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FACT: There is world-wide pressure to expand existing broadband communications infrastructure. Service Providers everywhere are faced with the impossible task of extending their networks while keeping costs down in order to reach new markets and new customers. Traditional Cable and Fiber solutions just don't t this 'New Economic Reality'. Ringtail stands ready to lead the world in facing this challenge. Ringtail was created to speci cally address the Infrastructure Expansion and Service Delivery needs of our customers. We provide solutions for the distribution and delivery of Digital TV, Internet, and IP Telephony services at a very a ordable price. Our technology solutions are a perfect t for rural/remote service delivery, educational institutions, and general infrastructure expansion. Ringtail sets a new standard for a quick return on investment with ground-breaking technology.
Traditional Method: Copper Wire or Fiber Optic to Each Building

Ringtail Method: Copper Wire or Fiber Optic to Main Line, then Wireless to Each Building

Every Ringtail System is made up of a variety of components including Modules, Stations, and Cells. Each Module can connect a maximum of 250 customers to the system. A Station can hold up to 10 Modules. And nally, a Cell can hold up to 4 Stations. That's an amazing 10,000 customers per Cell!
40 Modules 4 Stations 1 Cell (259 km) 10,000 Customers

At this level, encrypted keys are stored and provisioned by a Conditional Access Server (CAS) located at the local Service Providers site. The process works like this: Periodically, the STB establishes contact with the CAS. An Authentication/Authorization (a/a) negotiation process takes place. If the CAS determines that the user a/a is good, it delivers an encrypted key to the STB. This allows the STB access to whatever services have been assigned to that user. If the user a/a is bad, the STB is instructed to turn itself o. If the STB cannot establish contact with the CAS within a 10 day period, it will turn itself o. At this point every time the STB is turned on it will look for the CAS and try an a/a negotiation. If it cannot find the CAS and receive a valid a/a within a 15 minute time period it will turn itself o. Modular Design Start small and expand the system as your Customer Base Grows. Spectral Eciency Modules are Customizable for various Frequency and Duplex needs. Cutting Edge Compression Proprietary Video and Audio Compression Technology gives Ringtail the lowest Stream Rate possible while still giving end-users a quality viewing experience. Custom STB Our 'All-in-One' STB is a full featured Media Center as well as a Desktop PC. After you're done working on the PC, simply push a button and open a whole new world of media. No need to fumble with integrating 'another manufacturers' STB into the system. Our STB is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into the Ringtail system. Standards Compliance Our STB is designed for both New and Legacy equipment integra tion. So, whether you have an NTSC/PAL TV or the latest HDMI Flat Panel, we have you covered.
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Combining a Desktop PC, conventional TV, and Internet connection provides the end-user with a powerful platform for educational use. Ringtail STB serves not only as a Media Center, it serves as a powerful Education Access Point (EAP) as well. Service Providers, in cooperation with regional Educational Authorities, can easily establish eClassroom programs. These programs can provide valuable educational opportunities to users located in remote and/or inaccessible locations. Targeted at under-served and developing nation needs, the EAP platform is a unique concept. Ringtail is committed to the development, promotion, and deployment of EAP opportunities. We are the rst and only technology provider to o er the EAP platform. Please contact us to discuss this exciting new development.