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The term Afghanocide pronounced as Af-ga-no-cyde refers to the systematic killing of Afghan people or nation on either side the Durand Line (a border between Pakistan and Afghanistan). To better understand its meaning, it is imperative to study its context and history. The country of Afghanistan has been suffering from systematic killings since decades or even a century due to diverse kinds of external proxy wars of great powers, imposed upon its people. The modern systematic killings of this nation started at the end of 1970s when former Soviet Union desired to convert the Afghan into socialists, or more offensively, communists. Brezhnev yearned with communism expansion decided on December 12, 1979 to send the Soviet army into Afghanistan. The Red Army entered Afghanistan to materialize this dream of its leader. However, the United States and its lap-dogs had something better' in their minds for the people of Afghanistan. Therefore, United States, accomplice by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, embarked upon this sacred task to counterweigh infidel Red Army advance and communism expansion through unorganized and outrageous radicalization of the Afghan nation. Volunteers from other countries of Central Asia and Middle East also joined them and a large scale campaign against Soviet army on Afghan soil started. The wonderful nexus of Saudi Riyals, US weaponry and Pakistan made Afghan human resource created a large number of Warriors of God' and pushed them into Afghanistan to kill infidels. From this point starts the first phase of modern Afghanocide (mA). Afghan against Afghan, mass killings of their own brethren, not to serve Islam but to dismember Soviet Union, liberate Eastern Europe from the Soviet yoke, make US world's sole superpower, and unify Germany. During these ten years (from 1979 to 1989) more than 01 million Afghan were killed, besides more than 05 million fled to the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Iran. The numbers of wounded and internally displaced people are far higher. At the end of this brutal campaign, US called off its help, left interest in Afghanistan and forgot to collect weaponry that had been littered in a large scale during Soviet occupation'. This ultimately proved to be a harbinger of second phase of mA. The second phase broke out with the tug of war' between Warriors of God and rest of the Afghan (resultantly the opponents of Warriors of God would be warriors of Demon) for Kabul throne. The civil war that had erupted after Soviet withdrawal ended with the establishment of bigoted, oppressive and brutal kind of Taliban regime in 1996. They ruled by force till 2001. During these ten years (1991-2001), a massive Afghanocide was conducted in which more than 0.3 million Afghan were killed. Nothing left inside Afghanistan except debris of war. No institution was left functional, not even Bamyan statues were spared. We (Pakistan) immediately extended our recognition to the Taliban rule, Saudi Arabia and UAE followed our suit. Once US hot favorite, Taliban were gradually became enemies of the US and Western democratic values and violator of international law and human rights. Finally, the second phase of mA ends in September 2001 with the 9/11 terrible event that consumed Americans 2752 lives and two tall buildings. It was enough reason for the US leadership to initiate third phase of mA and

they did it because the Neocons in the State Department and Pentagon had NO' other option than to fabricate Afghanocide. With modern technology and highly sophisticated weaponry, NATO launched its Operation Enduring Freedom to ensure peace in this world and wash out the dirt of their own created extremism and terrorism. Due to their B52 war planes, its carpet bombing and continuous warfare of almost ten years, the afghan soil has turned to a kind that it can now only cultivate a nation of suicide bombs and militants. Moreover, the after shocks of this indiscriminate annihilation of Afghan people were being felt in our own country where abrupt radicalization of FATA and Khyber Pakhunkhwa society has resulted in the compartmentalization of our society on different and horrible fault lines. During this epoch (October 2001-december 2010) more than 40,000 civilians Afghan have lost their lives. And the number has been rapidly increasing each passing day. The nightmarish situation inside Afghanistan portrays an awful picture. God knows how much more destruction will it result? The third phase of mA is not yet ended but I have magical powers and I can predict it. My prediction is; the 3rd phase of mA will end with the withdrawal of coalition forces that will cause in the eruption of 4th phase of mA. I bet it will happen. Above, we discussed meaning of Afghanocide with a detailed historical context. I checked almost all famous and authentic dictionaries but failed to find this word. Therefore, I request to the editors of all dictionaries including Oxford Advanced Learners, Collins, Webster's dictionary etc to include this word its new editions. Further, I appeal to the chief justice to take Suo Moto action against those editors of dictionaries who fail to include this new but exceedingly rich word in its new editions. [NOTE: The above explanation of word Afghanocide was not intended to hurt any individual or group but was to aware English learners of this new word.]