SGG Albarino : Extra Clear Patternned Glass (Photo-Voltaic Applications)
• • used for assembling and protecting semi-conductor cells which are the main components of solar panels. Its texture (rough surface) increases its light transmitting capacity, as does its chemical composition and more specifically its low iron oxide content (which reduces absorption).

2. SGG Reflectasol
• • • • • • SGG Reflectasol is a reflective, solar control glass that has been carefully designed to meet the twin requirements of architects - the functional and the aesthetic. This Solar control glass is used widely in small/ large areas where reduction of solar heat is required to keep the interiors cool. Solar Control:This glass reflects a large proportion of the solar radiation, thereby restricting the heat gain inside the building. Superior Visual Comfort: Reflects away the right quantum of daylight so as to limit glare, while allowing adequate amount of natural light. Superior durability: High wear and superior scratch resistance as it is 'hard coated'. Ease in processing: It can be processed like a normal float glass

3. Reflective Glass with Nano Coating
• • • • cuts the direct solar heat gain and keeps the building cooler across the day thus reducing cooling cost substantially. Hence in tropical climatic conditions it is an ideal glass solution for sustainable building design. allows optimum light transmission ensuring naturally daylight into the interiors and reduces glare. It improves occupants comfort and reduces the need for artificial lighting used for structural glazing / façade glazing / bolted system / curtain walling and / or windows / fenestration applications. It can be used in single glazing designed for tropical climatic conditions like India to cut excessive heat and optimize light transmission.

4. Thermal





This thermal insulated glass also has excellent light transmittance resulting in maximizing the entry of daylight into the building. Using SGG PLANITHERM in combination with a solar control glass in a double glazed unit is the best way to improve the energy efficiency of windows/facade.

Toughened Glass. ceramic fritted.g. This glass also enhances the security and requires less cleaning. o Decorative glass: SGG MIRASTAR can be partially coated or screen printed as decorative glass panels o One way mirror: SGG MIRASTAR can be used as a one-way mirror under certain lighting conditions o Doors: as a complete door system or as door sections with a one-way mirror funtion. laminated & bent. This glass can be processed – heat treated.o This thermal insulation glass maximises light transmission and Keeps your interior Warm.Saint Gobain Glass MIRASTAR o Interior glass fittings: SGG MIRASTAR is the mirror of choice where safety is a requirement. o SGG Antelio Plus is a glass which allows abudant natural light to the interiors which in turns improves occupants comfort and increases productivity o SGG Antelio Plus is a glass with very low internal & external reflections and this glass is available in wide range of pleasing colours o This glass is available in various options to increase light transmission and control solar heat gain SGG ANTELIO PLUS. for partitions or wall paneling. . Facade 6. allows natural light to flow in as well as cuts the solar heat. 5. o Glass for Indoor swimming pools.Rays entering the building. thus helps to save energy and protect the environment. Spy Glass . e. SGG Antelio Plus is specially designed glass that can be used in single glazing as the coating is hard and also as weather resistant glass. o Energy efficient glass – It reduces need for heating / cooling. a glass that can be heat treated (toughened / tempered / heat strengthened) and combined with other glass products from Saint-Gobain Glass range to act as a glass which prevents heat loss and protect against excess noise. SGG Antelio Plus • This solar control glass is exterior glass particularly used to controls the excess UV. o Enhanced Thermal Insulation o Improved comfort with less drafts and cold spots near glazed areas<> SGG PLANITHERM can be used for any external double glazing application -Windows and skylights i residential buildings and private domestic housing -Conservatories glazing and patio doors -Windows and facades of now-residential buildings.

Extra clear float glass . and appear transparent on a translucent matte base. SGG SATINOVO MATE.SGG DIAMANT o valued for its attractive appearance and optical qualities.Saint Gobain Glass SATINOVO MATE o a translucent glass product which admits light whilst providing obscuration and vision control. o Excellent clarity of the glass ensures true colours are seen and optimum vision quality is achieved when looking through the glass. Installing and maintaining SGG SATINOVO MATE will be a flexible process. a glass which can be used in numerous interior glass designs and fitting applications in both residential and commercial buildings. Glass partitioning and interior glass screening Glass Furniture. affording a high level of transparency. Advanced Glass Etching . . It protects your privacy Prevent excess light flow Reduced finger marks and stains 8. o Glass is particularly beneficial for thicker laminated products. o Clear Glass: Offers a high level of light transmittance. MASTERGLASS Panel Glass - SGG o The shiny geometric patterns are printed onto the glass. SGG DIAMANT is an interior glass that is designed for applications where its unique appearance and optical qualities are of particular advantage such as: o o o o o Display cabinets Glass Shelves Glass furniture Glass Table tops. Give a new look to Cupboard d The advantage of using of this glass is similar to that of ordinary float glass. Glass has high level of transparency to achieve the desired effect in interior. Privacy with glass: Shower screens and enclosures. o o o o Uniform finish As a translucent glass. o Glass allows maximum natural light to create pleasant interiors rooms. Window Glass. bars and desk tops Glass Shower screens 7. o o o o o Doors: Use of Glass in Doors allows natural light to enter the rooms. The low iron content in the glass produces a higher light transmittance and a reduced green tint inherent in of other glasses.

This Glass can be used double glazed to provide thermal or fire protection. o o o o o o • • • • Fire Protection Glass: IT data server rooms Protection against fire in Telecom data server rooms Fully glazed doors in fire exits Load bearing Glass floors Fire Safety Glass: Refuge areas / Lift Lobbies / Corridors To Resist Fire: Emergency exit and escape Glass with Symmetrical fire protection The glass can be used double glazing to provide thermal protection. UV stability or acoustic control and fire control The glass provides upto 120 minutes fire protection and heat insulation This fire control glass can be easily combined with design and performance glasses 10. Protects against fire. It is ideal for emergency and exit routes. smoke and toxic gases up to specified durations. o o o o o o o Partitions: Give a clear vision between partitions Fire Protective glass: Fixed glazing Vision panels.SGG CONTRAFLAM This fire reistant glass can be used in both internal and external areas for installation into both steel or timber framed doors and screens.Clear vision during emergency Facades Lobbies Stairways enclosures Lift Lobby enclosures • • • • Fire Protection Glass: Symmetrical design to enhance fire protection Controls fire: This glass remains clear in the event of fire. Safety glass that offers fire protection SGG PYROSWISS It can be used in areas which requires fire protection and clear vision for a specific duration. o The full SGG MASTERGLASS range brings style and brilliance to any application and is ideal for: • • • • Interior Design: It is used Interior fittings and as decorative glass Glass Doors: Allows natural light to flow in rooms Privacy Glass: Best used for Shower screens to protect your privacy Glass Partitioning: It is used for partitioning your interiors as well as to protect your privacy 9. the high degree of translucency optimises light levels whilst providing subtle obscuration for privacy and screening. Safety glass that offers fire protection . . UV stability or acoustic control.o This glass captures light and emits to create a attractive aesthetic effects.

How does it work? Advantages • • • • • • Glass requires Less cleaning.helps protect the environment. Self Cleaning Glass . Neutrality and transparency is the same as normal glass Less frequent use of detergents in glass .Façade stays cleaner for longer. The Glass gives a Clear vision through the facade .Self cleaning glass harness the power of both sun and rain to efficiently remove dirt and grime such as dried water marks.Less dirt and grime adheres to the glass. Save money – the cost of façade cleaning is reduced. etc from the glass. Windows Perfect glass for Balconies Overhead glass windows .11. Where can it be used? The basic application of self-cleaning-glass could be: • • • • • • Façade Glazing Exterior shop-fronts and display windows Overhead and atria glazing Conservatories Roofs. the self cleaning glass must be exposed to natural light. dust. organic pollutants. To activate the coating .even when it is raining. Much easy to clean the glass.Saint Gobain Glass BIOCLEAN The transparent coating on the outside surface of ( Glass )SGG BIOCLEAN .