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Web Programming Lab II YEAR/ III SEM MCA A section 1 2

Name of the experiments Studying internet connection procedures Downloading and installing softwares (Example: Java) and setting up path and class path Using FTP Creation of web site with forms, frames, links, tables etc with any web page editors and using images and audio files as part of web pages Writing Java programs by making use of class, interface, package, etc for the following # Different types of inheritance study # Uses of this keyword # Polymorphism # Creation of user specific packages # Creation of jar files and using them # User specific exception handling Writing window based GUI applications using frames and applets such as Calculator application, Fahrenheit to Centigrade conversion etc Application of threads examples Reading and writing text files writing an RMI application to access a remote method Writing a Servlet program with database connectivity for a web based application such as students result status checking, PNR number enquiry etc Creation and usage of Java bean

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Subject: Web Programming Lab Code: 600358


Class: II M.C.A B Sec Name: N.M.Kavitha


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Exercise Name Program to illustrate the use of constructor overloading (Payroll Calculation) Program to illustrate the use of method overloading (Payroll Calculation) Implementation of this keyword Implementation of single Inheritance (Student Information System) Implementation of multilevel Inheritance (Telephone directory) Implementation of hierarchical Inheritance (Banking System) Implementation of Packages (Sales and Payroll of an Organization) Implementation of Interfaces (Electricity Bill

Calculation) 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Implementation of Exception Handling (Age limit and Negative number Exception) Implementation of Multithreading (Creation of Arithmetic Tables) Implementation of File Manipulation Methods Conversion of lower case letters to uppercase in file Implementation of Mouse Events and Key Events in Applet Form Designing using AWT Controls in Applet (Student Application Form) Menubar creation in Frame window ( Simple Text Editor) File and Dialog box creation (Student information system) Implemenattion of Image Manipulation classes and methods Implementation of JDBC using Frame (Library Mangement System) Implementation of JDBC using Applet (Banking System) Implementation of RMI (Celcius to Faherenheit conversion) Implementation of RMI using Applet (Designing a Simple Arithmetic Calculator) Implementation of chat program using RMI in Frames Creation of a web page using HTML Tags (College website) Implementation of Servlet using JDBC (PNR Status Enquiry) Implementation of Servlet using JDBC and RMI (Student Result Status Enquiry) Implementation of Session Management using session

API (Online shopping) 27 28 29 30 Online Cinema ticket booking using JSP Implementation of Java Bean using JSP (Banking System) Creation and Usage of Jar Files Mini Project