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/"' ," ,"-' ` `.__.' : : `.__.'( )/" ___', ` ` `. .'# '\ .'.-.`. \__ \ ,"`####`-. .-'###--- ./'"\ `\__, , ,-. "#####: :####" ,/" `\,--# ' ----######: :####---. \' '," \`-'/ \ \ "####: :##### () ' """ , __ __.-###: :#########--. . _____ ./: ,': _-' "#####: :' `.###_ `"-. ,/ ,',--" : : : : / _,#####: :#" ______ . (_ : :__: : /' #####: :##---. _. ____ #' `\ `.__`. : . : /" ###; .'-. `\ .' _____ # \_`\ `.`.: :"": : /' ##: `.### ____ # __ __,-',': : : : `. :###--.`-. ______ __ "--' .'.' .'.' #: :#### . . /""' /""' : :####--. . ..`\ `\ `. ,'"### . . `-.____.--' "`\ . . .-----------------. TORIBASH MANUAL `-----------------' 27-03-2008 EMAIL: .------. Info `------' This manual, is viewed best in notepad or "more" ;-). .------------------------. Controlling Characters `------------------------' 1. Select player with left mouse button. 2. Click a joint to toggle state (Relax/Hold). + Highlighting a Joint and pressing 'X' will give the same action + Pressing 'C' will either Hold-all/Relax-all Joints. 3. Scrolling the mouse wheel up or down on a joint, will result in either (Force Forward/Force Backward) respectively + Highlighting a joint and pressing 'Z' will also alternate between the 2 forces. 4. Left mouse click on hands to prepare it for gripping. 5. When setting a joint behaviour a joint reverse a previous effect, e.g; + Relax/Hold + Hold-all/Relax-all + Force Forward/Force Backward + Grip/Ungrip

.-----------------------------. Controlling Game and Camera `-----------------------------' SPACE - Move forward 1 turn (Default: 10 frames), View replay, New Game. SHIFT+SPACE - Move forward 1 Frame (single player mode only). Arrows,ASDW - Rotate/Zoom Camera. SHIFT+Up/Down,WS - Rotate/Pan Camera. P - Pause/Play during fight replay. SHIFT+P - Play 1 frame during fight replay (single player mode only). ESC - Open/Close menu. F - Save current replay. .--------------. Menu Options `--------------' SINGLE PLAYER - Start a new Single player game. MULTI PLAYER - Opens up the list of servers, after choosing a server you will b e taken into the current game. REPLAYS - Lists all of your replays click on a replay to view it. TUTORIAL - Start a short introduction of how to play Toribash. TORISHOP - Open up the Torishop menu where you can buy things like textures , blood colors and more. SETUP - Go into the game settings menu, which consists of the following sub menus: -> OPTIONS - To change sound, graphic, mouse and replay options. -> MODS - Choose/enable a game mod. -> SCRIPTS - Start scripts. -> GAME RULES - Change rules about the behavior of the fights. -> LOGIN - Specify your Toribash account here. -> ABOUT - Version info and copyright. -> BACK - Go back to the main menu. QUIT - Closes the application. .----------. Ghosting `----------' To preview your move a ghost of your character is shown. Only the selected character is ghosted. Both characters can be ghosted with the 'B' key. .---------. Scoring `---------' Toribash uses location based damages. Hitting head causes most damage. Feet, Hands, Knees and Elbows does not take any damage. A hit bodypart turns red. The deeper the red the more damage thats been done. .----------------. Dismemberments `----------------' A hard blow can break a joint. Joints are the weakest when they have just been hit (and are drawn in red).

If a joint isn't hit for a little while, its current damage will lower gradually. Once a joint breaks it can no longer be used. The bodypart will seperate and the joint will be in a deep red, and bleed. .-----------. Fractures `-----------' A hard blow can break a joint. Joints are the weakest when they have just been hit (and are drawn in red). If a joint isn't hit for a little while, its current damage will lower gradually. Once a joint is fractured it can no longer be used. The bodypart will move according to momentum, even bending backwards, and will be drawn in blue. Fractured bodyparts cannot be dismembered. .----------. Gripping `----------' Clicking left or right hand prepares it for gripping. A player can both grip the other player and himself. To release the grip, click on the hand once more. Grips are shown with a green transparent sphere. Grip toggle can also be done by hovering the mouse over the wrist and pressing L. .-------------------. Disqualifications `-------------------' Only hand and feet are allowed to touch the ground. A player who touches the ground with any other bodypart or joint is disqualified. When this happens a circle is drawn in the color of the player that lost (red or blue). The origin of the circle is where the bodypart touched the ground. .--------------. Edit replays `--------------' It's possible to modify an existing replay. To do this you must first hit PAUSE key 'p' at your desired point and then the edit key 'e'. This will put the replay in EDIT mode and you can continue tweaking the replay from that point on. When you are done you must save fight with a new name. The existing fight will still be there under it's original name. SHIFT+P can be used to step the replay one frame at the time until you find the best frame for editing. .---------------. Head textures

`---------------' If the replay Author or multiplayer nickname matches any of the textures in the heads subdirectory, they will skin the player. If you set your nickname in the options, and it matches one of the heads it will skin all your replays by default .--------------. Key Shortcut `--------------' r - Replay from beginning p - Pause/Play SHIFT+p - Pause/Play one frame g - Ghost player (physics preview) b - Ghost both players (physics preview) t - Send chat message (In single player mode allows use of command lin e) Ctrl-Enter - Toggle fullscreen 1,2,3,4,5,6 - Camera angle presets (0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees, as well as headto-head views). e - Turn a replay into edit mode (must be paused first). F8 - Take screenshot Ctrl-F7 - Start saving every frame as a .pov in frames directory. .---------. Replays `---------' Replays are located in the replay subdirectory. They are plain text files with a .rpl extension and can be easily be shared among players. Clicking on a replay file will open up Toribash and play the file. Replay authors that matches any of the textures in heads subdirectory will skin the ingame characters. .---------------. Single Player `---------------' Objective is get as much damage points as possible in the most spectacular way. Single player is fully customizeable in options, mods are also available for use. .--------------. Multi Player `--------------' How to play Multi Player Game: 1. Log in to a Toribash server (ESC -> Multi Player) 2. You have a set amount of time for each round to prepare your move. 3. You prepare your move as in single player. When you are ready. Hit SPACE. 4. Both players prepare move at the same time. 5. The player with the most points when ROUNDS timer hit 0 is the winner. 6. You get DISQUALIFIED (if applicable) if anything but hands, feet touch the ground. 7. Winner stays and loser is put in queue among the other fighter.

Toribash is played with a central server that manages the game. The server ip is visible in the Multi Player screen. Use 't' to send a chat message (== Belts ==) - As you get better online, and start winning games you will get greater belts . These give NO special abilities they are only badges of honor. * * * * * * * White: Yellow: Orange: Green: Blue: Brown: Black: -> -> -> -> -> -> -> 0 20 50 100 200 500 1000 plays plays plays plays plays plays plays

- Dans are achieved after reaching black belt. * * * * * * * * * * * * Second Dan Third Dan Fourth Dan Fifth Dan Sixth Dan Seventh Dan Eighth Dan Ninth Dan Tenth Dan Master Belt Custom Belt God Belt -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000 15000 20000 50000 plays plays plays plays plays plays plays plays plays plays plays plays

.-----------------. Ingame commands `-----------------' Hit 'T' (talk) and type one of the following commands: /help - This will give you help with all the command lines. /nick <new nick name> - Set nickname /spec - Join spectators /enter - Enter bout list /chatlines <number> - This will change the amount of chat lines visable. /emote <message> - When in a match you can use this to display text in the bout. /altimeter - This will display the height information of your highest body part. /loadmod <modname.tbm> - This is to load a mod in game. /resolution 800 600 - This will set the resolution to 800x600. /resolution 1024 768 - This will set the resolution to 1024x768. .-------------. Screenshots `-------------' F8 will take save a screenshot.bmp and a raytrace/screenshot.pov The .pov file is a raytrace file that can be rendered with povray (

.--------. Forums `--------' the forum is full of tutorials for Toribash, which house more information than we could fit into this manual come online and meet your fellow bashers!! We have tonnes of experienced players that are more than happy to share there knowledge with newer players so if you are stuck on aspects of Toribash don't be afraid to ask... .--------------. Custom Blood `--------------' Custom Blood can be obtained through the Toribash Forum Shop. Once you have obtained enough credits you can buy a custom blood colour. However there are limitations! You must have your key registered on the forum and you must also have the same in game name as your forum name. For more information please visit the forum. .----------------. General Advice `----------------' Don't change too many forces every round and tweak your character to a stall. In multiplayer focus on balance over impact velocity. A player that uses 90% of his power and can maintain his balance usually comes out on top. Punching is more about controlling upper body than actual arms (a bit like in real boxing) have fun! :) Team Toribash for problems, please email <>. [This version of the manual was updated by 'Bloodkitty' 0.o] [Edited again on 1/3/2007 by Mr-Deanster & Qegola] [Edited again on 2007-03-27 by aszlig]