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Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo A desert island story. This starts off as a great family adventure.

Michael's father loses his job at the brickworks and his parents decide to sell their house and all their possessions and buy a yacht to sail round the world. Of course, sailing the world's oceans is a bit different from messing about in a dinghy on the local reservoir, but Michael's mum qualifies for her Yacht masters Certificate and everyone practices his own job - Mum is the skipper, Dad is first mate and handyman, Michael is the ship's boy and Stella Artois (the dog) is the ship's cat. The voyage goes well. They master their fears and handle their vessel well. They visit Africa and South America and Australia, having the time of their lives. But as they leave the Great Barrier Reef behind them and head up through the Coral Sea towards Papua New Guinea disaster befalls Michael. Left alone at the wheel one night while his parents sleep below Michael is washed overboard: The terrors came fast, one upon another. The lights of the Peggy Sue went away into the dark of the night, leaving me alone in the ocean, alone with the certainty that they were already too far away, that my cries for help could not possibly be heard. I thought then of the sharks cruising the black water beneath me - scenting me, already searching me out, homing in on me - and I knew there could be no hope. I would be eaten alive. Either that or I would drown slowly. Nothing could save me. But something does save Michael. His football, which was washed overboard with him, provides just enough buoyancy to keep Michael's head above water. Hours later Michael awakes to find himself washed up on a desert island. He is exhausted and hungry and thirsty. How he would have managed if he had been quite alone on the island, I'm not sure. But he is not alone, on a rock shelf above his head is a bowl of fresh water and fish and fruit laid out on palm leaves. One solitary man lives on this island, and if you want to know his story, you will have to read the book. Michael tells us, in his own words, how he learned to live with Kensuke, and how he came to love him. A quietly told story, but plenty of drama and emotion.

I think this book is one of the most touching books i have read. It is full of drama, emotion and joy. I was touched by it mainly because of Kensuke's life story. It is a lovely book and i strongly recommend it to all readers though i think children aged nine to thirteen will understand and enjoy it more. Read it and you'll automatically LOVE it! Recommend it to all you friends - you won't be disappointed. They won't be

disappointed. READ IT READ IT READ IT! If you decide not to, you don't know what youre missing. This is a lovely book for any gender. It is full of adventure and drama. Towards zero by Agatha Christie Summary Genre: Murder Mystery Format: Novel Location: England Recurring Characters: Battle Synopsis What is the connection between a failed suicide attempt, a wrongful accusation of theft against a schoolgirl, and the romantic life of a tennis player? To the casual observer, apparently nothing. When a house party gathers at Gull's Point, the seaside home of an elderly widow, earlier events come to a dramatic head. Robert Graves, author of I Claudius, was a neighbor of Agatha Christies in Devon during the Second World War and the two became friends. Christie dedicated this book to Graves: Dear Robert, since you are kind enough to say you like my stories, I venture to dedicate this book to you. All I ask is that you sternly restrain your critical faculties (doubtless sharpened by your recent excesses in that line!) when reading it. This is a story for your pleasure and not a candidate for Mr. Graves literary pillory!" The book was dramatized by Agatha Christie and Gerald Varner. It was adapted for TV in 2007 with Geraldine McEwen as Miss Marple. Recommendation The story of Towards Zero came together quickly and clearly, as can be seen from Christies notebooks. Her notes are detailed and closely resemble the published version she even drew a map of the coastline around Gulls Point, which plays an important part in the story. Names and motivations underwent slight changes from the first notes, and almost at the point of publication, Christie reworked the ending to the one we are familiar with now, though unfortunately nothing of her first ending survives. I agree. Agatha Christie was a master of the hidden clue and the big reveal. Often, I would reread just to see what I had missed and each and every time, the clues were there

Pride and prejudice

Author: Jane Austen Publisher: Signet Classics/Penguin ISBN: 978-0-451-530178-3 Website: N/A Type: Fiction: Classics Pages: 379 Mass Paperback Purchase: $8.00 @ (HERE)

The Story This is the story of Elizabeth Bennet and her family, which includes her parents and her four sisters. Living in England in the early 1800 s, the focus of young women was on who they were to be compatible with and subsequently marry. In the story of this family, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have no male heir to their estate. Subsequently, their home and wealth is slated to go to a cousin, Mr. Collins upon Mr. Bennets death. As such, it is seemingly more important to Mrs. Bennet than other mothers to marry off her five daughters as soon as possible to ensure that they are cared for in the event of Mr. Bennets passing. The story of Pride & Prejudice starts when a handsome and wealthy man, Mr. Bingley, comes to rent an estate not far from The Bennet Familys. As he takes possession of this fine rental, the families in the surrounding area buzz with excitement and anticipation that this fine gentleman will choose one of their daughters as a bride. Mrs. Bennet is no exception. At a ball, Elizabeths older and beautiful sister, Jane, becomes the object of Mr. Bingleys affections. It is also at this ball that Elizabeth (Lizzy) overhears a handsome stranger, Mr. Darcy, state that she is not handsome enough to be considered for a dance with him at the ball. Mr. Darcy is a very wealthy, handsome, and brooding stranger whom Lizzy will soon not be able to avoid. This story takes readers from the time of that ball until well over a year later. During such time, The Bennet family is faced with an issue of family honor when their daughter Lydia runs off with a handsome, however untrustworthy military man, Mr. Wick man. In addition, Mr. Collins makes an attempt to marry into the family to find himself a suitable wife. Thankfully, The Bennet Daughters are spared despite Mrs. Bennets urging to accept his long-winded proposal. However, the most important story within this novel is the love story between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. The reader observes her initial disdain for him grow into an irresistible love that she cannot deny.