a Shastra a true learner reads and
remembers the subject as per textual references so that when he wishes to
refer back to it or pass on that knowledge to others he does so with textual
reference. Apart from this, in order to avoid personal injunctions and personal
theories to creep into astrology one needs to stick to the classics & authorities. It is
generally observed in the net world that we students of astrology & even modern
day scholars are not aware of the rich knowledge the Puranas have in terms of
astrological knowledge and it is for these readers we have from the start brought
out the astrological & remedial scriptural knowledge contained in the Puranas
often ignored. Some modern day astrologers pass this as parampara or secret
knowledge but all this is available in texts if one searches for it. Below are specific
remedies the village astrologers in India have used from time immemorial knowing
its true significance whereas the city breed astrologers ignore it due to lack of
parampara. Until now, this has not been revealed in the net world hence it is
deemed fit that it occupies space in the E Mag ‐ Saptarishis Astrology Magazine for
the benefit of all.

Bhavishya Purana Chapter 102

Sumantu Muni (Sages are also addressed as “Muni”) said:‐ O King! Lord Surya
(the Sun God) likes all the tithis but Saptami (the 7th day of the lunar month) is its

Shatanik inquired: When lord Surya like all the tithis then why charities, Yagnas
done on the Saptami are specifically significant.

Sumantu Muni said: O King! In the past, Lord Vishnu has inquired on this subject
to Lord Brahma, which I now recite to you in the same way as said by Lord
Brahma. Please listen…..

Lord Brahma Said: O Vishnu! At the time of division of constellations, Pratipada

(1st day of the lunar month) and other tithis were given to Agni (Fire God) and
other Gods respectively and Saptami was given to the Sun God. Whoever was

given the tithis became the lords of the respective tithis. Therefore, when such
lords are worshiped on their day with mantras they give desired results.

The Sun God distributed the Tithis in the following manner.

Pratipada (1st day of the lunar month) to Agni (the Fire God)
Dwithiya (2nd day of the lunar month) to Brahma (the Creator)
Tritiya (3rd day of the lunar month) to Kuber (the God of Wealth)
Chaturthi (4th day of the lunar month) to Ganesha
Panchami (5th day of the lunar month) to Nagaraj (King of the Snakes)
Shashti (6th day of the lunar month) to Kartikeya (the warrior god, also brother of
lord Ganesha)
Saptami (7th day of the lunar month) for Self (Sun God)
Ashtami (8th day of the lunar month) to Rudra (Lord Shiva)
Navami (9th day of the lunar month) to Durga (Universal Mother)
Dashami (10th day of the lunar month) to his own son, Yama
Ekadashi (11th day of the lunar month) to Vishwadev (lord of the world)
Dwadashi (12th day of the lunar month) to Vishnu
Trayodashi (13th day of the lunar month) to Kamadev
Chaturdashi (14th day of the lunar month) to Shiva
Poornima (15th day of the lunar month, full moon) to Moon;
And to the Spirits, the pure and pious Amavasya (15th day of the lunar month, new

The 15th tithis are of Moon. In Krishna Paksha (Waning Moon), the Gods immerse
themselves in these tithis and they rise again in the Waxing phase from the 16th
day onward.
However, there is a phase called “shodash” (16th) which is never destroyed. The
Sun God stays in that phase.
This way the enlarging and diminishing of the tithis are managed by Sun god
itself, so the Sun God is the lord of all the tithis.

Now I tell you in brief how other gods fulfill the wishes of their worshipers.

Fulfillment of Wishes
Worshiping Fire god on Pratipada followed by Havan (The ritual consisting of
prayers, chanting, offerings, etc.) gives unlimited grains and wealth.

Worshiping Brahma on the Dwitiya and feeding the celibate Brahmin makes the
person expert in all kinds of learning’s.

Worshiping Kuber on its day, Tritiya makes the person wealthy and also gets gains
and success in all commercial dealings. (Useful for businessmen & job seekers)

Worshiping Ganesha on Chaturthi destroys all obstacles.

Worshiping Nagas (snakes) on Panchami frees the person from fear of poison and
also gets spouse, sons and the supreme Laxmi (the goddess of wealth). (For those
who suffer from Sarpa Dosh)

Worshiping Kartikeya on Shashti makes the person handsome, long lived, genius,
and also enhances ones own fame.

On Saptami, one should worship Suryanarayan by the name of “Chirabhanu”, who

is the Lord and the Protector of ALL.

On Ashtami one should worship Shiva accompanied with bull, it gives abundant
knowledge and beauty. Lord Shiva gives knowledge, frees from bonding and wins
over death.

By worshiping Durga on Navami, the person willfully

passes through all the phases of the life and also gets
victory in the wars and success in dealing with the

Worshiping Yama on Dashami, frees the person from all

kinds of ailments, prevents hell and death sufferings. (for
individuals who are very sick & going through extreme tough

Worshiping Vishwadeva on Ekadashi gives progeny, wealth and land.

Worshiping Vishnu on Dwadashi, the person becomes victorious and becomes

worshipable in the community the way Sun god is worshipable.

Worshiping Kamadeva on Trayodashi gives good look and desired spouse and all
the desires are fulfilled.

Worshiping Lord of the Lords, Sadashiva, on Chaturdashi, one is bestowed with all
the luxuries, plenty of wealth and sons.

On worshiping Moon with full devotion on Poornima (full moon), the person rules
the entire world forever and the ruling is never destroyed.

If the Pitras (departed souls of the ancestors) are worshiped on the new moon day,
the person’s wealth is
protected and gets life The person should worship the lords of the respective
& strength. tithis with full devotion and with all rituals by chanting
Worshiping the souls
even without fasting mool-mantra, names, anshu mantra and with japas and
also gives the same homa/havan.
benefits. It is essential
for the person’s well‐being that the departed souls are kept happy by worshiping

The person should worship the lords of the respective tithis with full devotion and
with all rituals by chanting mool‐mantra, names, anshu mantra and with japas and

Worship done this way the person remains happy on this planet and also on other
planets. He becomes favorite of the lords representing those tithis and is freed from
all unhappiness, obstructions and he becomes handsome, religious and like a King
who destroys his enemies.

Nakshatra Lords
By worshiping the Nakshatra Lord occupying the specific nakshatras, all of one’s
wishes are fulfilled.

Now I tell you about them (i.e. nakshatra).

Worshiping Ashwinikumar in Ashwini nakshatra, the person gets free from all
ailments and becomes long lived.

Worshiping Yama by blue flowers and camphor in Bharani nakshatra will protect
the person from premature death.

Worshiping Agni (Fire god) in Kritika nakshatra with the garland made of Rakt‐
Pushpa (Red flower) and with homam gives desired fruits.

Worshiping Lord Brahma in Rohini nakshatra would fulfill all the desires.

Worshiping Moon in Mrigshira nakshatra gives knowledge and good health.

Worshiping Lord Shiva in Ardra nakshatra gives victory; the person is blessed on
worshiping lord Shiva with Lotus and other flowers.

Worshiping Aditi (wife of sage Kashyap, mother of Gods) in Punarvasu nakshatra
gives protection to the worshiper’s mother.

Worshiping Brihaspati (Jupiter) in Pushya nakshatra, then Jupiter is pleased and

the person is blessed with wisdom. Before starting journey or undertaking any

Worshiping Nagas in Ashlesha work, one should worship the nakshatra

nakshatra will free one from the lords to get success in the task, only after
fears of Nagas.
which the work should be undertaken.
Worshiping the Pitras (departed souls) in Magha nakshatra gives wealth, sons,
animals and servants.

Worshiping Pusha in PurvaPhalguni nakshatra gives, victory, desired spouse and

blesses them with good looks & wealth.

Worshiping Sun God in Hasta nakshatra by Gandha (sandalwood paste) and

flowers gives all wealth and luxuries.

Worshiping Lord Twastha (the celestial architect) in Chitra nakshatra gives a

kingdom free from enemies.

Worshiping Vayu (Air God) in Swati nakshatra gives lots of divine strength.

Worshiping Indragni in Vishaka nakshatra with red flowers, the person begets
wealth and becomes lustrous.

Worshiping Mitradev (Friend God) in Anuradha nakshatra with devotion and

rituals, the person begets Laxmi (goddess of wealth) and long life.

Worshiping the King of Gods Indra, in Jyestha nakshatra, the person gets strength
and becomes rich and superior in wealth, behaviors and karmas.

Worshiping gods and the departed souls with devotion in Moola nakshatra the
person gains heaven and gains fruits of past good deeds.

Worshiping Aap‐ Jal (water god) in Purvashad nakshatra and performing havan,
the person is freed from mental and physical stress.
Worshiping Vishawadev and Vishweshwar, in Uttarashad nakshatra with flowers,
the person begets everything.
Worshiping Lord Vishnu in Shravan (white, yellow and blue) flowers the
nakshatra with Shvet, Pita and Neel person gains wealth and victory.

Worshiping Vasu1 by Sandalwood paste sins and finally achieves the abode of
and flowers, the person is freed from all the Sun god.
kinds of fears.
Thus ends the Chapter 102 of Bhavishya
Worshiping Indra in Satabisha Purana.
nakshatra, the person becomes free from
all `ailments and the curious person
begets strength, wealth and luxury.

Worshiping Lord “Ajanma” who is like

a pure crystal bead, in Purvabhadrapada
nakshatra, gives supreme devotion and
The child will live for only one year
Worshiping Ahirburdhanki in if Saturn is in the Navamsa (D9) of
Uttarbhadrapada nakshatra gives divine Mars with an aspect either from Mars
peace. or Rahu – Chap: 1: Verse 11:
Jyotisharnava Navanitam, an old
Worshiping Lord Pusha in Revati classic taught by Lord Shiva to
nakshatra with white flowers gives lots Goddess Parvati
of auspiciousness, non‐destroyable
courage and victory. Note: See this chart where child died
within 1 to 2 years of birth 19 Oct
Worshiping all these lords as per one’s 2005, 4.00 am, Bulandsher 77E51,
capacity always gives fruits. 28N24 East of GMT 5.30
Before starting journey or undertaking
any work, one should worship the
nakshatra lords to get success in the Importance of Navamsa
task, only after which the work should Ascendant (9th Harmonic Asc):
be undertaken.
This has been said by the Sun god itself. Should Both The Lords of the rising
sign and Navamsa Asc be
Lord Brahma said: Hey Madhusudan!! combustion the child born will
You worship the Sun god with full instantly pass away without any
devotion, because worshiping the Sun doubt.- Chap 1 Verse 27
with regular puja, namaskars (bows), Jyotisharnava Navanitam, an old
fasting, havan etc and by feeding classic taught by Lord Shiva to
Brahman the person is freed from all Goddess Parvati

1 Vasu-In Hinduism, the Vasus are attendant deities of

Indra, and later Vishnu. They are eight elemental gods
representing aspects of nature, representing cosmic
natural phenomenon.
request everyone to keep an open mind &
not read articles in a jiffy but to spend
3rd from Dragons time applying the methods on various
charts, it is obvious that this magazine is
Head – A Master for the very advanced pupil & hence
students with 5‐10 yrs & above 25 yrs of
experience might find it difficult to digest.
After writing articles for Shri Ashok
Upadhayay we almost gathered the
By concept of his secret methods so one day
The Kid we called him and asked if we can apply
Rahu to the method and if it would
implement itself the 3rd from it, he said
‘Bingo’ & gave us encouragement. The
following is this scribes own methodology
with the grace of a mentor like Shri Ashok
Upadhayay but faults if any would be
scribes and not of Ashok Bhai.

‘Rahu ‘Implements Its Energy’

in the 3rd from wherever it is
placed in a chart’

Ø Rahu implements its supreme
energy in the 3rd house from where
it is placed.
Ø Rahu makes it either stronger or
weaker depending on the natural
condition of the Rahu in our charts.
Ø This 3rd from Rahu at times shows
the main events that will dominate
in the charts of those who have a
significant Rahu (important point).
Technique: Mr Ashok Ø Use in your analysis the planets
placed in the 3rd from Rahu, aspects
Upadhayay on it, lordship of that sign & the

he last article by this scribe was
very well received & so we thank
the readers for their love in 1
accepting new theories. Jyotishis Jyotish is no fast food item hence readers are
rarely have open chakras & their accepting requested to start studies of each article at an
it is praiseworthy. Some emails were auspicious time along with praying to ones
Guru. It is understood that student should be
received complaining that the concept
running good transits or dasas to grasp subtle
could not be easily understood. For this we concepts of Jyotish.
Ø nakshatra (asterism) lord/owner of Rahu.
Ø One would observe that ‘Yogini Dasa’ works well to see those events that Rahu is
showing in the 3rd house from it, use it creatively & flexibly till one forms one’s own
systematic methodology.
Ø See the planets with Rahu & its dispositor in the dasa pattern of Rahu & its dispositor
and/or the dispositor of the 3rd from it the event related to it will happen.
What is presented below is just a rough working guide for scholars to take it further & not
the final method.

Chart 1:
In the chart Rahu is in the 1H with Mars, so it implements its energy into the 3H of
younger brothers. Incidentally, the 3L of brother Mars is with Rahu and Mars as such is
significator of younger brother. Therefore, we can expect this rahu, mars & mandi (a
malefic) to deliver something terrible in the life of younger brother. When will this happen,
it will happen either in the period of Rahu or Saturn (as it is dispositor of Rahu) or in
combos of Rahu/Mars.

One simple way to start with this method is to see where Rahu is placed & use its
dispositors to check periods, here it would be Rahu/Sat or Sat/Rahu periods.

Yogini Dasa (with planets replacing Yoginis):

Sat MD/Rah AD: 1977‐Aug‐09 to 1978‐Dec‐09
See this period of Sat Main Period & Rahu Sub Period, first and foremost Sat is 8th from
Rahu & Mars (brother), one bad point, next Saturn is in the 6th house of accidents from 3H
of brother. At a very young age her brother expired due to an accident.

Native is from the jyotish forums and her chart has been discussed many times on internet forums.
Now reverse this period and take Rahu/Sat period which was from July 1993 to Nov 1994.
Rahu ‘Implements its Energy in the 3H of travel’ & Saturn is in the 8H of foreign. We asked
her if she travelled a lot during this period. She said every month she was out of the country.
This way we can see that Rahu has implemented its energies in the 3H of younger brother
and short travel thereby giving respective results in its periods of Yogini Dasa.

Chart 2: Heart Attack

This chart belongs to our Guru bhai where Rahu is in the 2H implementing itself in the 4H
of heart, in sign of Leo which again stands for Heart as per some classics & there Pluto &
Uranus is placed. So one can say that this implementation of Rahus energy is pretty strong
since its dispositor Sun goes into the 8th from the 4H of heart.

In this 4H there is Arudha of the 8H which means chronic disease and

death like situation. When will this be implemented in let’s say Rahu
dasa and as its energy goes into the 4H (3rd from it) of Leo, it
can be Sun antardasa, his RahuMD/SunAD worked
during 15th July 2007 to 24th Dec 2007 for a period of 5
months and it was on 4th Sept 2007 he got an heart attack
which shook the entire life of this astrologer for many many
months to come. Thus, we can see how beautifully the
technique works.

Chart 3: Most Wanted Man on Internet Jyotish Forums3

Everyone hates the guts of this man of steel who is known to fight with everyone yet at the
same time, people love him for his clean heart. Rahu is in 3H with Yogakaraka Mars the
warrior, this energy will be implemented in the 3H of communication. He is known for his

To exhibit authenticity of chart data the native was contacted and he himself gave permission to use
his name.
throat cutting emails (3H of communication) and his fights (3H has Arudha of 6H –A6
which means disputes) on the forums.

Rahu is in Leo, so in Rahu/Rahu periods of yogini dasa, which runs from Sept 2006 to Aug
2008 one can expect him writing lot of emails, lot of fights (A6 in 3H) which is what
happened on the forums. Next he was asked if he had a younger brother and if during the
above period he had disputes with him (A6 in 3H) on which he replied in affirmative that
during this period he developed inimical relations with younger brother (3H). Incidentally
he was also featured on CNBC for 6 times in this period, television field is 3H of
communications & Ven aspects it at the same time being trinal to Rahu (Rahu is
photography – he was photographed symbolically speaking). Thus, Rahu has implemented
itself in the 3H in period of Rahu/Rahu.

Now Rahu implements itself in 3H of Libra whose lord is Ven, so we can expect some
events in Rahu/Ven or Ven/Rahu of yogini dasa. See Ven/Rahu, which ran from Jan 2001
to Aug 2002, Ven is in the 9H of father and also 9H of blessings with SL (Sree lagna). This
Ven aspects 3H & so does Saturn the 6L, 6H is the house of loans and loans recd so its
arudha A6 will show that and this is placed in 3H of Libra (Ven) where Rahu implements,
hence he got a loan (A6) from a relative who later wrote it off (blessings of 9H of Ven).
However, such an event would be difficult to predict but it can be used to understand the
dasa working better.

Chart 4: Different Example – Mothers Sickness & Death

In previous charts we dealt with examples where the 3rd house from Rahu is empty, so here
we take a chart where a planet is placed in the 3rd from Rahu.
Rahu is in the 7H and implements itself in the 9H where Moon is placed who is the 6L of
disease/hospitals where an exalted (big effect) Jupiter is placed. Also moon means mother.
So we can expect that in Rahu/Moon (planet placed in 3rd from Rahu) something can happen
in relation to disease/hospitals (Moon is 6L) and maybe mother (moon is natural
significator of mother). Rahu/Moon was operation from Jan 2007 to March 2007 during
which Amitabhs Mother went into hospital, the whole of 2007 she was hospitalized. Then
after Sun antar will come Jupiter Antar who is 8L from 4H of mother and also ‘The Pre‐
Dispositor of Moon who is getting the implementation of Rahus 3rd energy’, it was in
Rahu/Jup his mother became closer to God at the age of 93 on 21st Dec 2007

Chart 5: The Saint
Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Grant, Kevin Costner, and Johnny Depp all
refused the role. Schwarzenegger later said he was sorry he did not do it. What is written in
Fate will come to oneself & that’s what happened to Val ‘The Saint’ Kilmer as he was called
after his stunning performance in ‘The Saint’ a remake on the character of Simon Templar
created (in 1928) by Leslie Charteris.

Source of Birth Data:‐archive/celebrities.php
Let us first see Rahu it is in its own sign flying/travel (note this). As we saw earlier
5 first we take Rahu as MD & the dispositor
Virgo and it implements itself in the 3H
of acting, so one can expect that his Rahu of the 3rd from it which is Jupiter here so in
dasa will show all great characters of Rahu /Jup he got the role of a lifetime in
mystery (Rahu is mystery) & his acting the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’ which became a
talent coming out in the forefront. Rahu huge international hit. The movie was
dasa which ran from 1990 June to 1998 about war (Mars aspect on A6) & flying
June, so Rahu ensured to give top notch (Mars in 3H of flying). Rahu/Jup ran from
movies like 'The Doors' 'The Heat', 16th May 2001 to 14th Jan 2002 this & Pearl
Batman Forever' ,' The Ghost & the Harbor was released on 25th May 2001 just
Darkness' & The Saint (got 6 million when Jup antar started and with Jupiter in
triple his salary of that of Batman the 7H of public fame, he got it straight
Forever). This dasa made him noticed in with Rahu involved from 8H, it was
the international market. sudden like Rahu and the gross revenue of
the movie was $449,220,945.
Now see Rahu implements its energy in
3H, where Ven is placed, the planet for Thus concentrate on Rahu and see how its
arts. Therefore, in Rahu/Ven/Rahu his energies are playing up in the charts we
6 see, test it on 20‐30 charts to get the
film ‘The Saint’ released on 4th April 1997 methodology and develop your own
& it became a instant hit displaying his system of interpretation even if it is
acting prowess. different from the one presented above.

Chart 6: Ben Affleck

Jyotisha Phala Ratnamala

7-15 states that Lagna, Yogada
& Vilagna (Ghati & Hora
Lagnas) must be studied for
assessing the effects of the
Rahu is in the 8H of sudden fame with
different houses as per some
foreigners and Jupiter ensures a role on the
sages. It is essential that the
right side (America in this case). Rahu
implements in the 3rd from it where there strongest of these must be
is Mandi (tensions) and A6 (fight) and its taken before arriving at a final
dispositor is Jupiter, this 10H is aspected conclusion.
by Mars (war) and Mars is in 3H of

Sanket Nidhi Chp 1 Shloka 30 Virgo is Rahus
Svakshetra (own sign)
The Un-Crowned King
Sishya, India.

(As written on 20th Aug 2007, upon request of Mr. K.N.Rao for Journal of Astrology,
published in Oct 2007. This article has been further edited & updated. )

ord Brahma said to Kali ‘Alphabet (GU) means Siddha and (R) and (U) imply Shri
Ganesh who is Guru. Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma & Parents are all Gurus of this Earth.
Knowledge imbibed with devotion and rational thinking (vivek) is seen in the heart of the
Guru. Study of Dharma and Shastras without Guru is futile. He directs in action, thought,
devotion and disintegration. One cannot surpass worldly miseries without the help and guidance of
Guru. He throws a flash light on the dark illusionary path. Service to the Guru makes one pure in
body, speech and thinking’. – Chapter 2, Shri Guru Charitra

Shri C. S. Patel (Chandulal Sarkarilal Patel) whom we loved and respected expired on 14th
Aug 2007 at age of 92. He was more than a Guru and more than a father.

Scribe could learn hardly any jyotish from him but could get so much love that it is
indescribable. The deep love & fondness for each other was so immense that though scribe
used to call him ‘Chandubhai’ (C.S.Patel: Chandulal Sarkarilal Patel) his daughter once said

that he should be now called Dada (grand‐dad) by me as our relationship had changed.
Though he passed away at the age of 92, scribe felt betrayed by him for going so early.

From the moment the news of his death has come in, all the old timers in astrology have
written and paid tribute to the marvelous & most important ‘Pioneering Work’ he did in
Navamsa, Nadi Jyotisha, Ashtakvarga & Arudhas. How he taught us to use Navamsa
dispositors in transits, 64th Navamsa, Pushkara Navamsa etc was path breaking to say the
least. Even Bhrigu Bindu that was mentioned in an English translation of Bhrigu Nandi
Nadi, no one knew how to apply it. When Patel Saheb wrote about how to use it, he became
so famous that in the West & certain parts of India they called it the Patel Bindu (instead of
Bhrigu Bindu). It was in 2006 I realized that what he had written about this Bindu in his
books was far less than what he knew about it when he taught few new methods on its

He had a trademark, he would only write on such topics in astrology which were unknown
or no one had ever written on it, always the 1st to venture. This is a dangerous pattern & only
few masters have exhibited this trend. He took only those works of Nadi which none before
him had worked on. This earned him the awe feeling of genuine respect from even his
seniors. One may call it that he marketed himself well but scribe sees that his mission in life
was to unearth secrets for us. Before his book on Ashtakvarga was published (1957), the
general populace did not even know how to calculate and use Ashtakvarga effectively. This
also warrants a special mention on his work on Nadi Jyotisha which remains unparalled; till
date no astrologer has removed so many verses from rare manuscripts practically unheard of
and taught us their applicability. Patels standing as a scholar is so genuine that when a
Chennai based astrologer recently wrote a book on nadi jyotisha and made a one line remark
negatively on Patels work, thereby his manuscript has been rejected by all publishers. Finally
he was forced to go to an astrologer publisher whom he bad mouthed for years & beg to print
his work.

He could orally calculate and announce SAV bindus just by seeing chart in 2 secs. Scribe
would feel that’s miraculous but he would shout back saying that it means I have not read
his work properly. He often would repeat, to understand his work one must re‐read it
minimum 3 times. Later when scribe travelled over India it was realized even big time
scholars had this same view that to understand the depth of Patels work minimum thrice
reading is essential. At times one would find that even singular verses in his book deserved
more thought & hard work. In 2004 we worked on few verses from Patels works and realized
that many of them had potential for a full fledged system. Scribe secretly worked on this and
shared it with his personal friends. The worst part of his life was he never got the full
recognition that he deserved, many current breed of authors wrote articles on those methods
first expounded by him e.g. ‘Rasi Tulya Navamsa’ ‘64th Navamsa’ ‘Pushkara Navamsa’
‘Bhrigu Bindu’ but never gave him due credit. This kind of plagiarism is often found in an
unregulated industry like Indian Astrology, though the same astrologers fail to under how
come Mercury is troubling them in certain periods when it should be a good period instead.

Many of us do not even know that R.Santhanam’s translation of Devakerelam (Chandra

Kala Nadi) would not have been possible if not for Patel Saheb who gave him the Part 1 of
Devakerelam. Before Patel Saheb could finish the edit of the translation by Santhanam it
had already gone into the press. Patel Saheb was one of the first people who taught
Devakerelam in his classes, decades back; even the legend of legends Narendra Desai had
learnt it from him. Many decades later Santhanam translated this epic work wherein Patel’s
soul was there. Often scribe had to face disgust when scribe asked his Guru Shri Patel to
teach him Dhruva Nadi, Budha Nadi & Guru Nadi, Patel would say first master
Chandrakala Nadi (Devakerelam) it is the best, the best & the best.

Let us take Patel Sahebs chart and see few events of his life from some different not so used
methods. We shall stress more on the event of his death from a liberal point of view and
here we would not expound from the traditional angle of yogas etc:‐

Brief Salient Features:‐

1) Long Life: 8L Saturn is retrograde; this is what he attributed to his long life. This
Saturn is 4th from 9H of father denoting his father’s mother; his grandmother also lived
above 90 (writing from memory). Later we would see that this retro Saturn which gave him
his long life was also to the one who would take it away. It’s obvious the hand who feeds has
the ability and more so right to take it away too. By the way of oblique reference it can be
said that 8L Saturn ‘Retro’ in 12H would indicate that this knowledge of astrology is
specifically coming from previous life & it being retro would mean it was a specific karma
that he had to pay back a debt to the astrological society.

2) Unearthing Rare Knowledge: We would look at Jupiter & Rahu.

Jupiter is AK (soul significator) in the 8H, shows that his Atma (soul) is here for Specific
Occult Work (8H); also Jupiter in 8H is known to give ability of ‘Mining Out Hidden
Knowledge to Light’. Now this Jupiter is in Aq which is noted as a very special sign for
Jupiter. Aq is the sign of the Kumba (overflowing pot) in the hands of a maiden; it was the
very presence of his daughter (unmarried ‐ maiden) that facilitated him to concentrate on
writing so many books even at such an old age of 92. Without his daughters (Kailashben’s)
motherly love he would not have completed so many books after the death of his wife. His
wife had died many decades back whom he missed quiet a lot and would often tell scribe
how great she was. No doubt on 19 th of March 2007 when his daughter died, he shouted ‘My
Mother is Gone, My Mother is Gone’, after that his speech remain changed till the end of
his life & it was not possible for anyone to understand what he was saying. To conclude, this
Jupiter is in Aq in the very last degree in Vichakshaymsha in Neer Nadi in Purva
Bhadrapada nakshatra

a) Vichakshaymsha – the meaning of it is ‘Extra Ordinary Intelligence’ or ‘Super

Natural Intelligence’

b) Neer Nadi which means ‘Flowing Water of Sea (not river or pond) – knowledge of
hidden sciences (8H) flowed to him is how we should interpret it in context of this chart.

c) Purva Bhadrapada – Deity is Ajainkyapaad – One of the Names of Sun

v Here Results are due to previous karma, one has to face it compulsory (he could
not have avoided not sharing his knowledge)
v Sun is Atma – gives results of SANCHITA KARMA – if it is Good karma,
nobody can stop native from getting results or Vice Versa.

Although people take Jupiter for astrology scribe personally take Jupiter for Shastric
Knowledge, Venus for Predictions & Rahu for ‘Research, Unearthing Rare Secrets plus
Immortal work’ this can be further meditated upon as Rahu drank the nectar (that gives
immortality). In Kaliyuga the students of astrology are like Rahu. Let us not forget that
Rahu is in Pushkar Navamsa of 9H of higher learning in his chart. Pushkar Navamsa has
the quality of ‘Immortality’ & of ‘Regeneration’ as we know. Now this Rahu is in
Bhogyamsha in Amrut Nadi & Sravana Nakshatra.
a) Bhogyamsa: This amsa is defined as Whatever results good or bad, this is part of
Fixed Karma and the result of it one will have to Endure in this life.
b) Amrut Nadi: Rahu as such is the one who drank the Amrut (nectar) of immortality
& here it is in Amrut Nadi making it Doubly Potent.
c) Sravana: The nakshatra lord is Vishnu who has Buddhi (Intelligence) to create &
progress, he does hard work with patience. Additionally Vishnu distributes his fruits
to the World (remember distribution act of Mohini).

The above characteristics of the nakshatra was profoundly embedded in Patel Saheb: He
worked hard strenuously with extreme patience to the extent of apparently being Slow but
this was with planning, intelligence & finally he distributed his knowledge as fruits to the
world (like Vishnu). Let us reveal this for the first time, another way of looking at the ‘Goal
of Life’ in a chart is to superimpose the sign of the Navamsa lagna upon the natal chart; here
it is Virgo, which falls in the 3H of writing. He Wrote….

3) Sanskrit Learning: He learnt Sanskrit in school which everyone learns in India, but
his mastery on it was so phenomenal that to his uneducated wife he taught Sanskrit and
they would converse not in Hindi but in Sanskrit throughout the day. This stunned many
veterans of jyotish when they would come to his house & they actually felt that she was
M.A in Sanskrit. Patel had mastered many systems of Sanskrit on which we have written in
the ACVA issue of July 2007. His ability to memorize, recite & sing Jyotish Shlokas (in the
tone of vedic matras) used to stun everyone. Scribe was witness to all these over the years
when we would sit in the living room and discuss Jyotish and then he would say go to
library room, pick up so and so book and refer to so and so page number, the shloka would be
dot on that page. He would memorize the shlokas while he used to shave, such was his
extraordinary dedication.
Explanation: Jupiter is Sanskrit Language, the 8H Jupiters powerful 9th (God’s blessings)
aspect on 4H of learning where Moon the LL having the highest shadbala of 128 shared only
by Mars, who is ‘Stationary’ apart from being yogakaraka (Later we would see the other
side of Mars) in turns aspects Jupiter, forming a powerful ‘Trident Energy’ Flow. A Chart is
all about ‘Synchronization of Energies’. A Stationary Planet is too powerful to be ignored
and in this age of Software Astrology, unfortunately no software points that out instantly.
This triangular energy coupled with other factors lead to his big rise. Traditionally speaking
it was 5L aspecting 9L & 9 th 10th Dharmakarmaadipati yoga in 2/8 axis. The Crux of this
energy goes into the ‘Phala Varga’ ( Navamsa ‐ Divisional of Fruits’‐ is referred to as
Fruits Bearing in ‘Bhuvan Deepika) and this Mars‐Jupiter are conjoined in 10H of Karma
in D9 in the sign of Gemini which indicates ‘Writing’ why more so writing ‐ as one has to
observe 10L of D1, what it is doing in D9, to indicate ones Karma & Profession’ and here it
indicates writing. Mars the 10L conjoint with Jupiter the planet of Shastric Learning in the
sign of Gemini indicating a mercury oriented profession, it made him Company Secretary in
a famous Textile Mill of India & also gave him the karma of Writing – both governed by

4) Fame: This has to be seen from the 5H from Lagna, Lagna Lord, 5H Karaka Jupiter, AK
(here it is again Jupiter) & PK (Venus). All these factors need to be combined in a
composite manner.
a) Asc: 5H is empty but gets aspected by 5L himself who is stationary & in turns aspects
Jupiter (Mark this planet ‐Jupiter).
b) Lagna Lord: 5H from Moon (powerful LL) has this same Jupiter whose lord is Saturn
(Mark this planet ‐ Saturn)
c) Karaka & AK Jupiter: 5H from Jupiter is deposited by a retro Saturn (Mark this
planet‐ Saturn)
d) PK Venus: It is combined with Rahu who is exalted in Navamsa & is in Pushkar
Navamsa (if we take True Nodes) like the Asc making it doubly strong (Patel was the
first one to highlight the importance & usage of Pushkar Navamsa). 5L from PK is
Venus who is again conjoined with Rahu the immortal one (Mark this planet ‐ Rahu)
v In 1957 in Sat/Rahu – (refer marked planets), he released his 1st book on Asthakvarga
with his friend/co‐writer Mr.Iyer: observe Rahu & Venus are together. Rahu unearthed
this rare secret of a topic and being in sravana distributed it to world. Being truthful by
nature one day he confided in me 2 mistakes that he made in his Arudha & Astakvarga
v Two planets come to our limelight that is Jup & Saturn (refer marked planets), this
shows that during Jupiter‐Saturn Dasas and antardashas something significant can be
expected. In Jup/Saturn he meets 3 yogis of rare quality (Saturn in 12H), got some big
gains when he was so young & in Saturn/Jup he got more recognition for his work in
Ashtakvarga & started teaching jyotish. (Jupiter AD).

Some UnKnown Methods

Scribe would like to bring to attention here some unknown methods so that it would inspire
further probing among readers.

Bhrigu Bindu Progression

This technique is derived from a research done on Devakerelam by my friend & student of
Patel Saheb, so till his book comes out scribe can reveal only a part of it:

Now the Rahu‐Moon midpoint of 1st Bhrigu Bindu (BB) is 29Ta39’.

Step 1:
Take 1H of BB as the 1st year of life and Progress this Bhrigu Bindu for 1yr per house. So in
2007 it would be his 92nd year, it comes as the 8th house from BB (Bhrighu Bindu) point of Ta
which comes to the 6H of the natal chart which is 8H of death from BB.
Step 2:
6H has 2L of maraca Sun & 12L Mercury, aspected by 8L Saturn. The dispositor of this 6H
goes into the 8H from Asc, and dispositors dispositor Saturn goes into the 12H completing
the ‘Trident of Shivas Energy’. How could he have gone beyond this 92nd year? In March 2005
when he was seriously ill scribe got him admitted in hospital, and was very worried for his
longevity, then he told scribe to not worry as it won’t be his 90th year but his 92nd year.

Bhrigu Bindu & a Non‐Revealed Method

His Venus Dasa was the worst for him; he faced extreme poverty in this dasa and was hand
to mouth as he was retired. Some good friends helped him in this period. Then one day he
removed an old piece of paper and taught me a technique which he never could write in his
books, he said he got this later. As usual he slept in his Jhula (swinging wooden bench) and
scribe sat next to him, following below is just 20% of that technique which scribe has
forgotten; my notes of this he unfortunately tore by mistake.

‘Observe the Bhrigu Bindu point, when Tr Rahu will come exactly 90 deg behind
it, a very significant Event in Ones Life will happen’

BB is 29Ta, so we have to find when Tr Rahu will be 29Aq in his chart i.e. at distance of 90
deg. This happened on November 22nd 2006, around that time he had gone to Ahmedabad to
sell of his bungalow there, he sold it for a whopping figure, and this removed decades of
poverty. Scribe had shared his poverty and griefs of life and this news was phenomenal for
both of us. Patel Saheb called and shouted ‘I am signing cheques in lakhs now ha ha’. We
were all so delighted & when there was not a ray of light this was it, beloved Rahu had lived
to his reputation of giving sudden wealth. Let us remember this position will come once in
18 yrs only, when he taught this to scribe, this scribe immediately predicted to him that
around Nov 06 something would happen, he gave a big smile as if he anticipating something.
Scribes note of caution, every 18 yrs one will not become millionaire, natal yogas will tell
which year, then dasa must support it & transit will deliver the promise. Ofcourse there
exists a system wherein for timing events, nor dasa nor transits are required but someone
needs to work on it.

Tripavana Lagna
Current breed of Jaimini Internet Scholars have not even heard of this lagna, scribe realized
this when he asked how to use this in one of the internet Jaimini forums receiving thereby a
very rude retort & no guidance. These are the sad moments where divinity of astrology is
lost. But scribe pursued on this & is still unearthing it, so request readers to probe more &
share back.

Shri Iranganti Rangacharya’s work says: Add longitudes of Lagna Lord & the Moon. If the
number of signs exceeds 12, remove the twelve signs. Now add to this again the longitude of
Lagna lord to get Tripavana Lagna.
Controversy: Scribe felt why should we add lagna lord twice so he approached his friend
Shri Ravindra Bhagavat, who is doing studies in Jaimini since long & who had access to Mr.
Shiv Kumar, from Andhra Pradesh and student of Shri Iranganti Rangacharya. He clarified
that, at the end instead of lagna lord add Moon Sign Lord. It made sense but when Shri
Bhagavat mentioned the same to Iranganti ji he said no the method as mentioned in his book
is correct, so we cannot also ignore such a great scholars words who is considered one of the
1st Pioneers of Jaimini Astrology.

Irangantis Tripavana Lagna:

Lagna lord longitude + Moons longitude + Lagna Lords Longitude = 7 Sc 03 (let’s call it TPL 1)

Alternate Tripavana Lagna Calucation:

Lagna lord longitude + Moons longitude + Moon Signs Lords Longitude = 7Aq (let’s call it TPL 2)

Results of Tripavana Lagna: This lagna occupied by the benefic planet or by an exalted
planet confers Rajayoga, if occupied by malefics gives poverty (ref Pg 42 Jaimini
Sutramritam by Shri Iranganti Rangacharya, Sagar Publications, New Delhi.)
TPL 1: 7Sc has aspect of Rahu Venus & Ketu (Ketu is Brahman as per Seshadiri Iyer) in D1
TPL 2: 7Aq in 8H of occult (note this) has aspect of extremely powerful Moon who is lagna
lord in D1 & has 9L of elders blessings cum higher learning Jupiter (AK) who is such a
unique Jupiter placed there.

Lakhs means 100,000s
No doubt he got Rajayoga as per Tripavana Lagna. Lets time Tripavana Lagna with Chara
Chara dasa of K.N.Rao (modified version of a phalita rasi dasa):
a) Sc MD: 1953Dec31 ‐ 1961Dec30: In 1957 he published his immortal work on Ashtakvarga
– TPL 1 is present here
b) Li MD/ Aq AD: 1962 Sept30 ‐ 1962 Dec 31: In Aq AD where TPL 2 is placed, on the 10th
Nov 1962 Sri Shankaracharya of Dwaraka Sarada Peetam conferred on him an honorary
degree of ‘JyotishAlankara’ at public function. Getting conferred a degree by the
Shankaracharya is considered an achievement.
c) Ta MD/Aq AD/Sg PD: 1998Oct31 ‐ 1998Nov20

Ta MD has his Bhrigu Bindu, Aq AD has his TPL 2 & Sg PD is where his Divya Lagna
(divine rajayoga giver) is present. He got ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ by American
Council of Vedic Astrology on 15th Nov 1998 at 10.15 pm

Though the above write up does not give us a clear cut method on which calculation method
of Tripavana Lagna to choose finally but it is hoped that it incites stalwarts in real Jaimini
Astrology to come out of their hiding & guide us by writing extensively otherwise the real
Jaimini astrology will never be known to us.

Ayur Lagna: Longevity Lagna
Shri Iranganti writes ‘Divide the birth ghatikas by 5. Add 1 to the quotient and thus the number
counted from the navamsa sign of the Moon gives Ayur Lagna .’
In our chart the Ayur Lagna comes to as Cancer the natal lagna itself & we apply Navamsa
Dasa Navamsa dasa (death):
Ge MD: 2005‐12‐30 ‐ 2014‐12‐30
Aq AD: 2007‐07‐01 ‐ 2008‐03‐31
Pi PD: 2007‐07‐24 ‐ 2007‐08‐16

From Ayur Lagna Asc of Cancer

MD Ge is in 12H of Exit containing Saturn the 8L of death. This gives us a brief hint
that this mahadasa would be significant in deciding natives exit. Saturn is in the Shastiamsa
of Vamsakshara: means no offspring, we should interpret it as beyond this dasa growth will
be obstructed (offspring means growth of oneself).
AD is Aq who is in the 8H of Longevity/Death containing the 6L of disease who is
aspected by Krura Stationary Mars placed in Shastiamsa of Kaala (malefic – another name
of Yama). Around 5th of Aug 07 it was detected that his throat muscles (Mars in 2H of
throat) had given up completely. So the mars that gave him so many things also took things
away at the final stage. This Aq gets connected to the Lagna lord Moon and Ketu residing in
the head, blood was not flowing properly to the brain is what the doctors detected. Mars &

Ayur Lagna: After this article was published students on internet wrote back saying that Ayur Lagna
calculation is not mentioned in any book or by Jaimini Internet Gurus, so such a thing as Ayur Lagna is
fraudulent, scribe humbly requests them to refer to authentic work of Shri Iranganti Rangacharya who
is one of the oldest legends on Jaimini Astrology.
Moon is blood & flow of blood respectively. Moon is in 4H of chest heart region for which
he had to be kept on the ventilator.

PD is of Pisces, the final sign in the zodiac, who has rasi drishti from 8L Saturn &
Sun Mer who is 2L & 12L, both planets in malefic Shastiamsa.

Certain other areas like usage of Rudra etc which are controversial in the usage of Navamsa
dasa scribe has avoided. Whilst scribe was in Ahmadabad and saw him suffer it deduced that
Mars & Saturn are the Deciding factors for his death to happen. On 13th Aug scribe was
taken to a Hanuman mandir where the statue is supposed to have come out of ground
automatically (year 1943) in the army camp in Ahmadabad. Scribe was taken here by a
Hanuman bhakt (relative of Patel) who walks every Saturday by foot for 4 hrs to reach to
the temple since last 15 yrs. It was here and at the Shani Mandir on 13th scribe prayed that if
Ram was suffering would Hanuman have watched it for so long then how come he expects
scribe to watch his Guru suffer when the time is already up. In 18 hours Patel Saheb was no
more; it took only 3 mins to die when the pipe was removed from the throat (Mars in 2H).


Naisargika Dasa (dasa of the nature):

Scribe has found this dasa very meaningful & cannot be ignored.

DOD: 14th Aug 2007

Sat MD: 1985‐12‐30 ‐ 2035‐12‐30

Jup AD: 2005‐09‐22 ‐ 2013‐04‐17
Merc PD: 2006‐01‐04 ‐ 2007‐12‐31
Jup SD: 2007‐05‐01 ‐ 2007‐10‐31
Sat PAD: 2007‐08‐12 ‐ 2007‐08‐28

MD: Sat is the 8L in 12H of Exit along with being the 22nd drekkana, AD: Jupiter is the 64th
Navamsa lord 6L in 8H of longevity giving chronic condition, PD: Mer is the 12L in 6H of

diseases with maraca Sun, Mer additionally is the lord of the Vainashika star causing
destruction. Sookshma & Prana dasa are of Jup & Saturn respectively.

1) Devakerelam
Predicting through Navamsa & Nadi Astrology by C.S.Patel – Pg 70 gives this verse

‘‘Evil to ones kinsman will result during Saturns transit in the sign identical with navamsa
occupied by the 8th lord or trine thereof or in the sign aspected by the 8th lord on the degrees
of that sign lord.’’ (Devekeralam book 2 page 241, verse 1772‐73)
Additional results: Natives health will suffer, fear of untimely death, one’s own death,
calamity in family, native confined to hospital etc’’

All the above is given in Patel Sahebs book & it is how it happened. Now see how it got
actualized in his chart:‐

a) 8L Saturn is in 12H making him a powerful candidate & he is in Aries Navamsa, so trines
to that is Ar, Leo, Sagi (Mark these signs Leo & Aries)
b) Sat aspects Leo in D1 natal & Libra in D9 from 8H of death (mark these two signs Leo &

When Saturn transited in leo in its Tritiya Paryaya (3rd fatal round) it activated sign Leo
which is Trine to the 8Ls Navamsa position & also the 8Ls Navamsa Dispositor ‐Mars
(another method of Patel) & also Hit the sign (Leo) which is aspected by the 8L in D1 & also
activated the sign (Libra) aspected by the 8L in D9 coming in the zone of activation of Mars
(creating the paralysis of throat muscles) & on 14th Aug 07 (death date) the blow happened.

2) Nakshatra of Destruction : Vainashika Tara

This is the 22nd nakshatra from birth nakshatra but some paramparas (not available on net
forums) use it differently and more effectively though it then becomes over simplistic.

a) Take the 22nd nakshatra from any planet, if in that nakshatra one finds a house cusp or a
planet it gets fertile for Nash (destruction) especially in transits.
b) Take the MD lord and/or AD lord, see its natal position, from there count the 22nd
nakshatra that becomes the ‘Vainashika Nakshatra for that Dasa’.
c) Observe in above nakshatra direct transits of malefic or transitual aspect, if more factors
conjoin it gives result producing.

Before we see this on death, let us see an event that created the playground for his death.
Often astrologers only see the main event but do not go back to when was the SEED of that
event. This seed is most important event as per some elders.

Birth Moons: Vainashika Nak

Moon is in Swati owned by Rahu (note this planet), its 22nd nak would be Ashlesha
(Vainashika of Moon) owned by Budha, when Tr Saturn was in Cancer (mother) in
Ashlesha it was then on 19 th of Mar 07 his elder daughter died, he wept for his mother like
daughter who had cared for him since the last 4 decades. Tr Sat was aspecting natal Rahu &
was in trine to ‘Navamsa Mer’ the nak lord of the Vainashika star thereby forming the
linkage to deliver results.

Sun the MD Lords: Vainashika Nak

Sun is in P.Shad owned by Venus (note this planet), its 22nd nak would be Chitra
(Vainashika of Sun) owned by Mars (note). Tr Saturn on 14Aug07 came into Leo close to 5
degrees of Mars his throat muscles gave away (Mars in 2H of throat) causing his death, Tr
Saturn aspected Chitra the Vainashika to the degree ‘Activating the Dasa lord Sun to give the
Results of Maraca’. Tr Saturn was in trine to the Navamsa position of Ven the nak lord of
Sun the MD & was conjoined with Tr Ven, not to forget a month back it was aspecting
natal Venus activating it.

Same can be applied to AD lord Jupiter (in Vimshottari) & we must see that some linkage of
Tr malefic with nak lord of natal planet plus vainashika nak star plus its nak lord if they are
forming linkage in D1 and/or D9 then results will be given, if in D9 in fixed sign then
results are confirmed. This is what loosely scribe has been able to take hints from a non
English non Hindi speaking traditionalist while he was teaching to his student. Scribe
understands only 10‐20% of that language so error can happen in understanding it.

Below some mails from old timers & seniors in astrology on Patel Sahebs passing away.

Dear __,
Please accept my condolences ‐ this is very sad. I always felt close to CS Patel as I had read
all his books. His memory and work will remain with us forever.
In sadness.

Komilla Sutton
Co‐Founder & Chairperson of BAVA (British Astrological Vedic Association)
‘Ohh no, a Legend has left us’ – on phone Shri M.S.Mehta, Sr Astrologer BVB

‘Bhishma Pitamaha of Astrology is no more’ – My Mentor & closest friend of Patel Saheb,

‘I was so sorry to hear of his leaving his mortal body and I hope we can do 1/10th of the work
that he accomplished for Jyotish. – Brendan Feeley, Sr. Astrologer, USA

Dear ___,
I am sorry to learn of Sri Patel's passing away; I only hope the end was not painful. Yes, I
knew Patelji for many years. He even came home to my place for tea once. He was a man of
great learning and his knowledge of the difficult Ashtakavarga system and its nuances was
phenomenal. His demise is indeed a great loss to the world of astrology.
I pray God to give his family, admirers and students strength to bear this loss.
May his soul rest in peace.
Yours sincerely,

Gayatri Devi Vasudev
Daughter of B.V.Raman

Dear ___,
I was very sad to learn about the recent death of our Guru and friend Shree C.S. Patel. No
doubt he has done a lot of good service to astrology and he will be greatly missed
everywhere. I, for one, read his articles in the different astrological magazines more than 25
years ago. You were very close to him and understood his thoughts and ideas better than
anyone else I know, so why don't you try to carry on his work and finish what he has left
unfinished due to old age, sickness etc. What is your opinion about this?

Finn Wandhal
Astrologer from Denmark
Dear ____,

I am grieved to hear about the sad news. We have lost a brilliant astrologer, researcher and a
great human being. It is a great and irreparable loss to the world of astrology. I am also
aware that it is a personal loss for you for which I am extremely sorry.

Sincerely yours,

K S Charak
Sr.Astrologer ‐ Delhi

Om Gurave Namah

Dear ___,

The world has received great jewels of knowledge from Sri Patel, and hopefully his
teachings will live on. I for one will do my best to study, incorporate, and research such
teachings and maybe then some marginal service shall have been rendered to that great soul.
This is a sad day. Then again, his Atma has been freed from a very difficult physical
condition. We lament, but where he is, is likely to be beautiful beyond words.

ACVA previously honored Patel Saheb when he was the keynote speaker and honored guest
at their symposium. I was there at the time and had a direct meeting with Sri Patel. He did
not know me, but after passing from the room, patted me on the back and looked straight in
my eyes, and I felt a Shakti occurring at that moment. He was very kind and a
compassionate person and he loved the astrologers in particular.

All the best,

Robert Koch
Sr. Astrologer‐ USA

Dear ____,

Just a word to say I am very regretful to hear from Gary Gomes of the passing of C.S. Patel
and so glad you and Gary created that very interesting article in the last CVA journal. Mr.
Patel represents a fund of profound knowledge and is a great worthy and humble jyotishi
and a light to all scholars. It is so unfortunate that we are losing him and ironic how the
good work you have done in bringing attention to him in our journal has given him some
extra recognition in the western world just before he is called on to his next stage of being.
I do hope that his ongoing work and his library will be cared for by people who appreciate
their value.
Hope you are doing well and are happy!

Sat Siri Khalsa
Sr.Astrologer from US


Simplicity & Discipline:

When he was young he went to see movie of Lord Rama with a couple friend. As movie
started the couple got up and did Shastang Namaskar in the theatre (such was the company
he kept). After movie he went to that film studio where the same actors who played Ram &
Sita were sitting outside the sets, there he saw them smoking & drinking he was most upset.
Then he had disgust for actors & movies for all his life, he often said this story to scribe and
said although one can think how silly of him to have such feelings but it lead him to never
watch movies but to concentrate every waking minute on Jyotish which was his love. Such
was his way of diverting energy from untoward events into productivity which shaped his
Jyotish. Another incident that scribe remembers, whilst in 2006 full year scribe worked with
him on his book on Retrogression, scribe would take his laptop to type what he said but he
refused for it profusely for days and days, saying that if he wants to change a sentence how
it will be done. Although I explained to him that this is the way of the computer which his
grandson also uses, he said it did not fit into his logic. He took his slate & white pencil (used
in olden days), he would write on it & give me his brilliant smile. He never could
understand how I passed his message to his dear student Shri R.G.Krishnan through email
or to his grandson in an instant. Every day scribe had to reach his house by 3 pm & would
often be late by minimum 10 minutes; as soon as I would enter he would say sharply ‘You
are Lateee’. I stopped giving excuses and only bowed down. Such was his way of seeing life
through the Simple Bioscope of an old man who was isolated from the world as all his
friends & jyotish comrades he had outlived beyond time.

As we wind up this homage to HIS lotus feet, scribe would share his guidance that has
helped us & others.
a) He would repeat & repeat ‘Do not Ever tell a lie if you want your predictions to come

b) ‘Do not keep any malice
against any astrologer; if not
possible keep very little in Chinese Mystic Chuang Tzŭ
your heart and head as it
corrupts our astrological
When Chuang Tzŭ was about to die, his disciples
growth’. expressed a wish to give him a splendid funeral. But
c) Often he would scold me not Chuang Tzŭ said: "With Heaven and Earth for my
coffin and shell; with the sun, moon, and stars, as my
to study many things at the
burial regalia; and with all creation to escort me to
same time, he would say
the grave,—are not my funeral paraphernalia ready
‘Study only one topic in to hand?"
astrology for years and "We fear," argued the disciples, "lest the carrion kite
years, master it till you should eat the body of our Master;" to which Chuang
breathe it – that’s the secret Tzŭ replied: "Above ground I shall be food for kites;
of my success. below I shall be food for mole-crickets and ants. Why
d) ‘Practice Honest Astrology rob one to feed the other?"
in deeds, thoughts & do not
be a connoisseur
marketing yourself as a
Chuang Tzŭ and Hui Tzŭ had strolled on to the
Guru & Dollar Astrology, bridge over the Hao, when the former observed: "See
the Rishis watch us & how the minnows are darting about! That is the
control this science, trust me pleasure of fishes."
"You not being a fish yourself," said Hui Tzŭ, "how can
they watch us. The
you possibly know in what consists the pleasure of
repercussions of otherwise fishes?"
acts are too fatal’. "And you not being I," retorted Chuang Tzŭ, "how can
e) ‘If you can’t respect Time by you know that I do not know?"
being on Time, how will you "If I, not being you, cannot know what you know,"
predict others good or bad urged Hui Tzŭ, "it follows that you, not being a fish,
times’. cannot know in what consists the pleasure of fishes."
"Let us go back," said Chuang Tzŭ, "to your original
Lastly, lets note that he had his question. You asked me how I knew in what consists
strengths and weaknesses as a the pleasure of fishes. Your very question shows that
human being, sometimes the you knew I knew. I knew it from my own feelings on
weaknesses hurt scribe very this bridge."
very badly, but our love might
make his spirit to be next to us
forever saying what he would
always say when I daily bowed
to him that is ‘Vidyavan
Bhava’ (Bless you to be
May I ask," said Tzŭ Kung, "about divine men?"
knowledgeable). "Divine men," replied Confucius, "are divine to man,
but ordinary to God. Hence the saying that the
meanest being in heaven would be the best on earth;
and the best on earth, the meanest in heaven."

Bhrigu Maharishi’s Blessings

Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi -2

Saptarishis Astrology1

he system of timing events to the exact date with dasa is lost or maybe was never
there, but with transits sometimes we are lucky to get results, that is once in a blue
moon and that too with no consistency. The system presented herein does not
mean it is infallible or always one would get the exact date but at times we would be lucky,
those would be the moments of the astrologer. This again is as per the rules of the 6th ring of
Saptarishis, which states that normal astrologers (they say) cannot become extremely good
in their predictions, tough to believe in this age but this is what was written down.

After we find out 2‐3 events of what would happen in a chart for a particular year of life.
Note down the following points in the concerned sign. E.g. if say you get the current age of
the native as the 28th year which means our ‘Bhrighu Chakra Bindu’ comes in the 4H these
are :‐

Trigger Points

1. Note the degrees of planets placed in 4H

2. Note the degree of the lord of that house (4H)
3. Note the degrees of the various other planets conjoined with the 4L
4. If any planet aspects the 4H or where the 4L is then note down the degrees of those
5. Note down the degrees of the Upagrahas
6. Note down the degrees of the arudha points in both houses.

To gain more please start reading this during Sukhla Paksha, on a Friday with left nostril flowing in
the hora of Venus.

7. Note down the dispositors dispositor (we are still testing this point)
8. Note down the degrees of the sahams
9. Do not ignore the Asc degree in any house.

There are many more points but let’s keep it simple in the examples below.

Chart 1: 97 yr old native, time of birth roughly 3 pm

If one spends too much time on the net forums then one gets vary to touch charts where the
client has said it’s not too sure. Some of us infact get into an obsessive habit of correcting
perfect birth times. In 2007 this chart was being studied which belongs to the mother of a
very good Canadian Astrologer who does western astrology.
Bhrighu Chakra Bindu:
2007‐1910=97th year=97‐96=1H of the chart where Rahu, Mandi/Gulika & retro Saturn is
there, which means a disastrous year for her as so many malefics and Asc Lord in the 8H of
chronic disease and accidents & badhak Saturn in Lagna. Natal Jupiter protects the 1H which
means the native can escape death though were sure she would die but as the daughter puts
its every time we feel she will not survive this fighter survives. So as we have so many
planets in the 1H we note the degrees of the planets.

One House =30 degrees= 1 year = 365.2425 days

so 1 degree=12.17 days (approx)

Now calculate the days for each planet that you got above in the 1H and its lord Mars, you
would get 4 dates, something on these 4 dates would happen. Do not forget transits but for
the sake of focusing more on the core technique transits are not touched here.
The badhak lord is Saturn or Rahu for that year, which means badha will come in this year
from 18th Dec 2006 to 18th Dec 2007 i.e. her 97th year (1H), now note the degrees of Rahu in
1H it is 24Ar32, multiply by 12.17= 24.32 x 12.17= 298.89 days. Add this to the last birth date 18th
Dec 2006 and we get Rahus Trigger Point as 12th Oct 2007, as Rahu is the badhak & also GK
(Gnyati Karaka – accidents karaka ‐ 8 karaka) hence she had a very serious accident on 5th
Oct 2007.

As you can see our date is 7 days away, what has been observed over many more horoscopes
is that this Trigger Point acts as Before or After. Remember how village astrologers predict
‘Yeh Tariq ke pehle hojaye ga or Yeh Tarig ke badh mein hoja ye ga (Before this date the
event will happen or after so and so date the event will happen)

Note here that the time of birth is not accurate but still one can predict in retrospect to the
Parasari System of Vargas.

Chart 2: Nathuram Godse, assassin of Mahatma Gandhi

He died at the age of 40 which is 4H, the 4L Mercury has gone in the 12H of exit from the
world, so note the degrees of Mer which is 14.15, convert this into days which is 14.15 x
12.17=173 days, now add this to the last birth day which was 19th May 1949 and you get 8th
Nov 1949 and he was hanged on 15th Nov 1949, seven days later than Mer Trigger Point Date.

Gandhi Assasination:
He assassinated Gandhiji on 30th Jan 1948 because of which this man shot to worldwide fame
(note word fame) for killing the man considered as a thorn in the British Empire. If we
calculate it is the 38th year of his life, which means 38‐36=2nd house where Mandi (poison)
sits & aspected by Ketu (metal) from 6H of enmity & trinal aspect of Ven the 5L of fame
and also the 12th lord of cause of exit. So we note the degrees of Mandi, Ketu and Venus and
calculate date of event.
For brevity take Venus at 20.15 = 20.15 x 12.17= 246 days which added to last birth day you get
20th Jan 1948 whereas he assassinated Gandhi on 30th Jan 1948, 10 days from the date of our
Ven Trigger Point Date. Also note that Venus is the Amk (main karma) so his main karma
in this life was to eliminate Gandhi and that is what happened on the date as per this

Chart 3: George Bush Jr.


1st Term:
Let’s observe the 55th year which is from July 2000 to July 2001. Before that when you see this
chart you see maximum number of planets in the 1H, note this and also the rulers of this
house. Now the 55th year = 55‐48=7th house which is the house of padaprapti (which means
Gain of Position), so note the aspects on this house, a gajakesari yoga (formed by 9L & Asc
lord note this) aspect (5th) is there on 7H and also lord of it Saturn goes into the 1H, which
means padaprapti comes to self. Saturn will behave as 7L more as it is 3 degree & not finally
as 8th lord. Now this Saturn receives the energy of gajakesari yoga of the 9th lord by virtue of
its dispositor going to this Saturn. So this year this man will suddenly become lion and we
see the degrees of Saturn, Mer, Venus and convert them into dates as per Bhrighu Chakra
Paddathi system.

As mentioned at the start of the article you can see this from another point of view, 2H is the Year of
Concern, 2L Moon is in the 4H aspected at 20 degree of it by Venus sitting at 20 degree.
For now let’s take the ‘Lord of Gajakeshari Yoga’ Mercury here whose deg is 16Cn45 = 16.45
x 12.17 =203 days, add this to last birth day of 6th July 2000 we get 25th Jan 2001. He
incidentally assumed the most powerful post on earth on 20th Jan 2001, five days before our
This marks the most important date of his life. But lets not forget who is Mer (Trigger Point
One) he is Pik, which means PitriKaraka, that means 9H, which means Bhagya (Prosperity
giver) & in western astrology house of king we are told, he incidentally became the king of
the world.

2nd Term:
Let’s see his 59th year which would be from July 2004 to July 2005 when he ran again for 2nd
term for presidency. Now 59 th year= 59‐48=11th house of Achievements, where an exalted
Rahu is sitting with Uranus & A3 (arudha of the 3H). What is A3 he is the ‘Result of the
Gajakesari Yoga and that too a 9L & Asc Lord one (note this). If you see the lord of 59th year
goes to Lagna and the same story that happened 4 yrs back would be repeated. Also go back
to A3 whose degree would be 16. 45. Now convert it into days we get 203 days, adding this to
last birth date of 6th July 2004 we get 25th Jan 2005 whereas he assumed office on 20th Jan 2005.

Chart 4: Barak Obama

In India in olden days the first thing they would predict is when marriage will happen and
when the first child will happen. The joy of both is limitless.

His marriage was discussed in the Publitorial of this issue of Saptarishis Astrology Vol 3
with the 19th Verse technique, he married in his 32nd year which is from Aug 1992 to Aug
1993, so let’s see 32‐24=8H where Rahu and Mars is sitting. Now note rahu, it is Amk, so 10H
significator, who is 10H, he is the sukha of marriage partner (4th from 7th). From parasari
point of view, Rahu is the 2nd lord of family way, so will he go the family way, see the
degrees of Rahu it is 4.34 converted into days you get 55 days which comes to 28th Sept 1992
whereas 5 days later he got married on 3rd Oct 1992.

Child Birth:
Let’s see his 37th year (Aug 1997 –Aug 1998), 37th year =37‐36=1st house, what is 1st house it is
the father of the child (9 th from 5th house of children) which means child will get father i.e.
man becomes father. Also, the lord of the 1H Saturn is with Jupiter the putra karaka
(children significator). Now in 1H there are two planets Saturn & Jupiter, both retro. Which
means we get 4 degrees, two of Sat & Jupiter & two of 30° – retro deg. Now take Saturn it is
2 deg so we get Trigger Points for 2 degree and as Saturn is retro (backwards) we deduct 30‐
2= 28 degree. Now convert 28 degree to days you get 340 days added to last birth day you get
10th July 1998 as Saturn’s Trigger Point Date whereas his 1st child Malia Ann3 was born 4th
July 1998, difference of 6 days from the technique.

Note: There has been lot of debate on Obamas birth time but finally he released his birth
certificate and one can also confirm that with this chart the 1st child will be a girl child with
name starting with M.

Unknown Birth Times

This is the toughest for anyone to predict. There is no system clear cut enough to determine
correct Asc with us so far. All of us in the astro community get frustrated when presented
with unknown birth times but we can’t run away from it. Let’s use Bhrighu Chakra
Paddathi Method on some charts of unknown birth times.

Chart 5: Manmohan Singh, PM Of India

When he became the prime minister of India, instead of the Opposition Party spending
sleepless nights the astrologers became busy finding out his chart and his birth time, many
charts were floated but this was the case which baffled all as he was a man who was nowhere
near the throne of Primeministership & all of us had failed to predict his Rise. Out of the
many charts one such chart was floated on the net forums.
For those who consider this chart to be correct with Sg Asc would say that Budha Aditya
yoga wherein Sun is the powerful 9L and Mer giving Mahapursha yoga has given him fame
as the best Finance (Mer) Minister who was the sculptor behind India becoming a Super
Power. He assumed office on 22nd May 2004, so 2004‐1932= 72nd year of life which means
Bhrighu Chakra Bindu is in the 12H for that year whose lord Mars goes into 8H of sudden

changes & other lord Ketu goes into 9H with Jupiter the Asc lord & 4L of throne in the 9H
of kingship. Taking the traditional route Mars the lord of the 72nd year is with Moon &
Venus, a triple Vipareeta Raja Yoga aspected by retro Saturn so the results of the 12H, 8H &
6H will come in late in life and true to the nature of Vipareeta Raja Yoga, it was the
inability of Sonia Gandhi to be PM, he was instead given the mantle of becoming PM after
much drama. The noteworthy feature is Moon (Sonia) is its own house with Venus (again
Sonia, she is still beautiful), so note the degree of the Moon which is 19.39, converted to days
it comes 239 days, added to last birth day of 26Sept 2003 we get 22nd May 2004, the day he
became the Prime Minister of India. Why moon? Because it is the naisargik (natural) lord of
the 4H of Throne. All this happened in the 8H which means this was his destiny 100% that
too with Moon (Amk – it was his karma), Mars (MK – Sonia is the angry mother holding
the reins of the govt) and Ven (AK – soul – born for this event)

Naisargik Kundali System

Let’s assume you do not even know the Asc of any native for e.g. the above native Mr.
Singh, then how do we treat this 72nd year which is the 12H, then we go to the Naisargik
Kundali wherein Pisces is the 12H, here lord will be Jupiter (who in the naisargik kundali
will be 9L in the 5H of Power, he got power), whose degree is 17.02 and we get date of 20th
April 2004, so you predict that if at all he would get power it would be only after 20th April
2004 and within a month he became PM by the blessings of his father.

Note how many Indian Prime Ministers have Jupiter Ketu together.
Chart 6: The Joker – Heath Andrew Ledger

This is another chart of a man who played the joke on us when we expected him to become
one of the finest actors in cinema. There is absolutely no clue to his time of birth. We
checked with ADB (astro data bank) users and even they did not have his birth time. We
remember him for his fine performance in The Patriot, Monsters Ball, A Knights Tale,
Brokeback Mountain & finally as ‘The Joker’ in just released Batman movie ‘The Dark
Knight’ which has broken all box office records and he had a tough role to beat the legend of
legends Mr. Jack Nicolson. Heath’s performance was liked by all but he never got to see the
fame6 of ‘The Dark Knight’ as he died on. As there is no time of birth let’s see his chart from
Naisargik Kundali point of view with Aries as the Asc.


He died in his 29th year (2004‐1979=29), which means 5H (29‐24=5), see what is happening to
the 5H, Rahu & retro Sat aspected by maraca lord Venus who for Aries becomes a perfect
maraca, see the 5L Sun goes into the 12H which means fame (5H) after death (12H) and is
with 8L Mars and 3 & 6L Mer. What a terrible year for this great actor. See he died of drugs
overdose (5H has rahu etc) in bed (see 5L in the 12H of bed).

Academy Award nominee (Best Lead Actor), Golden Globe nominee (Best Lead Actor ‐ Drama),
BAFTA Award nominee (Best Lead Actor), SAG nominee (Best Lead Actor, Best Ensemble Cast), AFI
Award (International Award for Best Actor), New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor
Even film critic David Denby, who does not praise the film overall in his pre‐release review in The
New Yorker, evaluates Ledger's work highly, describing his performance as both "sinister and
frightening" and Ledger as "mesmerizing in every scene", concluding: "His performance is a heroic,
unsettling final act: this young actor looked into the abyss.
Rahu (drugs) is at 23.36 which means 287 days, added to his last birth day we get 16th Jan 2008
whereas he died on 22nd Jan 2008, 6 days after Rahu Trigger Point Date.

2H is a maraca (killer) house, here Mandi (poison –drugs) is in Taurus (naisargik 2H) now
observe that Mandi does not change degree even if it is morning to 5 pm. The degree of
Mandi is 24.03, whose dispositor Ven becomes a triple maraca aspecting the 5H (29th year),
so this Mandi becomes extremely important, now convert into days its 292 days, which is 21st
Jan 2008 whereas his body was found on 22nd Jan 2008.

Special Note:
After this article was completed & some probing re‐started on Heaths birth time, Kathy
posted on the Astro Data Bank Forum.

‘I have a time of birth for Heath Ledger from Gabriella Mittelman that was posted on the
ISAR Ezine Volume 478 and given as 6.30 a.m., Perth, Australia.’

He died in his 29th year (2004‐1979=29), which means 5H (29‐24=5), see what is happening to
the 5H, there is exalted Jupiter, his love life is ruined, one day his buddhi will get brasth
(means intelligence ruined) & he won’t get the love of his father as Jupiter is 10L & exalted.
But let’s not try to confirm if the chart is correct as that is not the purpose of this article.
Now see Jups dispositor is Moon in the 4H (1st pillar of life), it is aspected by Ketu (those
who do not believe that Ketu has aspect can refer to classics for relevant shloka) who is with
8L & 3L of death Venus making it behave like Venus. Ketu’s deg is 23.37 which is 287 days
which added to last birth date comes to 16th Jan 2008 whereas he died on 22nd Jan 2008. Ketu
in 12H gives moksha (liberation) and that’s what it gave him liberation from this life.
Chart 7: Demise of C.S.Patel

He died on 14th Aug 2007 i.e. 92nd year= 92‐84=8th house, there Jup the 6th lord in 8H so
chronic disease that year is guaranteed. Now 8L Sat goes into the 12H of exit and loss of
physical body (12th from 1H), so see deg of Sat it is 20.40, which means Sat will have two
Trigger Points one at 20.40 and other at 9.20, converting 20.40 we get 251 days when the blow
of Saturn will be final, adding it to his last birth day we get 8th Sept 2007, whereas 24 days
before he expired. The story goes like this, sometimes we pray to God for someone not to die
& at times we pray to God for the native to die early. One of the students of Patel was
present when Patel was hospitalized and could not bear to see his Gurudev suffer. He went
to a very famous Shani Temple in Ahmadabad (remember Shani is in the 12h so will be the
decider) and prayed profusely to Lord Shani to take away his Guru and the very next day
Patel Saheb was no more. So did the event of death happen before the scheduled day, it’s
anybody’s guess?

Chart 8: Wesley from Sohamsa List

When a man does not have a job only he can truly experience the agony of staying in an
American city on his own and no support system contrary to the Indian Family system. Till
date there is no repeatable method of predicting job timing & so the jobless ones go from
astrologer to astrologer without getting any respite. This native made a post on the
Sohamsa List Message No 15320 & our friend asked him using this method ‘Around Sept
23rd/24th 2007 and/or Aug 15th 2007 ‐ did any specific event happen in your life that you

His reply was ‘I was working at a temporary sea job at Seattle, traveling to
Canada, that job lasted 2 months & My mom came to Seattle, she
helped me moved out of the apartment. And my mom came at exactly Sept
23rd, you were correct. So then after a month, I went back to
Florida, all dreams are gone. I have not worked since then.

Now how was the 23rd Sept 2007, see 26th year would be from July 2007 to July 2008, it
would be 2H where Mandi and retro Uranus are there. Mandi is at 5.27=66days add it to last
birth day of 19July2007, we get 23rd Sept 2007 bang on, it happening in 2H where 2L in 12H,
person will travel but loss, finance issues and family will come into picture all 2H
attributes, Mandi created the block which has not made this young boy not work till now.

Chart 9: Predicting date of travel to London

This native is one of the copy editors & proof readers for Saptarishis Astrology; we had
earlier failed thrice on his chart in predicting travel abroad which he desperately wants as his
fanatic passion is to settle down abroad. Few months back he asked us to relook at his chart,
we then used this method and saw that he is running the 35th year of his life which means
11H, the lord of which goes to 3H of travel, it is Saturn so west, at the same time it is sign
Gemini which as per Raphael is London I think. Now 3 Trigger points you get Sat, Ketu,
Ven, Saturn looks more probable but the date was already gone past by the time the reading
was being given. Take Ven (Amk – Career), it is 21.30 converted to date we get 7th Aug 2008,
we had done manual calculations and predicted 8th Aug 2008, he got an offer from his

London office (west of India – Sat) to join there for a project, he was thrilled and he asked us
to predict again we

stuck to 8th Aug 2008, he said he already had tickets in his hand for 2nd Aug, so prediction
was off the mark. Then Sat retro gave its effects and the London office screwed up on paper
work, he asked if he would go we said wait for 8th Aug, today as we are writing this 5th Aug
he said things are sorted out and he is going on Sunday the 10th Aug 2008 early morning.

Chart 10: Bill Clinton

________ ________

There are many time of births floating for him but here we stick to what is worked upon by

Monica Lewinsky Scandal: 52nd year
It broke out on 21st Jan 1998 bringing him to shame & also the American Presidency. Here
we shall not go into verification of the chart as that’s not the objective, 1998‐1946=52nd year=
52‐48=4th house of prestige, the lord of which is placed in the 2H aspecting his 8H of scandal
& destroyed his 1H (ref Jup in chara rasi article in Vol 1) of name & self image. This Jupiter
is also his 7L of relationships. Now see 4H is aspected by Mars who is with Venus, we all
know generally what is Mars Ven (sex) which aspects his 4H containing A6 (6H arudha,
6H is court, he went to court). That means due to Sex he will go to court in his 52nd year that
is how one interprets. Then see 4L Jupiter, from it the 8H of scandal & sex has Rahu, who
itself means scandal and sitting with AL (arudha lagna). As we know whenever Rahu is
with AL, it invariably involves scandal on ones image.
Now take deg of Mars who is the 8L of scandal & sex & dispositor of Gulika, its deg is 13.13
converted to days its comes as 160 days which comes to 26th Jan 1998 and his scandal was out
on 21st Jan 1998 and by 26th Jan the whole world was talking at every pub & household.
Jupiter aspecting the 8H here could have made him act priestly (Jupiter is priest) denying
the whole incident & acting saintly, guess that is how it happened. Though finally Jupiter
won and made him retain his presidency. One may note that on 26th Jan 1998 as per our
Bhrighu Chakra Trigger Point Date, President Clinton, standing with his wife, spoke at a
White House press conference, and issued a forceful denial for the first time. One can go
back and find out when the relationship started & we would find Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi
working to the T.

Chart 11: Immobile since 8 yrs


7 Source Wikipedia, there is another
source which says that it broke on 17th Jan 1998 on the Drudge Report Website The story broke in the mainstream press on January 21
in The Washington Post.[3] The story swirled for several days and, despite swift denials from Clinton, the
clamor for answers from the White House grew louder. On January 26, President Clinton, standing
with his wife, spoke at a White House press conference, and issued a forceful denial:
The magazine is not trying to deride Mr. Clintons act, as any event is just an event neither good nor
This chart belongs to a very dear friend & volunteer now of Saptarishis Astrology who
inspite of not knowing astrology has been a major contributor to the magazine. When you
look at this chart the first thing you notice is 3 planets in 12H & exalted Ketu in the 8H of
meditation/occult which means Big Mistake in Meditation will be done (Ketu means
mistake and exalted means big one), and this is Ketu is energized by Jupiter from 5H of
mental things. Additionally Ketu in the 8H ‘can’ indicate an incurable disease.

26th Year:
See the 26th year from Oct 1999 to Oct 2000; it would be the 2H (26‐24) which is in the
rahu/ketu axis so we are alerted. The 2H is owned by Mars, whose deg is 26.28 and is the AK
(soul significator) means something tragic (ketu) effecting the soul (mars AK) and violent
(Mars) can happen at the Mars Trigger Point of 26.28 deg which converts to 30th Aug 2008.
Mars additionally is in the 12H of hospitals with the chronic 8L Ven who is also the
dispositor of Ketu. She was doing meditation on 21st Aug, 2000 with a group of spiritualists
in a hill resort, the meditation became intense and she went for stroll down the hill, slipped
and went tumbling down and her back hit a rock, she has been paralysed in the back since
then and is on wheel chair since 8 yrs. Such a beautiful soul has to face so much of trouble
for no fault of hers so could we as astrologers have told her do not go for any sort of
meditation in the 26th year if she approached us in the 25th year is the question we need to ask

Further Thinking
If you see at times we get great results but still it is a miss of 7‐8 days,
right now for this article the calculations are done on the basis
of one year equals to 365.2524, whereas for 2 years we were not
using an excel sheet but just using the constant 12.166 derived from
365 days ÷ 30° of a sign and we were getting almost dot on dates.
The issue is complex when it comes to length of a year e.g.
• 346.62 days — a draconitic year in some septenary
• 353, 354 or 355 days — the lengths of common years in some lunisolar calendars.
• 354.37 days (12 lunar months) — the average length of a year in lunar calendars.
• 365 days — a common year in many solar calendars.
• 365.24219 days — a mean tropical year near the year 2000.
• 365.2424 days — a vernal equinox year.
• 365.2425 days — the average length of a year in the Gregorian calendar.
• 365.25 days — the average length of a year in the Julian calendar.
• 365.2564 days — a sidereal year.
• 366 days — a leap year in many solar calendars.
• 383, 384 or 385 days — the lengths of leap years in some lunisolar calendars.
• 383.9 days (13 lunar months) — a leap year in some lunisolar calendars.

If you use the Lunar year of 354.37 on
the above chart you get 20th Aug 208 as date
of accident which is just one day behind the
actual date. We welcome comments of
guidance on the length of years. Further Body Part House Sign
work must be done by software Head 1st H Ar
programmers for something simple on this Face 2nd H Ta
Neck, Arms 3 rd H Ge
though we attach an excel sheet for
Chest 4th H Cn
downloads which can help in calculation Stomach 5th H Le
created by our friend Jay Weiss, Sweden. Navel 6th H Vi
The attempt made here in this article Genitals 7th H Li
Anus 8th H Sc
is to request everyone not to ignore this
Thighs 9th H Sg
method but test it aggressively, you would Knees 10th H Cp
find some days when nothing has happened, Calves 11th H Aq
let it not dissuade you as there might be Feet 12th H Pis
some other reason for no event happening. According to Daivajna Kamadhenu,
We also could have given those charts where Part 1, Chapter 12 Shloka 35, the above
the dates were bang on 100% but those were table should be the allocation in the
charts where predictions were done for case of natives born head first, whereas
common man (non celebs) but as it is a the case of natives born with feet first,
common practice among writers to cook up the reverse order should be followed.
charts and claim their predictive ability we
avoided using those charts. It is also
internationally an accepted standard among -
astrology writers to include ‘only’ charts of Manu in work titled ‘Jaganmohanam’
known figures whose birth time cannot be If the Vedha causing planet is weak, its
doctored hence we stuck mainly to known Vedha will be ineffective. That is the
figures horoscopes. auspiciousness or inauspicious planet will go
We will continue to reveal more ahead unchecked. - Manu in work called
techniques within this method as per the ‘Jaganmohanam’
instructions & grace of our mentor in time to
Jupiter Pluto Yuti (conjunction) is one of the
come. As we feel this is one of the most
best combinations for Spirituality - Jyotish
ancient methods we feel the laws of Jyotish
Purusha would be very active on this
method. So those who do not follow the laws
of Jyotish Purusha it is humbly requested of
them not to use this method as it would not
give true fruits.

Marriage Age
– A Nadi Method
P.V.R. Rayadu, India.
A lecture given on 3rd July, 2005 at Indian
Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS),
Hyderabad, India.


M arriage is a landmark in life and

many want to know about it.
Marriage like any other event in
one's life requires a positive intermediary
influence to allow its fructification. It is
necessary that the nativity should indicate
marriage as such. Otherwise, simply
timing the possible date of marriage will

Pemmaraju V. R. Rayudu, BE, M. Tech, a go in vain. However, it is assumed that in

most cases in this mundane practical
materialistic world there is no denial of
former Senior Scientist and Deputy Director marriage, which also works as a part of
of Defense Research and Development Karma or duty.
Laboratory of Government of India, has
been studying, researching, and practicing For early marriage, delayed marriage,
Hindu Astrology for the last four decades. denial of marriage, multiple marriages,
Member of the AFA and author of the much timing the event of marriage, marriage etc,
acclaimed ‘How to Read A Horoscope’ & there are many rules given by the ancient
‘How to Match Horoscopes’ is known for his Rishis and the modern astrologers like Late
authentic work in rare areas like Nadi Shri R. Santhanam, Late Shri
D.V.Subbarao, Late Dr.B.V.Raman, Late
Astrology. Though 70 yrs old he has been a
Shri Krishnamurthy, Shri H. R. Shankar,
kind friend of Saptarishis Astrology right
Shri R.G.Rao etc. based on Vimshottari
from its inception stage. dasa system, Kalachakra dasa system,
Venus, Moon, houses 1,2,4,5,7,12 and their
lords, navamsa, Krishnamurthy Paddhathi
(KP), transits, Nadi astrology etc. It is not
denied that these rules and systems are not
correct but it would be a Herculean task to
check and apply these rules and systems to
arrive at the timing of the event of marriage. Therefore, it is felt that out of
these many rules and systems a minimum set of rules and systems could be selected with
thumb rules to arrive at least at the probable age for the event of marriage, without going
into many details at the outset. The idea is not to question the many rules and systems given
and dilute the subject, but to simplify the procedure for quickly recognizing the probable
marriage age rejecting the other unsuitable and unproductive ages so that a better of timing
of marriage event can be worked in detail later on with this probable marriage age. In this
connection the method given by Shri Shankar is quite handy.
In these days, in general, the marriage age can start from 21 and up to 28 or so; can be
considered as a timely marriage and beyond such a phase it can be deemed as delayed one.
Of course, there can be limitations for marriage age imposed by social and family customs,
conventions, circumstances, responsibilities, laws of country, religious stipulations etc.

A Nadi Method
Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus

In Nadi astrology, Saturn is considered as presiding over the portfolio of Karma or duty as
Karma Karaka.

Saturn (significator) decides the fate and duties of the individuals born in this world
depending on Saturn's interaction with other karaka planets. In performing such duties
presided over and decided by Saturn the presiding deity, there will be help and cooperation
of other planets to Saturn, whether this cooperation will prove beneficial or harmful to the
native depends upon the planetary configurations in the native's birth chart and during
transits. Jupiter is the other major planet representing the life force or Jeeva whose
interaction with the event karaka planet is important for fructification of the event. Rahu
and Ketu are the other major planets generally obstructing the event karaka planet. Mars is
taken as the karaka planet for marriage event or for the marital knot. Marital knot as
distinctly different from the concept of marital bliss or wretchedness of marital life. How a
marriage event manifests has no bearing on how life develops in the context of the marital
aspect. Contributory factors culminating in the marriage event cease to have any further
play or contribution thereafter. Under the nadi method, Venus is depicted as karaka for
marital life which can develop into marital bliss or crucible for suffering.


I n nadi astrology, transits of Saturn and Jupiter are mainly considered connecting the
karaka planet of an event in the birth chart for timing the event. Since Mars is the
karaka planet for marriage event, the interaction of Saturn and Jupiter with mars during
their transit becomes opportune for the marriage event to occur. The 7th sign depicts partner
of the native, the one with whom the marital knot is tied and the transits of Saturn and
Jupiter with the 7th sign from Mars also becomes opportune. Jupiter and Saturn interact
with natal Mars in birth chart when they transit over these signs or aspect these signs.
Jupiter transits each sign for about a year and Saturn transits each sign for about 2 1/2 years.
It can be seen that in one's life span, Jupiter and Saturn would be interacting with the
sensitive point of marital knot periodically at regular cyclic transits. While it is prerequisite
that Saturn and Jupiter in their transit interact with mars natal position to bring about
marriage event, it does not follow that every time Jupiter and Saturn interact with marital
knot sensitive point it would necessarily result in the marriage event. The task, therefore, is
to elect the particular transit of Saturn and Jupiter out of the series of transits by process of
eliminating unproductive transits. The step in this direction is to check whether the karaka
for marriage event mars comes under situations to cause delay or obstruction. Rahu's
interaction with Mars can cause impediments or delay in marriage. Symbolically, Mars is
considered as being swallowed by Rahu.

Change of Sign

I n nadi astrology, whenever a planet is retrograde in a sign, it is considered to be in the

previous sign also. When Saturn is in the beginning of a sign upto about 3 degrees and
Jupiter up to about 1 degree, they are taken to be in the previous sign. When two planets
in parivartana (exchange of signs) they are taken to be in their own signs.


I n nadi astrology, the transit of major planets is also considered in the navamsa chart in
the fructification of the event. Since navamsa chart is supposed to represent marriage
aspect, the transit of Saturn and Jupiter over the navamsa lagna and navamsa lagna lord
is considered as additional point for timing of marriage.

Nadi Method Rules For Marriage Age

The following are the main rules for arriving at probable marriage age:

a. Jupiter during transit conjoins or aspects natal Mars or 7th sign from natal Mars.
b. Saturn during transit conjoins or aspects natal Mars or 7th sign from natal Mars.
c. Jupiter during transit conjoins or aspects navamsa lagna or navamsa lagna lord.
d. Saturn during transit conjoins or aspects navamsa lagna or navamsa lagna lord.

The following additional points may also be noted:

a. When Jupiter, Saturn or Mars is retrograde in birth chart in a particular sign, they are
to be considered to be in the previous sign also and age is to be counted from there.
b. When Jupiter is in about 1 degree and Saturn is about 3 degrees in the beginning of a
sign, they are to be considered to be in the previous sign also as per the Vakya
Siddhanta followed by Nadi astrology and age is to be counted from there.
c. When Rahu is with Mars or next sign to Mars, the 4th sign from mars would be the
sensitive point for interaction with transits of Jupiter, Saturn , Rahu.
d. When Rahu is in opposite sign to mars, the 4th sign from there, that is,. the 10th sign
form natal Mars is to be considered as the sensitive point.
e. When Mars is in parivartana (exchange of signs) with another planet, Mars is to be
considered to be in own sign acting as the sensitive point.
f. When Mars is retrograde with Rahu, first Mars is to be placed in the previous sign
and the 4th sign from there is to be considered as the sensitive point.

Thumb Rule for Counting Age

ounting of age is to be started from natal Jupiter sign at the rate for one year per sign
in clockwise direction, from natal Saturn sign at the rate of 2 1/2 years per sign in
clockwise direction and from natal Rahu sign at the rate of 1 1/2 years per sign in
anti‐clockwise direction. This means that Jupiter transit on the natal Jupiter sign is
considered as completion of one year age and accordingly Jupiter transit on the next sign is
taken as completion of two years and so on. Similarly Saturn on natal Saturn sign is
considered as completion of 2 1/2 years and on the next sign completion of 5 years and so on.
Rahu transit on natal Rahu is taken as completion of 1 1/2 years and on the previous sign
since Rahu moves anti‐clockwise completion of 3 years and so on. By this thumb rule, it can
be quickly checked in which signs Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu would be during transit for
completed years. As already stated earlier, the transit positions of Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu
can be noted from 21 years age onward to check their interaction with natal Mars, navamsa
lagna and navamsa lagna lord to eliminate the unproductive ages for marriage due to Rahu
interaction with Mars.

It is admitted that this thumb rule would not give the actual transits as per the ephemeris,
but would definitely help in quickly arriving at the probable marriage age without wasting
much time and energy to find the transit positions for every year from the ephemeris.

EXAMPLES: (Lahiri Ayanamsa is taken)

Some typical practical examples of known persons are given below:

Chart 1:
Male born 4 Sept 1907, 1802 hrs IST, 18N07, 83E25, Marriage Age 16
Lagna Aquarius, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Pisces, Mars in Sagittarius, navamsa lagna
Pisces, navamsa lagna lord Jupiter in Libra

At age 16, Jupiter transits in Libra aspecting 7th sign Gemini from natal Mars in
Sagittarius, Saturn transits in Virgo aspects 7th sign Gemini from
natal mars in Sagittarius. Transit Saturn also aspects navamsa
lagna Pisces and Jupiter also transits over navamsa lagna lord
Jupiter in Libra.

Chart 2:
Male born 16 July 1964, 1620 hrs, 79E40, 17N58, Marriage 3 March
1991 ( Age 26) Lagna Scorpio, Jupiter in Aries, Saturn (retro) in
Aquarius, Mars in Taurus, navamsa lagna Aquarius, navamsa lagna
lord Saturn in Capricorn.

At age 26, Jupiter transits in Taurus over natal Mars and also aspects navamsa lagna lord
Saturn in Capricorn, Saturn is taken to be in Capricorn being in retrograde in Aquarius and
counting age from Capricorn transits in Scorpio and aspects Mars in Taurus and also aspects
navamsa lagna lord Saturn in Capricorn.
Chart 3:
Female born 24 Feb 1965, 1030 hrs, 80E36, 16N32, Marriage 21 Jan 1991 (25/26))
Lagna Aries, Jupiter in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius, Mars (retro) in Virgo, navamsa lagna
Scorpio, navamsa lagna lord mars in Gemini.

At age 25, Jupiter transiting in Aries aspects Mars in Leo (taken Leo since Mars in retrograde
in Virgo), Saturn transiting in Scorpio aspects Mars in Leo (Virgo retro) and over navamsa

At age 26, Jupiter transiting in Taurus aspects Mars in Virgo (taking as it is) and aspects
navamsa lagna, Saturn transiting in Sagittarius aspects Mars in Virgo (taking as it) and
aspects navamsa lagna lord in Gemini.

Chart 4:
Male born 25 Feb 1961, 0927 hrs, 17N27, 78E33, Marriage 25 April 1993 (Age 32) ( 25/26)
Lagna Aries, Jupiter 3 degrees 10 min., in Capricorn, Saturn 2 degrees 31 min., in Capricorn,
Mars in Gemini, navamsa lagna Gemini, navamsa lagna lord Venus in Aquarius

At age 32, Jupiter transits in Leo and aspects 7th sign Sagittarius from natal mars in Gemini.,
Saturn is at 2 degrees 31 min., in Capricorn and taken to be in Sagittarius (nadi rule if Saturn
is upto about 3 degrees in a sign considered as if in previous sign) transits in Sagittarius and
aspects mars in Gemini and navamsa lagna lord Venus in Aquarius.

In this case, since it is considered as late marriage, other ages are also considered to check
why the marriage event was missed earlier. The Age Table in Appendix gives the transits as
per the thumb rule as well as per ephemeris. The signs and comments in the brackets are as
for the data from ephemeris for ready comparison.

It may be noted in the comments, at other ages, either Rahu obstructs Mars or Jupiter and
Saturn are not connected to Mars and hence the marriage event could not take place.
Whereas at age 32, in the case of the thumb rule, Jupiter and Saturn are connected to Mars
and Navamsa lagna lord and Rahu does not obstruct Mars and in the ephemeris data Saturn
in Aquarius is not connected to Mars.

Male born 25 Nov 1964, 1523 hrs, 17N26, 78E27, Marriage 28 Feb 1991, 0300 hrs, 17N42, 83E18,
(Age 26/27) Lagna Aries, Jupiter (retro) in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius, Mars in Leo, navamsa
lagna Aries, navamsa lagna lord Mars in Leo, Mars and Sun are in Parivartana (exchange of

At age 26, Jupiter in Pisces (being retrograde in Aries) transits in Aries, aspects Mars, over
navamsa lagna Aries and aspects navamsa lagna lord Mars in Leo, Saturn transits in
Sagittarius aspects 7th from natal Mars in Leo.

At age 27, Jupiter transits in Taurus, aspects Mars in Scorpio (being in exchange of signs
with Sun), Saturn transits in Sagittarius aspects 7th from Mars.

Chart 6:
Male born 3 August 1942, 0723 hrs, 13N00, 77E35, Marriage August (Age 30)
Lagna Leo, Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Taurus, Mars & Rahu in Leo, Navamsa lagna

Since Mars is with Rahu in Leo, the sensitive point is Scorpio, the 4th from Leo. At age 30,
Jupiter transiting in Scorpio is over Mars, Saturn transiting in Taurus aspects Scorpio Mars
and both are also connected with navamsa lagna Taurus.

Chart 7:
Male (one of twins) born 5 Nov 1956, 0241 hrs, 16N32, 80E36, Marriage 22 March 1992 (Age 35).
Lagna Leo 29 deg.26 min, Jupiter 1 deg.19 min. in Virgo, Saturn 9 deg.27 min. in Scorpio,
Mars 25deg 53 min. in Aquarius, navamsa lagna Sagittarius, navamsa lagna lord in

At age 35, Jupiter in Leo (being in 1 deg. 19 min. in Virgo as per nadi rule) transits in Gemini
and aspects Natal Mars in Aquarius and navamsa lagna Sagittarius, Saturn transits in
Sagittarius aspects Mars and over navamsa lagna.

Chart 8:
Male (twin brother of chart 7) born 5 Nov 1956, 0226 hrs, 16N32, 80E36, Marriage 18 Aug 1988.
(Age 32)

Lagna Leo 25 deg.49 min., Jupiter in Virgo 1deg.18min, Saturn in Scorpio 9 deg.27 min, Mars
in Aquarius 23 deg.52 min., navamsa lagna Scorpio, navamsa lagna lord in Taurus.

At age 32, Jupiter transits in Aries (natal Jupiter is taken to be in Virgo only) aspects 7th
from Mars, Saturn transits in Scorpio aspects 7th from Mars, transits over navamsa lagna
and aspects navamsa lagna lord, if Jupiter is taken to be in Leo, Jupiter transits in Pisces
almost over Mars and aspects navamsa lagna.

NOTE: The twin with earlier navamsa lagna got married earlier.
Chart 9:
Female (one of twins) born 25 Nov 1967, 2223 hrs, 17N26, 78E27, Marriage 1989 (age 22)
Lagna Cancer 15deg 59min34sec. Jupiter 11.19.05, Saturn (retro) Pisces 12.24.48, Mars
Capricorn 1.53.16, navamsa lagna Scorpio, navamsa lagna lord in Capricorn.

At age 22, Jupiter transiting in Taurus aspects Mars and navamsa lagna lord, Saturn (being
retrograde taken in Aquarius) transiting in Libra aspects 7th from Mars. Taking Saturn in
Pisces itself transits in Scorpio aspects Mars and navamsa lagna.

Chart 10:
Female (twin sister of chart 9) born 25 Nov 1967, 2220 hrs, 17N26, 78E27, Marriage 1989
(Age 22)

Lagna 14.58.48 Cancer, Jupiter 11.19.05 in Leo, Saturn 12.24.48 in Pisces, Mars Capricorn,
navamsa lagna Scorpio, navamsa lagna lord in Capricorn.

At age 22, same as given for Chart 9.

Note: When the navamsa lagna is same the marriage took place at same age for both

Chart 11:
It was predicted in Jan 2005, when their parents asked about her marriage, that her marriage
would be in her 22/23 age, most probably at her 22 1/2 age.

Female born 30 Nov 1982, 0405 hrs, 17N23, 78E23, Marriage 1 June 2005
Lagna Libra, Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Libra, Mars in Sagittarius, Rahu in Gemini,
Navamsa Lagna Capricorn, Navamsa Lagna lord in Scorpio.
Since Rahu is in 7th from Mars, take 4th from 7th i.e., 10th from Mars in Sagittarius Virgo
as Sensitive point.

At age 23, Jupiter transits in Virgo over sensitive point in Virgo aspects Navamsa lagna,
Saturn transits over Cancer aspects sensitive point Virgo aspects Navamsa lagna.
Since Jupiter and Mars are in exchange of houses (parivartana) taking Mars in Scorpio and
Jupiter in Sagittarius, at age 22 Jupiter transits in Virgo aspects 7th from Mars Taurus
aspects over Navamsa lagna, Saturn transits in Gemini almost aspects Mars in Scorpio and
Navamsa lagna lord and at age 23 transits in Cancer almost aspects 7th from Mars aspects
Navamsa lagna.

As per the actual ephemeris on the marriage day, Jupiter is retro in Virgo and Saturn just
entered Cancer and Jupiter being retro considered to be in Leo aspects Natal Mars in
Sagittarius and Saturn almost aspects.

Natal Mars and in fact at the time of fixing the marriage Saturn transits in Gemini aspects
Natal Mars.

Chart 12:
Male born 04 Feb 1946, 0742 hrs, 17N23, 78E 27, Marriage 07 May 1971 at 22:30 hrs (Age 25)
Lagna Aquarius, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn Gemini, Mars ( retro) Gemini, Rahu Gemini,
Navamsa lagna Scorpio, Navamsa lagna lord Aries.
Since Mars is Retrograde in Gemini and with Rahu, first consider Mars in Taurus and then
count 4th house from there ie Leo as the Sensitive point.
At age 25, Jupiter transits in Libra aspects 7th Aquarius from the sensitive point Leo, aspect
navamsa lagna lord; Saturn is considered to be in Taurus being retrograde in Gemini transits

Aquarius aspects 7th from sensitive point aspects navamsa lagna Scorpio and navamsa lagna

Many charts with birth data and marriage dates (88) are checked with this thumb rule
method and in 43 charts all the four rules are satisfied and in the rest also nearly 3 rules are
satisfied. It looks that this method gives better results compared to actual transits taken from
ephemeris for different ages which is also a tedious process. Therefore, the thumb rule to
count the ages from Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu can be followed to arrive at the probable age
for marriage. Shri Shankar should be thanked in indicating Mars as marital knot karaka and
transit of Jupiter connecting Mars for marriage timing. The method is extended including
transits of Saturn and Rahu connecting mars, navamsa lagna and navamsa lagna lord, to
select the probable age eliminating unproductive ages due to Rahu's connection with Mars.

Marriage being the most auspicious and major event, there must be some allowance for
planets in transit to properly correlate the fixation of marriage and its actual ceremony.
Planets could have easily changed their position between these two phases. The transits at
the marriage fixation time also may satisfy the rules better than at the actual marriage time.

All the readers are requested to study this thumb rule method with the birth data and the
marriage dates available with them along with the actual transits as per ephemeris. They
should do further research to formulate better rules to arrive at more appropriate results for
marriage timing of not only marriage age but also up to the marriage month and date in that
marriage age.

Appendix: Age Table Chart 4

As per Thumb rule (As per ephemeris)

Date Age Comments
Jupiter Saturn Rahu

Jup, Sat not

25 Feb, Virgo Leo Cancer
21 connected to Mars
1982 (Libra Retro) (Virgo Retro) (Gemini)
(Rahu over Mars)

Saturn not
connected to Mars,
25 Feb, Libra(Scorpi Leo(Libra Gemini(Gemini
22 Rahu over Mars
1983 o) Retro) )
(Saturn not
connected to Mars)

Jupiter not
25 Feb, Scorpio Virgo Taurus connected to Mars
1984 (Sagittarius) (Libra) (Taurus Retro) (Rahu over Nav

25 Feb, 24 Sagittarius Virgo Aries Rahu aspects 7th

1985 (Capricorn) (Scorpio Retro) (Aries) from Mars
(Jupiter not
connected to Mars)

Jup not connected to

25 Feb, Capricorn Virgo Aries Mars
1986 (Aqua) (Scorpio) (Aries) (Sat not connected
to Mars)

Jupiter not
25 Feb, Aqua Libra Pisces connected to Mars
1987 (Pisces) (Scorpio) (Pisces) (Jupiter not
connected to Mars)

Jupiter not
25 Feb, Pisces Libra Pisces connected to Mars
1988 (Aries) (Sagittarius) (Aquarius) (Rahu aspects Mars
over Nav.lag.lord)

Saturn not
25 Feb, Aries Scorpio Aquarius connected to Mars
1989 (Taurus) (Sagittarius) (Capricorn) (Jupiter not
connected to Mars)

Jupiter, Saturn not

25 Feb, Taurus Scorpio(Sagittar Pisces(Capricor connected to Mars
1990 (Gemini) ius) n) (Rahu aspects

Saturn not
25 Feb, Gemini(Can Scorpio Capricorn connected to Mars
1991 cer Retro) (Capricorn) (Capricorn) (Saturn not
connected to Mars)

Jupiter not
connected to Mars
25 Feb, Cancer Sagittarius Sagittarius
31 (Sat not connected
1992 (Leo Retro) (Capricorn) (Sagittarius)
to Mars, Rahu
aspects Mars)

Jupiter aspects 7th

from Mars. Sat
aspects Mars. Jup,
25 Feb, Sagittarius Scorpio Sat aspects
32 (Virgo
1993 (Aquarius) (Scorpio) Nav.lag.lord. Rahu
not connected to
Mars. (Sat not
connected to Mars)

Observations On
Livelihood - 1

Nandakishor Shrikrishna
Jakatdar, India.

arma in the 21st century has been
redefined as ones job or business
that a person does for his
livelihood. And as this aspect (of
job and business) is to be analysed,
astrologer has to concentrate on 10th house
of the subject. This is because 10th house is
the ‘house of karma’ wherein Karma is
defined as the action we do in this life.
Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are its

Nandakishore ShriKrishna Jakatdar is a lords (karaks). Sun is the karaka

(indicator) of soul (aatma) and also
attributes decision making power (to the
famous astrologer hailing from Pune. He is a subject). Mercury is karaka (indicator) of
teacher of astrology having taught intellect, business, and mathematics.
thousands of students over the decades. Jupiter indicates knowledge and savings
Famous for his analytical approach towards while Saturn is a karaka for services and
the science and compels his students to test efforts. All these give a hint about karma.
his theories first which has been In today’s world service or job is not a big
sharpened over decades of crisis with the boom in economy by virtue
practice. He has his own of Globalization. Subject’s expectations/
institution which conducts ambitions get enhanced during the work
courses in and they (expectations / ambitions) urge
astrology in him to make a shift in job. So in this
article we will ponder upon the issue of
Pune and Mumbai.
‘job change’ and ‘getting a job / service’. In
turn we have to first examine whether a
chart indicates business or job (service) for
the subject. In short we have to decide
initially, whether the chart belongs to

Movable (cardinal/chara) type or Fixed (immovable/sthira) type or the mutable (dual
natured/dwiswabhava) type. We can predict accurately about the timing of getting a job
from the age of planet and the house. But while applying below given rules we should
remember these 5 basic points:

1. Whether planet is in his own house?

2. Which are the aspects received by planet?
3. Combination (yoga) of planet with other (planet)
4. The placement of planet (with friend or enemy).
5. The condition (avastha) of planet.

Along with these rules, by taking into consideration the transit (gochar) planets and
mahadasha, antardasha and pratyantardasha, we can predict accurate job timings after
having acquired some experience.

Some of the steps that are to be followed are given below which in no uncertain terms are
fixed rules but to arrive at a conclusion one needs to amalgamate everything and then

I. To begin with the analysis, examine ascendant (first house), 10th house and the 7th
house. Also give equal attention to 2nd & 6th house as complimentary houses (to 1st, 4th
and 7th).

II. In order to decide which business subject can take up, we have to see planets in 10 H
and 10 L as well. If those planets are connected / related with the 3H, 7H or labh house
(11H), then subject should venture into corresponding business.

III. If subject want to decide about a business or a service, one should examine the relation and
conjunction of 2H, 6H, 10H, 10L and lord of ascendant.

IV. One should evaluate the relation / combination of lord of ascendant and 10L. Line of
thinking should be decided as per the (element or tattva of) sign under which, this
combination has happened. Time period should be approximated as per the age of

V. Subject will do business if 10L or 10H itself is under the cardinal sign (Chara rasi). On
the other hand if they are under the fixed signs subject should go for job option. When
10H or 10L is in mutable sign, subject will do both i.e. service (job) as well as business
in his lifetime. Suppose for e.g. 10H is Sthira Rasi (fixed) and lord in a chara rasi, then
in the period of lord of that Sthira Rasi he will do business and in the period of the
fixed sign he will do job.

VI. Subject experiences abrupt changes or hurdles / problems in the job, if Rahu or Ketu
or Uranus is present in 10H. 1

Publisher: We have found this particular rule working quite well in practice.
VII. At times, the total number of planets present in 10H or the number of planets
accompanying 10L, subject experiences that many changes in jobs or business.

VIII. If 10L and lord of ascendant are in navapancham yoga (150 degrees apart) or in
anyonya/parivartana yoga (exchange of signs) or Kendra yoga (yoga created with
1H,4H,7H,10H) and they are not under malefic influence, then subject gets the job
under the lordship of those planets.

IX. One has to judge under which karaka element (tatva) of planet, the prashna
(question) is asked! See the 10L of the natal chart and observe its degree, then observe
the degree of the same planet in transit. When the Tr 10L will achieve the degree of its
natal position in whichever sign it is placed then Job will be gained. This often works
very well in practice for timing job though it cannot be used in isolation.

Planets and Businesses:

v Sun‐ Government jobs, administration, medicine sales, railway agency, iron trading,
chemical factory, family business.

v Moon‐ Business related to liquids, tutorials, social services,

small restaurants.

v Mars: Business related to metals, military jobs, police,

security, construction works.

v Mercury: Warehousing (storage), computers, trades,

software, designing, accounts, share market, financial

v Jupiter: Publications, authors, journalists, trades of day to

day goods, tutorials, agriculture.

v Venus: Readymade clothes, garments, beauty parlours, luxurious businesses.

v Saturn: Garage place, business of old stuffs, construction and repairing, advocate / lawyer.

Now let us see a chart of a subject in relation with job.

Details: Male, 10th September 1974, 2:45pm, Jalgaon (Maharashtra, India).

Nakshtra: Mruga, Rashi: Mithun (Gemini)As seen from the chart, subject has Sagittarius as
an ascendant. Asc Lord Jupiter is placed in 3H in Aquarius. His rashi/moon sign is Gemini).
Raashi lord Mercury is in 10H in Virgo. Also 10L is also in 10H making Shadashtaka yoga
combination with Jupiter. The age of Mercury is 32 years and as his Raashi lord is Mercury,
subject got a job in computer sector at the age of 32.


Significant Points
Asc, Rashi & 10H are the 3 pivots here; their lords are of extreme importance in timing job.
One always has to look at the 3 together for timing jobs. If anyone of them comes in the
picture of Maha, Antar or in rare cases Pratyantar also then job gained is assured depending
on the condition of the 3, the first 5 basic points supersedes, the way dasa supersedes transits.
Now the age of job gain, this can either be first job or a significant job in one’s career.

Planet Age of Planets

Sun 22 yrs

Mars 24 yrs or 28 yrs

Moon 24 yrs

Mer 32 yrs

Jupiter 16 yrs or 28 yrs

Venus 24 yrs

Saturn 30 yrs or 36 yrs

Rahu 42 yrs

Ketu 48 yrs

Uranus 54 yrs

Neptune 62 yrs

You would observe that 3 planets have been given double years; many of us do not know
how to use these 2 sets of years. If you observe 3 planets Jup, Saturn & Mars are given 2 sets
of years; well it is these 3 planets only that have been ascribed special aspects by the sages
hence 2 sets of years to these three. If such a planet is swagrahi (own house), in moola
trikona rasi of his or in friends house then take the 1st set of year. Meaning say Jupiter is in
Sagittarius then it would give result at the age of 16 rather than 28. Lets take another

__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________


Step 1: Observe Asc Lord

Step 2: Observe Rasi Lord Venus joining Rahu/Ketu/Mars in Leo will
Step 3: Observe 10th Lord lead to utter disappointment in married life.
And possibly a great misfortune by separation
Here 10L is debilitated so ignore it for now, or early loss of spouse – an R. Santhanam
Lagna lord is Mer (32 yrs) with exalted saying
Sun and Rasi Lord is Sun (22 yrs) who is Examples:
‘Exalted’ with LL & in a Mahabhagya 1) Canadian-American actress and dancer
Yoga. So out of the 3 Pivots as discussed Ruby Keeler has Venus Rahu in 2H of family
in Leo, she married twice & received ridicule
earlier Sun rules whose age is 22. At the
& denigration from 1 st marriage. Her data:
age of 22 this native did an education in 25th Aug 1904, 4.00 am Halifax, Canada,
Film Production & within 3 months of his 21Cn Lagna.
22nd year completion he got his 1st Job. Also 2) Same is the case of the Peter Lawford,
at the age of 32 he got a big break in career brother in law of President John F Kennedy
as expected. To be continued……… who had 4 marriages, 2 of them lasting 2 to 8
months. His data 7 th Sept 1923, 8.00 a.m
London, England,
7 Vi lagna.

Om Shri Maha Ganapathaye Namah!
Om Shri Sai Ram!

Thandavamalai -1
R. Ramanathan, India
Saptarishis Astrology Team
We continue our mission of translating
ancient works & presented below is a
humble attempt of a Tamil work with
commentary by this scribe.

History of Thandavamalai

‘Thandava Malai’ was compiled by a

scholar ‘Shri. Thandava Bhoopathy’, who
was a prime disciple of Shri. Appavu
Aiyar, a renowned astrologer.
Shri.Appavu Aiyar was a disciple of Shri.
Govinda Dheekshita, thus goes the Guru
Parampara. The worthy disciple has
compiled his master’s teachings in verses
and named after the book by his name.
This book is rich in content and lucid in

R. Ramanathan, works as an Assistant style. The verses resemble some verses of

Brihat Parasara Hora as well as Udu Daya
Pradeepika. The author Shri. Thandava
Section Officer in Tamil Nadu Secretariat.
Bhoopathy is a Sakthi Upasaka. His son
He is an ardent lover of astrology and Shri. Kacchhalai Murthy was also a
started learning it from a very young age. famous personality. Nothing could be
He is a member of Saptarishis Astrology ascertained regarding the period of the
Team and displays his approach to the text. Roughly, considering the style of the
subject with utmost humility & open verse, this text might not been written
mindedness which apart from his deep earlier than 17th century.
knowledge of astrology is a very note
worthy feature. Normally, authors of astrological treatises
give salutations to God (particularly
Ganesh, Saraswathi or their Ishtadevata)
in their initial verses, so as to complete the
noble task successfully, without any
hindrance. But, Thandavarayar, author of
this text is an exception. Being a Sakthi
Upasaka (vide verse 68 infra) he might

have prostrated to Parasakthi in his initial verse hence it is assumed that the prostration
verse is possibly lost while copying of the original text.

æ¬ó ºîô£ à¬ó‚°‹ ܬõò£¾‹

æ¬ó Þîóºî «ô£˜‰¶¬óˆî ‐ ð£KL‰îˆ
ìõ ñ£¬ôŠð®«ò î‚èM«êìŠðô¬ù
݇켜i ó£óPMm˜ (1)

“O men of sixth sense! special effects of Hora (Ascendant), etc. should be

known as per Thandavamalai, which is the result of deep study of various Horas
(astrological texts), etc.”

In this verse, the author has utilized the word ‘Hora’ twice, firstly as ‘Ascendant’ and
secondly as ‘astrological texts’. This usage itself shows the brilliance of the author, since
even if we interchange the words, we can get an appropriate meaning (i.e.) “....the Hora,
etc. (referring this text Thandavamalai and other texts) should be utilized to understand
the Hora (Ascendant), etc.” (here etc. stands for other bhavas) Actually, Hora is the
word, which has multitudes of meanings in astrological parlance. The etymological origin
of the word goes back to ‘Ahoratri’, which means day and night. Leaving aside the prefix
and suffix, we get ‘Hora’. Of course, some of the western commentators assigning Greek
origin to ‘Hora’ from ‘Hour’ based on the classic “Yavana Jataka”. Hora is a common
term referring to any astrological text. More particularly, this may refer to Brihat
Parasara Hora. Whatever, it may be the word ‘Hora’ stands for ‘Astrology’ in general.
This can be understood by the following chart.

By calling astrologers as ‘men of sixth sense’, the author tried to establish the rationality
of astrology.

«è£œèO¡ 𣘬õ

𣘊ð«ó â™ô£¼‹ ðƒ°°¼ «êŒ Í¡Á

𣘊ðˆ¬î‰ ªî£¡ð£ù£¡ ð¡Qò«è£œ ‐ «ê˜Š¹Á°
↴«ñ 𣘊ð˜ âNô£˜ Þ÷ƒªè£ƒ¬è
ñ†ìM› ̃«è£î£Œ ñFˆ¶ (2)

Planetary Aspects

“All the planets aspect 7th house therefrom; Saturn specially aspects 3rd and 10th
house therefrom; Jupiter specially aspects 5th and 9th therefrom; and Mars
specially aspects 4th and 8th therefrom”

This verse onwards, the author has adopted a poetic style known as ‘Mahadoo Munnilai’
in Tamil. According to this style, the entire content of the verse will be compiled in a
manner as if it was addressed to a young beautiful girl. In our present translation, those
parts were not included.

This verse is clearly explaining the basic aspects of all the planets. Angular distance
between the planets and the earth are considered as aspects. Astronomically, planets are
classified as inferior and superior. Special aspects were considered for superior planets
only viz. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, whereas the inferior planets and luminaries were
assigned with 7th house aspect only.

The basic presumption is that the superior planets which are in the outer orbits exert
more influence, whereas the inferior planets cannot exert such influence. But they can
sway over the angular distance of 1800 apart only. In the geocentric approach, this is
quite rational

For all the planets, most of the classical texts are assigning 1/4th aspect on 3rd and 10th
houses; 2/4th aspect on 5th and 9 th; and 3/4th aspect on 4th and 8th, besides the special
aspects of the Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.

The author is not accepting the partial aspects of planets. He has neither adopted the
western‐based aspects nor Sage Jaimini’s sign aspects. Because, in the entire course of
the text, there is not a single reference of Rasi Dasas.

«è£œèO¡ ñ b¬ñèœ

䉶 å¡ð£ ùFðó£Œ ò£õ˜ õKÂñõ˜

܉îIL¡ ðŠðô¬ù ò£ŸÁõ£˜ ‐ ܉îºÁ‹
ÜŸðŠðôù£ŸÁõ£˜ Í¡Á Ýø£‹ ðFªù£¡PŸ°
ÜFðFèœ Þš¾ôA «ù£˜‚° (3)

Nature of Planets

“Whoever comes as (1st), 5th and 9th Lord will invariably do good and the 3rd, 6th
and 11th Lords will do much harm to all the individuals of this Universe”

In this verse, the author is discussing about the beneficence of the trinal lords (1,5 and 9)
and the malfeasance of the Trishadis (3,6 and 11). In the subsequent verses he is narrating
the nature of the rest of the six In fact, three out of five Maha Purusha Yogas are
formed when benefics are in exaltation / own sign,
Though the author is not identical to their angles. But, in actual practice, the
mentioning the lagna lord in efficacy of the Maha Purusha Yogas, namely
this verse, lagna lord being the
Kendra as well as Trikona Lord, Hamsa, Bhadra and Malavya Yogas are
a benefic par excellence, is questionable, in most of the cases. The real reason
included in the list. By
is Kendrathipathya Dosha.
mentioning the word ‘whoever’,
the functional beneficence of
trinal lords is established irrespective of the naisarghika nature of the planets.

Except the Luminaries, all other planets own two signs. Therefore, merely by lordship of
planets, they may generally be categorized as benefic or malefic for each lagna. Of
course, certain exceptional rules are suggested by the author in subsequent verses. The
classification may be summarized as below:

Bhavas Verse Effect

1,5,9 (Trines) 3 Good
3,6,11(Trishadis) 3 Bad
4,7,10 (Angles) 4,5 Malefics are good
Benefics are evil
2,12 (Dhana Vyayesh) 6 Neutral – Conditional
w.r.t. disposition,
association, etc.
8(Randhresh) 7 Bad – Except as Lagna
Lord i.e. for Aries and

Altogether, a comprehensive speculum of benefic / malefic for each ascendant will be

appended at the end of those verses.

«è‰Fó£FðFèœ G¬ô

ªè£®«ò£˜èœ «è‰Fóˆ«î£ ó£AŸªè£ì£˜èœ

ªè£®ò ðô¡ï™«ô£˜ ªè£´Šð˜ ‐ è왹¬ìÅ›
¬õò舫 îƒè†° ¬õ«õ¡ ñô˜MNò£Œ
äòŠð£ ®¡P òP (4)

Angular Lords

“If malefics happen to be angular lords, they will not give bad effects.
Similarly, benefics as angular lords, will not confer any good effects”

Most of the astro‐texts are preferring planets in Kendras. In some of the Tamil texts,
there are verses which are praising to have atleast a malefic in Kendra. It is said that the
Buddhists of Sri Lanka used to leave their children, who are not having a single planet in
a Kendra either from Lagna or from Moon, in monasteries. Such is the importance of
planets in angles.

Most of the astro‐texts are admiring benefics in angles. In fact, three out of five Maha
Purusha Yogas are formed when benefics are in exaltation / own sign, identical to their
angles. But, in actual practice, the efficacy of the Maha Purusha Yogas, namely Hamsa,
Bhadra and Malavya Yogas are questionable, in most of the cases. The real reason is
Kendrathipathya Dosha. That is what, this verse is indicating. In this regard, the
following shloka 36(2) of Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra is worth to mention:

I.e. natural benefics do not give auspicious effects when they are lords of the angles, and
natural malefics in angles will not promote auspicious effects. Then does it imply that
Hamsa, Malavya and Bhadra Yogas as unfounded? Nay, their effectiveness (atleast for
Dasa predictions) is conditional with reference to their other lordship. This has been
explained by the author in subsequent verses also.
On this context, it is pertinent to point out a verse from Sambu Hora Prakasa as follows:

“All the angles occupied by benefics while the 2nd contains malefic planets will cause
endless penury. Further, the person will be a source of fear to his family members” ‐
Shloka 14(2)

The abovementioned shloka is a working example of the principles expounded by the

Thandavamalai verse 4 as well as the subsequent verse 6, wherein the author is defining
the nature of 2nd and 12th lords. Therefore, it is stated that the benefics in angles and
malefic in 2nd causes penury.

vî£ù£FðFèO¡ õL¬ñ

ܬø‰î î£ùˆî¬ôõ˜ ò£õ¼ªñ¡ «ñô£Œ„

ªêP‰î ÜšõŠðô¬ù„ «ê˜Šð£˜ ‐ ÜP‰î¼œõ£Œ
õ£˜èô¡ªð£¡ õ‹ð£˜ õùº¬ôŠ ̃«è£¬îï™ô£Œ
ݘèLÅ› ÞŠ¹M »÷£˜‚°. (5)

Strength of the Lords

“The Lords of the houses (in each group) are progressively stronger in their
effects (either benefic or malefic)”

As already commented under the verse 3 supra, the author has classified the house
Lords in three major groups viz. (1,5,9), (3,6,11), (4,7,10) besides the 2nd, 12th and 8th
Lords. Assigning strength to houses is commonly known as
‘Prabhalashchotharotharam’ . Shri Parasara Maharishi has explained this basic principle
as . . . . . . . . .

Shloka 36(5) of BPHS

In the present verse, Thandavarayar has upheld this and appraised the strengths of

In the group of Trines, 5th Lord is powerful than Ascendant Lord and 9th Lord is
powerful than 5th Lord. The effect will be good as far as this group is concerned.
Though, this is a general principle expounded here, Ascendant Lord should not be
treated as comparatively weaker than 5th and 9 th Lords. Because, Ascendant being a
Kendra as well as Kona, Ascendant Lord is the strongest representative of the chart as

In the Trishadis group, 6th Lord is stronger than 3rd; and 11th Lord is strongest among the
three. The effect is bad as explained earlier.
In the next group, 7th Lord is powerful than 4th Lord and 10th Lord is powerful than the
7th Lord. The effect will be good as malefics and bad as benefics.
In consummate, according to the strength, the lords may be arranged in descending order
as below:
1,9,5,10,7,4 as powerful benefics; 8(while not owning ascendant), 11,6,3 as stronger
malefics; and 12,2 as neutrals.

Þó‡´ ðQªó‡®¡ Þò™¹

æ¬ó Þ¼ð‚èˆF¡ ÜFð˜èœ â‡μîô£Œ

«ê¼ñõ˜ îƒèìƒèœ YKì‚° ‐ «ïó£°‹
ÜŸðŠ ðômõ£˜ ܬôèì™ Å› ¬õòèˆF™
âŠHøM «ò£˜‚° I¼‰¶ (6)

‘Prabhalashchotharotharam’ is a concept as taught to scribe that denotes “assigning strength” in
progressive manner among any group. As we know, the Lords are classified as (1,5,9), (1,4,7,10),
(3,6,11), (12,2,8) (vide shlokas 36(2) to 36(5) of BPHS). In each group, the lords are progressively
stronger as per this ‘Prabhalashchotharotharam’ concept (vide Shloka 36(5) of BPHS). The very word
‘Prabhalashchotharotharam’ was used in that Shloka. According to this concept, among the (12,2,8)
group, 8th lord is strongest. This was supported by the above shloka, wherein the word
“Vyayadwithiyarandhresh” was utilized to denote (12,2,8) group and “Sthananthranurogathe” was
utilized to denote “Progressive strength” by the Rishi. In Tamil, this is called ‘Prabhala Utharam’,
which means ‘Known answer’ (of astrology). This denotes ‘assigning strength’, of course, probably
originating from BPHS.

Nature of 2nd and 12th

“By nature, the Lords of two neighboring houses of Ascendant (i.e. 2nd and 12th
lords) will be neutral and feeble in strength. But, by association and disposition
they will confer good or bad results, effectively”

In this verse, a valuable but unfamiliar principle is propounded by the author. In

general, second house is considered as a Marakasthana and twelfth as Vyayasthana. But,
here the author has projected both the houses as value‐neutral, by nature. That is, on
their own they can’t confer any (positive or negative) results, effectively. But, by their
association, ownership (of second sign) and disposition, they can be effectual.

According to Brihat Parasara Hora Shloka 36(5),

i.e., the lords of 12th, 2nd and 8th house give effects according to their association and give
effects according to their second sign. But, Shri. Thandavarayar has not included 8th
Lord in this verse and he reserved next verse exclusively for randhresh for the reasons to
be explained there under.

In astrology, the 2nd and 12th houses represent the right and left eyes of Kalapurusha
respectively as it is said.

vide Shloka I(30) of Jataka Tatva

Both good and evil can be seen by eyes in general, i.e. neutrally. Subsequent, thoughts,
perception, etc. are not controlled by the eyes. But, the objects / events, seen by the eyes
will certainly be the root cause of our thought patterns. Similarly, 2nd and 12th Lords are
neutral on their own. But, by their association, ownership of other sign and disposition
they are conferring the results accordingly. The assessment should be in the following

1. Lords of 2nd/12th confer results according to the lord that associates.

2. If those lords are disposited lonely, then they confer results according to the
ownership of their second sign. If these lords don’t own a second sign as in the
case of Sun and Moon, then results should be assessed according to their
disposition. The assessment is not over with this.

3. When Sun or Moon happens to be 2nd or 12th Lord and the respective lords are in
their own sign, then the results are according to the natural karakatwa of Sun or
Moon and their respective stellar position.


Üwìñ£FðFJ¡ °í‹

ð£‚Aò ï£êˆF¬øò£‹ ð£õˆî£ ªô†ìFð¡

i‚°õ‹ 𣘺¬ôò£Œ «ñFQ«ò£˜ ‐ 裂èIô£ˆ
¶¡ðe õ¡ Þõ«ù Éò«õ£ ó£Fð«ù™
Þ¡ðe õ¡ Þõ«ù (7)

Nature of Eighth Lord

“Eighth Lord, being 12th Lord from the 9th (Bhagyasthana) will not confer good
results. But, when he happens to be Ascendant Lord also he will bestow good

As stated earlier, Parasara Maharishi has explained the nature of 2nd, 12th and 8th house
Lords in shloka 36(5) of Brihat Parasara Hora. Among these three lords, Thandavarayar
has reserved this verse exclusively for randhresh. Because, though all the three lords
give effects according to their association and second sign, 8th lord being strongest (as per
the concept of ‘Prabhalashchotharotharam’) will confer results according to their second
sign effectively. Therefore, while they are owning ascendant also, their malfeasance will
be nullified.
In order to elucidate the nature of Randhresh, Thandavarayar has adopted ‘Bhavat
Bhavam’ principle. According to the course of the text, group of trines (viz. 1,5,9) is
highly benefic among all other groups and bhavas. Within this group of trines, the ninth
(bhagyasthana) house is superior. In the Bhava Phala Nirnaya, 12th house stands for
“Destruction” (Vyaya). Therefore, destruction to any bhava is symbolized by the 12th
there from. Accordingly, the 8th house (Randhrasthana) is the destruction‐house of the
9 th house (Bhagyasthana). Hence, the ‘destroyer of the supreme benefic’, i.e. 8th Lord is a
first‐rate malefic.
The author has included a conditional clause also in the verse. When the Randhresh
(8th Lord) happens to be Lagnesh (1st Lord) also, he will do good to the native. This is
the case with Aries or Libra ascendants for which Mars and Venus are Lagnesh‐cum‐
Randhresh, respectively.
Here, as already explained, Ascendant being a Kendra as well as Kona, is a natural
yoga‐karaka and a strong representative of the chart, irrespective of its other house
lordship. But, we cannot extend this principle effectively to Taurus and Scorpio
ascendants for which Venus and Mars happens to be 6th‐cum‐1st lord. The reason is the
Moolatrikona houses of Mars and Venus are Aries and Libra respectively. Therefore,
comparatively the strength of 6th house is powerful than 1st for Scorpio and Taurus
ascendants. But, for Aries and Libra, the strength of 1st house is powerful than 8th.
Therefore, in the Aries / Libra ascendant charts, Randhresh could not be considered as
However, the other considerations of the Ascendant‐cum‐Eighth Lord need not be
overlooked. Because, their association, disposition, etc. will alter the results
considerably. But, the general implication is ‘that Randhresh’ is not malefic for Aries /
Libra Ascendants’.

«è‰Fó£FðˆFò «î£û‹

è‡ìˆ¶ ÜFðó£‹ ð£ðˆFŸ è£K¬èò£‹

ªè£‡ì°¼ ªõœO ªè£®òKõ˜ î‡ì£ñ™
Ý»Mòˆ F¼Šð£ó£ ñ£A ¬ôòIô£
Mò… ªêŒF´õ£˜ ݃° (8)

Kendrathypathya Dosha

“As angular Lords (by sign), the Jupiter and Venus are dominant killers, if they
occupy 12th (Vyaya) to the 8th (Ayushthana) i.e. 7th house”

In this verse, the erudite author has narrated the marakatwa of Jupiter and Venus.
Though, he has not utilized the word ‘maraka’, he has adopted the word “Ayu Viyam” in
Tamil which means ‘destruction or loss to life’ i.e. Ayush Bhanga.
This is a perfect mixture of two principles viz. “Kendrathypathya Dosha” and
“Bhavat Bhavam”. By being the 12th to the 8th, the 7th house is a maraksthana. As angular
lord, benefic in angles is condemned as Kendrathypathya Dosha, that too the first‐rate
benefics viz. Jupiter and Venus will increase the gravity of dosha. In this regard, it is
appropriate to refer shloka 36(10) of Brihat Parasara Hora as

i.e. the malfeasance due to the angular rulership of the natural benefics should be
considered more significant in the ascending order for the benefics as per
Among the planets, Venus, Jupiter, well associated Mercury and waxing Moon are
shub grahas in the order of their natural beneficence (naisargika Shubatwa). Therefore,
‘higher the beneficence greater the dosha‐gravity’ is the inference.
Jupiter is the angular Lord for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Venus is the
angular Lord for Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpion, Capricorn, and Aquarius.
Among the above possibilities, Jupiter as Ascendant Lord will not do much harm to
Sagittarius and Pisces natives. As far as the dosha caused by Venus, for Capricorn and
Aquarius Venus as yogakaraka and for Taurus and Libra as Ascendant Lord will not do
much harm to these ascendants also. Hence, the remaining ascendants, which can suffer
effective doshas are Gemini & Virgo by Jupiter and Aries, Scorpion, Cancer & Leo by
Venus. When the respective planets (Jupiter / Venus) occupy the 7th house, this verse is
effective. Here also, the other side of the effective dosha may be tabulated as below:
Sl. Ascendant 7th house Other side of the
No. disposition of dosha
1) Gemini & Virgo Jupiter Hamsa Yoga
2) Aries & Scorpion Venus Malavya Yoga
3) Cancer & Leo Venus Venus in intimate
friend’s house

In all the above said three sets of Ascendants, the respective planets are powerful by
disposition. But, the intensity of dosha in respect of Sl.Nos.1 and 2 are more, inspite of
the presence of Panchamahapurusha Yoga. Because, they are marakas not only by
disposition but also by ownership. Here, a natural question arises as to whether the
Panchamaha Purusha Yogas are defunct in the above said cases or not. Certainly they
are not defunct, but doshapeeditha, i.e. they may give good results but not without
maraka or equivalent to that effect.
In spite of all the above said assessments, our humble opinion are that the
Randhrasthana (8th house) being not only the house of secrecy but also suddenness is a
hard nut to crack. Therefore, nothing could be deterministic in this regard.


H¡ùóŠ ð£õˆFŸ «ð˜ªðKò¡ ñ£ô£°‹

H¡ù˜ Üõ¡î‰¬î «ð²ƒè£™ ‐ Þ‰GôˆF™
â†ì£‹ Þ숶 ÜFðªó‡EŸ ªð¼‹ð£õ‹
A†ì£¶ óMñF‚° (9)

Same as above

“Then Mercury is next powerful to cause such dosha, followed by his father
(i.e. Moon). The Sun and Moon will not be subjected to blemish due to eighth
house lordship”

This verse is the extension of the previous one. As explained above, the degree of
naisargika shubatwa (natural beneficence) decides the intensity of the dosha. Therefore,
naturally well associated Mercury and Moon are following next to Venus and Jupiter in
their degree of beneficence. Therefore, the intensity of dosha caused by Mercury and
Moon will also be regressive in the order.
Mercury is the angular lord for dual signs. By being Ascendant lord Mercury can’t be a
maraka for Gemini and Virgo natives. For the rest, disposition of 7th house Mercury
causes “Bhadra Yoga”, one among the Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas. Here also the yoga
may be effective but not without maraka effect.
Moon is the angular lord for Movable signs. By being Ascendant lord Moon can’t be a
maraka for Cancer natives. For the rest of the signs also, the blemishes of Moon will be
far lesser. The reason may be ascribed to the following:
1) Moon’s degree of natural beneficence is far less. Therefore, intensity of dosha too.
2) Moon is having neutral relationship with all the signs of the zodiac in her sojourn.

Therefore, in the absence of enmity, Moon is in a pleased mood to confer well.
3) Moon, being manah karaka (significator of mind), is supposed to promote the
bhava in which she is posited.
In the earlier verse, while discussing the nature of ashtamesh (8th lord), the author has
stated that the ashtamesh is a malefic, if he doesn’t own ascendant also simultaneously.
Extending this, we can understand that the other house lordship of ashtamesh amplifies
the malfeasance of the 8th lord. When there is no other house to own, as in the case of
Sun and Moon, (i.e. for Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants) how to judge ashtamesh?
The later part of the verse answers this question. That is, the blemishes of Sun and
Moon as eighth lord is not much. Later part of this verse is the explanation of the shloka
36(7) of Brihat Parasara Hora as

èìè ô‚ù «ò£èè£óè˜

ÝøŸW ¬ó‰î£ƒè‡ ì£F‚èˆ î£¡²ð‹

Y¼Ÿø «è£íˆî£Ÿ Y˜ªð¼«ñ ‐ õ£¼Ÿø
ªè£ƒ¬èò£Œ‚ è„꣬ô ͘ˆF°ñ£ ó‰¬îò£¡
Cƒè£ó ñ£ƒèìè„ Y˜ (10)

Yogakaraka for Cancer Ascendant

“Mars as Lord of 10th and 5th is a best yogakaraka (for Cancer Ascendant). My
son, Kachchalai Murthy’s Cancer Ascendant proves the same”

In the preceding verses, the author has narrated the basic principles to decide the
nature of planets. Accordingly, the best yoga, which can confer Yogakaraka status to any
planet, is any association between Kendra Lord and Kona Lord. By virtue of this single
condition alone, Ascendant Lord is invariably a yogakaraka to any ascendant.
Here, for Cancer Ascendant, Mars is the Lord of Karmasthana (10th), which is the
strongest among the Angles and Lord of Poorvapunyasthana (5th) also. Therefore,
naturally Mars is the Yogakaraka par excellence for Cancer natives.
On this context, it is pertinent to point out a Shloka 1(12) from Laghu Parasari
Sidhant, which says Mars, a malefic, gives good results not by being the Karmathipa
only but by being Konathipa (5th Lord) also as below:

Shri. Thandavarayar has admired the Mars as Yogakaraka for Cancer natives. At the
same time, Mars is the Yogakaraka for Leo natives also, by being Lord of Bhagyasthana
(9th), the strongest trine as well as Lord of Sukasthana (4th). But, the author has not
mentioned anything about this. This proves the intelligence of the author, as the
blemish‐ness of Bhadhakasthana attached to 9th house for Leo (a fixed sign) denigrates
the Yogakaraka status of Mars to some extent. Hence, even though, Mars is a
yogakaraka for Leo natives, being a Bhadhka also and thereby it can’t be placed on par
with Cancer natives’ Mars.
In this verse, the author has proudly announced that his son Shri. Kachchalai Murthy
was Cancerian native and Mars proved to be a Yogakaraka for him.

𣋹èO¡ Þò™¹

ò£ªî£¼ ð£õˆ«î£¡ ò£ªî£¼ ð£«õêÂì¡

bîø„ «ê˜‰F†ì£ ôî¡ðô¡èœ ‐ 裶ø«õŸ
è‡í£Œ è´ƒ«è£†èœ è£CQJ ½œ÷õ˜è†°
â‡í£ñ™ ßõ˜ Þ¼‰¶ (11)

Nature of Rahu and Ketu

“Rahu and Ketu confer results to the men of this world according to the lords of
their disposition and association”

In the preceding verse, the author has narrated the beneficence/malfeasance of all the
planets, as lords of signs. But, how to assess the nature of Rahu and Ketu, which are
houseless? Here comes the necessity of this verse.
In Vedic astrology, among Navagrahas, Rahu and Ketu are included as Chayagrahas.
Actually, Rahu and Ketu are only celestial points intercepting at where the orbit of the
Moon cuts the orbit of the Sun. In other words, Rahu and Ketu are nothing but nodal
points and thereby do not have any physical presence, unlike the rest of the grahas.
Based on this (inclusion of Rahu and Ketu in Navagrahas) one may question the
scientific nature of astrology. But, the planetary status conferred to Rahu and Ketu are
quite rational in Vedic Astrology, considering the subtle difference between a ‘planet’
and a ‘graha’. Because, ‘graha’ means ‘which absorbs’ while the ‘planet’ doesn’t mean so.
Therefore, strictly speaking ‘a planet’ is not equivalent to ‘a graha’. Adopting the
meaning as “which absorbs”, the Navagrahas are being addressed to as such.
Without understanding this, the conception of Navagrahas, which obviously
includes five planets (Mars to Saturn), one star (Sun), one satellite (Moon) and two
nodal points (Rahu and Ketu) is not only illogical but also meaningless. Of course, the
planetary ownership assigned to the planets (Leo to Capricorn in clockwise and Cancer
to Aquarius in anti‐clockwise) in absolutely scientific in geocentric point of view. This
arrangement was explained well as ‘Planetary Cabinet’ by Parasara Maharishi in Brihat
Parasara Hora Sastra.
In the absence of any mass, shape or substance, the Rahu and Ketu were not allotted
with exclusive signs. Of course many classics on astrology are differing in their opinions
even in the co‐ownership of Rahu and Ketu. Therefore, nothing can be inferred
concretely. In the absence of any consensus on the dignity of these Chayagrahas, the best
recourse is to adhere to the natural astro‐principle, viz. ‘association decides the strength’.
Thus, this verse of Thandavamalai.


«è£í‚«è£œ è‡ì‚«è£œ Ãì½ì «ù𣘈î™

«ðμŸÁ å¼õK™LŸ ªð†¹ì«ù ‐ è£μŸÁ
å¼õŸø£ó£A åN‰«î£ ¼ø£ñ™
Þ¼ ïôˆ¬î ßõ£ Kõ˜‚° (12)

Subha Yoga

“When there exist any relationship between angular lords with trinal lords, like
conjunction, mutual aspect, mutual exchange, etc. and if these lords do not own
evil houses (3,6,8 & 11), then they will confer dual prosperity to the individuals.”

In this verse, Thandavarayar has explained the best among the Rajayogas. According to

­ Shloka 43(28) of BPHS,

the angles are known as Vishnusthana, while the trines are called Lakshmisthana. The
relationship between their lords causes RajaYoga. All astro‐classics are hailing this
relationship in unison. That too, when there is no involvement of evil houses viz. 3, 6, 8
and 11, the Raja Yoga is undoubtedly par excellence. In this regard, the following shlokas
of Brihat Parasara Hora are worth to be mentioned here:

The present verse is a replica of the above said shlokas 36(11) and 36(12) of Brihat
Parasara Hora. Under this verse, this relationship between trinal and angular lords may
be categorized as below:
1. Parivarthana or Mutual exchange;
2. Sama darshana or Mutual aspects;
3. Asama dhristi or Unilateral aspect (i.e. one planet aspects the other but not
aspected by the concerned other planet)
4. Sangama or Conjunction.
Thandavarayar has clarified the planets as Trines, Angles, Trishadhis and 2nd and
12th. As the 2nd and 12th are value‐neutral by nature (vide verse 6 supra), their association
with Raja Yoga combination of trines‐angles will not alter the effects. But, the
association of Trishadhis with the Raja Yoga combination of Trines‐angles will
certainly denigrate the Raja Yoga. In order to explain this, the author has reserved the
next verse.
As the current verse is exclusively dealing with unblemished Raja Yoga.
Thandavarayar has granted both material as well as spiritual prosperity as effects. He
has adopted the Tamil phrase ‘Iru Nalamum’, which means ‘two types of prosperity’.
This selective usage of this phrase exhibits the erudition of the author. Because, here
material prosperity was represented by Lakshmisthanas and spiritual prosperity by


õLò£¼ƒ è‡ì‚«è£œ õ£Œ‰î«è£ 킫補

ïLò£˜è ÷£A«ñ Ü™ô˜ ‐ êLò£ñ™
îù ñ£ˆFóˆFŸ ªè£‹ð¬ùò£Œ ìõ¡î¡
d´Á«îœ Yªó¡Á «ð² (13)

Raja Yoga

“When the Lords of powerful trine and angle, i.e. 9th and 10th lords associate,
an extraordinary Rajayoga results, even if their other sign falls on evil houses
(i.e. 3,6,8 or 11). For this witnesseth the Scorpio ascendant of Thandavan”

According to ‘Prabhalashchotharotharam’, strongest among the trines is 9th and

strongest among the angles is 10th. When those lords are associating with each other, a
Raja Yoga results. This yoga is known as ‘Dharmakarmathipathi Yoga’. As these lords
are strongest benefics, the Raja Yoga will also be powerful.
In the preceding verse, Thandavarayar has explained the unblemished yoga caused
by angular‐trinal lords’ association. But, in this verse, the author has established that this
Dharmakarmathipathi yoga is effective even if the lords are associating with the lords of
Trik houses (3, 6, 8, 11), because of the strongest angular and trinal lords involved in this
yoga. In this regard the author has quoted his own chart of Scorpio ascendant as proof of
this Yoga.
Here also association includes the four kinds of relationships viz. mutual exchange,
mutual aspect, unilateral aspect and conjunction.
In this verse, due to the high beneficence of this Dharmakarmathipathi yoga, the
author has overlooked other negative factors, if any. That is why; he praised this
blemished yoga also. But, in our humble view, no shloka or verse can be taken on its face
value alone. Because, astrology as a science of permutations and combinations, is more
about exemptions than about rules.
For example, for Aries ascendant for which Jupiter is 9th and 12th lord and thereby
benefic if associates with benefics. Saturn is 10th and 11th lord and thereby highly malefic.
Association of these two planets is known as Dharmakarmathipathi Yoga, as Raja Yoga
(blemished). In the current verse, Thandavarayar has praised this yoga. But, in actual
practice, results are negating. Shri. Ramanujacharya has emphatically denied this Raja
Yoga in Shloka 1(4) for Aries Ascendant in Bhavartha Ratnakara as

In this regard, Dr.B.V.Raman has furnished the following chart and quoted* “the
native lost his appointment in Jupiter Dasa Saturn Bhukti though both the lords are
placed in the 5th house aspected by exalted Mars.” Here, Jupiter and Saturn combination,
that too in a trine house has not rendered benefit to the individual during its dasa
bhukthi periods.

Source: Bhavartha Ratnakara by B.V.Raman, UBS Publishers’ Distributors Ltd., New



î¡ñè¡ ñŠðFè ìƒèOŸø£ ñ£P»«ñ

Ü¡Qòñ£Œ îƒè† °¬ø»I숶 ‐ Þ¡ðºì¡
àŸP´õ£ó£A ªô£Oõ¬÷ò£ Þš¾ô«è£˜
ªðŸP´õ£˜ ò£õ˜ ªðK¶ (14)

Same as above

The Lords of Dharmasthana and Karmasthana will do much good when they are in
exchange or in their own houses. Even in the other houses (i.e. in indignity also), they
will confer benefits to all the individuals.

This verse can be treated as an extension of the earlier verse. The relationship
discussed here may be ordered according to beneficence as below:
1) Exchange of 9 th and 10th Lords
2) Both 9th and 10th Lords are in own signs
3) Both the 9th and 10th Lords are not in own signs.
Among the above three, exchange is considered as superior as the own sign
disposition. In the exchange, Trinal Lord will be in the powerful angle and angular Lord
will be in the powerful trine and thereby both of them are strengthened. This is not the
case with own sign disposition. Because, even though the Lords are gaining dignity, the
chance of Kendrathipathya Dosha cannot be ruled out for benefics as 10th Lords. Not
only that, the other house Lordship of those Lords may downsize the beneficence of
them. Hence, own sign disposition is held next to exchange. Obviously, other house
disposition is least beneficial among the three.
Considering its high beneficence, this yoga can safely be extended to the strongest
trine (9 th) and strongest angle (10th) by adopting Bhavatbhavam principle. This is what
is done by both Venkatesa Daivagna as well as Kalidasa as below:

Jataka Parijatha 7(21)

Uttara Kalamrita 4(4)

According to these, if the lords of 9th and 10th houses counted from (i) the Lagna; (ii)
the 9th; and (iii) the 10th be in conjunction, occupy each sign owned by the other, or
occupy mutually aspecting Kendras or be associated with the Lord of the second house,
the person born will be wealthy.


ÝŒ‰î«è£ íˆî¬ôõ ó£«ó ñ£ñõ«ó£

«ìŒ‰îê‹ ð‰îe ¬ó‰îõ˜‚° ‐ õ£Œ‰F´«ñ™
¬õò ñA¬ñ õ£μîô£Œ ìõ¡«ð£™
ªêŒò èñ¬ô Cø‰¶ (15)

Same as above

“If any of the Trinal Lord happens to associate with the 10th Lord, it will
bestow the native fame of the world”

In the preceding verses, it was established that the association of 9th Lord with the
10th Lord as top Raja Yoga. Here, Thandavarayar has extended the yoga to other trinal
Lords also, i.e. to association of (a) first and 10th Lords; (b) 5th and 10th Lords. The author
has highlighted ‘fame of the world’ to the native as effects. He has adopted the phrase
‘fame of the world’ in an appropriate sense. Because, 1st, 5th and 9 th houses stand for
‘Dharma Trikona’ of the individual and 2nd, 6th and 10th houses stand for ‘Artha Trikona’.
Among the Artha Trikona, 10th is strongest as per ‘Prabhalashchotharotharam’ and
Dharma Trikona houses are highly auspicious. When there exists any association
between the Trinal Lords with Karmathipa, surely individual’s public activities are good
and renowned. Therefore, naturally this yoga paves way for ‘world fame’.
In this regard, the following shloka 7(10) from Bhav Kutuhalam is pertinent to be
pointed out

i.e. if in a horoscope there is some kind of relation of the 10th and the 9th Lord or they
have any relation with the 5th Lord and these relation‐making planets are endowed with
strength, then all the four quarters are completely filled with the echoes of the sound of
the groups of elephants and horses in the army of such a king, and the Lord of the
enemies is conquered by him even without making war.

«ò£è F¬êJó‡® Â‡´G¡ «ø£¡F¬ê»‹

«ò£è ðôùOˆî ªô£œOòî¡ ù£èŠ
ðìñ¬ùò õ™°ô£Œ ð£KQô‚ «è£œèœ
àì¬øî L¡«ø à¬ó (16)

“The dasas of both (Kendra and Kona Lords) are yoga dasas and the dasas of the
planets posited therein also be Yoga dasas”

In the preceding verses, the author has narrated the austerity of Trinal and Angular
Lords and their inter‐relationship. Due to such high austerity, those trinal and angular
Lords and the planets deposited in trines and angles are supposed to offer good results
during their directional periods.
Thandavarayar has utilized the word “of both” very intelligently. Because, he
doesn’t express what this ‘both’ stands for, as it may convey the following two
(a) The dasas of Yoga Karaka (i.e. Kendra‐cum‐Kona Lord) and the planets deposited in
the angles or/and trines.

(b) The dasas of Kendra Lords and
Kona Lords and the planets posited in the Initiation in a Mantra:
angles or/and trines. Kalaprakasika, 10th chapter
In our view, (a) is superior to (b). But, the 1) Moveable signs are good, common signs
course of the text warrants (b) only. are neutral; fixed signs are useless for this
Readers may take according to their own function
intellect. 2) The effects of learning a mantra vary
This verse loosely confers ‘Yoga Dasa’ according to the month in which the
status to all the dasas of the planets which initiation takes place. Chythra produces
are posited in the angular houses. This can misery; Vysakha brings gain of gems;
be treated as a general rule only and should Jyestha is fatal; Ashada seriously affects
not be taken for granted. Because, negative relations; Sravana indicates exalted status;
factors such as Kendrathipathya Dosha, Badhrapadha leads to loss of children;
Other house lordship of Trishadi houses Aswayuja shows well being; Krithika
(3, 6, 8, 11), etc. should not be overlooked. favors mental development; Margasira
Due care should be taken to confer yoga‐ produces evil; Pushya inclines to ruin of the
dasa status to the planets, when they are intellect; Magha tends to intellectual
deposited in angles. When the trinal lords
growth; Palguna makes the disciple liked
are in angular houses, or angular lords are
in trinal houses, such lords are capable of
and loved by all.
giving benefits to the individuals during 3) The 8th house from the rising sign at the
their Dasas. Parasara Maharishi has time of initiation should be vacant -10th
praised this in the shloka 50(13) of BPHS Chapter of Kalaprakasika
Madana Gopala Yoga
a) The lords of the asc & the 7th house
should be in exchange. One of them should
To be continued ……….. be in the company of Venus. What then
formed is called Madana Gopala Yoga
which means such natives will have
association with many females
b) Venus in exaltation in the 7th house
and in aspect to the 7th lord will lead one to
enjoy a hundred women - Chapter 2,
Shloka 199 of Jyotisharnava Navanitam, a
classic as taught by Lord Shiva to Goddess

Interview With
Gary Gomes, USA
Courtesy: Council of Vedic Astrology,

T his interview of the Late C S Patel

was published in the CVA Journal
in June 2007, 2 months before he
left his mortal coil at the age of 92. As
some special points have been highlighted
in this interview conducted by Gary
Gomes which the Indian audiences would
never be able to see hence with the
permission of CVA this is published here
as it is. This interview has a special
meaning to the student of Mr. Patel who
liaised between CVA & Patel Saheb. The
reason is although Shri Patel had been
featured many a times in many magazines
Gary Gomes is the current President of but he was too keen to see this interview in
print form as if this was his last. The
the Council of Vedic Astrology. He has student did receive a scanned copy of the
been a practicing astrologer since 1990 & interview but he wanted to show the actual
has been published in numerous magazines. printed version to Mr. Patel, somehow
He teaches Jyotisha through the American things got delayed in post and it was too
College of Vedic Astrolgy, Kepler College, late for Shri Patel to see this. He
incidentally asked his student several
and Dirah Academy International. He has
times regarding the interview and the
special interest in some of the lesser student was very curious as to why Patel
explored systems of Vedic astrology, such as Saheb is so anxious to see the print form,
Jaimini and Chandra Kala Nadi maybe student felt that as most of the
techniques. He can be contacted for world thought that Mr. Patel is not alive so
readings or lessons at Patel Saheb wanted the world to know that
or at he is lonely and still alive. Its only after he
was suddenly no more the student realized
the meaning of it & it pained him that he
could not fulfill his Gurus wishes, this still
haunts him.

Below is the interview by Gary Gomes, President of CVA.

C.S.Patel is well known figure in the field of Vedic Astrology. Now 92, he has been a
student of this science for most of his life and has authored several extremely well received
books on this subject. His books are available from JDR Ventures and other distinguished
Indian and Astrological booksellers.

I felt Mr. Patel would be a great subject for the Council of Vedic Astrology Journal because
of the high regard in which he is held, and also because of his wonderful knowledge of many
of the more unusual techniques in Jyotisha – for instance you will see numerous references
to the Deva Kerelam/Chandra Kala Nadi, an enormous text which has only been available
in an abridged and disorganized English translation, but which is an immensely important
source of Jyotisha knowledge. He is also a link to a generation of older astrologers whose
practical and source material knowledge may be lost unless we take special steps to preserve
it. Finally, he was also the featured speaker at one of the ACVA conferences, so CVA
already has very strong ties with him.

To facilitate the interview, I asked for the assistance of one of his students from Mumbai
who referred the questions to Mr. Patel, acted as intermediary and added questions and
comments where appropriate. In many ways, this is as much his interview with Mr. Patel as
it is mine, so I thought it only fair to credit him. My major contributions were in developing
expressions more understandable to an English–speaking audience, so the interview you are
seeing does contain some repetitions, but I wanted to retain the flavor of the
communication. I did edit out a few terms that I thought would be difficult to follow and
rephrased some with my limited knowledge. As Brahmin priests do, I pray to Ganesha for
forgiveness of any mistakes I have made in editing. Interestingly enough, when the dust
settled, I found I had 27 questions and responses – one for each of the nakshatras.

This is a relatively short interview. It was conducted through email with the assistance of Mr. Patel’s
family and his student, to whom I am indebted. And of course, I offer my most sincere thanks and
pranams to Shri Patel.

Journal: When did you first start studying Jyotish?

Patel: I started studying Jyotish in August 1945 when I was 30.

Journal: Who were your main teachers?

Patel: Before starting study I collected new and second hand books on astrology in Gujarati,
English and partly in Marathi. I started studying them slowly. When I found some difficult
terms e.g. “Vargottama” I tried to under stand by reading the same page again and again. In
course of time I came in contact with Mr. C.A.S. Iyer (Co‐ author of my book
Ashatakvarga).I used to confirm or modify the meaning of difficult terms. He taught me to
prepare astrological chart by “Lankodaya Method”.

In course of time I have purchased complete libraries of some old astrologer, who expired.
This resulted in getting some rare books, which were written and published before I was
born. After publication of our book on “Ashatkvarga” in 1957 I started collecting manuscripts
in Sanskrit from various libraries of south India (GMOL Chennai, Oriental Library Baroda,
Tanjour, Pune, Patan etc). To study Indian Astrology good hold over Sanskrit is must. I
studied Sanskrit from 4th standard to 11th standard and in my college studied for two years
but Sanskrit of astrology is simple in contrast to Sanskrit literature. I prepared three diaries
related to astrological Sanskrit (a) Sanskrit word and meaning (b) Prayay (Synonyms) word
(c) Paribhashik (Terminology)
This study helped me to interpret each and every word in my own way (It is to be noted)
There are two well known ways to denote the number known as Katapayadi Sankhya and
Arnavadi Sankhya, if one knows the use of these two methods of north and south of
numbering only then one can interpret the verses correctly.

[Student’s Comment: After watching Shri Patel for such a long time, I feel this has been his
strength over other authors from south and north, Patel Saheb knows both the systems
whereas most of others know only Katapayadi system. Also I have personally observed Patel
Saheb ponder over a shloka for days, just on ‘One’ verse he would at times spend days and
days and finally he would get the hidden meaning, as if a Sage finally communicated to him.
I have also observed during my travels that there is no doubt that even Sanskrit scholars all
over India have the highest regard for Patel Sahebs translation.]

Journal: How would you recommend a student to study Jyotisha?

Patel: To learn Jyotish, a student must have an ardent desire to learn Jyotisha and not waste
time in reading other books & literature. All his spare time should be given to study this
subject. I advice them to study their horoscope when any incident occurred in their life and
to find astrological means for that event in charts of whole family members.

Journal: What qualifications should astrologer posses?

Patel: An astrologer should have good hold over Sanskrit. Astrological Sanskrit is quite easy
but authors have made free use of ‘Paryay’ and ‘Paribhashik’ word.

Journal: What preparation would you suggest a student take, to learn Jyotisha?
Patel: To learn Jyotish, a student must have an ardent desire to learn Jyotisha, Jyotisha
Jyotisha. He should not take interest in any other subject except Jyotisha and whenever he
learns something new he should make a note of such matters.

Journal: Do you think it is essential for a student to engage in spiritual practice to be an effective
astrologer? What practice would you recommend?
Patel: No it is not essential for a student to engage in spiritual practice. He must be pure at
heart, having good character and no vices in him and have an obliging nature.
[Student’s Comment: There is one thing that one can learn from Patel Saheb which is of
highest value ever, he often says ‘For correct predictions, never EVER LIE’ he always
repeats this & today it is so much ingrained in me that even I say cow lies for business
negotiations it hurts me a lot. I have followed this teaching of Patel Saheb and it WORKS to
the T & phenomenal predictions ensue.]

Journal: What texts did you find most useful in your study of Jyotisha?
Patel: Brihat Jatak, Parasar Horashastra, Phaldeepika, PrashnaMarga and many more but the
five books most important for Navamsa study are Devakeralam, Dhruv Nadi, Vidya
Madhaviyam, PrashnaMarg and Horasara.

Journal: You are well known for your study of financial astrology and you have done well financially
as we understand. Does this financial success come from your study of jyotisha or other factors?
Patel: I have made a little held way in financial astrology. Karaka planets (Jupiter for silver)
is important. When Rahu and Jupiter are in trine or conjunction in transit the price of silver
will rise considerably and ; when Jupiter make trine or conjunction with Ketu the price of
silver will fall (To evaluate shares and the stock market, its karaka Mercury is considered.)

Journal: How would you advise a student to study financial astrology?

Patel: One should note the falls and rises of the commodities in market note those dates and
try to make research in finance as to the reason for these rises or falls (Very often
retrogression date and direct date of planet of Kujadi indicates the turning point.)

Journal: How did R.G. Krishnan come to study with you?

Patel: In November 1982 one astrological society in Gujarat honored me and R.G. Krishnan
by conferring a title. Since then we are friends.

Journal: You are well known for finding interesting and important but over looked combinations in
Vedic books. How did you get interested in this?
Patel: There are some important verses containing ‘Paribhashik’ words, it is difficult to
translate such verses. I start to read these verses over and over again for days together after
that I try to translate each couplet (Pada), after translating all four padas of verse I try to
come correct meaning of verse.

Journal: How do you know if a lesser known technique is working? Do you apply any tests?
Patel: By Appling to practical examples if it is found giving some results, I accept it. (e.g
Bhrigu Bindu)

Journal: Are there any classical texts that you find more valuable or that you prefer – over others?
Patel: Practically every Standard text is valuable.

Journal: Are there any contemporary authors that you think should be studied carefully? Any one you
would recommend for an aspiring student?
Patel: There are very few authors who have tried to translate Sanskrit standard texts into
English such as V. Subramaniam Shastry. Nobody has done better work than him..

Journal: Do you do individual reading for people? Have you ever?

Patel: No I have not given life reading for any one. Casually some one comes and asks two
or three questions and I have helped them.

Journal: Do you use remedial measure at all? Which do you recommend if any?
Patel: No I don’t recommend remedial measure but in an unmarried girl’s case I will
recommend fasting in a particular way on the day of the seventh houses lord. Similarly, if
someone wants fifth house results I will recommend fasting on the day of the fifth lord.

Journal: How would you prefer to be remembered for your contribution to Jyotisha?
Patel: I recommend students and astrologers to read my books more than once.
[Students Comments: Actually he always told me to read it minimum thrice; he would
always repeat it thrice, thrice in his cute adorable manner.]

Journal: Is there any recommended period of time a student should study before applying astrological
Patel: There is no period of time for study. It all depends upon how he studies the science.
For my part any major event in my life, I tried to justify by the rules mentioned in my
books. Still I am unsatisfied.

Journal: Any advice for a student to avoid the confusion of multiple schools of thought we see in
Patel: My advice is to study Standard books in Sanskrit and their translation and apply these
rules in life ‐ in practice and study.

Journal: You are known to have deep study in nadi astrology can you tell us, which nadis you have
Patel: I have studied Devkeralam(Chandrakala Nadi), Dhruv Nadi By Jaymuni , Bhargav Nadi,
Bhrigu Nadi, Saptrishi nadi and others partially as mentioned in my articles published in
various Astrological magazines.
[Student’s Comment: Patel Saheb is being humble here or his memory fails during the
moment of this interview at this old age. In his possession I have seen many more nadis
which he has read like Guru Nadi, Ansh Nadi, Budha Nadi etc]

Journal: You are known for your immaculate translation of Sanskrit verses where many previous
stalwarts went wrong, how do you get it right? Do you ponder over a shloka (verse) for days?
Patel: Yes, I go on reading again and again till I am satisfied with the meaning. I tried to
translate each couplet (Pada) separately. Then I think the meaning of the verse.

Journal: At this age of 92 are you still active in Jyotisha and are you writing on any subject?
Patel: Yes, I am writing a book on retrogression against heavy odds.
(Death of my daughter, my ill health etc.)

Journal: For over 30 years many have asked you to translate FULL
Devakeralam, would you still oblige your fans or least to least would
you create errata for us knowing that you have corrected previous
mistakes in the translation.

Patel: At this age of 92, it is impossible to translate FULL

Devakeralam but I think to publish some pamphlets over sight of R.
Santhanam in translating to Devakeralam (Three Volumes)
Journal: Can you expand on Devakeralam, how may shloka in total as compared to what is
present in R. Santhanam’s translation, how many versions of Devakeralam are there?
Patel: There are 9182 verses in Santhanam’s book on Devakeralam; it is only ¼ of the total
verses . Also, there are three versions of Devakeralam. There are some manuscript in GOML
library (Chennai), Adiyar Library (Chennai) and Mysore Library (Mysore).

This is not Jaimini but JayMuni, they are two different people.
Saptarishis Astrology: Unfortunately, this fact that the current English form of Devakeralam being
JUST 1/4th none of the modern nor old scholars are aware of. Also, Patel had 3000 more shlokas of
Devakeralam which many of us have seen. Infact, if you observe his writings you would see him often
referring to a different shloka compared to Santhanam’s version and sometimes shlokas which are not
in Santhanam’s version. As my mentor says still we owe it to Santhanam, though every scholar in
[Gary Gomes Comments: I am second to none in my admiration of the late R. Santhanam.
However, the volumes of the Devakeralam he was responsible for translating are very
disorganized. When I presented the final edit of this interview to the student of Mr. Patel he
had the following comments: ‘……what can be added is that Patel Saheb is not criticizing
Santhanam. Both of them were very good friends with great respect for each other. In
Fact…..Patel Saheb gave Volume 1 of Devakeralam to Santhanam (who did not have it). This
enabled him (Santhanam) to start the work, so Patel’s hand (is) in whatever we have of
English translation of Devakeralam….We are obliged to both of them for whatever we have.
After translating it, Santhanam gave it to Patel for corrections but by the time Patel could
get back (Patel was very busy then) it had already gone into print. Since then, the publisher
has kept on requesting errata from Shri Patel on the text.’

Also, I have heard of other texts that are regarded as definitive in the West, but which are
known in India to be available to us in abbreviated forms. I hope to provide some more
information on this to the CVA readership in the future.]

Journal: Can you give us an example of Bhrigu Bindu & Rahu Ketu Kendra transit influence on it,
this aspect seems to have not been written at all in your old articles on the same but we have heard that
had evolved further on Bhrigu Bindu.
Patel: Read the articles 1‐(13), 2(31) in the book‐ “Prediction through Navamsa and Nadi

[Student to Gary: Actually this method I wanted him to write here in detail, what we had
asked him is not in his book, he had taught me this method last year unfortunately those
notes were destroyed, anyways one day I will explore it from my memory and test it out
completely over various charts and share with you. He has avoided this question I do not
know why, but I know cant stretch him at this old age.]

Journal: When you are looking at only the basic Rasi chart, how do you at times ‘Predict’ the SAV
bindus of each house with near about accuracy? We have heard that somehow you can do this and we
find this fascinating.
Patel: Refer my book ‘Ashatakvarga’ chapter‐14 verse no.11. if there more than two or three
planets in a sign –bindus in eleventh house from that house will be 33, 34 or more and at the
same time bindus in the seventh house will 20‐19‐18 or less.

Journal: Please tell us the drawback of “Ego” when it comes to learning Jyotisha?
Patel: When someone becomes egoistic, advancement in study of astrology ceases. There is
no two doubts about this.

Journal: The current generations do not know much about the chronology of your written work
Patel: My published books – Ashtakvarga Published in ‐1957; Prediction through Navamsa and
Nadi Astrology Published in ‐1996; Navamsa in Astrology Published in ‐1997; Nadi Astrology
Published in ‐1998; Arudha System of Prediction Published in ‐2000. The book on Retrogression

Delhi criticizes Santhanam for erroneous translation (at some places) but only Santhanam who was an
extremely hard worker could have done it and none of us who keep on criticizing him. Let us be grateful
and we need to give Santhanam the much deserved credit.
is under preparation.

Journal: Again, my most heartfelt thanks to Mr. Patel for his time and for his life’s work.

Tribute to C. S. Patel
Keven Barrett
Courtesy: CVA & Gary Gomes, President, CVA

During my visit to India in July 1988, and staying with Dr.

Parasmani. He asked what you want to learn. Who can
teach me the Ashtakavarga. He thought for a while and
said that there is only one, C.S. Patel, but he probably
will not teach a foreigner, but would ask him to come to
meet me anyway. Well, a servant came and said he was
waiting in Parasmani's office. I walked in and Patel was
sitting there with his arms tightly folded, and I thought
that's it. Anyhow, after introductions he sat immobile. I
took a look at his face and said, I have seen you before,
was it in Ahmadabad in 1981. It's you the Australian he said.
Those men running the conference would not allow me to speak
to you. I even chased after your cab he said. He then stood up and said give
me a hug. It was a while before he let go of me. Come on off to your room, and for a week he
travelled to Bombay every day with intensive
studying and teaching. Finally, he said Barrett you have learnt in a week that others have
taken years to grasp. Patel gave me one of the last copies of his 'Ashtakavarga Book" first
edition. A very humbling experience. He will always be a great man, and will be sadly
missed, not only by his family, but astrologers everywhere.

T;ksfrÔ dh ifjHkkÔk
baæthr dikuh] Òkjr

T;ksfrÔ ’kkL= dks vFkoZons dk vax ekuk x;k gS vkSj

O;k[;k esa bls osn¨a dh vkWa[k crk;k x;k gsAS T;ksfrÔ ’kkL=
dk egRo blfy, Hkh c<+ tkrk gS fd blls usdh o cnh
dh igpku gksrh gSA HkkjroÔZ esa egfÔZ osnO;kl] tSfeuh]
vkf=] ijk’kj] d’;Ik] vkSj ukjn eqfu T;ksfrÔ ds izdk.M
fo}kuksa esa ekus x, gsa]S vkSj fons’kksa esa lqdjkr] vjLrq]
vQykrwu] ’kSDlfi;j] âwej] dsiyj vkSj U;wVu us T;ksfrÔ
ij viuh vxk/k Jðk O;Dr dh gSA iqjkus le; esa
T;ksfrÔ Kku ;k rks _fÔ&eqfu ds ikl Fkk ;k jkts egkjkts
jkt T;ksfrÔ j[krs FksA bl rjg T;ksfrÔ ;g vke vkneh
ls nwj Fkk A

flðkar xz¡Fk
¥çßÖæçÁÌ ÖæÚUÌ ∙ð¤ ÜæãUõÚU (¥Õ Âæç∙¤SÌæÙ ×ð́) àæãUÚU ×ð́
~ ÁÙßÚUè v~w~ ∙¤ô Á‹×ð́ §¢ÎÁ ý èÌ ∙¤ÂæÙè Âðàæð âð çâçßÜ T;ksfrÔ dks bafXy’k esa ,LVªksykWth vkSj ÅnwZ esa utwe cksyk
§¢ÁèçÙØÚU ãñ´UÐ ¥æÂÙð â¢Ø€é Ì ÚUæcÅþU ¥õ¼÷Øôç»∙¤ çß∙¤æâ â¢SÍæÙ x;k gSA iqjkus xz¡Fkksa esa bls rhu Hkkxksa esa ck¡Vk x;k gS]
¥õÚU ¥¢ÌÚUÚUæcÅþUèØ çßˆÌ çÙ»× Áñâè â¢SÍæÙô´ ∙ð¤ âæÍ ∙¤æ× ftlesa 18 fl)kara gS vkSj 16 ys[k gSA ;s O;k[;k djrs gaS
ç∙¤Øæ ãUñÐ v~~® âð ¥æÂÙð ÜæÜ ç∙¤ÌæÕ ∙¤è çßçÏ âð °∙¤ fd T;ksfrÔ dSls [kxksyh; xzgksa dks vk/kkj cukdj euq";
Üæ¹ âð ’Øæ¼æ Üô»ô´ ∙¤æ ©U¿æÚU ç∙¤Øæ ãñUÐ §Ù×ð́ âð ij mlds vlj d¨ crkrk gSA bu 16 ys[k¨a esa ls eq[; gaS
¥çÏ∙¤æ¢àæ ãðUÂðÅUæ§çÅUâ Õè, ÕðýÙ ãñU×ÚÔUÁ, ∙ñ́¤âÚU, Å÷UØê×Ú, & xHkkZ/kku dk le;] vk;q] fo+|k] L=h vkSj larku dh
vk;qA blesa cgqr lh ijaijk,¡ tSls eqgwrZ fopkj] ;k=k]
NU¼ØƒææÌ, ×Ïé×ðØ, ÂæçÚUßæçÚU∙¤ â×SØæU ß ∙¤ôÅüU ∙ð¤â ¥æç¼ âð
iwf.kZek] vekoL;k] xzgksa dh fLFkfr] fnuk¡ad vkSj le; dk
»ýçâÌ ÍðÐ ¥æ ÚUçßßæÚU ∙¤ô çÙÑàæéË∙¤ ∙ñ́¤Â ¿ÜæÌð ãñ́UÐ
lgh Kku u gksus ij dq¡M+yh cukus dh fofèk ij çdk’k
çȤÜß€Ì ¥æ ’ØôçÌá ∙¤è °∙¤ ÂéSÌ∙¤ ÂÚU ∙¤æ× ∙¤ÚU ÚUãðU ãñ´UÐ Mkyk x;k gSA

vkdk’k e.My vkSj izdk’k

vkdk’k esa lw;Z vkSj pUnz dk vlj T;ksfrÔ esa fo’ksÔ

LFkku j[krk gS A lw;Z dks thou o vkRek vkSj pUnz dks
’kjhj ,oa vkd`fr crk;k x;k gSA lw;Z ls ’kjhj dks vkSj
p¡nzek ls eu dks] eaxy ls cy] cq/k ls cqf)] ’kqdz ls
dke dh mRifRr] ’kfu ls nq%[k vkSj vuqHko d¨ t¨M+k x;k
gSA bu lkrksa xzgksa ds vkèkkj ij T;ksfrÔ gesa ,d ,slh euq"; vkRe dsfUnzr gks tkrk gS vkSj viuh larqf"V ds
fo|k fl[kkrk gS ftlds dkj.k ge vius fiNys tUeks]a fy, dbZ iziap jprk gS A
viuh fopkj’kfDr] usdh vkSj cnh d¨ tkudj
vius thou d¨ fu/kkZfjr dj ldrs gsSAa euq"; ds ’kjhj] fnekx vkSj vk/;kfRed
;g fo|k gesa ;g Hkh fl[kkrh gS fd cqjs ’kfDr;ksa ds laca/k esa lw;Z vk/kkj gSA eaxy
le; ls dSls cpdj fudyk tk, vkSj Ik’kqRo vkSj ’kqØ dke’kkL= ls laca/k j[krk gS
vPNs le; dk dSls nksgu fd;k tk,A A lw;Z vkSj eaxy thou ’kfDr ;kuh euq";
ds izk.k gSAa panz ’kjhj ls ckgj tkus okyh
fganw ’kkL=¨a ds vuqlkj] euq"; dk ’kjhj phtksa vkSj ’kfDr;ksa ls laca/k j[krk gSA ’kqdz
ik¡p rRo¨a ij vk/kkfjr gSA ;g ik¡p rRo dkesPNk }kjk vPNs vkSj cqjs dkeksZa ds fy, izfs jr
/kjrh ;kuh feVVh] ikuh] vkx] gok] vkdk’k ls djrk gS ;kuh euq"; ds rhljs us= ;k mldh Nqih gqbZ
curs gaS vkSj okil blh esa fey tkrs gSaA dqy feykdj ;s ’kfDr;ksa dk lapkyu djrk gS vkSj ’kfu ds dkj.k gh cq/k
ik¡p rRo dHkh Hkh [kRe ugha gksrs gaSA bu iaprRoksa dks iuirk gS tks varr% euq"; dks eqfDr ds fy, izfs jr djrk
psru ’kfDr Hkh ekuk x;k gS ftls ge vkRek ;k lw{e gS ;k euq"; ds vanj Nqis gq, tkuoj dk Kku djkrk gS A
’kjhj ;k czge Hkh dgrs gaSA

czge ;kuh psru ’kfDr

psru ;kuh czge ’kfDr dh dksbZ ’kDy ughsa gS vkSj bls

fdlh :Ik esa ck¡/kuk laHko ugha gSA ;g ,slh vukfn ’kfDr
gS ftls ukjh vius xHkZ esa cht ds :Ik esa /kkj.k djrh gSA
L=h ds xHkZ esa blh cht dk c<+dj Hkwz.k ds :i esa
Late K.V. Sivarama Iyer on Sexuality
fodflr gksuk psru ’kfDr gS tks ckn esa euq"; dk ’kjhj
curk gS A
Venus posited in the 7 th in vargas of Saturn
or Mars and aspected by Saturn and Mars
iaprRoksa ls cuk ;g LFkwy czgek.M L=h ds xHkZ esa will have no moral code and no constancy.
Qyrk&Qwyrk gS vkSj blds HkkX; dk fu/kkZj.k fgUnw xzF¡ kksa
ds vuqlkj deZyksd esa g¨rk gSA Qkjlh esa bl çfØ;k d¨
bYe&,&uklwn dgrs gSaA blds vuqlkj Hkh bl Hkw.z k ds
It is impossible to divine what all things a
man will do to quench his sexual needs when
vanj Hkh ,d lw{e ’kjhj gS tks eu] cqf) vkSj vgadkj the lord of the 10th house is aspected by
dks tUe nsrk gS vkSj blds rhljs pj.k esa tks ’kjhj Saturn or when the lord of the 10th posited in
curk gS bls lw;Z yksd dgrs gaAS izd`fr ds vuqlkj lw{e Aries or Scorpio fully aspected by Venus
vkSj lw{e ls LFkwy ’kjhj iyrk gS vkSj mleas ik¡pksa rRo
mls usdh vkSj cnh dh rjQ ys tkrs gSAa vkdk’k rRo ls
mls vkokt feyrh gS] gok ds Li’kZ ls feyus okyh ’kfDr Jupiter in the 5 th or 9th will confer high
dks Li’kZ ;kuh ftls Nwus dh ’kfDr cksyrs gS vkSj vfXu intuitive powers if the native resorts to
devout worship of Lord Shiva by reciting
rRo ls mls jks’kuh feyrh gS ftlds dkj.k euq"; viuh Panchakshari Mantra or Mrityunjaya
vk¡[kksa ls ns[krk gSA ikuh ds rRo ls mls jl feyrk gS Mantra - an R. Santhanam saying
ftls ge Lokn ;k tk;dk dgrs gSA blh ls gesa [kq’kcw
vkSj cncw dk Kku gksrk gSA blh rjg vkdk’k] ok;q]
vfXu] ty] i`Foh ;s ik¡pksa rkdrsa tc fefJr gksrh gaS rks