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Welcome to the latest edition of the Travian newsletter brought to you by the Travian .com team. The selected theme for this month is Gay Rights & the Pride movement, which marks the ongoing fight for equality of the LGBT communities around the world. This month also holds a special bonus article about Midsummer, the celebration of the summer solstice most prominently celebrated in Scandinavian countries. As always, there is also a contest and some riddles/games for you to enjoy. Let us know what you think, and what you would like to see in future editions of the Travian .COM newsletter. Server Reporter Do you like writing? Do others like to read what you write? If you think you can write good stories about what is happening on your server, then you are the one we are looking for. Just send us your report by email to The best report will be published in our magazine and the writer can join the magazine crew to report from now on regularly about the server happenings. Writers Corner If you are a writer and think you have a good story which you want to see published you may send it to We will read it and if it is as good as you think it will get published in the magazine. The magazine team will also give all published writers a small surprise ;-).

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Untitled until now

Story continued from the last edition of the magazine:

With the order of preparing for the embarking of the brave settlers, Eldain had set out with his band of Thunder, heading for the main camp of the Teutons. It was time to deal with them once and for all. At the crack of dawn, the riders arrived at the camp. In front of them stood around 500 meters of open land. Raising his hand, the young knight signaled the horn blower of his small regiment. Unlike the barbarians in front of him, he had no intention of attacking without prior warning. He was there to teach them about the proper etiquette of warfare. And a painful lesson it would become. The sound pierced the shrouds of mist still covering the field ahead. Muffled sounds came from the tents, people were coming out to see what was happening. But by the time they discovered, it was already too late to respond. With the simple gesture of moving a sword towards the camp, the regiment of Thunders rode out at full charge towards the tents. Within a mere moment the entire camp was razed to the ground. All but a single Teuton had been killed in the onslaught brought by the maces and hooves. A young man, dressed in the garment of a messenger or scout, was left standing. Sheathing his sword, Eldain walked towards the Teuton who seemed to be frozen with fear. With the rising sun in his back, the young Natars armor gave him a near demonic appearance. His voice was cold and calculative as he spoke. You have been spared for a single reason. You are to run back to your chief, and tell him that if he should ever attack this tribe again, his body will weigh a few pounds less if you catch my drift. Now run before I change my mind and let you join your friends. The story will be continued in the next edition of the magazine.

This story is written by shadowspirrit.

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Climbing the ladder By Maanskyn

Climbers of the week (as it was on the 29 April) Players Kristanto Tribe Teutons Population 93 Alliance ____ Strategy Online all the time, uses his resources well and employs the motto Think before I do Concentrates on production KaTnA Teutons 92 ME / Asterix and later focuses on training troops. Concentrates on economy and follows the task master Did not use gold and developed a peaceful urban Used beginners protection, followed quests and got lucky Temp Romans 80 poison with adventures. Uses gold only for NPC amdonce for 25% more crop production.

Some players who are wet behind the ears may be in awe about how the top climbers of the week achieve such great heights. There are different ways to climb the Travian ladder you can be lucky in your adventures; be an apprentice of Bonny and Clyde or use your resources well. Or your can be a gold digger digging in your pockets for your last gold to instantly complete your buildings (most times you end up with a hole in your pocket). I have interviewed five of the top ten climbers to establish what strategies work well in growing a healthy population.









When it comes to Travian, you need to have a village that can sustain itself, improve infrastructure and train enough troops to keep robbers at bay. This defensive strategy may require a little perseverance and a little bit of gold. Or you can be the bandit and steal resources with your troops. At some stage you need to choose. One thing is apparent a green player is a healthy player

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Fair play shall prevail

replied, informing him that it was his allies, the ones he had betrayed, that brought on Dingos attacks.

The end

Moral: Betrayal is never than fair play!

This story is written by Abishek1.

Once on Travian comx, there was an alliance called The Chiefs; its founder was Sonu. It wasnt a good alliance; it was not anywhere close to attackers, defenders, climbers or robbers of the week. Once, a guy called matador sent Sonu an IGM saying that he wanted to join the alliance so Sonu checked how strong he was. Sonu thought that he would not be good as a member of the alliance, but he found out that Matador had two villages and his ranking was far better than Sonus and he had the number one climbers of the week badge. Sonu blindly invited him into the alliance and gave him the right to invite people and send IGMs to all the players. But Sonu didnt know about the rotten plan Matador had in mind He attacked Sonu and all of the players in the alliance. He sent catapults to destroy their villages, he ruined every single resource field and reduced everyones population to 0. So, we contacted Dinglo, the rank one attacker of the week, trough IGM to attack Matador. He agreed, because he wanted more points. Then, he attacked Matador heavily; in the end, Matador sent an IGM to us regarding the attack and he asked for reinforcements. Sonu

Travian News International / General Topics

Japan Facts:
Location: Eastern Asia, island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, east of the Korean Peninsula Tokyo Japanese Japanese


Shintoism 83.9%, Buddhism 71.4%, Christianity 2%, other 7.8% note: total adherents exceed 100% because many people belong to both Shintoism and Buddhism (2005)

Capital: Official language: Demonym:

Climate: Currency:

varies from tropical in south to cool temperate in north Japanese Yen (JPY)

Note: The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, was a magnitude 9.0 (Mw) undersea mega-thrust earthquake off the coast of Japan that occurred at 14:46 JST (05:46 UTC) on Friday. It was the most powerful known earthquake to have hit Japan, and one of the five most powerful earthquakes in the world overall since modern record-keeping began in 1900. The earthquake triggered extremely destructive tsunami waves of up to 38.9 meters (128 ft). In addition to loss of life and destruction of infrastructure, the tsunami caused a number of nuclear accidents, of which by far the most serious was an ongoing level 7 event and 20 km (12 mi) evacuation zone around the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

Time Zone: GMT+9


a parliamentary government with a constitutional monarchy 3 May 1947 377,915 sq km / land: 364,485 sq km / water: 126,475,664 (July 2011 est.) Japanese 98.5%, Koreans 0.5%, Chinese 0.4%, other 0.6%

Independence: Area: total: 13,430 sq km Population: Ethnic group:

Travian News International / General Topics


Japanese history is very long. So there are many old buildings including like Shinto shrines or Temples. e.g. Hry-ji (lit. Temple of the Flourishing Law) is a Buddhist temple in Nara Prefecture. That is Japans oldest existing building and was built in 607.

Kammu moved the capital from Nara to Nagaoka-ky before relocating it to Heian-ky (modern Kyoto) in 794. Japan's feudal era was characterized by the emergence and dominance of a ruling class of warriors, the samurai. Today, the samurai, along with their culture, weapons (for example, the katana) and the period in Japanese history that followed have become very famous and are a very popular theme in many films and other forms of art.

A Paleolithic culture around 30,000 BC constitutes the first known habitation of Japan. This was followed from around 14,000 BC (the start of the Jmon period) by a Mesolithic to Neolithic semisedentary hunter-gatherer culture, who include ancestors of both the contemporary Ainu people and Yamato people, characterized by pit dwelling and rudimentary agriculture. The Nara period (710-784) of the 8th century marked the emergence of a strong Japanese state, centered on an imperial court in Heij-ky (modern Nara). The Nara period is characterized by the appearance of a nascent literature as well as the development of Buddhist-inspired art and architecture. The smallpox epidemic of 735737 is believed to have killed as much as one-third of Japan's population. In 784, Emperor

At the beginning of the 17th century, the famous Tokugawa shogunate enacted measures including buke shohatto, as a code of conduct to control the autonomous daimyo; and in 1639, the isolationist sakoku ("closed country") policy that spanned the two and a half centuries of tenuous political unity known as the Edo period (1603-1868). The study of Western

Travian News International / General Topics

sciences, known as rangaku, continued through contact with the Dutch enclave at Dejima in Nagasaki. The Edo period also gave rise to kokugaku ("national studies"), the study of Japan by the Japanese. More or less, during this period, Japan was a seemingly closed country, impervious to foreign cultural influences.

world. It also has one of the lowers suicide and infant mortality rates.


Today, Japan is a modern country, characterized by highly developed and advanced infrastructure; it is the worlds third largest economy and the fourth largest importer and exporter. Japan is famous for being the world leader in technological breakthroughs, especially in the field of robotics, telecommunications and computer technology. According to the UN and WHO (World Health Organization), Japan has the longest life expectancy in the

As of 2010, Japan is the third largest national economy in the world, after the United States and China (and the EU however, the EU is not regarded as a country but as an economic-political entity), in terms of both nominal GDP and purchasing power parity. As of January 2011, Japan's public debt was more than 200 percent of its annual gross domestic product, the largest of any nation in the world. The service sector accounts for three quarters of the gross domestic product. Japan has large industrial capacity, and is home to some of the largest and most technologically advanced producers of motor vehicles, electronics, machine tools,

steel and nonferrous metals, ships, chemical substances, textiles, and processed foods. Agricultural businesses in Japan cultivate 13 percent of Japan's land, and Japan accounts for nearly 15 percent of the global fish catch, second only to China. As of 2010, Japan's labor force consisted of some 65.9 million workers. Japan has a low unemployment rate of around four percent. Almost one in six Japanese, or 20 million people, lived in poverty in 2007. Housing in Japan is characterized by limited land supply in urban areas. Additionally, the Tokyo stock exchange is the largest stock exchange in Asia and one of the most important stock exchanges in the world.

Travian News International / General Topics


Japan is a leading nation in scientific research, particularly technology, machinery and biomedical research. Nearly 700,000 researchers share a US$130 billion research and development budget, the third largest in the world. Japan is a world leader in fundamental scientific research, having produced fifteen Nobel laureates in either physics, chemistry or medicine, three Fields medalists, and one Gauss Prize laureate. Some of Japan's more prominent technological contributions are in the fields of electronics, automobiles, machinery, earthquake engineering, industrial robotics, optics, chemicals, semiconductors and metals. Japan leads the world in robotics production and use, possessing more than half (402,200 of 742,500) of the world's industrial robots.

Culture There are many traditional cultural activities in Japan like the tea ceremony and flower arrangement. But Japanese Animation (Anime) is very famous in our time. Evangelion, Nausicaa, Gundam and so on.

system for the protection promotion of both tangible intangible Cultural Properties National Treasures. Fourteen have been inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage Sports

and and and sites the List.

Japanese culture has evolved greatly from its origins. Contemporary culture combines influences from Asia, Europe and North America. Traditional Japanese arts include crafts such as ceramics, textiles, lacquerware, swords and dolls; performances of bunraku, kabuki, noh, dance, and rakugo; and other practices, the tea ceremony, ikebana, martial arts, calligraphy, origami, onsen, Geisha and games. Japan has a developed

Traditionally, sumo is considered Japan's national sport. martial arts such as judo, karate and kendo are also widely practiced and enjoyed by spectators in the country. After the Meiji Restoration, many Western sports were introduced in Japan and began to spread through the education system. Japan hosted the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 1964. Japan has hosted the Winter Olympics twice: Nagano in 1998 and Sapporo in 1972.

Travian News International / General Topics


The Japanese professional baseball league was established in 1936. Today baseball is the most popular spectator sport in the country. Since the establishment of the Japan Professional Football League in 1992, association football has also gained a wide following. Japan was a venue of the Intercontinental Cup from 1981 to 2004 and co-hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup with South Korea. Japan has one of the most successful football teams in Asia, winning the Asian Cup four times. Golf is also popular in Japan, as are forms of auto racing like the Super GT series and Formula Nippon.

ingredients such as red meats that had previously not been widely used in Japan were introduced. Japanese cuisine offers a vast array of regional specialties that use traditional recipes and local ingredients. The Michelin Guide has awarded Japanese cities more Michelin stars than the rest of the world combined.

Article is written by bamboo and holdwolf.


The primary staple is Japanese rice. In the early modern era

Sushi is a very famous and popular Japanese food. Also Tempura (Seafood or vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried), Sukiyaki (savory stew of vegetables and beef cooked in a large nabe and dipped in a bowl of beaten raw egg), Yakitori (broiled chicken), Okonomiyaki (chopped vegetables and meat or seafood are mixed with batter and cooked on a griddle) and so on. You can enjoy wonderful food in Japan!

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Travian News International / General Topics


It seems we have somehow centered ourselves the past few months on various celebrations involving equinoxes and the reverence of seasons. To that extent, we have decided to publish one last article regarding solstice celebrations the celebration of Midsummer. Midsummer may simply refer to the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, but more often refers to specific European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice, or that take place on a day between June 21 and June 24, and the preceding evening. The exact dates vary between different cultures. Midsummer is especially important in the Scandinavian culture where it is the most celebrated holiday apart from Christmas. European midsummer-related holidays, traditions, and celebrations are pre-Christian in origin. They are particularly important in Northern Europe - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania but are also found in Germany, Ireland, parts of Britain

(Cornwall especially), France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, other parts of Europe, and elsewhere - such as Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico, and also in the Southern Hemisphere (mostly in Brazil, Argentina and Australia), where this imported European celebration would be more appropriately called Midwinter. Midsummer is also sometimes referred to by Neopagans and others as Litha, stemming from Bede's De temporum ratione which provides Anglo-Saxon names for the months roughly corresponding to June and July as "se rra Lia" and "se fterra Lia" (the "early Litha month" and the "later Litha month") with an intercalary month of "Lia" appearing after se fterra Lia on leap years. The fire festival or Lith- Summer solstice is a tradition for many pagans. Solstice celebrations still center around the day of the astronomical summer solstice. Some choose to hold the rite on the 21st of June, even

when this is not the longest day of the year, and some celebrate June 24, the day of the solstice in Roman times. Although Midsummer is originally a pagan holiday, in Christianity it is associated with the nativity of John the Baptist, which is observed on the same day, June 24, in the Catholic, Orthodox and some Protestant churches. It is six months before Christmas because Luke 1:26 and Luke 1.36 imply that John the Baptist was born six months earlier than Jesus, although the Bible does not say at which time of the year this happened.

Midsummer celebrations are particularly spread in Finland: Before 1316, the summer solstice was called Ukon juhla, after the Finnish god Ukko. In Karelian tradition, many bonfires were burned side by side, the biggest of which was called Ukko-kokko (the "bonfire of Ukko"). After the

Travian News International / General Topics


celebrations were Christianized, the holiday became known as juhannus after John the Baptist (Finnish: Johannes Kastaja). Since 1955, the holiday has always been on a Saturday (between June 20 and June 26). Earlier it was always on June 24. Many of the celebrations of midsummer take place on midsummer eve, when many workplaces are closed and shops must close their doors at noon. In the Finnish midsummer celebration, bonfires (Finnish kokko) are very common and are burnt at lakesides and by the sea. Often two young birch trees (koivu) are placed on either side of the front door to welcome visitors. Swedishspeaking Finns often celebrate by erecting a midsummer or maypole (Swedish midsommarstng, majstng). In folk magic, midsummer was a very potent night and the time for many small rituals, mostly for young maidens seeking suitors and fertility. Will o wisps were believed to be seen at midsummer night, particularly to finders of the mythical "fern in bloom" and possessors of the "fern seed", marking a treasure. An important feature of the midsummer in Finland is the white night and the midnight sun. Because of Finland's

location spanning around the Arctic Circle the nights near the midsummer day are short or non -existent. This gives a great contrast to the darkness of the winter time. The weather varies between years, the highest temperature is on average about 20C (Southern Finland). Many Finns leave the cities for Midsummer and spend time in the countryside. Nowadays many spent a few days there, and some Finns (who do not travel abroad) take their whole vacation in a cottage. Rituals include bonfires, cookouts, a sauna and spending time together. Heavy drinking is also associated with the Finnish midsummer. Many music festivals of all sizes are organized on the Midsummer weekend. It is also common to start summer holidays on Midsummer Day. For many families the Midsummer is the time when they move to the countryside to their summer cottage by the sea or lake. Midsummerday is also the Day of the Finnish Flag. The flag is hoisted at 6 pm on Midsummer eve and flown all night till 9 pm the following evening. Finnish Americans in the New Finland district, Saskatchewan, Canada celebrate Juhannus.

Article is written by holdwolf.

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Travian News International / General Topics


For this months issue, we have decided to address a topic which usually leaves no one indifferent; gay rights. June marks the commemoration of the infamous Stonewall riots by gay rights advocates in many countries across the globe; these riots were the catalyst which birthed soon after the gay rights movement. We here at Travian (and especially on .com) celebrate diversity in all its forms, as our players hail from all over the world. The .com domain is a place which brings many different religions, nationalities and races together and we firmly believe in equality. Perhaps the event that is most widely known both to LGBT groups and non -LGBT groups is gay pride. Even though opponents of gay pride will often cite various reasons why the event should not be held (more often than not, the morality of the event is questioned), gay pride is intended to send supportive and positive messages to not only LGBT persons, but to everyone. The main premises are that people should be proud of who they are, of their sexual orientation and gender identity; that human diversity is a gift and that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent and cannot be changed or intentionally altered by

anyone. So, have you ever wondered why exactly is it called pride? The word pride is used as a strong antonym to shame, which has commonly been used as a tool of sorts in order to oppress LGBT persons throughout history. The modern pride movement began shortly after the abovementioned Stonewall riots of 1969. Today, the pride movement is acknowledged and present in many countries world-wide and has been further emphasized by gay rights advocates, liberal political lobbyists, educating on matters concerning the LGBT population and so on.

The Stonewall riots

American gays and lesbians in the 1950s and 1960s faced a legal system more anti-homosexual than those of some Warsaw Pact countries. Early gay-friendly groups in the U.S. sought to prove that gay people ought to be an equal part of society, and they favored nonconfrontational education for homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. The last years of the 1960s,

Travian News International / General Topics


however, were very contentious, as many social movements were active, including the African American Civil Rights Movement, the Counterculture of the 1960s, and antiwar demonstrations. These influences, along with the liberal environment of Greenwich Village, served as catalysts for the Stonewall riots. Namely, very few establishments welcomed openly gay people in the 1950s and 1960s. Those that did were often bars, although bar owners and managers were rarely gay. The Stonewall Inn, at the time, was owned by the Mafia. It catered to an assortment of patrons, but it was known to be popular with the poorest and most marginalized people in the gay community: transvestites, representatives of a newly selfaware transgender community, effeminate young men, hustlers, and homeless youth. Police raids on gay bars were routine in the 1960s, but officers quickly lost control of the situation at the Stonewall Inn, and attracted a crowd that was incited to riot. Tensions between New York City police and gay residents of Greenwich Village erupted into more protests the next evening, and again several nights later, as members of the gay community decided to fight back. Within weeks, Village residents quickly organized into activist groups to concentrate efforts on establishing places for gays and lesbians to be open about their sexual orientation without fear of being arrested. After the Stonewall riots, gays and lesbians in New York City

faced various difficulties, such as gender, class and generational obstacles in becoming a cohesive community. Within six months, two gay activist organizations were formed in New York, concentrating on confrontational tactics, and three newspapers were established to promote rights for gays and lesbians. Within a few years, gay rights

organizations were founded across the U.S. and the world. On June 28, 1970, the first Gay Pride marches took place in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York commemorating the anniversary of the riots. Similar marches were organized in other cities. Today, Gay Pride events are held annually throughout the world toward the end of June to mark the Stonewall riots.

Travian News International / General Topics


Homosexuality throughout history This is a very complex subject and I believe it could be discussed and analyzed for a very long time. Still, it may be interesting to take a peek at how homosexuality was treated throughout history and how various civilizations and cultures viewed homosexuals. Advocates of gay pride have used history to point to oppression as well as differing levels of acceptance of homosexuality throughout history. Pre-modern times: The first mention of homosexuality comes at around 10,000 years BC. Around the end of the Paleolithic era, mankind started to make artifacts which suggest an appreciation of homosexual eroticism. Some examples, like graffiti, can be seen in some caves and hundreds of buildings and phallic statues. Certain anthropologists and sociologists claim that there may be a very good chance that a great number of precivilization cultures revered homosexuals as highly important members of society. They were mostly respected for their altruism, possessing the body and strength of a man while often bearing a number of psychological traits commonly characteristic to women. This interesting thesis led some

researches to believe that homosexuality may actually not be a deviation in sexual preference (as many hardcore anti-gay propagators claim) but rather a sexual variation which was intentionally created by nature during the evolution of the human race, keeping a constant of the gay population at around 10%. The thesis however is still just a theory and not fully scientifically proven. The most often cited civilization in regards to homosexuality is ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks did not conceive of sexual orientation as a social identifier, as Western societies have done for the past century. Greek society did not distinguish sexual desire or behavior by the gender of the participants, but by the extent to which such desire or behavior conformed to other social norms. These norms were based on gender, age and social status. For instance, "Lesbian" derives from the name of the island of Lesbos, which was famous for the poetess Sappho, who wrote love poetry to female lovers. Love between members of the same sex was also noted in the famous works of Homer (the Iliad and Odyssey) and one Greek philosopher even noted that it is desirable for a man to spend a part of his life with

Travian News International / General Topics


Commodus (among other things, depicted in the famous Hollywood movie Gladiator as the films primary antagonist) is believed to have been in a romantic relationship with another man. There are many other examples of such romances throughout Romes history, including the emperor Hadrian (who built the famous Hadrians Wall), Emperors Caligula, and Tiberius and so on. Moreover, homosexuality was not only widespread amongst the aristocracy, but also within less fortunate social groups (most notably, gladiators slaves who fought for Romes entertainment), including the plebs. Medieval times: During the middle ages, many of the Abraham religions grew in influence and, specifically in Christian cultures, the messages of heaven and hell become stronger and more popular. The middle ages were also marked by very poor living conditions, poverty and various diseases. Many people found sole comfort in their faith and religion and more often than not, immorality was blamed for instilling the wrath of God for the horrible living conditions people were facing. Paradoxically, these principles draw their roots from parts of ancient Roman philosophy. Any and all forms of homosexuality became not only considered shameful, but also punishable by death. It was in 390 AD that the first law was enacted in Rome, actually banning love between members of the same sex under penalty of

another man. Furthermore, many ancient Greek myths and legends regarding both famous mortal men (heroes, monarchs, warriors) and deities include homoeroticism in the form of two male lovers and bisexual relations. In fact, many of their gods and heroes had indistinctive sexual orientations meaning, they took female lovers and fathered many children (like the god Zeus) yet they still indulged in homosexual relations and took males as lovers as well. Another ancient and well known civilization with frequent accounts of homosexuality which was more or less culturally acceptable is ancient Rome. Homosexuality in the Roman Empire is considered to have been widespread but was tempered by the complex social systems of the society at the time. It was not uncommon for men to have male lovers, or women to have female lovers. The emperor

Travian News International / General Topics


death. For centuries during the dark ages, homosexuality was firmly oppressed and people participating in such acts were ostracized; sometimes, they were considered to be impure, tainted and even demonic. However, no matter how firmly and vigorously the church propagated against homosexuality, gay men and women were always present in society, even though forced to hide under fear of losing their lives. Today, many hardcore religious groups still oppose homosexuality, considering it to be sinful and calling on the Bible as evidence that such a love is forbidden. However, many scholars have countered these claims, though their arguments seem to fall on deaf ears more often than not. Namely, there are many different interpretations of religious books and scriptures, and the Bible itself had changed many times during the ages, most often to accommodate and reflect new social standards and cultural climates. For instance, in the same book that anti-gay religious groups often cite as their proof of homosexuality being a sin, it is also stated that consuming shellfish is sinful yet shellfish are a common dish in many countries around the world.

World War II: During World War II as Nazi Germany began its domination of Europe many people found themselves being rounded up and sent to concentration camps. The Holocaust was undertaken with homosexuals as one of the groups targeted, with gay men being marked with a pink triangle badge while lesbians were designated with a black triangle for "antisocial behavior". The (pink) triangle mark is very interesting, since it is also used today as one of the symbols of gay rights movements. Modern times: The 1960s and 1970s saw the Stonewall riots and the first gay pride parade take place in New York. In the 1980s there was a major cultural shift in the Stonewall Riot commemorations. The previously loosely organized, grassroots marches and parades were taken over by more organized and less radical elements of the gay community. The marches began dropping "Liberation" and "Freedom" from their names under pressure from more conservative members of the community, replacing them with the philosophy of "Gay Pride"(in the more liberal San Francisco, the name of the gay parade and celebration was not changed from Gay Freedom Day Parade to Gay Pride Day Parade

Travian News International / General Topics


Argentina On July the 15th, 2010, the Argentinian government extended the same marital rights to the LGBT population that are granted to heterosexual couples. The bill was supported by over 70% of the countrys population, but opposed by the Catholic Church. Belgium Belgium became the second country in the world to recognize same sex marriage, back in 2003. Furthermore, Belgium also legally accepts adoption by same sex parents. Canada The legislature of gay marriage in Canada was instigated by a series of constitutional challenges concerning equality provisions. By 2005, the state recognized all marriages as the lawful union of two persons to the exclusion of all others, including people of the same sex. Israel Gay marriages are not officially allowed in the country, but through the help of various NGO groups, gay couples are successfully bypassing the legal limitations. In addition, Israel recognizes all same sex marriages made in other countries where such marriages are legal.

until 1994). The Greek lambda symbol and the pink triangle which had been revolutionary symbols of the Gay Liberation Movement, which it headed by, were tidied up and incorporated into the Gay Pride, or Pride, movement, providing some symbolic continuity with its more radical beginnings. The pink triangle was also the inspiration for the homomonument in Amsterdam, commemorating all gay men and lesbians who have been subjected to persecution because of their homosexuality.

Many European countries have recently legalized gay marriages, with some American states also recognizing gay marriage as legal (there are 6 states in total, the most recent of them being New York). The countries which accepted gay marriage are:

Travian News International / General Topics


Mexico Mexico City legalized both gay marriage and adoption in 2009, with the bill enacted in early 2010. Currently, same sex marriages are only performed in Mexico City, but are legally recognized in all other Mexican states. Other Mexican states have begun procedures and others are discussing the notion of legalizing gay marriage and adoption as well. South Africa In a 2002 landmark decision that paved the way for later legal extensions of same-sex rights, South Africa became the first country in Africa to legally permit adoptions by same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage became legal in South Africa on November 30, 2006 when the Civil Unions Bill was enacted after having been passed by the South African Parliament earlier that month. A ruling by the Constitutional Court on December 1, 2005 had imposed a deadline of December 1, 2006 to make same-sex marriage legal. South Africa became the fifth country, the first in Africa, and the second outside Europe, to legalize same-sex marriage.

United States The US is a large country composed of a number of states, each with a certain level of autonomy regarding legislature within its borders. Currently, 6 states recognize gay marriage while 12 accept but do not enable gay marriages being conducted on their territory. Netherlands Same sex marriage was legalized in the Netherlands in 2001; the Dutch were the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage. Spain Same sex marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005; approximately 4.500 same sex couples got married in Spain during the first year of the law. Portugal Same sex marriage has been legalized in Portugal last year, in 2010. Portugal is the 6th country in Europe and the 8th in the world to legally accept same sex marriages. Iceland Same sex marriage has been legal in Iceland since June 27, 2010. The bill providing a genderneutral marriage definition was passed by the Icelandic Althing on June 11, 2010. No members of parliament voted against the bill, and public opinion polls suggest that the bill is very popular in Iceland. Iceland became the ninth country in the world to have legalized same-sex marriage.

Travian News International / General Topics


Norway Same sex marriage became legal in Norway on January 1, 2009 when a gender neutral marriage bill was enacted after being passed by the Norwegian legislature in June 2008. Norway became the first Scandinavian country and the sixth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Nepal - On November 17, 2008, Nepals Supreme Court ruled in favor of laws to guarantee full rights to LGBT people, and all gender minorities must be defined as natural persons under the law; this included the right to marry. Sweden Same sex marriage in Sweden has been legal since 1 May 2009, following the adoption of a new, gender-neutral law on marriage by the Swedish parliament on 1 April 2009,[1] making Sweden the seventh country in the world to open marriage to same sex couples nationwide. Existing registered partnerships will remain in force, and can be converted to a marriage if the parties so desire, either through a written application or through a formal ceremony. New registered partnerships will no longer be able to be entered into and marriage will be the only legally recognized form of union for couples regardless of sex. Additionally, Germany faces a vote on accepting gay marriage in July 2011, Luxemburg is proposing an edict to legalize same sex marriages and there is an ongoing debate in France based on public poll opinion. Several other countries both within the US, Europe and other parts of the world are also currently debating the issue. Also, there are many countries (most of them in Europe) which allow same sex civil partnerships but not directly marriage, such as the UK, Ireland, Finland, Brazil,

Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Greenland, Germany, Hungary, Croatia (allowed unregistered cohabitation), Switzerland (fully recognizes same sex partnerships, but not marriage), Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, New Zealand and Australia.

To show the other side of the coin, here are some countries whose laws regard homosexuality (as a whole and not just marriage) as illegal: Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Antiqua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Bhutan, Botswana, Burundi, Cameroon, Dominica, Ethiopia, Gambia, India, Iran,

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Iraq, Jamaica, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Mauritania, Mozambique, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi-Arabia, Singapore, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Lastly, there are several countries which have to be mentioned in the context of having laws which make homosexuality punishable by death. During our research, we could not determine their exact numbers (due to certain legislative changes); some sources indicate there are 5 countries where homosexuality is punishable by death, others that there are 7 and another source listed 8. Nonetheless, these are the countries mentioned: Sudan, Mauritania, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Iran and Yemen.

Famous history




Here is a list of some famous gay historic figures; some of them were openly homosexual, some were not; for some, there is evidence of their homosexuality, while for others historians reserve some doubt, but there is much speculation about their sexual orientation. So, some members of the list below are speculated to have been, but not necessarily were homosexuals. In any case, there are some very interesting names to be found; keep in mind that this list has been severely shortened. Alexander the Great, Macedonian ruler, 300 BC Socrates, Greek Philosopher, 400 BC Sappho, Greek Poet, 600 BC Hadrian, Roman Emperor, 1-2 century AD Richard the Lionhearted, English king, 12th century Desiderius Erasmus, Dutch Monk and Philosopher Pope Julius III, 15th century

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Federico Garcia Lorca, Spanish author Virginia Wolf, English author Leonard Bernstein, US composer Tennessee Williams, US playwright Andy Warhol, US artist Alexander Turing, UK scientist J. Edgar Hoover, US director of the FBI Frida Kahlo, Mexican artist Clive Barker, US author Elton John, UK musician And this is just to name a few; a complete list can be found at Wikipedia and various LGBT educational websites online. There are many other public and famous people still alive today (including the last two from the list above) who are openly gay. To name a few, such personas are Adam Lambert (US singer, an American Idol competitor), Boy George (former front man of the 80s Culture Club, famous media person), Ellen Degeneres (US media person), Jodie Foster (US famous actress), Barney Frank (US politician), Sir Ian McKellen (famous UK actor), George Michael (UK

Michelangelo, Italian artist, 15th century Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian artist, inventor, scientist, 15th century James the First, English king, 16th-17th century Frederick the Great, King of Prussia Lord Byron, English poet, 18th century Queen Anne, English queen, 18th century Walt Whitman, US poet and author, 19th century Oscar Wilde, Irish author, 19th century Pyotr Illich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer, 19th century Marcel Proust, French author, 20th century Gertrude Stein, US poet and author

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musician), Rosie ODonnell (US media person), Neil Patrick Harris (US actor), Peter Tatchell (Australian Politician), Rupert Everett (UK actor), Ricky Martin (Musician), George Hosato Takei (US actor) and many other political and entertainment figures, including many designers, TV presenters, actors, musicians, artists and performers.

Struggle for societies




Though many highly developed countries (not only economically, but also in legislature particularly concerning human rights) have openly accepted homosexuality in recent years, there are still some groups within these countries which strongly oppose it. The acceptance of homosexuals as fully fledged members of society was helped by gay rights movements since the 70s and by the acceptance of many important medical and scientific institutions that homosexuality is not an illness nor is it something a person can choose. Still, there are many of those who denounce scientific reasoning and either passively or actively use other means, such as morality, ethics and

religion to define homosexuality as abnormal. The most vocal of such groups are religious ones, who most commonly quote the First Corinthians (The 7th book in the New Testament) as evidence that homosexuality is an unforgivable sin. However, many other theologists and gay rights activists have countered this evidence since. Other opponents use the defending of marriage and upholding traditional values as arguments against homosexuals, claiming that allowing gays to marry would be deviating the traditional family and allowing gay parents to adopt (or even have, in some cases) children would result in these children turning gay themselves, due to the influence of their parents. These claims have been refuted several times by the scientific community, whose members claim that there is no viable statistical evidence which supports these claims and that it is not possible for someone to change anyones inherent sexual orientation, nor is there any indicator that heterosexual parents are better at providing for and raising their children in comparison to same sex parents.

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it not only encompasses the parade, but its members also educate people on LGBT matters, propagate tolerance and acceptance.

Article is written by holdwolf.

Homosexuals face adversity in many countries around the world. For instance, there is a number of countries in Europe (but also in the Arabic world) which hold strongly to traditional cultural and religious values. In Serbia, for instance, the first attempt at holding a pride parade ended in bloodshed, when extremist and neo-Nazi groups attacked members of the pride parade. The same event recently held in Split, Croatia ended in a similar fashion and the gay parade in Montenegro was cancelled due to several factors, including nonexisting public support, as well as strong opposition from certain political and religious groups. Such examples are sadly manifold and the struggles of LGBT communities for equality and acceptance still continue today in many parts of the world. That is why the pride movement is important to maintain, as

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By the 5th century BC, vigorous tribes were spreading outwards from their original homeland east of the Rhine, in places such as Hallstatt and La Tne. With the advantage of iron weapons, they were able to press east into the Balkans and west into France and Spain. Considerably later, in about 300 BC, they crossed the Channel to Britain. They are the Celts.

Switzerland, Germany on the west bank of the Rhine, and the Po Valley, in present Italy. The ancient limits of the Gauls were the Rhine River and the Alps on the east, the Mare Nostrum (Mediterranean Sea), the Po Valley and the Pyrenees on the south, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west and North.

Gaul (Latin Gallia, French Gaule) is the name given by the Romans to the territories where these Celts, particularly Celtic Gauls (Latin Galli, French Gaulois) lived, including present France, Belgium, Luxemburg and parts of the Netherlands,

Before the Roman conquest by Julius Caesar (58-51 BC), the name Gaul corresponded to a cultural and military area founded on a common religion and federations of peoples who though that they had a common origin. This common origin probably dates back to 8th century, when migrant groups of the Bronze Age

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Urnfield culture spread slowly across the area of the future territory of Galicia.

The Gauls were great story-tellers, great drinkers and great fighters with a liking for single, one on one combat, after which the victor would proudly display the severed head of his opponent.

Soon they began to trouble their very different neighbors, the sober and disciplined Romans.

The Celts pushed south through the Alps, raiding and marauding. In about 390 they even reached and sacked Rome. Many of them stayed in Italy, settling in an area spreading from the Alps to the south of Milan. The Romans called them Gauls, and distinguish their two nearest territories as Cisalpine Gaul ('this side of the Alps', as seen from Rome) and Transalpine Gaul ('across the Alps'), but this part of history will be encompassed in a future article.

Article is written by gonz.

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Server News
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Server report was done by Headenforcer. The race is on! The month started off with a bang as WW holders raced to reach the next level and get ahead of the competition. Both of the Northern quadrants hold strong positions with several WWs at the front of the race. DragonLove is holding strong for the South West, though it seems some of the South West thinks they are playing for the South East and are turning their back on the West. RockOn is the only WW to have yet to gain any levels, as the infrastructure goes up the team is still searching for the opportunity to take an artefact. ExpreemAssasinZ has the most defensive kills of any player, having destroyed over 1.5 million troops at their walls. The title of most successful attacker is still held by Da&Su with over 1.1 million kills. Inga is managing to stay ahead as the largest player with a population of over thirty-three thousand, a five thousand lead over the second place skrz. _GoDz_ hold the title for most attack points for an alliance with 3 million, followed by Tanks with 2.7 million. The top defensive alliance is Notorious, better known as Dots; the position is held by their WW team with combined defensive kills of over 2.7 million. Next month will tell if the North East will have the server in the bag or if it is still anybodys game.

Flufie's pre-endgame maps and talks Uhhm.. . so is anyone still reading these threads? Who knows we'll post it regardless! Good news - smiley faces are back. Bad news - the forum looks ridiculous. There is a stupid looking T4 person smirking at us the whole time from the top of the screen. Do you like writing? Do others like to read what you write? If you think you can write good stories about what is happening on your server, then you are the one we are looking for. Just send us your report by email to Everyone This is correct(ish) on the 3rd June. Mindy said we should remove everyone from it who is being annoying. That is to say, any alliance which keeps changing its name, any alliance which chooses an irritating name (you know, the alliance with BOERTJIE in), or any alliance Mindy generally doesn't like the look of. Mindy is currently annoyed with Flufie, so bubbles are not included in these maps. What we have left, are TR! in yellow, TKO in baby blue and LONERS in a darker blue. What we are looking at today is the amount each of these groups has grown since the last maps were made on the 14th May. The best report will be published in our magazine and the writer can join the magazine crew to report from now on regularly about the server happenings.

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Flufie's pre-endgame maps and talks (continued) Flufie wants to get an idea of how each group is preparing for endgame, and try to gain some insight into which are gaining the most ground in these dull, uninteresting days. We shall look at one group at a time, with some kind of ranking to finish, of course.

TR! Remember, above are just the new villages TR! have gained in the last three weeks. They are very even spread, indicating just what you might expect from each account developing naturally. There appears to be no areas of focus, and no recruitment going on at all from TR!. Very, very boring.

TKO Ok, this is more lively. ReN have made the transition to bearing the TKO tag, and as such have gained baby blue status in Flufie's maps. Aside from ReN though, it seems TKO have had the weakest general spread of growth out of the three groups. Perhaps their members are having the most uninteresting time of anyone, with a dull endgame prospect getting killed by TR! in the final moments of the server?

LONERS Looks like they might just be recruiting new members? LONERS appear to be growing nicely under the circumstances. Where do they go from here? On reflection, there will be no rankings. bubbles would have won of course. Why is Mindy annoyed with Flufie? Is it true Flufie is making a go kart out of hay and straw? How many bunnies does Flufie have round when he throws a bunny party? What are these silly questions all about anyway? Maybe one day we'll get some answers.

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TwistedB's Alliance Analysis 06/24/11 This is certainly a treat for everyone here on the .com forums as you witness what will probably be a failtastical first attempt at an alliance analysis. Before I start the actual analysis I would like to say just a few things:

First, I would like to say that any opinions expressed within are my opinions and mine alone unless otherwise stated. Second, it is my desire to keep this as unbiased as possible so hopefully the bias is kept to a minimum. Finally, I would like to point out that I am writing this not only to inform but to also spark meaningful discussion. Hopefully this will put an end to the recent "you are the biggest idiot on the forums" and all the past server drama, as all the trolls and troll feeders will have something else to talk about. Now as this is my first alliance analysis, feel free to give useful suggestion/feedback. I say this with the hope if anyone feels I did a bad job they will tell me why, and not just that I suck and should go fall in a hole. So without further delay, I bring to you:

TwistedB's Alliance Analysis Let me start off by explaining how this first analysis will work. I do not feel confident enough at the moment to compare against each other in a rank type analysis. With that said, I will simply display the top alliances, or alliances worth mentioning, from each quad. Alliances will be placed in the quad where most of their members are located, and multiwinged alliances will be shown by the highest ranking wing. The other wings will be incorporated into my thoughts of the alliance. My actual analysis will contain important information that isn't mind-blowing but is convenient to see all in one place, and my "as close to unbiased as possible" thoughts on the alliance. For alliances with any wings, the total members throughout all wings will be shown as well as the average pop for all wings. I will also give my thoughts on each individual quad as a whole and comment on events that could possibly happen. If I leave any alliance out that feels they deserve to be in the analysis then they should make it known why that is so. Let's get some fun, political, and meaningful discussion out of this!

The North East (+,+) The North East is composed of a few big alliances that are all allied together with a couple of small and strong alliances sprinkled in the mix. If this trend continues, the North East could be a very boring quad with a lot of mid-game quits due to boredom. The plus to that is a few huge hammers might come out of the quad if its allowed to sit there doing nothing for a whole server!.

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TwistedB's Alliance Analysis 06/24/11 (continued) OTF: On The Fence Wings: None Alliance Rank: 25 Members: 5 Average Population: 1806 Offensive Rank: 5 Defensive Rank: 37 OTF is only a 5 man alliance, and most people would say that they don't even deserve to be mentioned. However, with an offensive ranking of 5, and the attitude that troops>pop, I feel that they should. The happen to be one of the smallest alliances in the North East and considering that they are raiding millions of resources each week they certainly have some big armies. From the outside they look like a few experienced friends looking to have some fun on the server. If they were to join a bigger North East alliance, they would certainly have much to bring to the table.

TnT: Titillating and Travian Wings: None Alliance Rank: 11 Members: 20 Average Population: 1318 Offensive Rank: 11 Defensive Rank: 30 TnT seems to be another strong alliance in the North East. They are top raiders and top attackers who do not display any diplomatic ties. Its hard to tell who they could be working with... or even against. They can be a serious threat to anyone in the North East if ever there was a war to control the quad.

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TwistedB's Alliance Analysis 06/24/11 (continued) Templars: The Templars Reborn Wings: TemplarU Alliance Rank: 10 Members: 38 Average Population: 951 Offensive Rank: 20 Defensive Rank: 28 Templars is a two winged alliance that has diplomatic relations with the rest of the North East. This might be an indication that the North East might just join hands and fight the other quads later down the road. With their low offense/defense ranking they probably haven't seen much action yet. They might be simming up some hammers over there but only time will tell.

Ranger: a Madhouse? Wings: RangerSN and Ranger.P Alliance Rank: 12 Members: 71 Average Population: 561 Offensive Rank: 10 Defensive Rank: 13[/B] The main Ranger wing seems to be in a not bad position right now, and I assume at least one of the other wings is a "training" wing or something of the sort. Some of those members may indeed be farms or new to the game, but for Ranger I think its a risky move. They may find a decent player, but they need to be careful not to take up any other alliance's farms. To many taken farms could lead to some trouble for the main Ranger wing. This could be some loss of confeds or even war.

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TwistedB's Alliance Analysis 06/24/11 (continued) The North West (-,+)

The North West in my opinion is going to be one of the most interesting quads to watch. Powerhouse alliances with lots of drama and experienced players will hopefully make for some great action! No hand holding going on in this quad and it might very well be that there will be less hand holding within the next few weeks! I will certainly be keeping up to date on the happenings in the mighty North West.

EU: Europa Wings: None Alliance Rank: 8 Members: 38 Average Population: 793 Offensive Rank: 18 Defensive Rank: 2 When you hear of the North West you normally don't hear about EU, but they are a solid alliance. They have a tight cluster and seem to have some great anvils. Their offensive capabilities are unknown, but if its anything like their defense then the North West better watch out. No allies as of now means that they will certainly make the Nort West an interesting quad to keep an eye on.

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TwistedB's Alliance Analysis 06/24/11 (continued) _HaTe_: NooBs R Us Wings: _FuRy_ Alliance Rank: 1 Members: 69 Average Population: 1077 Offensive Rank: 1 Defensive Rank: 4[ _HaTe_ Seem to be a solid alliance from the outside; number one in population, number one in offense, and number four in defense. But recent events and rumors make me think twice about calling them the best. First lets start off with the "TP Conflict". TP seems to be doing a lot more damage to _HaTe_ and _FuRy_ than they are doing to TP. Many of their members have been catapulted, and some have even lost villages. They seem to be having trouble taking out this group of 15 players, and on top of that, now rumors are being spread that they might be working with GDG. I cannot confirm this rumor but I can allow it to be discussed some more. Maybe this will be the chance for anyone to come forward and set the record straight. As for their ally DA, if _HaTe_ has caught the GDG, they might not be allies for much longer.

DA: Deletion Assistants Wings: None Alliance Rank: 4 Members: 43 Average Population: 1125 Offensive Rank: 4 Defensive Rank: 27

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TwistedB's Alliance Analysis 06/24/11 (continued) DA are a strong bunch of players with a tight cluster, a strong offensive presence, and some really great raiders. They seem to be feared enough in their quad to be left alone but are certainly not leaving others alone. With recent rumors about their ally working with GDG, DA might be looking to drop their ties with _HaTe_. On top of that we now have a heated debate between some DA and _FuRy_ members on the forums. If this all comes into play, DA might just find themselves alone against _HaTe_ and GDG, and could be looking at other possible allies. It will be something to keep an eye out in the upcoming days/weeks.

TP: Tetra Pak Wings: None Alliance Rank: 20 Members: 15 Average Population: 1261 Offensive Rank: 13 Defensive Rank: 1 I admire these guys. Certainly it was known that they had some kick butt defense stored away within their alliance, but with the conflict against _HaTe_ we see that they can also pack an offensive punch. _HaTe_ bit off more than they could chew with these guys, and this tightly knit group of veterans knows how to play the game of Travian. I just wish I could see some of the battle reports.

The South West (-,-)

The South West will be another interesting quad. With the quad already being split down the middle, tensions already seem to be running high. Recruiting farms and noob mistakes can cost some alliances the chance at a WW win. Expect great action out of this quad and hopefully some good wars, because after all this is a war game. I feel that because of the possibility for a high degree of fighting, not many big end game hammers will come out of here. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and turn the T.V. onto the South West.

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Server News
TwistedB's Alliance Analysis 06/24/11 (continued) VeNoM: VeNoM Wings: PoiSoN and ToXiN Alliance Rank: 13 Members: 72 Average Population: 918 Offensive Rank: 2 Defensive Rank: 29 VeNoM has a strong offensive ranking and other good qualities to them. Their recent ally with GOATS buts them in a strong position to do some damage to anyone that wants to go toe to toe with them. With two more wings of potential hammer players, VeNoM is on the right path to securing their quad and being end game contenders. As long as they can keep a few hammers at end game size they will be able to compete with other quads as well. Keep an eye out for VeNoM, they might strike like a snake ;).

GOATS: Chaotic War Goats Wings: None Alliance Rank: 14 Members: 32 Average Population: 737 Offensive Rank: 15 Defensive Rank: 10 With GOATS' allegiance with VeNoM, the South West is now officially broken up into two parts. GOATS/VeNoM, and NOOBS/SOT/RGUD. An outbreak of war could be just around the corner and it could be that GOATS is not around to see endgame. The South West is interesting me thinks.

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TwistedB's Alliance Analysis 06/24/11 (continued) RGUD: For a Joyride Wings: None Alliance Rank: 16 Members: 26 Average Population: 853 Offensive Rank: 21 Defensive Rank: 33 RGUD has a tight cluster but it seems their battle soundness has gone untested. With subpar offensive and defensive ranks, it is unknown how they will perform in a war if one were to break out. Their involvement in the two sides of the South West might bring war to their doorsteps whether they are ready or not. Only time will tell.

SOT: The Storm Over Travian Wings: None Alliance Rank: 17 Members: 31 Average Population: 694 Offensive Rank: 8 Defensive Rank: 26 SOT looks good with the offensive ranking and seems to be doing okay for themselves. They show constant growth and seem to be doing well raiding those resources. Both of these things point to the potential for some big armies at this stage in the game. If they can defend their villages and use their armies right, they should be a formidable opponent to anyone in the South West. If they can survive any intra-quad conflicts, they could be a part of a winning WW team but that is still a long ways away.

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Server News
TwistedB's Alliance Analysis 06/24/11 (continued) NOOBS: The Noobish Team Wings: None Alliance Rank: 9 Members: 27 Average Population: 1072 Offensive Rank: 9 Defensive Rank: 7 These guys are just terrible. They can't defend because they have no troops. They cant attack, because they think one minute in between catapult waves is fast, and they have no troops. They certainly are Noobs because they don't know what scouts are, and don't have scouts. Like really they ask "what r scouts?". On top of that both their leaders are complete nubs. One is adopted and the other apparently sounds like a girl! I'm surprised they are still around to be honest. VeNoM/GOATS should just take them out already so they don't have to deal with them asking what a WW is. I hear that they live by the words "Pop is Power"... nough said!

The South East (+,-)

The South East is infected with GDG. Thats really all thats going on. I don't really like paying a lot of attention to this section of the server but with GDG sending some attacks to a single player and getting smashed, I kind of am obligated to report it! Overall this quad will be super boring full of hand holding hippies. Maybe some of GDG will rebel against itself and that might be interesting to watch for a few days. The most entertainment you will see out of this quad is the fail that comes with having a zerg meta and some not so great leadership. It will probably be close to the amount of fail that this analysis is!

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Server News
TwistedB's Alliance Analysis 06/24/11 (continued) GDG: Zerg Meta Wings: GDG-A, GDG-, GDG-NE, and GDG-EC Alliance Rank: 2 Members: 262 Average Population: 855 Offensive Rank: 3 Defensive Rank: 11 They couldn't take out one player with 4 wings... They tried to move into the South West and got pushed out... They have a whole wing just for the North East... yea they are a zerg meta. The South East will be a snorefest, and if GDG is still around at endgame they probably won't be any smarter or know how to play the game any better than now. I've seen some pretty scary stuff come from this alliance. Nothing more to say.

Thats the end of this analysis. Granted I recieve positive feedback there might be another in the upcoming weeks. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions/comments you can post them here, pm me, or Skype me: Bclow75. Thanks for reading it all if you did actually read it all and hopefully this can start some meaningful discussion to keep us entertained until some actual action happens in-game.

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Server News
Server report was done by Elysium. The greatness of a server can often be seen by the player count. This generally tells the interested level of players and those wishing to play. Ts9 holds no place for simulation players. It is a place to be feared. A large number of players have come, built and disappeared since, similar to the great Roman Empire. Their names may linger on the tongues of those still present but this server does not care for the dead. It cares only for those who have the will to survive. This server is in a state of disarray, war and treachery. But in those deepest abysses of hell, one can always glimpse the sparkle of hope, passion and honor in the darkness. Very similar to the center of gravity, this server has been on a knife's edge for so long. Minor scuffles and skirmishes took place. No alliance was willing to go head first into the fight for fear of falling away from that center of gravity and losing their foothold. The first major mover of the server saw 2 quadrants fully locked down by alliances, a 3rd nearly there and the 4th on the edge. The South-Western Quadrant is where this action took place. Darwin pushed hard, surfacing as the dominant power in the SW, the ruler and leader of men passiveclown driving his force forward. Yes, they are no longer ranked number 1, but their alliance is in prime position to take all that stands before them, with two superb and well-formed wings in tow. Their rise to power took no one by surprise. War, as always, stand on top of any pile. This is the alliance that spurns what is the sole truth of this server, in that war is all that will happen. These two alliances are so far the primary challengers with the powerful alliance coming along slowly. So, what was it that happened exactly on this server that spurned numerous deletions? Was it war? Was it treachery? Or perhaps both? The fire of the server started to occur when the alliance D lead by the talented leader MrCatfish declared war on the entire quadrant. This alliance has always been known as a pure fighter's alliance that would attack anyone and everyone, without discrimination. This was the first step in uniting the SW. Nearly 20 alliances accepted this war challenge but no one fought. Instead, the powerful and mighty H1N1 started talks with Nmenor and KOTW with regards to a conflict. The 3 alliances moved towards a battle that would shape the server. The battle against one of Darwin's powerful hammers was witnessed with the alliances entire defensive battalions forming up and battering the combined effort of the 3 aggressors. Duckstar was their target and now the #1 ranked defender on the server with no challenger. This onslaught saw the destruction of H1N1. Betrayed from within, the powerful and, respected Yrachmael was booted from his own alliance. H1N1 fell apart with many members fleeing into the arms of any alliance willing to take them in. Darwin stood proud and tall, showing the server its might and power of organization. One of the funnier comments on the server is that of the amazing player Vinti who had a competition with his own alliance. Vinti formed a new alliance for one full medal week. This was to show who could get the number one spot mainly for raiding. Needless to say, one of the servers top players beat a top alliance all on their own. A marvelous feat; this player is a true gamer and a credit to what Travian truly is: a strategy game. With the artifacts being released soon, this server could end up being a true epic adventure for those watching. It has everything, from loyalty to treachery, strategies, competitions and even greatness.

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Server News
Game analysis by FILAbU. 4 weeks into game and we can already see the line-up for the artifacts and quad domination in sight. I, for one, and being VTA (from the PT qualifying) have to say this server has proven to be more difficult than what I expected, and a lot of my allies who thrived in the pt server struggle in this one. But then, although having great players on our side, we do lack .com experience and I'm speaking for myself as well.

Looking at the top20 we see:

1. [URL=""]HAPCOM[/URL] - Russian, SE. Consistently in the top1, obviously with great dedicated players, managed to stay aside from wars between VTA, TR, DOC and PE. Time will tell for how log they will manage on their own, but so far they haven't done badly at all. 2. [URL=""]dNb [/URL] - German, SW. In similar terms, it mirrors the SE HAPCOM, composed by a strong cohesive group of players; even though currently undeclared, it is expected they will join forces with ADB or at least will not fight each other, having a common enemy, the Italians. 3. [URL=""]Hamsters[/URL] - .com (I think). New to the server, I must confess I don't know much of what's going on in the Northern quadrants, but for sure these guys will have a say if they stay together. 5. [URL=""]Hellfish[/URL] another competitor in the SW, in between Germans and Italians, it won't be easy but they seem to be doing well. Are they .com? I think so, anyone? 6.[URL=""]PE 4[/URL] This is by a mile the best Polish Alliance out there. Poland has arisen in strength this server and is causing a lot of headaches in the SE. This one in particular is an example of organization pre-game. Almost every player has PE 4 in its name and they "landed" in prety close to each other. They also nailed a lot of crop15 making it difficult for other nations. 7. [URL=""][TR-LIO][/URL] The Turkish on another hand seemed a little disorganized but I think they will narrow it down to a smaller number of allies in order to become a feared meta. At the moment they have too many confeds and are too much spread out in the server. This one in particular is in the SE where things look particularly difficult.

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Server News
Game analysis by FILAbU (continued) 8. [URL=""]DOC-CRC1[/URL] Why on earth did these Italians decide to come to the SE?! They would be far more helpful in the SW agaisnt Germans and .com. Still, they are putting up a good fight. In general, they are less aggressive than the Turkish, Polish or Poruguese. 9. [URL=""]TI RosaN[/URL] The first in the pop ranking of the Italians in the SW but very much in close hand with the next on the list although weaker in numbers. 10. [URL=""]IT^1861[/URL] The real threat for the Germans and .com on the SW, why don't they play all under one name and get rid of all the dead weight to become a real contender to the title? Well, tme wiill tell but that would be an interesting event. 12. [URL=""]FUN[/URL] One of the first alliances to be created on the server is currently losing its numbers. Maybe for hammers? Looks like a .com ally and it shouldn't last much longer, now that things are getting into shape. 13. [URL=""]!!CS!![/URL] - A Croatian ally, short in numbers and in a hell of a quad to settle. They might become a good ally of any of the other contenders if they can stay together and fortify their position. 19. [URL=""]=VTA=[/URL] - Just closing the top 20, the first of the Portuguese sides on this server. I won't say much more about us, only to verify that we are showing signs of struggling to adapt to this level of competitivity. Time will tell; I know we have excellent players on our side, but again, every side seems to have them too. I'm sure we will put up a good fight though.

Honnor mention: [URL=""]DS[/URL] even though not on the top 20 pop, it is the top1 off ally and has the number1 pop player in the game. Don't know how long they will hold their ground in the SW.

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Forum News
Forum Banner Competition: June The following banner won last month's competition:

Second place:

Third place:

Congratulations to the winners Forum Banner Competition: August We want to offer you the possibility to create a forum banner for Travian. Each banner will be checked and the best ones will be presented to the other players in a poll. The winning banner will be uploaded to the .com forum. The 3 winners will get nice awards usable on a .com server of their choice: 1st place: 90 Gold / 2nd place: 60 Gold / 3rd place: 30 Gold As theme for the banner you should choose something related to the month August. We will can only accept .png as file format. The size has to be the size of the current banner (543px 200px). The background needs to be transparent. One hint: if you violate trademark laws we cannot accept your banner. Please send your banners to until July 15th. We wish you good luck!

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Get to know:
by Old MacDonald

OldMac'sT4Auction Guide
Placing a Bid Participating in an auction is rather easy, but it could be confusing if its your first time, so Ill walk you through the process. First thing is first, click the small gavel in the top right of your screen attached to your hero.

So, you just finished your first ten adventures? Well, let me introduce you to The Auction System.

The Basics

At the auctions, players can buy and sell items that they discovered on adventures. Everything from cages, armor, to artwork can be sold or purchased, some items for substantially more or less than others. The currency used in these purchases is silver, which is new to T4. Silver can be obtained in one of four ways: Completing certain quests Finding silver during adventures Selling your own items at auction Exchanging your gold into silver via the Exchange Office

Generally, the more valuable an item is, the more it will sell for. Left or right handed items such as Pennants or swords, or armor such as Scale Armor or helmets will typically sell more than items like cages, Books of Wisdom, or ointments. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and occasionally an item you sell will get an arguably ludicrous return. For a complete list of hero items, see

This will bring you to the main auction page, where you can see all the items for sale. Here you can filter through them by item type. Nearest to the top of the page will be auctions that are nearly completed, and further down will be items with more time remaining. A description of the items for sale will be displayed, as well as the number of bids, current highest bid, time remaining in the auction, and lastly the bid button. If you have an adequate amount of silver to place a bid, you will see a small green button and the word Bid. Clicking this will open a dropdown in which the current bid, name of the highest bidder and an area to place your own bid are displayed.

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Get to know:

Selling an Item The next tab over is the sell tab. Clearly, here is where you can put up your own items acquired during adventures or purchased in auctions up for sale. Simply click on the item, confirm that you would like to put it up for sale, and your item will be placed on the auction list. Beware though, after the first bid has been placed on your item, it is there permanently. Your item will be up for 24 hours, and then the highest bidder will receive your item, and you will get their silver. Items you sell will be kept track of in a list with all the information pertaining to the sale such as number of bids, time and date, item type, etc.

Naturally, you must outbid other players looking to obtain that same item. A minimum bid is displayed on the right; however, simply bidding the minimum will not always do the trick. Lets say, for example, that an item is currently going for 100 silver. The minimum bid displayed would be 101, yet the highest bidder at the time may have bid anything over 99 silver. You must then bid more than the previous bidder. If you do not bid more, at the top of the auction screen in red letters will be the words, You got outbid.

You can either give up then, or if the item is worth the higher price to you, then keep on bidding until you are now the highest bidder. If the time runs out for an item which you are the highest bidder for, you will then have that item in your possession, and the amount of silver that you bid will be transferred to the player who sold the item. Please note that you cannot "snipe" a bid by placing the highest bid with just seconds left in an auction. When a new high bid is placed with under five minutes left, the time resets up to five minutes with your new bid as the high bid.

It is believed by some that putting an item up for auction at certain times of the day will bring the highest bids, but I'll leave that for you to experiment with and reach your own conclusions.

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Get to know:


The last tab is the Bids tab. This will show you an up-to-date view of any items you have placed a bid on, allowing you to easily keep up with your bidding. Below that finished auctions are shown, and you will see the results of all auctions that you participated in, whether you were the highest bidder in the end or not.

Well, that's that. The Auction System explained. Hopefully this guide helped you to better understand the Auction System. Best of luck!

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Target Number
You are presented with a target number along with six other smaller numbers. You are supposed to use these six numbers and apply the five basic mathematical operations (subtracting, adding, dividing, multiplying and brackets) in order to get the target number or a number not too bigger or smaller than the target number. The first player who gets the number closest to the target number wins. NOTE: It does not matter if the number you get is higher or lower than the target number; the one closest to it (or the target number itself) is the winning number. Example: Target number: 929 Available numbers: 5, 1, 2, 6, 20, 50 Operations: +, -, *, /, ( ) Combine the numbers to get the target number. You may use the six numbers only once. You do not have to use all of the offered numbers. (1 + 20) * (50 6) 5 = 21 * 44 + 5 = 924 + 5 = 929 The number 929 is actually the target number 929. Note that: 1.The solution given in this example is not necessarily the best possible solution (though in this particular case, it is ^^). 2.The six numbers can be such that it is impossible to get the targeted number by their combination. So, remember: the objective is not necessarily to get the targeted number, but to get a number as close to it as possible. If no identical number is submitted to us, then the number closest to the target number wins. ATTENTION: When submitting your result, please dont just send us your final solution. For obvious reasons, we also need the formula you used to get the number. All of the formulas will be checked to see if they are accurate and give the number you have submitted.

This month's target numbers: TARGET NUMBER ONE: Target number: 466 Available numbers: 4, 4, 5, 6 ,10, 100 Operations: +, -, *, /, ( ) Combine the numbers to get the target number. You may use the six numbers only once. You do not have to use all of the offered numbers. TARGET NUMBER TWO: Target number: 349 Available numbers: 6, 6, 7, 8, 15, 75 Operations: +, -, *, /, ( ) Combine the numbers to get the target number. You may use the six numbers only once. You do not have to use all of the offered numbers. TARGET NUMBER THREE: Target number: 214 Available numbers: 3, 6, 9, 9, 15, 100 Operations: +, -, *, /, ( ) Combine the numbers to get the target number. You may use the six numbers only once. You do not have to use all of the offered numbers.

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Weve also included several riddles in this issue; the first to solve one of these riddles and email the correct answer to will receive a reward of 15 gold (per riddle). RIDDLE ONE: The Gauls spies Two pathfinders from a Gaul village were sent on a secret mission; they were supposed to infiltrate a nearby Roman troop encampment and gather information about the number of Romans stationed there as well as try and discover their activities. The two Gauls were equipped with Roman military uniforms and set on their way; however, the entrance of the military camp was heavily guarded with Roman troops and in order to enter, the Gauls would have to give the gate guards the correct countersign after the guards gave them the sign. The pathfinders waited patiently, secluded in some bushes near the camp entrance, trying to overhear a Roman soldier giving the countersign to the guards. Finally, a soldier came and requested access from the guards. One of the guards spoke and said: 6. The soldier answered: 3. The guards let him pass. After a while, another soldier came; this time, the guard said: 12. The soldier answered: 6. Yet again, the guards let him pass. The Gauls thought they have cracked the Romans secret code, so one of the spies decided to approach the gate and try to enter the camp. When he approached the game, the guard said: 10. The Gaul spy answered: 5. However, the Romans immediately drew their weapons and the Gaul was killed. Shocked at what had happened, the other spy thought about abandoning his mission entirely. However, then it struck him; he had finally realized how the code worked. He approached the encampment gate and the guard gave him the sign: 8. The Gaul answered correctly and he was let in. What was the answer the spy gave the guard? RIDDLE TWO: Find the word There is a word hidden within the 12 letters below; they have been mixed up in a random order. The correct word uses all 12 letters; the word can be anything, from an adjective or adverb to a noun. Names (including places, people, countries, etc) have not been used. Can you find the word?

1. A-D-E-I-G-N-E-T-R 2. O-A-P-E-R-M-T-G-U-L NOTE: If the correct word is not found, than the longest valid word will be considered the winner. In order to be eligible, the word actually needs to exist in the English language.

RIDDLE THREE: What am I? 1. I am said by one letter. I'm spelled with three. Im double or single, Or brown, blue, or green. I'm read from both ends, And the same when you reverse me. What am I? 2. Two bodies have I, Though both joined in one. The longer I stand still, The Faster I run. What am I?

Last Months Riddles

RIDDLE ONE: Can you guess what we are? ANSWER&EXPLANATION: a) The wind. b) An Anchor RIDDLE TWO: Find the word ANSWER&EXPLANATION: 1. INDUSTRIOUS 2. PARAGON RIDDLE THREE: Continue the trail ANSWER&EXPLANATION: 5 11 = 5 + 6 23 = 11 + 12 47 = 23 + 24 95 = 47 + 48 Based on this logic, the next number is: 191, because 95 + 96 = 191. Congratulations to the winners

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