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Three Cheese Spring Rolls Asian Duck Spring Rolls Salt and Pepper Calamari Venison Carpaccio Half shelled mussels Fish Cakes Livers Peri-Peri R39 R38 R65 R37 R47 R47 R36
Camembert, Swiss and Blue cheese spring rolls, served with rocket salad and sweet chilli tomato jam. Asian duck and vegetable stirfry spring rolls served with rocket salad and sweet chilli and tomato jam. Tempura style Calamari served with Tartar sauce. Rocket and Carpaccio rolls dressed with basil pesto and balsamic reduction, finished with shavings of Parmesan. Sauted in a creamy garlic and white wine sauce. Perfectly crumbed and served with a citrus salad and Cilantro mayonnaise.

Served with home-made bread.

Calamari and Rocket Salad Chicken Salad R57 R68 R58 R54
Pan-seared tender falklands tubes on a bed of rocket tossed with a lemon and basil dressing and garnished with Danish feta. Tender chicken strips with mixed leaves, grilled Halloumi, avocado, tomato, cucumber and basil pesto.

Salad of Smoked Trout

Served with garden greens, toasted almonds and lemon.

Roasted Vegetable and Rocket Salad

Honey glazed beetroot, butternut and sweet potato, with grilled Halloumi cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds, dressed with a sweet and sharp vinaigrette.

Greek Salad


Crisp mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta, olives and red onion.

Side order of Crispy French Fries Side order of Fresh Garden Salad Side order of Fresh Vegetables Sauces

R20 R20 R20 R18

Portebellini Mushroom Jalapeno Garlic OR Lemon Butter Green Peppercorn & Brandy Blue Cheese & Garlic Peri-Peri Cheese Garlic

Thai Green Curry (Chicken or Beef) Chicken Portebellini R65 R76
Spicy green curry served with fragrant Jasmine rice. Pan-fried chicken breast set on crumbed mash potatoes with wilted greens, topped with Portebellini mushroom sauce.

Chicken Roulade


Stuffed with Swiss cheese, peppadews and baby spinach, set on crumbed mash potatoes and finished with a wholegrain mustard sauce.

Braised Pork Belly with ginger-caramel sauce

Served with stir-fry vegetables.


Medallion of Beef Fillet


A 150g fillet served with roasted red Capsicum, brinjal and a black mushroom with a Blue cheese, spring onion and Peppadew sauce served with crumbed mash potato.

Aged Beef Fillet


Perfectly aged beef fillet served with chips or crumbed mash potatoes and a roasted vegetable stack.

Jalapeno Fillet


Topped with a Jalapeno sauce, served with mash potatoes or chips and a roasted vegetable stack.

Black Mushroom and Balsamic Fillet


Topped with a black mushroom and dressed with balsamic reduction, served with crumbed mash potatoes or chips and a roasted vegetable stack.

Duck Confit

R118 R64

Set on crumbed mash potatoes with vegetables, finished with a cranberry sauce.

Vegetarian Roulade

Olive and mushroom pancake filled with baby spinach, cream cheese and roasted red Capsicums, served with a rocket and pesto salad.

Mediterranean Squid


Falklands tubes stir-fried in paprika oil with olives, celery and feta served with lemon cous cous.

Fresh Fish of the Day

R90 (subject to availability)

Served with roasted butternut mash, red Capsicum and wilted greens, drizzled with lemon parsley olive oil.

Grilled Prawns Prawn Fettuccine

R127 R76 R50

Served with peri-peri, garlic or lemon butter, accompanied by zested rice or chips. With parsley, chilli, garlic and lemon olive oil.

Lemon & Thyme Chicken Burger

Tender chicken fillet marinated in lemon and thyme, set on mixed leaves with sliced avocado and tomato, topped with a garlic mayo.

Amazing Steak Sandwich


Grilled medallions of beef fillet with rocket, wholegrain mustard and caramelised onions, resting on a fresh panini and served with chips.

Crme Brulee Chocolate Torte Churros R30 R25 R35 R35

Served with berry coulis and chantilly cream.

Pastry fingers served with a rich dark chocolate sauce.

Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce Strawberry Meringue R35

Vanilla Ice Cream served with decadent chocolate sauce.

Meringue rolled with fresh strawberries , cream, toasted almonds and coconut.

Americano R13

Decaf Americano R15 Caf Latte Espresso Sngl Espresso Dbl Cappuccino Macchiato Hot Chocolate R15 R12 R16 R16 R16 R16

Flavoured Coffees Liqueur Coffees R22 Irish Coffee, Calypso Coffee, Caribbean Coffee Dom Pedro R25 Kahlua, Amarula, Cape Velvet, Whiskey, Frangelico