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The Fear Factor is fueled by sin

Written by Dionne Sabbay Thompson

April 21, 2011 (Revised)

Listen to a Bible study relating to the remnants emotions and the shaking.

Have you ever felt anxious about being caught in a situation of sin? Some avoid riding
trains for fear of being caught helplessly in the midst of a tunnel, while others may fear
being in a tight space, causing them to feel stuck. Within my clinical practice as a
licensed Therapist in New York City (for the duration of 10 plus years), I learned that the
underlying cause of all fear, in all cases, relates to a fear of loss of control. Well, I have
great news for all: God has a secure insurance plan. Our Creator is so wise: and, He
promises that His subjects will not be tempted beyond their tolerance 1Cor. 10:13.
Proving the abovementioned scripture, the Great Controversy, a Holy-Spirit inspired
book, reveals that not one Christian was destroyed at the destruction of Jerusalem in 70
A.D.1 Let us submit our souls to Him today, having Christ formed in us completely;
protecting us during Jacobs time of Trouble Dan. 12:1, Gal. 4:17, Col. 1:27.

Recent news of earthquakes in Japan and throughout the globe reveal that we are in
very serious end-times Matt. 24:7, Mark 13:8, Luke 21:11. Fear is fueled by sin.
However, praise Jehovah, as once humans are righteously empowered, the will enables
right-doing, by faith in Christ, by virtue of the divine Spirit John 14:10. Gods remnant
can overcome fearfulness that is fueled by sin Rom. 1:17, 20, 3:22, Gal. 5:5, Phil. 3:9.
And remember, anxiety, hoarding and panic during times of trouble evidences the
absence of the Holy Spirit, as God hath not given us the spirit of fear 2Tim. 1:7. 2

Fears are often avoided, as they are a product of the sin problem, a perversion which
causes many to evade the subject of death. On the day of Adams creation, fear was
nonexistent within his heart and mind, later emerging as a result of disobedience. Fear
developed after Adam sinned, causing insecurity, as evidenced by Adam and Eve running
and hiding their nakedness or Laodicean condition in shame Gen. 3:8, Rev. 3:14-22.

1 White, E.G. The Great Controversy p. 30.

2 Thompson, D. A Soul Sealed at Character Perfection p. 65 (2010).

The love of God thus departed from their minds, causing insecurity and unrighteousness
Gen. 3:10.

Satan aims to plague the planet with horrific, ghoulish, unrealistic images that can
engross the mind with unnecessary fears, if a sinner permits it to. When we think of
God, we think of images of beauty, however, if an angel of light were to appear to us, how
would we be sure that it was not a demon in disguise 2Cor 11:14? It is only through
righteous, powerful and loving streams of beneficence, flowing through human bodies
(along with and an abiding relationship in Christ Jesus) that we can ensure freedom
from all satanic deceptions John 15:1-7, 1Cor. 2:14, Steps to Christ p. 77, Desire of Ages p.
21. God is the only source of righteousness Isa. 54:17, Eze. 20:12.

All in all, Overcomers must abide in Christ completely, despite a prevailing mood or
mindset. While feeling depressed, anxious or experiencing a low mood, one must
bring their feelings into full submission to the character and will of Christ, permitting
their righteous willpower to dominate. A depressed mood must not lead humans to
believe that God does not love them, as God is love and He first loved mankind 1John
4:19. Be strong and choose to surrender to Christ today, as by way of His regenerating
agent, the Holy Spirit, you can overcome both fear and its underlying force, sinas
iniquity when it is finished, bringeth force death James 1:15.

Character Purity Ministries, located in Pelham, New York (Westchester County),

aims to edify the globe about the Three Angels' Messages, the Loud cry and all relevant
end-time present Truth, as Christ's return is imminent: and, He hopes to cut His work
short in righteousness Rom. 9:28; Rev. 14:6-12, 18:1-4.