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Format For Instruction Plan [for Courses with Lectures and Tutorials

Course No MGT546


Course Planner 12311 :: Kanwal Gurleen

Lectures Tutorial Practical Credits 3 1 0 4

Text Book:

1 Venkatesh K., Marketing of Information Technology, Tata McGraw Hill, First Edition, 2008

Other Specific Book:

2 Jakki Mohr, Sanjit Sengupta, Stanley Slater, Marketing of High Technology Products and Innovations, Prentice Hall Publications, 2001 3 Roberts Mary Lou, Internet Marketing, Cengage Learning, 2007 4 Chaffey Dave, Johnston Kevin, Mayer Richard, Internet Marketing, Pearson education, 2009 5 Kotler, Keller, Koshy & Jha, Marketing Management, 13th edition ,Pearson Education Asia

Other Reading Sr No Jouranls atricles as compulsary readings (specific articles, Complete reference) 6 Marketing High tech products: Lessons in customer focus from the marketplace, Rosen, Schroeder, Purinton, Marketing of High tech products ( 7 The size of Zero Computing Dataquest Magazine, 15 Feb 2009, P 88 8 Software Editions: An application of segmentation theory to the packaged software market Journal of Management Information Systems, 2000, Vol. 17, No.1, P 87 9 Consumers willingness to pay for Non-pirated software, Journal of Business Ethics (2008) 10 Investing in the IT that makes a competitive difference, Harvard Business Review, July 2008, P 98 11 Reverse Engineering: Googles Innovation Machine, Harvard Business Review, Apr 2008, P 58 12 Saving the Internet, Harvard Business Review, June 2007, P 49 13 Executive insights: Use of Internet in international marketing, Journal of International Marketing, Vol. 11, 2003 1 Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

14 Teaming up to Crack Innovation and Enterprise Integration, Harvard Business Review, Nov 2008, P 90 15 Dell Inc.: Moving beyond direct sales, ICMR Case studies, 2004 16 3G vs WiMax (Whom will enterprises court?), Dataquest magazine, 15 Feb 2009, P48 Relevant Websites Sr. No. (Web adress) (only if relevant to the courses) 17 18 101.asp 19 7/107120421.asp 20 Salient Features Reviews, Tutorials, Tips and News of Information technology IT strategies in slowdown Decision making and planning for right IT purchase Development and the Information age

21 global-it- Global IT buyers tendency to buy green products conceived of positive impact on environment buyers-reveal-greenperception/ 28171/0 22 313855.html IBMs Secret for making the sale 23 ology_Services IT Products and services information 24 focus/2009/109052104.asp 25 200310/ai_n9316427/?tag=content;col1 26 s/micro %20casestudies/IT%20&%20Systems/ MCIT0005.htm 27 nt/apr2009/gb20090427_800674.htm 28 cHvzDXGk 29 QA 30 Case 1: Zee telefilms:Breaking the Jinx (P73:Book Contemporary indian cases in marketing) 31 Case 2:AVAL:Marketing to the indian consumer (P47:Book:Contemporary indian cases in marketing) 32 Case 3: Rocekwell Automations:Researching customer perceptions(P87:Book:Contemporary Indian cases in marketing) 33 Case 4: Scorpio from Mahindra-Geared up for success 34 Case 5: Eveready:Building a strong network (P149:Book:Contemporary indian cases in marketing) Article Passing the Acid test related to role of channel partners in IT Article Globalization and technology Article My space sued for copyright infringement Mini case study Article Mobile marketing takes off in India Video Recession and IT firms. Video Information Technology: An introduction Segmentation case Consumer behavior case Marketing research case

Product case Distribution case

Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

35 Case 6: Cadbury's Dairy milk chocolate(P211:Book :Contemporary indian cases in marketing)

Promotion case

36 Case 7:Large format rural retail stores:Mera Gaon,Mera Desh Retailing case (P339:Book:Contemporary indian cases in marketing)

Detailed Plan For Lectures

Week Number Lecture Number Lecture Topic Chapters/Sections of Homework to be Assigned Pedagogical tool Textbook/other to students Demonstration/case reference study/images/anmatio n ctc. planned

Part 1
Week 1 Lecture 1 Marketing Scope and Concepts ->Reference :5,Chapter 1 ->Reference :29, ->Reference :5,Chapter 3 ->Reference :5,Chapter 8 ->Reference :30,Segmentation case ->Reference :5,Chapter 11 HomeWork 1 Allocation Note-Ref.Book5,P303 ->Reference :1,Chapter 1 ->Reference :6, ->Reference :29, HomeWork 4 Allocation Article Video

Lecture 2

Environmental analysis

Case: Analyzing the rural environment,Book5,P82 Case:Zee telefilms ltd

Lecture 3

Market segmentation and targeting

Week 2

Lecture 4 Lecture 5 Lecture 6

Product Life cycle Differentiation and Positioning Introduction to Marketing Information technology

Week 3

Lecture 7

Market Research

->Reference Term Paper 1 Allocation :5,Chapter 4 ->Reference :32,Marketing research case ->Reference :5,Chapter 4

Case: Rockwell Automations

Lecture 8

Market Research Techniques

Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

Week 3

Lecture 9

Consumer behavior

->Reference :5,Chapter 6 ->Reference :31,Consumer behavior case ->Reference :5,Chapter 6 HomeWork 1 Submission

Case: AVAL:Marketing to indian consumer

Week 4

Lecture 10

Consumer behavior process

Part 2
Week 4 Lecture 11 Lecture 12 Information technology Intellectual property Market Understanding high tech customers ->Reference :1,Chapter 4 ->Reference :2,Chapter 5 ->Reference :6, ->Reference :7, ->Reference :8, ->Reference :1,Chapter 2 ->Reference :33,Product mix case ->Reference :1,Chapter 2 ->Reference :1,Chapter 2 ->Reference :21,Chapter 2 ->Reference :5,Chapter 9 ->Reference :1,Chapter 9 ->Reference :5,Chapter 9 ->Reference :5,Chapter 14 HomeWork 2 Submission Quiz 1 Article HomeWork 2 Allocation Article Article

Week 5

Lecture 13 Lecture 14

Segmentation theory of packaged software Introduction to product mix

Discussion Case: Scorpio from Mahindra-Geared p for success

Lecture 15 Week 6 Lecture 16

IT product mix introduction Classification of information technology product market and services market

Lecture 17 Lecture 18

Brand Management and concepts Branding of IT products and services

Week 7

Lecture 19 Lecture 20

Pricing Techniques Pricing Techniques

Mini Case: Consumer perception, 4/Ch8, P355 Mini Case: Which planet are you on? 4/Ch8, P361

Lecture 21

Pricing of IT product and services

->Reference :1,Chapter 6

Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

Week 8 Lecture 22 Distribution strategies ->Reference :5,Chapter 16 ->Reference :34,Distribution case ->Reference :5,Chapter 16 ->Reference :13,Chapter 16 ->Reference :1,Chapter 12 ->Reference :24,Chapter 12 ->Reference :5,Chapter 15 ->Reference :4,Chapter 8 HomeWork 3 Allocation Case:Eveready:Building a strong network

Lecture 23

Distribution strategies


Lecture 24

Technical support of channel partners in marketing of IT distribution strategies


Week 9

Lecture 25

Interactive Marketing communication

Mini case: consumer perception,4/ch8,P355

Lecture 26

IMC components


Lecture 27

Planning marketing communication-online and offline promotional techniques

->Reference :4,Chapter 8 ->Reference :20,Chapter 8 ->Reference :4,Chapter 8 ->Reference :5,Chapter 20


Week 10

Lecture 28 Lecture 29

Planning marketing communication -online and offline promotional technique New product development process

Part 4
Week 10 Lecture 30 Launching of information technology products and services ->Reference :1,Chapter 11 ->Reference :11,Chapter 11 ->Reference :14, Article

Week 11

Lecture 31

Innovation and enterprise integration

HomeWork 3 Submission Article

Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

Week 11

Lecture 32

Advertising and promotions management

->Reference :2,Chapter 10 ->Reference :5,Chapter 18 ->Reference :15,Chapter 18 ->Reference :35,Promotion's case ->Reference :2,Chapter 10 ->Reference :5,Chapter 18 ->Reference :12,Chapter 18 ->Reference :1,Chapter 13 ->Reference :28,Chapter 13 ->Reference :1,Chapter 13

Case: Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate

Lecture 33

Advertising and promotions management

HomeWork 4 Submission Article

Week 12

Lecture 34

Information technology in India

Term Paper 1 Submission video

Lecture 35 Lecture 36

Market Scenario and Marketing

Quiz 2 Article

Future of new technologies- mobile marketplace and ->Reference transaction through wireless technology :3,Chapter 14 ->Reference :23,Chapter 14 ->Reference :7,Chapter 14 B2B, B2C and E-retailing marketing techniques B2B, B2C and E-retailing marketing techniques ->Reference :4,Chapter 10 ->Reference :4,Chapter 10 ->Reference :36,Retailing case

Week 13

Lecture 37 Lecture 38

Case: E Malls,Book 4 Chapter 10,Page 466 Case: Large format rural retail stores

Lecture 39

Green technology


Spill Over
Week 14 Lecture 40 Lecture 41 Lecture 42 Week 15 6 Lecture 43 Consumer's willingness to pay for non pirated softwares Reviews, Tutorials, Tips and News of Information technology IT strategies in slow down IBM secret for making the sale ->Reference :9, ->Reference :17, ->Reference :18, ->Reference :22, Article Article Article Article Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

Details of homework and case studies

Homework No. Homework 1 Topic of the Homework Each student will be assigned a particular IT company for which they need to study:(a) Segmentation bases; (b) Targeting strategies; (c) Product-mix Provide suitable recommendations based on your findings. The evaluation criteria would be: Introduction : 3 marks Segmentation bases:3 marks Targeting Strategies:4 marks Product Mix:3 marks Recommendation:2 marks Study the following for the assigned product of an IT company:(a) Branding strategies; (b) Positioning; (c) Factors affecting branding and positioning. The evaluation criteria would be: Introduction : 3 marks Branding strategies: 3 marks Positioning: 3 marks Factors: 3 marks Suggestions: 3 marks Develop the detailed IMC plan for the allotted company using all the relevant components of communication. The plan should also consist of a designing and analysis of the print ad for your company. Assume the total budget to be 70 Lakhs. Also give suitable recommendations and suggestions for every IMC component included. The evaluation criteria includes: 1.Analysis of IMC components: 5 marks 2.Designing and analysis of print ad:5 marks 3.Recommendations and suggestions:5 marks Nature of homework (group/individuals/field work Individual

Homework 2


Homework 3


Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

Homework 4

Case Study (To be discussed during tutorials) The evaluation criteria would be: Concept clarity:3 marks Communication skills:3 marks Audio/visual aids:3 marks Case analysis:6 marks


Scheme for CA:out of 100*

Component Homework Term Paper Quiz Frequency 3 1 2 Total :Out Of 4 Each Marks Total Marks 15 25 15 55 45 25 30 100

* In ENG courses wherever the total exceeds 100, consider x best out of y components of CA, as explained in teacher's guide available on the UMS List of suggested topics for term paper[at least 15] (Student to spend about 15 hrs on any one specified term paper) Sr. No. Topic 1 Identify and analyze the key challenges (e.g. Piracy and imitated products) faced by IT companies to market their products and suggest effective actions to overcome these problems. 2 Study the role of outsourcing in IT and IT enabled services industry: Its advantages and disadvantages in global perspective. Analysis of origin of Outsourcing services 3 Identify top 10 Indian IT firms and study innovative marketing tools used by these companies to promote their products and services. Conduct a comparative analysis on the basis of marketing success and growth (market share and profitability) of the chosen firms. 4 3G spectrum technology: An IT innovation paradigm in India. Analyze changing mobile technology and capitalizing on its potential by marketers. 5 Notebook PC vs. Desktop PC. Analyze what kind of marketing strategies mostly used to promote these technological products. 6 Study how does search engine marketing is found to be a profitable option to promote products or services by companies. Critically examine its evolution, advantages and list of few major companies involved in usage of search engine marketing. 7 Study the Dot-com Bubble boom among companies worldwide. Analyze 20 different internet based companies in terms of their marketing practices and their contribution in economic growth. 8 List down 10 IT products of your choice and study their market positioning in comparison to direct competitors. 9 A study related to selling strategies adopted by IT companies in competitive environment and problems faced by mid sized firms to compete with large and cost efficient large firms 8 Approved for Spring Session 2010-11

10 Explore the strategies used by any ten big IT firms while launching new IT products and services in market. 11 Study the globalization of IT industry and its impact on economic development on India. Analyze the impact of global financial crisis on Indian IT industry. 12 Mobile Advertisement: A widely used medium of promotion by marketers. Study the influence and success of mobile advertisement in present era of competition. 13 The Green Technology: Study its applications to IT industry and influence on customers in the market. 14 Identify the impact of Piracy on IT industry. Study how well IT firms are equipped with sufficient strategies to tackle with such harmful impacts. 15 Outline a comprehensive marketing plan for the chosen IT company in B2B perspective (a) Marketing strategies (b) Product-mix (c) Pricing strategies (d) Promotion strategies (e) Distribution strategies And recommend suitable suggestions The evaluation criteria would be: Introduction : 2 Marketing strategies: 2 Product Mix:2 Pricing strategies:2 Promotion strategies:2 Distribution strategies:2 Recommendations:3

Plan for Tutorial: (Please do not use these time slots for syllabus coverage)
Tutorial No. Lecture Topic Type of pedagogical tool(s) planned (case analysis,problem solving test,role play,business game etc)

Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4 Tutorial 5 Tutorial 6 Tutorial 7 9

Subject clarity, Making of groups for case based presentations Case Study Presentation :Advertising :Times of India Case analysis Case Study Presentation: Zopa launches a new leading Case analysis model Offline marketing vs online marketing Case Study Presentation: Boo hoo learning from the largest european dot com failure Case Study Presentation uses the internet to support its diversification strategy Term Paper Review Approved for Spring Session 2010-11 Role play Case analysis

After Mid-Term
Tutorial 8 Tutorial 9 Tutorial 10 Tutorial 11 Tutorial 12 Tutorial 13 Case Study Presentation: Learning from Amazon's culture of metrics Case Study Presentation: Making FMCG brands sizzle online Case analysis Case analysis

Case Study Presentation : Refining the online customer Case analysis experience at Term Paper Review Case Study Presentation :Boots mine diamonds in their customer data Revision and problem solving session Case analysis


Approved for Spring Session 2010-11