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Do not put out the Spirit's fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything.

(1 Thes 5:19-21) These are prophecies and prophetic revelations I received 2011 Jan 2011 "My Word is for all times and generations". Mar 2011 What you prioritize is what will distract you and what you will be judged by. Mar 2011 "There can be no unity among the Arabs for they know not the Lord". Mar 2011 People's different views do not nullify the truth. Mar 2011 People point their reasoning ability and curiosity to insignificant (trivial) and superficial things rather than unto the Lord! Mar 2011 People's disobedience to God does not nullify who God is and what He requires from people. April 2011 Why the Rhema (or praying for the Rhema) is important. Because there is the release of power to do the right thing at the right time, whereas good intentions alone to do the right thing are deterred by illusory precedence. April 2011 A strategy used to delude people. Play on people's naturally inherent pride. By giving people the impression that they have attained knowledge, they are then not open to anything that opposes their knowledge because that would mean surrender of their pride. April 2011 I sensed that in many ways the wicked understand unity to accomplish their purposes more than the church understands unity to accomplish righteousness, and many times when the church is united, it will be united in prayer (expecting others to do what they themselves could do) but not actually in doing anything. For true religion is based on faith and works. (James 2:14-26). May 2011

How the Church has become deceived: 1. Through selfishness aimed at temporal indulgences rather than on eternal rewards which comes through sacrifice. 2. Through fine sounding arguments that use the promises to target temporal selfishness rather than eternal rewards. May 2011 The voice of the Lord must be heard in this generation. The workers must proclaim the heart, the mind and the intent of the Lord. The heart, the mind and the intent of the Lord have been made available to the world, and it isn't much knowledge to retain compared to the much useless knowledge people spend years trying to learn - especially for My People says the Lord! My People need a saturation of My Words together with Understanding as to My intents. May 2011 They have created a people subject to their rules rather than to common sense. For it is common sense that points one to God! June 2011 Whilst sharing the gospel, the Lord gave me this prophecy: "Pray that people get the understanding of a dimension they know not of!" June 2011 Conventional means are an illusion to accomplishing the Lord's plans. June 2011 The Cross was also to show that doing that which is inconvenient and displeasing to you is the means to achieve what is required of you to bring success. June 2011 Dying to self is the only way to protect the lord's plans! Because when you die to self you remove the hedge of control of the world's system meaning you then make a leeway for the plans of the Lord to come in and be accomplished. June 2011 When people feel they really want something or if they are subject to any fear that is causing them to behave in a way to get what they want, they will release a justified reasoning or understanding to bring about what agrees with the thing they are subject to. June 2011 The wicked live in a prolonged illusion of time.

July 2011 My People do not have sufficient revelation that will give them the understanding to execute My plans on the earth. July 2011 My Kingdom is a kingdom of truth that shall not be contested by anyone in any way in anytime. July 2011 The Lord gave me this prophecy: "The NWO (New World Order) has caused the people to interpret truth as conspiracy"