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MEMORY ART Giordano Bruno I.

Think of ideas to live under the shadow Tvnc art, either at torpentem anteceden do by anxiety about the nature, or turning aside pathless and leads and directs, or deficient lassmque; strengthens and supports, or corrects the erring, or perf ect it follows, and emulatur industry. 2. There is indeed an art of this kind of things in general discursiua pursue arch itecture, and a habit of the soul reasons, from that which is the beginning of l ife of the world, to himself all things, and each exporrigens of life principle. And himself as no one branch of the powers, relying on a kind of rushed out, no r of a special faculty, but the very essence of the whole stem vtpot who dwelt am ongst the very soul of the whole. I suppose is from the fact that it is not said : 'If you lived in that mention of safety depended on the power: how pour forth from the intellect? if in the understanding of: how memory, sense, and appetite send? Moreover, by the very regulated and directed, in order to understand, disc ursively, memorable, phantasiandum, desire, and sometimes as we wish to think. 3. But, however, this which, in general, and to all the individual functions of th e soul it is reported, what sort it is, and how: it is not enough open, required . n. What is put on the art of which the soul? put on by what art the art of the soul? Then there are the art which is generally agreed that to call the mother of the technical nature of much frequented from the acts, strives to render hims elf entirely ignorant of? 4. Not to say, many will be allowed to the arts than the art of organic there said , as most of the workmen used organ, though their art is not the organ, but by a n organ prosequuta? Not to say that although the art, which constructs the instr ument of the arts? what. n. will be if it is not an art? Besides, if the organ w hich ought to have preceded the other is not artificially made, Explain to me th e nature of art, which should have been precessisse art? As for the agent in a s ubject in which the art of organic prxtitit? All the above was no doubt in it, th at the physical. It was formed in a certain position of the first assumption dem inationis intimate organ. But if the essence of the first commonly phylosophanti gives a name to please or by an extrinsic form of the thing to let it go; artif icial Because not unusual for a reason to lay down in the form of an extrinsic, since art does not matter in the innermost profundet. But here is distant from o ur intention, so as not to intolligat. V. But if this is better as a philosophical Point: it must be said is that which f irst is the art of nothing else; lacultas connate than the nature of reason, wit h the seeds of first principles, which has the power, with which the objects as different on the outside illectentur allurements, and from the agent intellect a s the sun shone illustrated through the medium of the stars as it were, and from everlasting ideas receive the concurrence of the influx of so long as the great est by the best all foecundante to act, according to their ability to obtain the ir proper purpose, and ordered in it. From which it is manifested we do not rash ly dedalam the nature of the fountain of all the arts, and will speak of the sub stance.

6. Considering, therefore, the intention for which we may be able to be expressed, in some excel in the art of nature, from that other overcome in the same. Id. n . where in the acts of nature can be the least of the more remote and certain re asons for the higher degree, more than in the relatives shall look to show. Perp etuate itself in the same species is said to have a substantial form, which is n ot valid according to the number perpetuasse the same: in which the faculty of a rt is not extended. An extrinsic form is made, and the figure of the great inuen toris nails; is committed by the art of hard stone, or adamanti. Likewise, condi tions, act, and the name of the remembrance of, and committed to perpetuating co gitatiu objects, although this could not have been to retain the nature of: matte r, since the stomach quickly tossed to and fro all digests. 7. But whence the faculty of art, I say these things? namely where it thrives then ce wit. Wit of which it is our neighbor? of man. But man with all his resources he emanauit whereupon the first? indeed, from the nature of woman in labor. Ther efore intueberis if he thought that from the beginning, and from the very root o f this tree you want transplantandam Tear to the nature of worship, and recognit ion followed. This, indeed, crying out against with compassion, clamantque the be ginning, to whom we are timis illustrated in mind the fact. Nature is the minds t hat invent these bodies; nature of the soul supplies appropriate instruments. (W hereupon, Pythagoras, and the wits of the Magi, life, soul, and said to deprehen disse species from the form of the body). The very nature of for you (unless aue rtaris) will be here in all: Universal. n. accordance with the word it is not co ntracted to us the nature of the less officious, over all, it rained for Jupiter , plants, and over the plants all kind arises Apollo. But not all equal then adm itted from upon life, not the equally with all the things to convert them, as it is very evident from their fellowship among us who diuellimur by ourselves. 8. Since, therefore, every possible nature of the blind, siuo before the natural t hings, or in natural, or by natural, so understand from the natural action of al l go out by the same nature as not act ignorant. Distinguish however, an agent f rom the natural position of the common philosophy; not. n. deny. I swear that I have admitted to me: so to be distinguished, as the organ of the operator is dis tinguished by the operator; as the mean from the issues, from the arm exagitante . 9. For this reason, we, though least harnessed to understand the common nature of philosophy with the name of matter, forms of adstrinxerit: efficient but also wi th the principle of intrinsic recognouerit; or is common to all, or the supposit um this, or to this was the contract. More willing to speak in unlearned is why we hear, when the man's nature, compare with the nature of man: it is not. n. Un iversal as logical, although its likeness is to apprehend or to nature, but as a physical, which is then in all things, then to the individual contract. X. This is the past and that the absence of sensible things mediately: it makes th e presence of, and conspicuous: on the one hand engraving by a vision, sensible, and a picture: the derivative truth the words flowing, and as it were to nothin g prodeuntia; stable, and renders fixque by writing. In addition, and the concept of, and the intentions of silence comunicabile hand to hand, transmits from the

less to all the places, and times. 11. Or that the book of fate, without necessity, or good, without demourgon, withou t the soul of the world, accustomed to call without nature: from imperfection to perfection, these be communicated to the lower: the movement of proceeds and at a moment, that in all and each one is the same principle. Hence the progress of the same series and is said to create an art, than the hand of leads. Therefore (as it looks to the point of our intention) to have written the first bark of t he trees with knives in the oldness. Greater age and was succeeded by the Celts in the stones excauatis inscribens: How will hedge up paper followed juices are drawn up. Hence the membrane of parchment with ink dipped more artificial. Accor dingly, the paper and inhaustum, SPEAK BEFORE vsum most of uttering in the most suitable of the letter. From places of worship, I say to the style, from the sti ll at sponges, from sponges to the reeds from the branches to the wings from the wings to the molten elements at length reached. Like in the things which seem t o pertain to the writing, an internal think happened: from ancient times when hu man effort without a MUSICAL Simonides, or received from another beginning: and she places, and images of proportionals the paper and the Scriptures, and act co gitatiu and imagination, the place of the reed down deeper and writer : the speci es of things to inscribe the book to be remembered in the internal studied. What of zeal and of these, and simply add as much as: the graves of those who are wi th theirs, our these things will be able to contribute, be judgment. Now that th ey do for our enter upon practice. 12. You have great nails in the book of clothing the twelve subjects. The form, the forms, images, Photos, specters, the patterns, steps, proofs, signs, known to, characters, and seal. Some of which are referred to the eye because of the sensi ble (figurante art or nature, without the aforesaid) such as the extrinsic form, the Image. A copy of which by the picture, and other arts figuratiuas emulatric os describe a magician, mother, and described. A certain in which they are referred to the internal sense of boast, protelantu r, and multiplied, or in measure, duration, and number of men offer themselves a s are the things that pollution of the imaginative faculty. A certain likeness a re the things that they are present in the same point: that vtpot eiusdein kind f rom the form, substance and extract a copy of the same species. A certain fall s hort of the substance of a particular purpose, as is clear in all matters in whi ch begs a real sophist, and art is universally emulatrix by nature. But others s eem so appropriated art: the same as in the support may be seen at all natural: these are the signs, Note, characters, and Sygilli: in which only can be as may be seen to act contrary to nature, above nature, and if negotiun requires it, co ntrary to nature. 13. Where these occur to render figures and photos can not be, being in the imagina ry, or figurabilium kind of do not and are living. They are also without. n. acc idents pulsari accustomed to the senses that those to whom doors are closed: the y lack the difference of the parties, and disposition, without which what goes b efore, effigiantis act does not succeed. Some go in the midst of having themselv es on one side of these kind of way: namely, those which have reference in a cer tain way, and they are referred: such as the indications. For we declare not onl y efficiabilia, imaginable, and exemplificabilia and again examples, images, and in effigy, but also that seals, marks, and express the characters, and are expr essed. This enumeration has taken indications are not without reason is why the middle of the place;

14. Mercury, therefore, presents species: the form of image, a copy, and IDEA. Merc urij substance, essence, goodness, justice, and wisdom, present the well-known, characters, and seal. Those that are promiscuous then Mercury, then Mercury and of all things that are said to render the presence of: These lists are called pr oper. And they were as common image, notque trunk: we declare, and presented, bot h. As in the pronouns is a clear demonstratiuis: Mercurij with, and we say this image of virtue, this sign, the mark of this, this parable. 15. Considered these: remember to this art have been sold for use other means to th eir end can not be attainment of, sensible than being formed, figurative, time, and laboring under the contracted, as in all other technical and soul of the gre at works to happen in the first volume was expressed Claus. Less do not use yet, nevertheless, is understood as omibus Photos: for many the memory of which ough t to be, are neither effigiabilia imaginable, nor the same as insinuabilia; cuiu sinodi are the borders, vsia, ypostasis, the mind, and other of that kind: but a s an significabilium signs; Photos imaginable. And when he passed over the mind that this is not that he had the photos are bound by the signs, which signs are attached Photos. 16. From happens adnexionis lack of weakness, in which the species is not placed vt entibus art pack many times, but not the thing itself of this chapter of our pre decessors seem to have taken into consideration. This is He that breaks rather t han the light of the sense of sight in the meantime more excellent way, the obsc urity of thicker, the celebration of the great, the distance dispersing, and oth er similar things, which use ground which solentem accustomed accidental to it. Hence, as it were struck with a stone biting dogs or staff, but by no means rece iving the author of this difference, a different charge. We, however, found that when it is given, and perfecisse, nor material places (St. verificatis. outward through the senses) beyond did not need, nor bound to the order of the order of memorable places, but the master builder supported by pure imagination, remembe r the order of things, and places the order adligauimus. Follows in succession t o us, so presume is why, as in this matter was considered by all that antiquorib us, and the commandment of ordained (as far as they were written by the hands of which arrived to our extant explained) is not a corresponding part of our inven tion in, which is beyond measure inuentio Claus with child to whom is the book o f appropriated great. In the mean time to the dignity of consideration of this o wne. 17. Simo's consideration of Fame is a natural consideration of proportion, which wi ll not form apart, nor regards the matter apart, which are marked with the name of nature: but the matter of living the form of matter adplicitam material, whic h is made properly called, which is natural. This is the connection he, by which the cattle-lifter, no need at all, that nature is able to shape, many of the sa me art which has less power pedissequa: nothing, less if below may be dreaming, art. n. subirctum Nature herself, not only stands as the first, but as the subje ct of the neighbor and very natural. Therefore, just as all art is suitable for his character of matter requires consideration of their practical elements, and of forms concinnioris (with the goal of all is in some general form of the subje ct of some new:) and so the art of this, whose reason for this is the same graph ics as the ratio to the faculty in general, and an excellent proportion method, but two of the same species manifest proportionate. There is. n. picture intrins

ic, with things, works and produces memorable images. There is also intrinsic to Scripture, with the reasons, and directs the words, and gives signs, marks and characters: subiectiuantur imaginable because, even in that: It is generally spe aking does not deny, and to the memory of things, and to retaining the words for uias ordered, call images. 18. It has a picture (as in this art vtar terms with becoming) the first subject in which, by the wall, a stone, and the like. It contains the neighbor from which the subject, color, and colors them to the form has space. Scripture also has a place as the first subject of the paper: the subject of the neighbor has the lea st of the characters and has them to the form space. So also the subject of this art of obiectiu admits there are two kinds: the first, namely that there is a pl ace, and which is the neighbor set, without added. Potentially also the subject admits of two kinds, namely, memory, and imagination in general, in place of one , and species in the genus COGITABLE phantasiabilem or, in place of another, and admit to the form the intention, and the conferring of one species existing in the subject, to the species existing in another subject. In the same way a paint ing, and the Scriptures, to whom the matter of his form, adapt organs: and so to this man, do not want for the frame of their art tools. PART SECVNDA. Outran those who practice this art, therefore, consideration must be threefold. The first, which considers that, and there should be such as subjects. The seco nd which teaches that, and the preparation of such as are beauty. The third teac hes that adapt the organ, the middle of it, of shrewdness, which operates the so ul: the most perfect in the first nails of all which is great when it is done: f or reasons, however, this book is not a stock, and imperfect in himself (n. non. advantage is always the principles of inquiry for art subalternantem transmit t o the correction: in so far as. differentiis some n. to the principles of some s pecies are contracted; move from a place in the first part of a subordinated sci ence) three for the three orders to bring these canons. Of the materials or the first of a subject. Of the form as of the second added. The third from the instr ument, that takes on the power for efficient whereupon lie in the same cause, ef ficient and kind of instrument. THE SVBIECTIS. First, then, is the subject of technical extension, or the imaginative faculty in the bay, with a further. From the species is planted with the receptacle, whi ch is of soul infused windows. Several distinct parts, having seen and heard all his soul to the recipient of the order and if desired to retain him. And she re gards the subject of the definition of common, and forms of common-by art from a ncient to us that the common vnto is brought to naught. First, um But the subjec t of the rulers of the great Claus is an imaginary so intractable chaos; reduces the scales to the power of thought as seen, and heard in the order of such can come forth, and image; vltimisque parts of the first great success, the quality of its members to be able to present itself constantly perceived by the ears or eyes , as a new tree or animal, or the perspective of the world incurrens. Not. n. otherwise, it seems that he has such a chaos, broke the external than the clo uds from the winds, which for the impulse, and the reasons for the differences, he is able to undergo an infinite number of species and all the figures. This is certainly subject and accordance with the word happy, and noble; vlla force can be judged better than the experience itself. Yet whoever you can to eliminate i t from the Claus elicit great: for all shall be given to approach this Corynthum . Well then, let us return to the subject of the first defined way. 2. It is agreed that, indeed, the subject of the first parts of the material, and

so material is not as visiuam subterfugiant the faculty, to the extent the same imaginative faculty is able to contempiari their order, or vtens them as the pri nciples of the party and, in the monsters, countless new Metamorphoses Sort by d ate, and digested, as it were fixed to the world to look at. Therefore, in their partnership of materialiora not admitted in the subject mentioned in the truths of the art of arts, faculty and faculties. 3. In the foundation of these is the reason should be observed between substantial size, and is directed to the littleness of man, and the bulk of the perspective . Among the intensity and the remission; directed to the sense of the limits. Be tween the past and future, this is directed to the act. The integrity of the who le thing is directed to the presentation of the parties and between excess levy: Among the distance, and proximity, is directed to the competence of the movemen t. Between the border of the time limit for whom and by whom, is directed to the influenced of what is natural is moved. 4. Another of these is most common, is the same qula extended, as far as the imagi nation can comprehend the bay, however, who placed the world can add quantity, a lthough not substrahere however. It is one thing that FASHIONABLE clearly discer n the common heap of the parties is evident. It is one thing less common, if you choose a political vtpoto. The other is a property, namely, economic if it plea se. It is one thing tetrathomum more proper, that is, or, pentethonium propriisi mum It is one thing, which is athomum, athomum I say, not simply, but in this ge nus. Of all of these ways: the first, he himself is excluded from the present us e of art. For we know how the court will be recalled to an infinite number of th em into one, and multiplied in the same subject. V. These things also happens in two ways vsuuenire living beings. s. And inanimate . Adjective will appear with the illustrious subject to the substance of living beings, and marked, which, indeed, aduentantium forms, in the course of move: in the living beings are brought forward, when it is empty and void. Beware, there fore, not experience, it was current. Empty empty. in vain. n. trust in the prac tice of this art, as they say. Walls will cry out: the stones they shall give fo rth his voice. 6. Common common commit; less common less common, own their own; proprioribus prop riora, and most properly, and the most specific. Here you have forgotten from al l fear of considering not only removed from the place where thou mayest be made, but also to be inscribed and more perfect effigiandi Experience, the item in th e ordering method and find methods, more secure, and be more ready. So you have this in its own way at the very root of the first great nails. 7. All things are natural and to admit or physical or technical form. Let there be proportioned to the quantity of forms effigiandis, where it cries out so rememb er that the nature of the aforesaid and to the greatest in the species to have a t least the term, and giveth him not be read as subject to any matter to commit lawful quantcunque form. As for the above measure with the ancients, it was decid ed to refer, which regards the addition of forms or those places that wont very frequently subject to be committed. Goal of the intensity of his glasses are not especially visible, whence we may be able to hurt you, nor forgiven even below

their territory, and, in so far as the eye to the internal commouendum less, by no means be rendered fit for vol. Beware beware as in the extrinsic engraphia in Scripture, lest in so far as they are added to the subjects in such subjection: and as the distance from the borders of his own nor distinction: his own frame admisceates a strange thing, and deny his conjecture, and then impede another's. For just as the letters on the letter added, and seal upon seals, bent on eithe r destroying one another, or at least confuse: no less subject to much less atta ched and bound up, I say: but continuous, vol contiguous, there is no suitable b readth of distinct intercapedinis: importune you know incur confusion. 8. So also are the subjects to be taken as determinate means, length, breadth and height of the extremes and differences, they may have some relation to one anoth er. For every virtue naturally prsentantium, and was the first time the external eye, and only after the internal commouentium, not only in their colors and the light source is located in the extremes as far as differences, and optician cato pticus perspectiuo From this principle to those things that bring forth the othe r wonderful things seem to do in the performance are: as the reason that if do n ot be carried by the subject himself: succurrens attempt (as he suggests) by the addition of external or thought, or by the addition of the proper, since throug h the harmony can happen to both forms of matter. Subtraction, Mercury is made o f stone. The addition of the tree consuitur ship. Caer is made of images of the compression and distraction. Tract is made of lines figure. Alteration of the wi ne becomes vinegar. Likewise, a mixture of other, separating other things. Other connection. Other solution, another consequence, continuity and change in form to the tempted, and universally changeable nature of the thing. 9. That too is not the subject to be passed over to be considered proportionately to the eyes of inward gaze upon the gaze of our thought. As. n. there is not fel t the sense of adhering to a sensible, far-fetched from the senses or sensible w ith a higher way, actually lacks the sensitive appetite, even with their eyes to o much for neighbors (neither from the eyes of a very PRIVATE Book of the Law) s o in the present case, our gaze inward thought, than belongs to so regulate, as a moderate in general of his faculty situated from the independent power of the intending, for themselves, and feign to the object of knowledge is. It also is n ot less than all care should be taken, as it were, believing and not unmindful o f the remembrance of the subject of the natural rather than bring sight to conte mplate it happens. n. from the lack of consideration of this, for someone to thi nk himself the subject of figure, and as figured or gaze: and yet it is not. For it is one subiectiuare, and another, as in the night to write, or under a mantl e. X. The continuity of the distribution of their subjects that they do, however, to amouenda, distinctionmque propediunt, advice will be placed between the subject a nd the subject as the interposition of goods may be appraised as if it were abol ished, demolished. On the contrary, where it shall happen that produced too much space as continuous and vniforme beyond what is the nature of her powerful seiu nxerit subjects, your position be able to subordinate the other after the other, and also marked by adjectives conceive subjects. What. n. reason why the ancien t imagination to depart hence; itself and those new fingers be able to happen wi th him? Moreover, these imaginary, truths which it shall please be added: there are not lightly takes its form as lightly: it anyway. n. incumbendum thinking is in them, so as to become accustomed to for you, as they seem to differ in nothi ng from the more real, that, indeed, will bestow a little care, if you wish.

11. RUNNING OUT, indeed, the repetition of subjects, so far brings profit; it may b e worth as much as present device. Do not I know him who is wont to read any lon ger: it is able to more quickly opinions, each consider him a letter, composed o f letters written to relate? very custom, indeed, to a more perfect act without thinking and overthrown than in a pure and earnest, ever be able to unused parts and upon every one to rule the elements, and to lead thought. The expert custom cytharedus the most perfect act of custom alone, not thinking cytharizat, and a nother has the same concept also having the touch, which he, since he lacks the custom, the more he will have a rude, how much more about thinking bear upon our actions. Was current enough how great is the force of custom. Light marble of w hich it is clear that the water hard enough excauare be valid, and iron. But wha t more manifest on the matter too much? Words do not have omitted, are not manif est, because it does not suffice, but because it is most worth your while is, as to the purpose of this certificate. Know according to the canons of ancient art are suffering from, at the same time subject to far apart from each other, and the same numbers to the survey the expression of one act of thought no less than if they read on the paper without baggage and excellent. When all the inexperie nced, as well as the first and those who work less than credible accingunt himse lf is wont to appear: the very action, however, the opposite of convicts. But if it was bestowed by the ancient arts is prstarique we see every day: I say what s hall be done in this very brief delay requires a very custom? more, better, ters isque services for you, here the three quaturue the revolution of the moon: the su n than six they have been able to bring the proper recourse. And we found the wa y for commencing For each retained by the borders of any subject to complete all the different, and far greater than that of many of the great Claus is archanis manifestabile. That, as far as attrectauerit and how, and still others to both of who have seen they will be able to judge rightly. 12. Consequently superintended than you see is from the variety of the nature of th e prelate. The various members of the world are. The speckled species are in the members of the world. Speckled in the species of individual figures are not. n. the other olive oils he was clearly being made conformable to another, not like the other man is entirely another. Differentiis according to the capacity, ther efore, all things are distinct and each in a separate, and all as if they were r emoved from all the borders of their own differences. Conformaturus diversity of nature in all, therefore, held, in the mode of subsistence, in the greatness, i n the form, in the shape in a taking, in practice, in the total, in the position , and how many you can put on the differences, in action, by suffering, by elarg iendo, taking, taking away, by adding , and other ways as we have said by altera tion. On the other hand men are called, and one being: whatever one is not, bein g is not, we feel to be one vniquodque But the very fact: that at present the te rm of his own difference. Nausea vniformitas gives birth to all the senses, all. n. frequent and not only one species of quality, continuous, and taking no plea sure, but neither one for a short space of time at all the same: one vtpote and at the same way through the feeling they suffer. Prteriuit considering the flow o f all those who very quickly it is the smallest in the natural sciences: they th ought the same river twice, it is impossible (yea, even once) feet can be reache d. 13. Hence it depends on affectiuitas of subjects: affectiuitatem afficiendi appeal to the faculty of active and with a certain variety which attracts or vrgente, o r by the intrinsic nature of dotantur, or marked by the position. Hence the prin cipal is subject to certain advice apposititia add a certain subject; affectiuit atem than A as they do not have themselves: for the sake of others, because they

can be implanted in addition to whatever. For what? how much more in affectiuit ate directly, and are forgiven, the more powerful ant affectibilem it took longe r than they can commouere imagination, memory, and to submit to the Court of rep eating it. Hence spurs, hence the salts, hence the stings; please on the one sid e, hence the attempt to have forgotten when reminisse, seeking to recover, re-es tablish, as it were resumed by the very diversity, by the very times, or that be tter expresses the hope summoned the spirit of diversity through her, in the rem embrance of times. Yields most easily to those who were troubled not at all mind that it was well they do it: otherwise they are stretched so much confusion in the larger, how much trouble would be more and more to grow warm. But How great is the power of the passions in general, and how they are prouocandi, save, and varying it was not a little openly insinuated in the book of great nails. THE added. I. Added, however, in general this is defined as a subject without physical or for m, or technical training or the imaginative set, skillfully thought to another b y the preparations for, presentando, effigiendo, note, or a picture, pointing to the likeness of Scriptural; express or signify. What was the cause rospicit com mon forms, from antiquity to our own times vnto lapsed. Elicited as the form is made from the roots of the great Claus: COGITABLE is taken and explained the ord er of species, for pillars, or microcosmon, or into another architecture in gene ral disposed to any interior dicibile it should be noted, obtained from the mult iplication or foreshadow the imaginative chaos, all admitted to methamorphoses. The declaration of a type not as here, but that we set and iuspiciendum here. FIRST FIGVRA. 2. There is chaos in your primordial elements and the nature of the order of the n umbers, and not excluding series, when we must understand not only formless form , but also of form, in order to conceive as it is inevitable. There is as you se e all the different parts of himself and his formal distinct intervals in the fi gure designated by the maker, while the element. A. shaped, dispersed in differe nt directions through the circuit elements of the numbers, and the radius. Anoth er figure through Aries he imprints: another through Taurus, otherwise it would also by all the rest. Another Saturn Return, again with a ram, the other remigra ntem with Mars, the other with this and that: this and another without him. To i nfinity is why they can be formed and reformed, whether they number, but absorbe d in the elements, whether they were led diuersimode movers, and efficient. This form is formless chaos, or formed to the formation of the same, or different, a nd it forms the various formed diuorsos refer to the same, it makes no differenc e in our case. And yet that which remains immovable, and is subject to: the mann er in which this is subject to, and is formed, there should be as a male to the woman, and altogether formless whence soeuer of form, as can be. More perfectly, the trial would be the common chaos, if it be of inordinate etherogeneis agreed , but such could be of use to no one. It is indeed necessary, to attend the numb ers and memory elements to be disposed in a certain order, and which aduentantib us movers formators; memorable quantities also may be able to receive forms. How ever, there are (as you see) so orderly arranged, not in the same radius as the same, nor in the same round about, can occur at any time, siuo is an element, wi thout number. Many other things can be handled by the most excellent of this fig ure, but this place is not at all. Is this, however, after having consulted with the doors is not determine, but affirm only. I would say that if this one will watch it more closely with the reasons explicit here: the art of such figuratiua m you will be able to obtain, such as not only to memory, but to all others and succor, will confer powers of the soul in a wonderful way. 3.

And added in the first place, therefore it should be noted, and diminution of t heir argument, to be between excess, intensity and the remission of, past and fu ture, distance and proximity, is directed to the mass of man, or a half, to intu ition, to which he ought to be this present time and memory. 4. Other of these are living beings, and as this can meet in the organs, and the e fficient power, the environment, and works, others are inanimate, and as they ru n in the organs of this sort of environment, and works only. To the reason of li ving other participles, and aptasunt this to all the action and passion, and nei ther of themselves to have a way. The other lack reason, and these (as is suffic iently manifest) all the words through the not sufficiently gathered. V. Their are also some natural things, quaodam artificial, from the senses are qua odam illapsa external to the internal senses. A certain in the senses of all the se species are formed them in the form of three, the likeness of, Image of the F igure, Model, character, and the sign, as distinct signified according to formal considerations of the great Claus in the stands was suspended.