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Partnership Proposal AIESEC SURAT



Our Nature
AIESEC is an international, non-political, not for profit, youth-run, independent, educational foundation. It is comprised of students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, creed, Religion, national or ethnic origin

Is an international platform for young people to explore and develop their potential, to have a positive impact on society. The platform consists of a number of different opportunities through which an individual creates their own AIESEC experience. The same platform serves to connect our partner organisations to the talented young people within AIESEC. These opportunities include: Working Abroad: This is a package of professional, cultural and personally challenging experiences through which individuals can explore and understand opportunities abroad, outside of their native lands. A self-reflective period where individuals are truly challenged and learn through thee differences in their surroundings so as to better appreciate global diversity. Learning Networks: Through virtual and physical interaction, learning networks enable different stakeholders to come together to develop their skills, knowledge and interact on topics of interest. Some learning networks within AIESEC are HIV/AIDS, Entrepreneurship, Education. Leadership Experience: Individuals get the opportunity to experience a leadership role in different capacities wherein valuable and practical knowledge in both soft and hard skills in management and execution are developed. Conferences: We organize around 470 conferences each year to train and develop our members. These provide a platform for practising leadership skills, building a network across the world and undergo training. A majority of our partner organisations engage with AIESEC through these platforms inorder to increase their profile and global presence, attract top talent to their organisation and to Support self discovery and our efforts to build future pipelines of leaders and motivated individuals.

Our Core Work

AIESEC facilitates international traineeship exchanges and develops individuals by supporting activities that provide practical learning experiences, which facilitate the learning of our members and other


Our Values
Activating Leadership Demonstrating Integrity Living Diversity Enjoying Participation Striving for Excellence Acting Sustainably

AIESEC in Numbers
Founded in 1948 107 countries and territories 1,700 universities 50,000 members worldwide 470 conferences a year 7,500 Internation Internships 4000 partner organizations 800,000 Alumni

AIESEC India Numbers: 23 450 30 2,000 Cities Leadership Opportunities Universities Members

Surat is known as the Manchester of East for its textile business and the Diamond Capital of the World. AIESEC in Surat has 7 Corporate Networks in the city excluding 7 NGOS and 3 Trusts. It was started in August 2009 and was initiated by AIESEC in Baroda. Now, its a full-fledged local committee of AIESEC in India.

2,000 Exchanges annualy 1,000 Partners

The Global Internship Program

With a view of creating a truelly global work environment, global minded, socially responsible people who can bring a positive change to the work culture and world we live in, a unique platform has been created known as the Global Internship Programme. Enables organisations to Source high potential graduates from over 1700 universities and 107 countries and provide solutions to both short term and long term Human Resource needs of the organisation. The process and AIESECs services: Internal Screening: Each AIESEC office pre-screens the candidate through various tests and interview processes. Profile Identification: You determine the desired candidate, proofile and job description for your intern. Intern selection: AIESEC would provide a suitable lot of candidates and aid the selection process by arranging the telephonic/online interviews. Visa services: AIESEC assists the intern with the Visa application providing necessary documention and with cooperation from the company. Pre-arrival services: AIESEC supports the intern with cultural preparation and goal setting exercises. Post-arrival services: AIESEC arranges logistics such as accomodation, pick up and reception of the intern. Integration services: AIESEC provides on-going activities for the intern and connects them to a network AIESECmembers in the city. Evaluation: AIESEC Facilitates an evaluation for both the organisation and the intern

AIESEC Surat Numbers: 22 70+ 55 Leadership opportunities Active Members Exchanges annually

Recruit the best and the brightest:

throughout the internship to ensure objectives and

expectations from all sides are being met.

AIESEC provides your company the access to a global talent pool of the best and the brightest young EP responsible leaders from all over the Benefits to your company: worl. AIESEC Interns come Talent from Target Market: We offer access to talent and perspective from a target of equipped with established global emerging market. networks and proven leadership experience. Diversity: We offer the option to choose from a whole range of academic and professional qualifications. Simplify hiring with our custumized turnkey solution Short term projects: We offer a simple solution to source talent for short term projects AIESEC has 60 years experience in delivering a tailored and reliable Cost effective: We are he most cost effective way of gaining access to international turnkey recruitment process fully talent. customised to meet your emplyoment needs.Our community Multi-Cultural Work Environment: AIESEC Interns add character and dynamism to integrated process enables interns your work environment. to easily adjustto working and living in India, ensuring they an Quality: All candidates come from a pool of high potential talent and then are preimmediate contribution to your screened with interviews and tests. workplace. Globalize your workforce AIESEC provides your company with a unique approach to enhancing international perspectives, global ideas and cultures in your workforce. This Benefits to your company: will enrich your companyscorporate culture, widen your view of world markets and fuel The Partnering Organization needs to innovation within the organisation. 1. 2. 3. 4. Provide a challenging project assignment. Determine the desired profile of the candidate. Conduct Telephonic/Skype interviews of the candidates. Provide Stipend Commensurate to level of qualifications and in order to Sustain a healthy lifestyle in the city.

5. Pay the Fee to AIESEC for sourcing and logistical Services.

Sectors: Business Administration Consulting Human Resource Communication Media Journalism Hospitality Supply regions: China Asia-Pasific Western Europe Latin America

Types of Internships:
1. Management Traineeship:
The sectors presently covered under the management internship are HR and Communications, Sales, international clients relation; there are other sectors that look Promising such as hospitality, journalism etc. The Management traineeship provides a platform for youth who are aspiring entrepreneurs from across the world to connect with corporate houses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, networks, and others interested in the issue of entrepreneurship to develop understanding, knowledge and skills of the issue. The kind of job roles includes are marketing, team handling, handling a company account, project management etc. It deals with core management issues common platform through physical and virtual forums with the objective of impacting the issue of entrepreneurship. CSR is another area that the management traineeship which has assumed a lot of importance in todays business environment. It is a medium that the business enterprise uses to express its concern for the society that it operates.

Learning Networks: Our Partners are a rich source of knowledge of the industry and the economy and we stand to gain exposure and qualitative information that makes AIESECers global and aware individuals we achieve this through a series of seminars and sessions conducted with our Partners on varied issues viz Economic environment, Best case practices, CSR, Globality etc. Our partners are always welcome to forums such as General body meetings and strategic meets for AIESEC to improve internal processes.

2. Technical Traineeship
This learning network aims at inspiring young leaders to connect business and technical processes to increase positive impact on society. The unifying factor between different stakeholders is their passion and interest about Technology and from this interaction a structured learning process and a strategic drive is generated to address the issue in different niches of the world through AIESECs International Traineeship Program. The role of this learning network will be to co-author materials, to define the content of online and physical platforms, to facilitate networking within this sector and to endorse AIESECs initiative.

Partnership Packages:
For a single intern:

Investment pattern: Applicable to all internships: Period of internship 2 months to 3 months 3 months to 6 months 6 months to 10 months 10 months to 12 months Raise fee

Realization fee (INR) 2000 7000 9000 11000

3000 3000 3000 9000

Standard practices

Raise Realization Fee fee Within Within 7 days of intern starting traineeship 7 days of uploadi ng form on myaies

1: Minimum salary for each intern between 0 to 3 months is 10,500INR @233$ 2: Minimum salary for each intern between 3 to 6 months is 13,000INR @288$ 3: Minimum salary for each intern between 6 to 10 months is 16,000INR @355$ 4: Minimum salary for each intern between 10 to 12 months is 25,000INR @555$

AIESEC has admirably met its objectives of providing students with the opportunity to interest with the business community internationally, thus giving them necessary industrial exposure, so vital to their further careers. AIESEC in India members have played an important and commendable role in activity pursuing AIESECs objectives in India. - Ratan Tata, Chairman, TATA





Dr. Ajoy Bhattacharya.


Chairman, Dr. Dhanesh Rathord.

South Gujarat University.

Head of Department, DBim. Dr. Renuka Garg.

National Board of Advisors

Ms. Naina Lal Kidwai Mr. Atul Singh CEO CEO HSBC Coca Cola India

Ms. Meera Sanyal Mr. Adil Zainulbhai Mr. Shivinder Singh Mr. Adi Godrej Mr. B. Head of Services CEO MD MD and Chairman Muthuraman ABN National Exchange Partners AMRO McKinsey & Co. Fortis Godrej Global Exchange Partners Group MD TATA Steel

Mr. Nikhil Khatau Mr. Ranjit MD Pandit Mayfield Advisors MD General Atlantic

Mr. Bobby Parikh Mr. Deepak Partner Parekh BMR Associates Chairman HDFC