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The Need for CRM

Consumers Demand a Richer and More Relevant Dialogue

Traditional (direct and above-the-line) marketing is not working
Average response rates for traditional direct marketing activities just 2.6%

Pray and spray marketing destroys relationships as well as brand value

Consumers see over 3,000 (direct/indirect) marketing messages each day. Over 60% cite oversolicitation as a reason to defect.

Under Pressure for Accountability, Alignment and Proven ROI from Marketing Investments
Expenditure is huge, results are unproven, processes are inefficient
Where measurable, 20% of marketing spend is wasted

It must be accountable, for every action taken and every dollar spent
Marketers cannot calculate ROI for 40-60% of spend

Customer Lifecycle

Review Marketing Activities Dashboards

Segmentation to leverage predictive customer insight

Effective Target Campaign & Offers

Branch Staff are Outbound aware of customer Campaign campaigns

Lead electronically captured Automatically assigned to the appropriate user

CSR works on opportunity

Product sales known

Customer Service

Close the deal

Marketing Management
Complete Planning and Budgeting Fact-based planning and budgeting to optimize spending Budget request and invoice handling Internal fund management, MDF and Trade Funds Marketing Approvals Management Designate approvers and their authority Workflow-driven approvals routing with audit trial Enterprise Marketing Calendar Real time visibility into enterprise marketing initiatives Content Management and Distribution Siebel capability and /or Integration with Digital Asset Management Tools Marketing Analytics Marketing Planning and Campaign Performance analytics Enterprise wide analytics (financials, supply chain, bookings)

Marketing Segmentation
Highly Interactive Interface
Drag and drop criteria definition and grouping, across multiple target levels Simplified query terminology (Start with, Keep, Add, Exclude customers) Waterfall style display of counts Sample counts for large data sets Personal and shared segment catalogs

Fully Integrated on Analytics Platform

Queries across many different stars and subject areas, allowing complex queries Shields the marketer from underlying data complexity and performance optimization Uses same meta data as reporting tools; leverages all available calculations and metrics, plus data mining models

Enforcement of Global Rules

Allows rules (such as profiling, privacy, contact frequency) to be easily applied

Create Segment in Analytics

Select the appropriate fields and put necessary filters

Event Driven Campaign

Improved setup of a campaign
Easier setup of test/control groups Easier ability to control exact count for each cell in campaign Simpler process for defining response criteria for follow-up stages

Siebel 8.1.1

Scheduled and Triggered communications

Ability to define real time triggers and what communications should happen as a result Automate immediate follow-up to respondent from initial wave of campaign Ability to set time-out intervals that drive follow-up communications

Advanced Response Definitions

Define soft responses that are not necessarily captured in Siebel More easily use non-response as a trigger for followup

Automation of lead nurturing

Incubate respondents until they are more likely to become a lead Automate targeting of leads for lead nurturing

Advanced Contact Planning Rules

Create Triggered Steps

Select from registry of triggers created by admin Applies segmentation logic for individual customer

Campaign Execution

Siebel Email and Web Marketing 8.1

Superior multi-channel customer experience and more relevant dialogue
Enhanced Capabilities
Enhanced usability Task UI for email and web setup Seed list testing HTML editing/tagging Email platform manageability Throttling Job Prioritization Job management and monitoring System test diagnostics Web landing pages/web surveys Hybrid deployment options

Improved usability and management Easier to design web surveys Easier integration with company branding and websites More flexible choices

Closing the loop through all Channels

Transforming Siloed Organizations


Unsynchronized channels No single view of the customer Manual, inconsistent business processes Employees lack access to information

Division A

Division B

Division C

Systems are not integrated

ERP Legacy HR Custom ERP Custom SAP CIF Custom





The Customer-Driven Enterprise


Multichannel Sales, Marketing, Service Business Intelligence and Analytics Employee Performance Division A Division B Division C

Process and Data Integration

Custom Legacy

Creating a Multichannel Contact Center

Web ollaboration/Cha


Customer Information Customers Call Center Agent

Channel Partners

Siebel Call Center

Zero-Install, Highly Interactive Web Client Intelligent Customer Service and Problem Resolution Complete Telesales and Telemarketing Solution with Cross and Up-Selling Dynamic and Flexible Call Scripting Global Time Zone Support for Geographically Distributed Call Centers Graphical Workflow for Routing, Authorizations, and Escalation

Siebel CTI for Multichannel Communication

Comprehensive Integration of Work Across All Channels

Channels include: Voice, Email, Web (Chat and Co-browsing), VoIP, and Fax Universal Queuing Off-the-Shelf, Certified Computer Telephony Functionality Screen Pops Integrated Multichannel Communications Toolbar Customer Interaction History Activity Tracking Fully Configurable

Customer Dashboard

Immediate customer recognition when taking inbound communications Track key customer information throughout an interaction regardless of where the agent navigates in the application Quick navigation to customer information allows employees to be more productive

Multichannel Intelligent Routing

Customer Interaction
Speaks Spanish Handles platinum customers

Blended Agent 1

FAX Universal Queuing Internet Customer Data

Blended Agent 2

Speaks French Expert in hard drives

Blended Agent 3


Speaks English Expert in printers1

Effective Service Request Management

Deliver Rapid, Effective Service Response

Categorize service request needs

Service Type Product Area

Search knowledgebase for solution

and documents

Resolve or escalate request

Manual or automated escalation Standardized activity plans

Wrap-up service interaction

Invoicing Customers satisfaction surveys

Email Management
Fully Complete eMail Response Management System Advanced Linguistic Analysis
Auto Response Auto Suggest Intelligent Routing Self-learning Technology

Spell Checking Automated Workflow

Contact identification and entitlement verification Queuing and assignment

Seamlessly Integrated
All communication channels Respond to Email and Web Campaigns Access to complete customer Information and interaction history