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Social Media October Blue Bunny Facebook: 12,606 Likes Twitter: 3,671 followers A woman in the process of trying

ying to get a settlement from Wells since July 2010 posted a YouTube video explaining why she is boycotting Blue Bunny. She found a metal piece in her ice cream. The video has 156 views and two people liking the content have pushed it to Twitter. However, there is no mass viewership yet or spread. Blue Bunny had several positive placements the week of Oct. 13. It was included in two product round ups, All Women Stalk and Tasting Notes. There has been no significant traction with the Hammons Black Walnuts campaign to get Blue Bunny to rename the Ozark Black Walnut square flavor or use Hammons walnuts in the product. Blue Bunny had a $1.00 off coupon for any 1.75 quart of premium ice cream. Blue Bunnys 56-ounce cartons were on sale for $1.88 at Albertsons during the week of Oct. 6. Weight Watchers: Facebook: 384,967 Likes Twitter: 23,967 followers Kroger offered Weight Watchers ice cream novelties for $2.99. Blue Bell: Facebook: 174 Likes (corporate page), fan page has over 135,000 Twitter: 77 followers Blue Bell Ice Cream half gallons were $3.99, which are normally priced at $6.00 per gallon, at Walgreens during October and into November. Breyers: Facebook: 1,309 Likes Twitter: (recent profile) 1,003 followers Breyers continues to promote their Top Chef Desserts partnership. They also promoted their recipe collection on Facebook and Twitter, a recent development with the seasonal flavors. Target gave customers a $5 gift card if they bought five frozen treats at $2.75 each. Breyers products were a part of the special. During the week of Oct. 27, Safeway offered two Breyers 1.5 quarts of ice cream for $5. Drumstick: Facebook: 43,317 Likes Four-packs of Nestle Drumsticks were $3.99 in assorted varieties at SuperFresh.

Nestle also had Lil Drums for a $1.00 each at Walgreens until Oct. 23. Edys: Facebook: 6,508 Likes Edys ice cream was $.50 off, for $3.27, at Kroger stores during the week of Oct. 4. Piggly Wiggly had Edys ice cream on sale for buy-one-get-one-free during the week of Oct. 19. Edys limited edition pumpkin ice cream received good reviews from customers during October. Klondike: Facebook: 111,726 Likes Twitter: 1,522 followers. Target gave $1.25 off if a customer bought two, six-piece cartons of Klondike bars. Klondikes phrase, What would you do for a Klondike Bar, was very popular on Twitter. Turkey Hill: Facebook: 8,090 Likes (unofficial page) Twitter: 4,473 followers Turkey Hill is accepting design suggestions for their giant cow they typically take to events. The winner will receive a year's supply of Turkey Hill ice cream and an invitation to the Turkey Hill Experience grand opening in Lancaster County. Turkey Hill just released their World Series base ball themed ice creams. Turkey Hill is giving trivia on their Twitter account at an almost daily rate. o They have also announced a Super Sundae Recipe Contest on their blog. The recipe must have Turkey Hill ice cream as an ingredient and no more than 4 ingredients. The name of the ice cream concoction will also be considered. Submissions close Nov. 14. The staff will choose the top four, which will then be voted on by readers. The winner will get a super sundae prize package containing 10 free containers of Turkey Hill ice cream, a set of six Bormioli Rocco waffle cone-inspired glass sundae dishes, a Tovolo Standz Ice Cream Scoop, and a jar of Ghirardelli chocolate fudge sauce. Each finalist will also receive a one-month supply of Turkey Hill ice cream. There is another contest to design Turkey Hills event cow. Templates for coloring are available on their site and an e-newsletter was sent in October covering this topic. Turkey Hills ice cream sundae recipe contest has made its way around the social space. The expectation is it will be popular like last year. Turkey Hills regularly priced $2.50 ice cream was $.50 off at Kroger stores during the week of Oct. 18th.

Skinny Cow: Facebook: 73,036 Likes Twitter: 3,201 followers Skinny Cow is tweeting and promoting its booth placement at one of many Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure events. Skinny Cow was on event at the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure in Brentwood, Tenn. in October. There were only two comments on their Facebook fan page about itone very negative and the other defending the walk. Skinny Cow has talked about their Walk for the Cure events and encouraged fans to post personal photos from the event on Facebook. Likewise, they were included in the 125 products for women in Womens Health. The page featuring Skinny Cow was scanned as a photo and posted on Facebook. Twenty-four ounce Skinny Cow ice cream novelties in assorted varieties were available for $3.99 at SuperFresh. Kroger offered Edys regularly priced $2.79 ice cream products for $2.29 the week of Oct. 10.