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Yo u c a n c l o s e y o u r m i n d t o t h i n g s i f something is impor tant enough. I t works v e r y w e l l . Yo u m a k e y o u r s e l f v e r y s m a l l, shut your eyes tight and say a big word o v e r a n d o v e r a g a i n u n t i l y o ur e s a f e .

To v e J a n s s o n , A W i n t e r B o o k

Around is about listening. It is almost a contradic tion in terms to call a group of listening activities a festival, for festival connotes the joy ful sounding o f c r o w d s i n ce l e b r a t i o n . A r o u n d w o u l d like to propose a dif ferent kind of celebration one that requires retreat. Retreat is the experience of a time of n o n - p a r t i c i p a t i o n . A t i m e w h e n w h a t m a t te r e d w a s r e ce i v i n g , i n a l l s i m p l i c i t y a n d i n a l l h o n e s t y a t i m e w h e n t h e r e w as n o n e e d to e x p ress o n es elf, to p rove s o m e t h i n g , t o b e o n e s n o i s y i n t r u s i v e s e l f . ( Ya s m i n a R e z a , T h i r t y S e c o n d s of Silence ) The name of Around is an ex tension of soundpocket. They both emphasize compor tment and bearing, what lies around and makes them possible. The Chinese title of Around is ting zai ( P u t o n g h u a ) a n d t i n g j o i ( C a n t o n e s e ). I t m e a n s b o t h l i s t e n a t o r l i s t e n i n , a n d l i s t e n t o b e . W h e n u s e d a s p a r t o f a phrase, ting joi designates the place a n d t i m e o f l is te n i n g , f o r i n s t a n ce, t i n g joi Lamma means to listen in Lamma, and ting joi 2009 means to listen in 2 0 0 9. T h e b r o a d e r m e a n i n g o f t o b e is the human horizon against which all

l i s te n i n g a c t i v i t i e s a r e e x p e r i e n ce d a n d u n d e r s t o o d . We i n v i t e y o u t o l i s t e n t o the many meanings the name whispers to you. Ar tis t s of Around are chosen not b e cause they are sound ar tists in fac t, many have never named themselves as such. Rather it is because they have or are making works in which sound is a determining rather than illustrative e l e m e n t o r a n u n i n te n t i o n a l e f f e c t , a n d w h e r e s o u n d o f f e r s a n i n te r p r e t a t i o n o f the world, not only a medium through which messages pass through. M i k i Yu i w o r k s o n t h e i m a g i n a t i o n o f an island that is listened to. Jerome Joy explores the immersive qualities of sonic environments and how they change perception. Jason Lim work s with tension. Donna Ong is interested i n m a t e r i a l i t y a n d f l u i d i t y. P h o e b e H u i ac ts on the physicalit y of sound. Akio Suzuki is on a constant quest to reveal the relation bet ween sound and space. All th es e wo r k s enter co nver s atio ns w i th space as physical and imaginar y places that tell stories about our world. Other ar tists work with time. Simone M e r l i s w o r k b r i n g s t h e m o o n c l o s e t o o ur te r re s t r ia l ha b i t o f li v in g . K aw a i Shiu and Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

collaborate in literally playing and w alk ing out a comp osition, revealing th e a co u s t i c q u a l i t i e s o f t r a d i t i o n a l m u s i c a l ins t r u m e nt s in a n o p e n sp a ce. Ya n J u n s s o u n d w a l k d e a l s w i t h a c c i d e n t a l e n co u nte r s a n d a b a n d o n m e nt . A l l t h e s e work s imbue a f resh sense of share d tim e to forgot ten or unnoticed places. There are also ar tists who conjure up other relations that sound is a vital par t of. Mike Cooper improvises with cross-cultural sentiments. John Lee keeps looking for the sound to inhabit in. K acey Wong work s on low -te ch sound sculptures. Jaf fa Lam at tends to the publicness and privacy in the activit y of listening. Beatrix Pang is interested in interac tivit y and surprises. Speakers for public talks in Around approach sound in dif ferent ways. Su Hei listens to sound in writings, K awai Shiu tells stories of sounds in my ths, and Patrick Shek recalls the evolution of acoustics and audio systems design in the his tor y of Hong Kongs public concer t halls. Friends of the Ear th a t t e n d s t o l i g h t p o l l u t i o n i n o u r c i t y, a concern arising from values Around shares. Work shops led by Anthony Ye u n g o f f e r a l i s t e n i n g e x p e r i e n c e o f

our imm e diate env ironm ent m e diate d by microphones and headphones. aco b ook s presents a mini exhibition of book s on cultures of listening. hulahoop galler y h o s t s a n e x h i b i t i o n o f s o u n d i n g to y s b y o p e n c a l l . Yo u w i l l a ls o f i n d su g g e s t i o n s of other things to do during Around, regarding listening to others, listening to the wind. This programme book is organized by the places where all of the above take place. The work s presented may or may not have a title, largely because they are in-the-making. No rush titles benefit from growing from the inside out. I have also given priorit y to giving a sense of the ar tis t as p erson, by including e xcer pt s of s om e email conver s ations we have had over the past half a year or s o . T h e s e co nv e r s a t i o n s a r e i n f o r m a t i v e on the ar tists approaches, concerns a n d i n t e r e s t s , b u t m o r e i m p o r t a n t l y, they tended to slip into my mailbox as warmers in the darkness of night. I thought not sharing them with you would have been an aw ful waste. T h is a p p ro a c h I h av e c h o s e n is d i f f e r e nt from the approach of articulating

the significance of the ar tists work s in this festival in relation to their past w o r k s (a n e m p h a s i s o n a u t h o r s h i p), a n d i n r e l a t i o n t o a r t h i s t o r y (a n e m p h a s i s o n t h e i n s t i t u t i o n a l ). I n t h e p r o c e s s o f co n ce i v i n g t h is f e s t i v a l, I w a sn t l o o k i n g for work s that would suit some theme - Around is not a theme; it is a state of being, a manner of compor tment. I am n ot af ter th e s ch o o l o f th o u ght that us es a n a r t i s t s l i f e t o e x p l a i n h e r w o r k . I see ar tists as the ones with whom we live, just as those many others with w h o m w e l i v e. T h is ot h e r n e s s i n g e n e r a l remains a fundamental condition for t h e o p e n e a r. Listening is about gathering and d i s p e r s a l a t t h e s a m e t i m e . G e n t l y, t a k e away your earphones. Put your palms a r o u n d t h e b a c k o f y o u r e a r f l a p s . L e t s star t listening. When you are sensitive, the world o p e n s . F e l i x H e s s

I present to you all the contributor y e l e m e n t s t h e s k y, t h e w i n d , t h e l a n d , the places, the people. As long as we take care of them, sound will take care of it self.

Ye u n g Ya n g C u r a t o r, A r o u n d March 8, 2009

2009 , :

2007Felix Hess

Hong Kong Island

Wan Chai Central

Lamma Island


Tung O

L a m m a I s l a n d : M o t a t , Tu n g O Wa n C h a i Central Pr o g r a m a t a g l a n c e Address & Opening Hours

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Tung O

Most artists presenting installations and live sound performances are in Tung O and Motat, Lamma, on a ten-day residency, during which they develop a site-specific work for public viewing on May 1, May 2, and May 9. The shape of the final works is not known until the days of the exhibition. Evening concerts are responsive to the sites. The shape of the final pieces musicians play depends on their assessment of the vibe and environment on the day of their performances.

Lamma looks wonderful. I start to imagine what I can do to contribute...

Miki Yui
M ay M otat

1 , 2 , 9
12 - 6 pm

Born in Tok yo in 1971, M ik i Yui is an ar tist and composer, who has been wor k ing in the field of small sounds - environment and our acoustic perception in the fields of sound art and music since 1998. S h e h a s p u b l i s h e d s u c h C D s a s s m a l l s o u n d s a n d s i l e n c e r e s o u n d i n g , a n d p r e s e n t e d s u c h i n s t a l l a t i o n s a s a v i e w ove r t h e p o n d ( a n o u td o o r i n s t a l l a t i o n o f p a p e r a n d p i e zo s p e a k e r s, re g a rd i n g small sounds in the environment) and trace (an indoor installation regarding the memor y of objects). She lives and wor ks in Dsseldor f.

Mik i Yui 1971 1998 Innerest, 2006


I never really considered myself a sound artist, but must also admit that sound is an element that often creeps into the work and is something I do think about.

Donna Ong
M ay Tung O

1 , 2 , 9
12 - 6 pm

Project: Waterfall, 2005

D o nna O n g re cei ve d an e du c atio n in archi te c t ure an d f in e ar t . Sh e is an ins t allati o n ar tis t , b es t k n ow n fo r h er narrative environments made from furniture, found objec ts and original ar t work . As a child, I promised myself never to forget what it felt like to be a child, to dream and inve s t in th e ima ginar y, th e imp ossib l e. My wo r k is ab o u t tr y in g to ke ep that promise.

Donna Ong Ong


I ver y happily received the book you sent me! It all looks ver y interesting on Lamma Island! Im thinking of doing something open-air in reaction to the moon location

Simone Merli
M ay Tung O

1 , 2 , 9
12 - 6 pm

A sound ar tist and member of soundwalk , New York , Simone Merli has a background i n s o n i c a r t s a n d a u d i o p ro d u c t i o n . H e is also well versed in interac tive musicp ro gr a m m i n g l a n g u a g e. H e h a s wo r k e d re g u l a r l y i n c o l l a b o r a t i o n w i t h d a n c e r s, filmmakers and musicians. His sound installation works include implant version 2 . 0 ( 2 0 0 1 ) a n d g r e e n h o u s e ( 2 0 0 6 ) . H e gre w u p i n I t a l y a n d i s c u r re n t l y b a s e d in Ne w Yor k .

soundwalk Merli
Simone Merli


I am interested in exploring physicality. I like to replace the standard mechanism we take for granted in operating things in everyday life with readymade objects. I want to enable free improvisation.

M ay Tung O

Phoebe Hui
1 , 2 , 9
12 - 6 pm

Phoebe Hui (pseudonym Jinger) was born in Hong Kong. She was trained in media art and fine art. Most of her wor ks show a strong interest in language and experimentation with audiovisual interac tive technologies. Drop, 2007

, 16


D ear Ms. YEUNG Yang, I am Nor ik o M asuyama, administrator to Ak io Suzuk i. I have been wor k ing for him since 2002. Ak io is ver y happy that you are interested in his wor ks and approaches. Concerning the schedule, he will have another project in Japan in May 2009, but Ak io wishes that he could manage to realize both projec ts. Ak io has just finished his solo exhibition last Sunday. Any way we appreciate having the invitation and your passion.

Noriko Masuyama 2002 , , ,

Best wishes, Noriko

M ay 2 M ay 1

Akio Suzuki
Tung O Motat 4 - 5 pm

Ak io Suzuk i is k nown as a pioneer of sound ar t, but it is being a quester af ter sound and space, work ing beyond the boundaries of sound ar t, that he has received the most attention from ar tists in many fields. Since 2002, Suzuk i has been presenting the Mogari ser ies at the Brunei G aller y at the S chool of Or iental & Afr ican Studies in London. I t centres around per for mances on iwabue - ancient and naturally-sculpted stone flutes which have been handed down in Suzuk i's family.

, , M ogar i iwabue 18

Last Drop, 2008

I was responding to the political upheaval in Bangkok.

M ay 2 M ay 1

Jason Lim
Tung O Motat 3 - 4 pm

Jason Lim was born in Singapore in 1966. He makes ceramics sculptures, installation ar t, videos and per formance ar t. Lim also creates and organizes interdisciplinar y platforms for alternative ar t practitioners to meet and collaborate.

w w w. s a a t c h i - g a l l e r y. c o. u k / y o u r g a l l e r y / ar tist_profile//79424.html


Since 2004, I changed from being a music cr itic to a musician. Now I mak e ar t. I can never mak e this clear to others. But to me it s ver y simple: do what I want to do, even if it is not music, not ar t, not anything.


Yan Jun
anytime Tung O Motat

Ya n J u n wo r k s o n t h e re a l m o f s o u n d a n d wo rd s. H e w a s b o r n i n L a n z h o u i n 1 9 7 3 , received an education in Chinese Literature, and cur rently based in B eijing. Yans live p e r fo r m a n c e e n g a g e s s p a c e fe e d b a c k , l o o p a n d v o i c e / l a n g u a g e t o m a k e hy p n o t i c noise. He creates sound ar t wor ks based on field recording and live per for mance. Yan runs the label Sub J am since 1998. I n 2004 he co -founded KwanYin R ecords dedicated to exper imental music and sound exploration.

1973 2004 / /Sub JamKwanYin 2005 Mini Midi

download sound work from


Kawai Shiu composes a piece of music for Tung O. Members of HKNME (viola, cello, two horns and trombone) visit the beach, paths, rocks, pier, temple, and deserted houses with their music and sound. The audience follows the music and listens to the murmurings of the wind and waves.


with Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

M ay 1 Ticket price | 6 - 7 pm Tung O HK$ 150

Kawai Shiu

Kawai Shiu is a composer who is recognized by international awards and per formances. He makes music primarily through instruments. He believes Sound/Music is metaphorically Janus facing inward. He likes to cook and to contemplate on human conditions. He is at present in exile. The Hong Kong New Music Ensemble is an initiative of the Grenzenlos Foundation. It was formed in 2008 with fifteen of the best local and international Western and Chinese instrumentalists living in Hong Kong. The HKNME presents the best new music in Hong Kong by local HK composers, Asian composers and also by the important international figures.

The Hong Kong New Music Ensemble 2008 24

"The sound of these drums is spiritual. The spiritual is about being focused. When focused, you are in a different world."

M ay 2 Ticket price |

John Lee
7 - 8 pm Tung O HK$ 150

John Lee is a self-taught percussionist. He studied modern dance, classical piano in his early years and started to teach himself frame drum in 1990. He has regularly created original pieces for musical theatre since 1987. He recently performed in the wetlands in Nam Chung.

(Frame Drum) Glen Velez Glen Velez Ed Herbst


Hawaiian guitar music may be the first world music we have ever known.

Mike Cooper
M ay 9 Ticket price | 6 - 7 pm Tung O HK$ 150

For the past 40 years Mike Cooper has been an international musical explorer, performing and recording solo and in a number of inspired groupings and a variety of genres. Initially a folkblues guitarist and singer songwriter, his work has diversified to include improvised and electronic music, live music for silent films, radio art and sound installations. Ambient Electronic Exotica is the genre and subtitle of his recent solo performances. He has been using ambient field recordings collected in the Pacific, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand - sampled, looped, treated electronically, and combined with acoustic or electric lap steel guitar improvisations, to create Virtual Soundscapes. Mike Cooper


Experiencing listening as mediated by microphones and headphones

Listening Workshop with Anthony Yeung

M ay 9 Fee | 3 - 5 pm Tung O HK$ 200

Anthony Yeung was trained in Theatre Sound Design and Music Recording. He has worked with City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Ballet, Hong Kong Art Festival, Ching Ying Theatre, Radio 4 Radio Television Hong Kong, Chinese Music Virtuosi, Chor Fung Ming Theatre Company and so on. He works collaboratively with composers and visual artists in sound installations.



public talk of Friends of the Earth

Light Pollution

M ay 2 6 - 7 pm Tung O

Noise pollution in Hong Kong is shocking. One million people in the city live in an unacceptable noise level of over 70 dB. And yet, no one seems to be aware of it. Noises come not only from sound, but also light. Excessive light and sound are depriving Hong Kong of its beauty. Chu Hon Keung of Friends of the Earth opens our ear to the spectacle of pollution. ( Talk to be conducted in Cantonese.)

100 70 (


Other things to do in Lamma


listen to the wind


listen to the waves




follow the aroma of the ginger flowers


chat with grandmas and grandpas

others ...... 34

Wan Chai


It would be certainly amazing and astonishing to play on a rooftop ;-)

Jrme Joy
A pr


6 - 8 pm

Rooftop, Foo Tak Building

Locustream Tuner, Villa Arson Nice, 2006 , Locus Sonus

Jrme Joy is founder of Locus Sonus, a research group that specializes in audio art (cole Suprieure dArt dAix-en-Provence, cole Nationale Suprieure dArt de Nice Villa Arson). They experiment and evaluate the innovative and transdisciplinary nature of audio art forms in a lab-type context. They are also concerned with the communal, collective or multi-user aspects inherent to many emerging audio practices and which necessitate working as a group. Jrme Joy 19922004 Peter Sinclair Locus Sonus 38

Bear wants your stor y, 2008

I love the way the bookshop uses wooden boxes for wine to house books.

Beartrix Pang
M ay 1 - 30

The Bookshop by MCCM Creations

Beatrix Pang was trained in design and photography in Hong Kong and Norway. She had done photographic and video works, and has recently begun exploring community-based projects and sound works. She recently came back from Portland, USA on an art research fellowship.


Empty Mind. 1998

I bought a ring from this shop before. It was made by cloth, very cool. Oh, regarding the installation, I was thinking instead of using a washing machine, maybe I should use a stainless wok and install musical movements on top...a bit better than that washing machine drum since it requires people to put their heads inside.

Kacey Wong
M ay 1 - 30 kapok

Tea with Kacey Wong and Jaffa Lam

dai pai dong outside kapok M ay kapok


3-5 pm

K acey Wongs exper imental ar t projec ts investigate the poetics of space bet ween men and their living environment, One of his recent projec ts is the mobile home tr ic ycle projec t Wander ing Home. H is sound installations and sculptures include Empt y M ind and Disappearance. Wong studied architec ture and fine ar ts. He is cur rently Assistant Professor at The Hong K ong Polytechnic Universit y s Environment and I nter ior Design Discipline.

w w w.k acey 42

Open exhibition of sounding toys


M ay 17 - 30 hulahoop Toy submission and sharing

M ay


3-5 pm hulahoop

Do you have a toy from childhood that makes a special sound you love or hate? We would like to hear from you, your own toy story. As part of Around sound art festival, Piklikpaklakbong! invites you to bring your sounding toy to hulahoop gallery and share your story with others over snacks and tea.

? ?

* *

Due to site constraints, all submitted toys must be within the size of 1 cubic metre, and do not require electricity. (Batter y-driven toys are welcome.)

() () 29hulahoop

Enquiries about hulahoop

Miss Lai 69398023

Enquiries about Around

Yeung Yang 90403877


Books on cultures of listening Exhibition

M ay aco_books 1 - 30

Guided reading by Yeung Yang M ay


5 -7 pm aco_books

Collection includes |

The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World, by Murray Schafer Noise: The Political Economy of Music, by Jacques Attali The Auditory Culture Reader, edited by Michael Bull and Les Back Listening and Voice: Phenomenologies of Sound, by Don Ihde Felix Hess: Light as Air, edited by Bernd Schulz Site of Sound: of Architecture and the Ear, by Christof Migone, edited by Brandon Labelle, Steve Roden Aural Cultures: Sound Art, edited by Jim Drobnick Noise, Water, Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts, by Douglas Kahn The Human Voice, by Anne Karpf Hearing History: a Reader, edited by Mark Smith


public talk by Su Hei (aka Black)

Sound in writing

M ay 24 3 - 430 pm

The Bookshop by MCCM Creations

When we read, we are embraced by the silence of written language. What is the history of this silence? How has the older form of transmitting knowledge by chanting poetry and songs, and listening, become displaced by the visuality of the written language? Can sound be rediscovered from writing? Su Hei leads us on a journey of sound in writing with her own works. ( Talk to be conducted in Cantonese) A renowned spiritual therapist and writer in Hong Kong and the Mainland, Su Hei is founder of guan yin heart therapy, works on music/sound related meditative and healing methods, lives for shakuhachi, voice and serenity. She is also presenter and curator of arts related healing workshops and events. Many of her books are published both in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

() 48


I spent a lot of time to visit that bridge and make the sketch and find the solution of the installation there.

Jaffa Lam

M ay 1 - 30 footbridge over Caine Road on Peel Street

Hong Kong Architecture Centre

Jaffa Lam specializes in site-specific works that make use of a combination of the followings: sculptural installation, woodcarving mixed with alternative materials, water, light, plastic, glass, soft materials and metal. Recently she has been involved in public sculpture and community projects in Hong Kong and overseas. For Around, Lam made a plan for two sound sculptures to be installed on the south and north ends of Peel Street, Central one on the footbridge over Caine Road, and the other at the Hong Kong Architecture Centre. As this programme book goes to print, only the latter part is confirmed. We are still discussing with the relevant government departments regarding the feasibility of setting up the first part of the work. It is possible that the work may not be realized within the festival period. Please check soundpockets website for progress on the work .

The Sound of Art...from the Culture 2008

; 52

Stories on acoustics of public concert halls in Hong Kong

public talk by Patrick Shek

M ay 23 3 - 430 pm

Hong Kong Architecture Centre

Has it ever occurred to you that changing the fabric of seats in the City Hall Concert Hall could affect how the music sounds? Do you know why the design of Ko Shan Theatre changed from being open-air to an indoor space? We hear comments about Tsuen Wan Town Hall having the best acoustics. What grounds are they based on? Patrick Shek tells stories about the history of concert halls in Hong Kong from the insiders point of view. ( Talk to be conducted in Cantonese.) A theatre audio engineer with over 30 years of experience, Patrick Shek has been head of audio for such theatres and concert halls as Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Ko Shan Theatre, Shatin Town Hall etc. He recently returned to Hong Kong from the position as audio system director in the Melbourne Art Centre, Australia, to promote the education of theatre audio in Hong Kong.

? ? ? ()


public talk by Kawai Shiu

Sound and myth

M ay 5 7 - 830 pm

The Bookshop by MCCM Creations

Myth is a dimension, an unknown dimension. As to what myth means, we hardly know it. But throughout the history of humanity encompassing all cultures, we yearn for knowing it. We create languages, art, rituals, religions, stories, mythologies, psychology and the list goes on; a list of our reflections and paraphrases of myth; a million hopeful glimpses for one unknown eternal truth. Composer Kawai Shiu contextualizes sound in a mythical dimension where discoveries are whispered. ( Talk to be conducted in English)

speaker biography on page 24



Program at a glance
Da te
T ime Ar tist / Eve nt Jr me Jo y / so und p e rforma nc e Mik i Yui, Do nn a O ng , Phoe b e Hui , Simon e M erli / so und insta lla tions Kace y Wo ng / so un d sc ulp ture / Be a tr ix Pa ng / so un d insta lla tion / all d ay Jaffa Lam / sound sc ulpture* / * ka p ok Tu n g O & M ota t, L a m m a Rooftop, Foo Tak Bl dg. , Wa n c h a i 600 - 8:00 pm 12 6 pm op e nin g h our s ( p.59) Place P ri ce f ree f ree f ree f ree f ree


1, 2 , 9 /5 1-30 /5
The Bookshop

Peel Street footbridge over Caine Road & HK Architecture Centre

op en ing ho urs ( p.59)

B ook s exh ibitio n Piklikp akla kb o ng ! so und ing toys e xhib ition ! mee t a nd g reet Arou nd a rtists Ja son Lim / live ar t p e rforma nc e Akio Suzu ki / so und p e rforma nc e Kaw ai Shiu & HKN ME / c onc e rt HKN ME / mee t a nd g reet Arou nd a rtists Ja son Lim / live ar t p e rforma nc e

a c o_b ooks h u l a h oop

f ree f ree

17 - 30 /5
o p ening hou rs (p. 59 ) 2-3 pm 3- 4 p m 4 -5 p m 6 -7 p m

1 /5

Tu n g O, L a m m a

f ree f ree f ree $150 M ota t, L a m m a f ree f ree

2 /5
2-3 pm 3- 4 p m

4 -5 p m 6 -7 p m 7-8 pm

Akio Suzu ki / so und p e rforma nc e Fr iend s of t he Eart h ta lk on light p ollution Jo hn Le e / con cer t / So un d a nd My th pub lic ta lk b y Ka wa i Shiu - Listening wor kshop with Anthony Yeung - (ma x 12 p p l only/ 12 ) Th e B ooks h op Tu n g O, M ota t e tc . Tu n g O, L a m m a

f ree f ree $150 Free $200

5 /5 9 /5
3-5 pm 6- 7 p m

7 - 83 0 pm

Mike Co ope r / con cer t 3- 5 pm 5-7 pm Tea with Kace y Wong & Jaffa Lam on scu lpting so un d Guide d rea d ing on books a b out c ulture s of li s te n i n g -

Tu n g O, L a m m a d a i p a i d on g op p os i te ka p ok k apok a c o_b ooks

$150 Free Free

16 /5

17 /5 23 /5 24 /5

3- 430 p m

Piklikpa klak bong! sounding toys sharing a nd e xhib ition op e ning ! 3- 430 p m Sto ries o f aco ustic s in HK c onc e rt ha lls p ublic ta lk b y Pa tr ic k She k 34 30 pm Any time Sou nd in Wr itin g pub lic ta lk b y Su He i So un dwa lk b y Yan Jun * Pl e as e c hec k soundp o cke ts web site b ef ore visit ing th e w ork for the most up d a te d i n form a ti on . w undp ocket .o

h u l a h oop


HK A rc h i te c tu re Ce n tre


Th e B ooks h op Tu n g O & M ota t, L a m m a

Free Free


Address and opening hours

aco_books The Bookshop by MCCM Creations
G/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbor Road, Wanchai Tue Sat 12 8 pm Sun Mon 12 6 pm Foo Tak Building, 365 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
3 65 1

Tue - Thu 1 - 8 pm Fri - Sun 3 - 10 pm Mon close

G/F, 5 St Francis Yard, Wanchai Mon- Sat Sun 11am - 8 pm 11am - 6 pm Tue - Sun 2 - 9 pm Mon closed

G/F, Sau Wa Fong, Wanchai (near Star Street and St Francis Street)

Hong Kong Architecture Centre

G/F, 8 Peel Street, Central 8 Mon Fri 1030 am 730 pm closed during lunch hour (2 3 pm) Sat 1030 am 6 pm Closed on Sundays and public holidays

Rooftop, Foo Tak Building

14/F, 365 Hennessy Road, Wanchai
Dawei Charitable Foundation Limited

Information for visitors

Ferr y schedule for Sundays & Public holidays

From Aberdeen 640 am 800 845 930 1015 1100 1145 From Sok Kwu Wan 600 am 720 800 845 930 1015 1100

1. How to get to Motat Wan and Tung O in Lamma Island? Chuen Kee Ferry runs ferry services from Aberdeen at the pier at Aberdeen Promenade. The ferry service goes to Sok Kwu Wan at Lamma Island via Motat Wan every day. Journey time approx. 30 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes by walking to reach Tung O from Motat Wan.

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Ferr y schedule for Mondays to Saturdays

From Aberdeen 640 am 800 930 1100 1230 pm 230 4 30 600 640* 725 750* 930* 1050* From Sok Kwu Wan 600 am 720 845 1015 1145 115 pm 340 520 605* 645 715* 850* 1010*

1230 pm 200 245 330 415 500 545 630 715 750 930 1050

1145 1230 pm 200 245 330 415 500 545 630 715 850 1010

* *Sunday & Public holidays Fare



What happens if it rains on performance nights?

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Most performances will still be held if it rains. They are cancelled only if the Red Rain signal or Typhoon Signal Number 8 is hoisted. For the most updated information, please visit 3. What do I get by buying tickets to the performances?

The Bay

All ticket holders are entitled to a 20% discount coupon issued by The Bay Mediterranean Restaurant at Motat. It is valid for 2 weeks.

map of Aberdeen Pier and fare informations:

Further enquiries Yeung Yang 90403877


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AROUND sound art festival

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No. of tickets May 1 [HK$150 ] Kawai Shiu/ HKNME May 2 [ HK$150 ] John Lee May 9 [ HK$150 ] Mike Cooper no. of tickets for workshop
12 ppl max, first come first served

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May 9 [HK$200 ] Anthony Yeung Tel Fax

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Personal data provided will be used for enrollment. If you do not wish to receive promotional information from us, please tick the box // Application is valid only upon receipt of application fee. Email/phone/fax reser vation will not be considered. Sorr y for the inconvenience Valid application will be confirmed by phone, tickets would be collected at reception on day of show. (Reception desk is at the public pier in Motat Wan, Lamma Island) s ou nd p oc k et l i m ite d 10 8C s ou nd p oc k et Please make cheque payable to soundpocket limited, and mail to Unit C, 10/F, Gee Chang Industrial Building, 108 Lok Shan Road, Tokwawan, Kowloon, Hong Kong.



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soundpocket is recruiting volunteers for exhibition production, educational programmes, soundscape research and recording projects, and interviewing people working with sound for publication purposes. If you have specific skills, a passion for sound art and a sensitivity with listening, we would like to hear from you.

Emai l

I want to be a volunteer for soundpocket. I have the following skills and interests:

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documentary photography documentary video sales and marketing face-to-face in-depth interviewing technical aspects of exhibition production, eg. painting, drilling, carpentering, AV setup etc. field sound recording archival research liaising with primary and secondary school principals and teachers


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About soundpocket
soundpocket is committed to meeting the needs and interests of Hong Kong artists in sound art and the general public in listening by offering knowledge and know-how in the long-term development of sound art in Hong Kong. Since its inception in July 2008, soundpocket has organized and co-organized ten programmes, including exhibitions, educational workshops, and listening awareness raising initiatives. These are to remain the core activities of soundpocket. soundpocket finds sound in diverse and dynamic relations with many different art forms (visual art, installation art, music, theatre, dance etc.), and with a variety of cultural contexts that give meanings to our lives. soundpocket supports not just an art form, but ideas and possibilities that engage with aesthetically meaningful, culturally-grounded and publicly relevant sonic practices, which have a lot to teach about how we understand the world.

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Our sincere gratitude to Arounds co-organizers, sponsors, partners and friends, for making this festival possible.


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Special thanks to Ben Tso, Codesign, pill and pillow, The Bay, Rainbow Seafood Restaurant, Paul Lam, KK Lau, Green Lamma Group, all volunteers, and residents of Tung O and Motat, for their hospitality, warmth, and care.

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