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NASCAR Racing 2003 Season 1.0.0.

0 Readme File 01/17/03 [ To read this file, select Edit/Word Wrap from the menu above ] *********************************************************************** About This Document: Thank you for purchasing NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. This document contains last-minute information about NASCAR Racing 2003 Season an d other information about the program not found in the Help Files. This README file includes information that pertains to general problems and questions you ma y have concerning the game or your computer. Should you experience any problems with NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, please refer to this file for additional help on answering questions about the game and solving technical difficulties. *********************************************************************** TABLE OF CONTENTS I. II. III. IV. V. I. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS ======================= Operating Systems: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP* * NOTE: Users on 2000 and XP may need to be logged in to Windows with local admi nistrator privileges. Minimum: Pentium II 450 MHz processor 64 MB of RAM 16 MB Direct3D compatible video card 8X CD-ROM drive DirectX 9.0 or later OpenGL* 1.1 or later Recommended: Pentium III 800 MHz or higher 128 MB or more of RAM 32 MB or higher Direct3D compatible video card DirectSound compatible sound card DirectInput compatible game controller 56 Kbs modem * NOTE: The OpenGL renderer may not work on all cards and/or system configuratio ns. Leaving the game's "Show Intro/Exit Sequences" option enabled may help elim inate some initialization problems on subsequent game launches. If you continue to experience problems using the OpenGL renderer it is recommended that you ins MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS GENERAL TECHNICAL ISSUES GENERAL GAME ISSUES MULTIPLAYER ISSUES CONTACTING SIERRA

tead use the game's default DirectX renderer. The following video cards have known issues: - ATI R7000 series ATI R7000 series chipsets do not currently render the Track Specular Hig hlights option properly. - ATI R8000 and R9000 series Catalyst 3.0 or earlier drivers have both DirectX and OpenGL issues, but the current beta driver has fixed all known DirectX issues and most of the Open GL issues. The next official Catalyst driver release should resolve the remaini ng OpenGL issues. Additionally on 8500 cards the backfire effect may appear to come from the center of the 3D car model instead of the driver's side exhaust pi pes. - Intel I845 on-board Video Current video driver (.3317) has issues with NR2003 in full-screen mode. It is recommended to run DirectX in windowed mode until Intel releases updated drivers to allow full-screen modes to function properly. - Matrox Parhelia The Matrox 1.03 drivers have OpenGL issues which have been fixed in 1.04 drivers. Unfortuntely the 1.04 drivers have introduced some DirectX issues. U ntil the 1.05 drivers are released it is recommended to use the 1.03 drivers wit h DirectX and the 1.04 drivers with OpenGL. Matrox G400 and G500 series Matrox's latest 'beta' drivers are recommended, especially for Win98/ME users. - NVIDIA Geforce4 MX The Geforce4 MX chipset boards have a known crash under DirectX when Car Detail is set to High and the on-car Shadows are enabled. An NVIDIA driver rel ease post-41.09 is being targeted to resolve the issue. - NVIDIA 2X and Quinunox Antialiasing When using 2X Quinunox Antialiasing you may experience garbled graphics if the game's on-car shadows option is enabled. This appears to be a diver issu e, which NVIDIA will hopefully be able to address. Until that time it is recomm ended that on-car shadows not be used in conjunction with 2X or Quinunox Antiali asing. The following sound cards have known issues: - Diamond Monster Sound MX 300 and other Aureal Vortex 2 based cards 3D Sound may have significant issues and is not recommended. - Creative Labs SB Live! and Audigy The cockpit engine sound may not always play when 3D sound is enabled. - Turtle Beach Santa Cruz User interface audio may not function on initial run of the game prior t o entering the car to drive. Enabling 3D sound on the Options screen should fix the problem. - Nforce2 on-board sound nForce2 motherboards using on-board audio has known issues with pre-2.0

drivers. 2.0 or later drivers should resolve the issue. People using third-par ty audio cards should make sure the on-board audio has been disabled in the BIOS , and NR2003 should run fine. If using the ASUS nForce2 Deluxe motherboard and having issues with motherboard audio, you can try to copy the ASUS audio .INF fi le into the same directory as the nForce 2.0 universal driver set's audio driver s and re-run the audio setup/installer program. II. GENERAL TECHNICAL ISSUES ============================ INSTALL ISSUES Some users may experience "ComponentMoveData Error -113" when installing the gam e from a secondary CDR/RW drive. If this occurs, it is recommended that you rei nstall from the system's primary CD drive. STARTING THE GAME 1) Ensure the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season CD-ROM is in your CD-ROM drive. 2) If AutoRun is enabled: Select the "Run NASCAR Racing 2003 Season" option. 3) If AutoRun is disabled: From the Windows Start menu, select Programs\Papyrus\ NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. 4) If this is the first time launching the game the 3D Configuration program wil l launch. 5) Use the 3D Configuration program to select the desired Renderer, Display Devi ce, and Game Resolution. 6) After the 3D Configuration completes, the game will automatically launch. Some Kenwood CD drives may experience problems starting NASCAR Racing 2003 Season . The drive spins and stops; NASCAR Racing 2003 Season fails to start. Kenwood has firmware updates to fix this problem. Visit for more information. 16-BIT VS. 32-BIT COLOR Because of the large amount of textures used in NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, it is recommended that 32-bit color only be used on video cards with 64 MB or more tex ture memory. Note that even for 64 MB cards 16-bit color will likely result in significantly better performance. TEXTURE MEMORY DETECTION As part of the 3D Configuration test NASCAR Racing 2003 Season will attempt to de tect the total amount of texture memory available on your video card. Note that as you increase the video resolution more memory is required for the frame buff er resulting in less for textures. If you would like to try running the game with a higher setting, you may manuall y edit the "TextureSetSize" value (in bytes) in the game's REND_D3D.INI (for Dir ect3D) or REND_OGL.INI (for OpenGL). Increasing this value above the detected v alue may prevent the game from dropping mip levels as more textures are loaded, but note that setting too large of a value may result in SIGNIFICANT performance hits as textures begin to swap in and out of memory. ANISOTROPIC FILTERING

A problem with the way polygons are drawn is that as you look at the polygon at low angles the texture tends to get very blurry. You can see this particularly i n a car racing game, as the armco, fences, road surface and grass are usually at very low angles. Anisotropic filtering is a neat trick that can help the textur e look better at these low angles. If your video card and drivers support this f eature, you will be able to enable Anisotropic Filtering by selecting "Extreme" from the Texture Filtering Quality drop-down of on the game's Graphics Options s creen. As part of the 3D Configuration test, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season will detect the m aximum levels of anisotropic filtering that your video card supports. This will be recorded in the "AnisotropicLevel" value in the game's REND_D3D.INI (for Dir ect3D) or REND_OGL.INI (for OpenGL). Valid values are powers of 2, where 1 or 0 = none, 2 = 1 level, 4 = 2 levels, 8 = 3 levels, 16 = 4 levels, etc. For example, GeForce1 and Geforce2 cards can do 1 level of anisotropy (2^1=2) wh ich is reported as "AnisotropicLevel=2". GeForce3 cards can do 3 levels of anis otropy (2^3=8) which is reported as "AnisotropicLevel=8". Setting this value to o high is harmless, it will only apply as much anisotropy as the drivers claim t hey can support. MOUSE ISSUES Using animated mouse cursors can create cursor anomalies in NASCAR Racing 2003 Se ason. If you encounter problems, restore your windows mouse cursor to its defau lt settings. Additionally some users may encounter problems using the hardware mouse cursor. If this occurs, it is recommended that you re-run the 3D Configur ation Test and check the "Use Software Cursor" checkbox to use the game's softwa re mouse cursor instead. SOUND ISSUES If you find that you have no sound in the game, it may be necessary to go to the Audio tab of your Windows Multimedia Control Panel and select the proper playba ck device. You may also want to disable the "Use only preferred devices" option if it is currently enabled. Additionally there are a couple of CORE.INI variab les which improve the quality of sound on some sound cards. The default values are as follows: [Sound] allow_buffer_recreation=1 enable_3d_interpolation=1 force_default_buffer_size=0 You can set allow_buffer_recreation to 0 to disable sound buffer re-creation, wh ich may ever so slightly improve performance, but at the cost of quality for som e sound cards. For example, some cards such as Aureal Vortex2 based cards don't seem to work very well when this is not enabled. When 3d sound is enabled, positions of newly played sounds take some time to rea ch their destination. On some system this may result in sounds being played lou dly for a brief moment, even though they *should* have a low volume given their distance from the listener. The enable_3d_interpolation setting can help to wor k around this problem. If a system properly (instantly) sets the 3d position of a sound, then this solution, when enabled, might make the sound seem to "fade-i n", so setting this to 0 would be called for in those systems.

The force_default_buffer_size setting default sound buffer read-ahead size to a given value, defined in 1/36 second increments, which may help sound issues on W in2000 machines. USING MICROSOFT GAME VOICE OR OTHER VOICE CHAT PROGRAMS By default NASCAR Racing 2003 Season will run at highest priority. This is perfe ctly fine for most users, however if you experience problems using Microsoft's G ame Voice or other similar programs you may need to force NASCAR Racing 2003 Seas on to run at a lower priority by adding a "-kh0" (that's dash K H Zero) command line parameter to the shortcut: "C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\NR2003.exe" -kh0 III. GENERAL GAME ISSUES ======================== CREATING A PLAYER When NASCAR Racing 2003 Season is first launched you will be taken to the Control s screen where you will calibrate and assign your driving controls. Once this h as been done, you'll be able to hit the track in either Testing or Single Player mode. Note that if you wish to customize your player, you will first need to v isit the Player Info screen where you can fill in the First and Last Name fields and select the car you wish to drive. DIRECTINPUT JOYSTICK DRIVER If you have a DirectInput joystick/wheel and you can't calibrate it in NASCAR Rac ing 2003 Season, exit the game and ensure that the device is properly set up and calibrated in the Windows Game Controllers Control Panel applet. OPTIMIZED JOYSTICK DRIVER In addition to DirectInput support, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season also includes an op timized joystick driver. The optimized driver may provide more precise joystick input than can be obtained with DirectInput, but is only compatible with standa rd PC joysticks. Note that joysticks which are designed for DirectInput, such a s USB or ForceFeedback controllers, will not work with the Optimized driver. GEARBOX SELECTION NASCAR Racing 2003 Season offers 3 different gearbox choices. In Sequential mode controls assigned to the Shift Up and Shift Down commands are used to change ge ars in the following sequence: reverse, neutral, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. In Direct Selection mode, you may assign a control to shift directly to any gear, or to ne utral. The H Pattern mode is intended for use only with controllers featuring a gated shifter such as the ActLabs RS Shifter. In this mode, you may shift dire ctly to any of the forward gears as well as to reverse gear. Once the shifter i s moved out of an assigned gate, the transmission will shift to neutral automati cally. DRIVING AIDS

"Anti-Lock Brakes" equips your car with an anti-lock braking system. While anti -lock brakes make the car easier for the novice driver to control, the experienc ed driver will be able to brake more efficiently with this option turned off. N OTE: If braking has been assigned to a button or a key rather than a controller axis, this aid will be turned on and cannot be turned off. Otherwise, the car w ould be very difficult to control while braking. "Automatic Shifting" equips your car with an automatic transmission. The automa tic transmission shifts more slowly than its manual counterpart, resulting in sl ower lap times for the experienced driver. "Automatic Clutch" equips your car with an automatic clutch. While the manual c lutch can provide greater shifting precision, it requires proper heel and toe do wnshift technique and therefore is recommended only for experienced users. The manual clutch is not available if Automatic Shifting has been selected. "Traction Control" equips your car with a traction control system. While tracti on control makes the car easier for the novice driver to control, the experience d driver will be able to accelerate and corner more efficiently with this option turned off. NOTE: If the throttle has been assigned to a button or a key rathe r than a controller axis, this aid will be turned on and cannot be turned off. Otherwise, the car would be very difficult to control while accelerating. "Show Ideal Racing Line" causes the ideal racing line around the track to be hig hlighted. This line is a guide for the fastest racing line around the track, an d is color coded red and green to indicate braking and acceleration zones. The aid may be turned on or off while in the car by pressing the R key. "Stability Control" equips your car with a magical device that tries to help the car to not get too sideways. While this makes the driving experience less frust rating for a novice driver, the experienced driver will be able to corner more e fficiently with this option turned off. "Steering Assistance" makes it more difficult to spin the car. This aid is parti cularly useful for novice drivers and for those who are steering with buttons or the keyboard, but disabling it will provide greater steering precision. NOTE: T he level of steering assistance (0-100%) can be set through the Advanced Control ler Options dialog. KEYBOARD DRIVING CONTROLS By default NASCAR Racing 2003 Season only allows keyboard driving controls to be assigned to the numeric pad keys so as to prevent them from interfering with the in-car chat functionality. Many laptop users may not have numeric pads, so it is possible to override this and allow any of the normal keyboard keys to be ass igned as driving controls. Note that, for example, if you were to assign thrott le to the B key, that you would not be able to type the letter [b/B] in a chat m essage while you were out driving. Each time you pressed the B key, you would e ngage the throttle. You can enable this feature in the Advanced Controller Opti ons dialog on the game's controls screen. SPEED SENSITIVE STEERING By default, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season uses a speed-sensitive steering ratio such that at low speeds your steering ratio will be set to somewhere between 7:1 and the ratio defined in your car setup. NASCAR Racing 2003 Season does this to make it possible to exit your pit stall when pit road is crowded. You can disable t his feature in the Advanced Controller Options dialog on the game's controls scr

een. CAR SETUPS Each players' car setups in are stored in individual track directories located i n "Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\Players\Player__Name\Setups". TAKING SCREENSHOTS At any time within the game you may press the PrintScreen button on your keyboar d to take a screenshot. These will be saved into your NASCAR Racing 2003 Season directory as sequentially numbered TGA files (NR2003ss001.TGA). These files may be viewed in most 3rd party image viewers. IMPORTING TGA IMAGES INTO THE REPLAY EDITOR By default you will be able to import .BMP images into NASCAR Racing 2003 Season' s Replay Editor, however if you wish to use .TGA files instead (useful as 32-bit .TGA files have an alpha channel which allows for translucency and transparency ), you may edit the rpy_editor_bitmap_extension line in your CORE.INI, changing the 'BMP' extension to 'TGA' as shown below: [Replay] rpy_editor_bitmap_extension=tga ; bmp and tga are valid IMPORTING SOUNDS INTO THE REPLAY EDITOR NASCAR Racing 2003 Season's Replay Editor supports the addition of sound files to a replay. Both standard 22kHz .WAV as well as compressed .OGG files are suppor ted for sound playback, but by default the replay editor will only import WAV fi les. If you wish to use .OGG files instead (useful as these offer MP3-like comp ression), you may edit the rpy_editor_sound_extension line in your CORE.INI, cha nging the 'WAV' extension to 'OGG' as shown below. More information on encoding .OGG files using the included OGGENC.EXE utility can be found on the OGG Vorbis website: [Replay] rpy_editor_sound_extension=wav ; wav and ogg are valid SAVING AND VIEWING REPLAYS Replays can be saved from the Race Weekend screen by clicking on the folder icon under the 3D window. You will be prompted for a filename. To view the replay later, or to view replays which you have obtained from other players, select Vie w Replay from the Main Menu. Replays are stored in the Replay directory in the "Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season" directory. To view replays obtained from ot her players, simply copy them into the Replay directory before starting the game . REPLAY CONTROLS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS C - Change to Next Camera V - Change Focus to Next Driver CTRL+N - Unfocus Current Camera from Driver

CTRL+V - Change Focus Back to Player Car SHIFT+C - Change to Previous Camera SHIFT+V - Change Focus to Previous Driver Keypad1 (END) - Fast Forward to End Keypad4 (Left Arrow) - Frame Rewind Keypad5 - Play/Pause Keypad6 (Right Arrow) - Frame Advance Keypad7 (Home) - Rewind to Start Keypad8 - Slow Motion Mode SHIFT+Keypad4 - Rewind SHIFT+Keypad6 - Fast Forward Keypad. (Del) - Switch to Live Feed Mode S - Display Standings (Full-screen replay only) Space - Toggle On-screen Display of Replay Controls Note that all of the replay keypad shortcuts listed above may not function prope rly if NumLock is enabled on your keyboard. If you experience problems, it is r ecommended that you turn off NumLock. DRIVING CONTROLS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS ESC - Open ESC menu (Use Arrows and ENTER to Navigate) F1 through F9 - Pit Service Controls (Use Arrows and SPACE to Navigate) PageUp & PageDown - Change Driving Views PauseBreak - Pause Game PrintScreen - Take Screen Shot F - Toggle Framerate Counter G - Toggle Gauges in External Driving Views H - Display Keyboard Shortcuts M - Toggle Mirror Detail Level N - Toggle Car Interior Display in Mirror O - Toggle Trackside Object Detail Level S - Toggle Speed/Gear/Flag Indicator V - Change Focus to Next Driver (Car must be stopped) CTRL+V - Change Focus Back to Player Car SHIFT+V - Change Focus to Previous Driver (Car must be stopped) CTRL+I - Toggle Lap Info Messages CTRL+L - Check Leader Position SHIFT+R - Return to Pit SHIFT+T - View/Reset Tachometer Telltale F11 - votes yes (issues !yes chat command in response to multiplayer po ll) F12 - votes no l) COMPUTER OPPONENTS SELECTION The number of computer opponents available for a given race is limited by the nu mber of pit stalls at the track, or the number of drivers that are marked as act ive in the currently selected roster, whichever number is reached first. Most t racks have 43 stalls, which allows for the player and 42 additional computer opp onents. Note that if the number of active drivers in the roster exceeds the number of pi t stalls at a track, the list eligible computer opponents is weighted with prefe rence given to those drivers with higher stats. What this means is that if your current roster has 50 active drivers but you only elect to race against 20, the game will select the 20 'best' computer opponents for you to race against. The (issues !no chat command in response to multiplayer pol

re is some variance to this selection, so exiting the race weekend and re-enteri ng the same track may give a slightly different set of 20 computer opponents. I f you want to ensure that you are racing against the same field for each and eve ry race, be sure that the number of active drivers in the roster does not exceed the maximum number of selectable computer opponents on the race setup screens. Also note that in Championship Season races this same weighted selection of comp uter opponents occurs prior to each race. What this means is that if there are more active drivers than the maximum number of selectable computer opponents, so me drivers will not make the field for the races. Who makes the field and who d oesn't will be different for each race of the season, so even though you may onl y have 42 computer opponents selected on the Championship Season race setup scre en you will likely see more than 43 drivers (42 selected computer opponents plus the player) listed in the Championship Season standings (up to the total number of active computer opponents in the roster). Again if you want to ensure that you are racing against the same field for each and every race, be sure that the number of active drivers in the roster does not exceed the maximum number of sel ectable computer opponents on the race setup screen. PITTING When pitting, use the animated pit sign as a guide to position the car for an op timal stop. If you are too far forward in the stall or not close enough to the sign you will not receive service, and in order to receive left side tires you m ust take care to not stop too close to the inside pit wall. COMMAND LINE OVERRIDE FOR GAME .INI SETTINGS You can override any of NASCAR Racing 2003 Season's .INI file options from the co mmand line. The command line overrides will not be saved to the .INI file, so t here is no need to backup the .INI file. The format of a command line override is as follows... -ko"numeric_id:section_name:key_name:value" ...where... numeric_id is the ID of the .INI file that contains the value to be overridden. The mapping is as follows: 0 10 20 40 50 = = = = = CORE.INI, APP.INI PLAYER.INI TRACK.INI ADDRESS.INI

section_name is the name of the section within the .INI file in which the key ex ists. [PLAYER], for example. The brackets ([, and ]) should not be specified. key_name is the name of the key. lastPlayer, for example. Lets say you want to be able to launch the game and have it automatically switch to one of multiple players you have created. To do this, you would need to ove rride the lastPlayer key in the [Player] section of APP.INI. So if you had two players, John Smith and Fred Jones, you could create separate shortcuts to launc h the game for each: "C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\NR2003.exe" -ko"10:player:lastPlayer:Smith

__John" "C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\NR2003.exe" -ko"10:player:lastPlayer:Jones __Fred" The first command line would launch NASCAR Racing 2003 Season with the player Joh n Smith. The second command line would NASCAR Racing 2003 Season with the player Fred Jones. CONTROLLING REPLAY MEMORY By default NASCAR Racing 2003 Season will try to use a much free memory as is ava ilable for replays. This should be fine for most users, however if you find tha t you need to force this to a larger value to save longer replays, or wish to fo rce it to a smaller value if performance is suffering, you may edit the "replayM emoryOverride" value in [Replay] section of CORE.INI. This value is in KB, so f or a 64MB replay buffer you would set this value to 65,536 (64MB x 1024KB/MB). Note that when NASCAR Racing 2003 Season is run as a dedicated server only a mini mum 512KB of replay buffer will be used to maximize performance and minimize the load on the server. If you wish to save replays from a dedicated server you wi ll need to override this value. OFF-LINE LEAGUE SUPPORT IN EXPORTED STANDINGS NASCAR Racing 2003 Season now includes much of the information that N2/N3 generat ed that is used by off-line league administrators to verify that league members are not cheating. To include this information in NASCAR Racing 2003 Season's exp orted standings files, enable a flag in PLAYER.INI... [Misc] off_line_league_info=0 ; Export extra info?

Changing this to 1 will cause the additional information to be included in the e xported standings. The following additional information will be exported... (a) There will be an additional column, titled "TAG", for each driver in the rac e standings. This tag is computed from the .CAR file used by that driver, and w ill change if that car is changed. When a league member submits exported standi ngs, the TAG value for all of the drivers should match the TAG value for the 'ap proved' .CAR files. (b) The AI Strength setting is now exported. (c) The number, type and length of the weekend's sessions are exported. For exa mple, "2Q1LR50L" means the weekend had 2 sessions; Qualify for 1 Lap, then Race for 50 Laps. (d) The options for the weekend are exported. This will be a string of characte rs with one character for each of the following options: 0/2/3 - Damage model (0=None, 2=Moderate, 3=Realistic) Y/- Yellow flags enabled/disabled F/- Fixed setup enabled/disabled A/- Driving model (A=Arcade, -=Simulation) I/- AI used? (I=yes, -=no) S/- Automatic AI speed control? (S=yes, -=no) D/- Double file restarts enabled? (D=yes, -=no) H/- Hardcore mode selected? (H=yes, -=no) M/- Mechanical player breakdowns? (M=yes, -=no)

L/- Full pace lap enabled? (F=yes, -=no) W/- Realistic weather enabled? (W=yes, -=no) 1/2/3/4 - Pit stop frequency (1=1x, 2=2x, 3=3x, 4=4x) So, for example, "0Y-AI-D-M-W2" means "damage model is set to None, yellow flags are enabled, fixed setup is disabled, the driving model is Arcade, AI are inclu ded, Automatic AI speed control is disabled, Double file restarts are enabled, H ardcore mode is not selected, player Mechanical failures are enabled, shortened pace lap is selected, realistic Weather is enabled, 2x pit stop frequency". Not e that not all of these options are applicable to single-player races. (e) A signature value that is computed from the track geometry and the TRACK.INI file. If the league member has altered the track geometry, or has altered the TRACK.INI, this value will be different. Additionally, a utility program is included that allows a league administrator t o verify that the exported standings file has not been edited. Place this progr am (VAILDATE.EXE) in a directory in your path, or copy it into the directory tha t contains the exported standings files you wish to verify. Run the program, gi ving it a command line parameter telling it what files should be validated. For example: C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\exports_imports> validate *.html <test11.html> valid. <test12.html> valid. <test13.html> Invalid. File has been modified. <test14.html> valid. TEXTURE COMPRESSION IN THE PAINT SHOP By default, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season's Paint Shop will save files using DXTC (Di rectX Texture Compression). This reduces the texture memory requirements for th e car textures by a nearly 4:1 margin, allowing more high detailed car textures to fit in the same amount of memory. If you would prefer that the Paint Shop no t compress the car textures when they are saved, edit the save_textures_with_com pression line in your PLAYER.INI, changing the 1 to a 0: [Paintkit] save_textures_with_compression=1 saved textures. IV. MULTIPLAYER ISSUES ====================== CONNECTING TO SIERRA.COM RACES If you are receiving "Connection Time-Out" messages when attempting to connect t o multiplayer races or see no ping times displayed for any of these r aces you may need to select a different TCP/IP device in the "Connect Via:" drop -down list in the login box. Note that if you have a dynamic IP addr ess it may first be necessary to enable the "Find Network Addresses Another Way" option using the CONFIGURE button at the bottom of the main multiplayer screen before the proper TCP/IP device will be listed. MULTIPLAYER BEHIND A FIREWALL OR ROUTER By default the following UDP ports will be used by NASCAR Racing 2003 Season: 327 66 for the net_server_port, 32767 for ping port, and then sequentially numbered ; Enable texture compression on

ports for each allowed client connection (max of 42) starting at 32768. To run from a machine with a private IP address behind a Linux firewall, you nee d to use a combination of IP masquerading and IP autoforwarding. The following rules for the default 42 client port range can be used: ipfwadm -F -a accept -m -S a.a.a.a/m.m.m.m -D ipautofw -A -r udp 32766 32809 -h a.a.a.a -v -u Where a.a.a.a is the address of the machine behind the firewall, and m.m.m.m is the netmask. If you run a server behind the firewall, clients should connect to the IP address of the firewall. Note that users with Linksys or other such Internet connection sharing routers s hould not need to change any configuration settings to connect to NASCAR Racing 2 003 Season multiplayer races as clients. If you wish to host a NASCAR Racing 200 3 Season race from behind a router you will need to forward the default UDP port range of 32766-32809 from the router to the internal or LAN IP of the NASCAR Rac ing 2003 Season server. Linksys users will need to latest firmware update to al low port ranges to the forwarded. When connecting, clients should use the exter nal or WAN IP address of the router. If you have a router or firewall and would like to allow multiple users on your LAN to connect to the same multiplayer server, you will need to have each of the clients behind the router use a different net_server_port in their CORE.INI fil es (one client would make no changes and use the default port, while each of the others would need to specify a unique net_server_port). Additionally if you are hosting a server from behind the router by forwarding th e default UDP port range to the LAN IP of the server, no clients on your LAN wil l be able to connect to multiplayer races since all of the incoming packets woul d be forwarded to your server. If you want to allow these clients to connect to races while your server is running, it would be necessary to forward and config ure the server to use a non-standard UDP port range (see below for details). MULTIPLAYER TCP/IP CONFIGURATION If you connect to the Internet using a modem, and wish to play NASCAR Racing 2003 Season over the Internet, connect to the Internet before starting NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. If you do not intend to play NASCAR Racing 2003 Season over the Int ernet, there is no need to connect before playing the game. If you do not see a TCP/IP connection listed on the multiplayer screen, you must use the CONFIGURE button at the bottom of the Multiplayer screen and enable the alternate method o f determining your machine's IP address. You will need to restart the game for this setting to take effect. Note, however, that if you use this alternate method, and your only TCP/IP conne ction is via a modem, and you have your Internet properties set to automatically connect to the Internet, and you're not connected to the Internet when you star t NASCAR Racing, Dial-Up Networking will start up when you launch NASCAR Racing 20 03 Season. This may cause NASCAR Racing 2003 Season to not function properly, an d/or your machine may connect to the Internet. DISABLING USER CONNECTION AND DISCONNECTION MESSAGES By default in multiplayer races you will receive chat messages when other player s connect and disconnect. These messages can be distracting to some users, so i t is now possible to disable them by editing the following line in your PLAYER.I

NI (located in your Players\Player__Name directory), changing the 1 to a 0: [Misc] showJoinLeave=1 DIRECT CONNECT ISSUES There is a bug in the drivers for some graphics tablets that can cause them to b ecome corrupt when NASCAR Racing 2003 Season looks for serial ports on your compu ter. Because of this potential problem direct serial connections have been disa bled by default in NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. If you wish to enable direct conne ct serial port connections use the CONFIGURE button at the bottom of the Multipl ayer screen. You will need to restart the game for this setting to take effect. PRIVATE CHAT MESSAGES When connected to a multiplayer race you can issue private chat messages to any one of the players connected to the server. Begin your message with "/", follow ed by the name of the player (or #car_number), followed by the message. For exa mple: /#12 Hey, John. What's up? /smith What's up? /j.smith What's up? /jo.smi What's up? /john.smith What's up? The message will only be sent to the person you identify (or you will be given a n error message if the program couldn't figure out who you meant). When receive d, whispered chat messages will appear in a different color font so as to be eas ily distinguished from normal chat messages. USING MULTIPLAYER AUTOCHAT In addition to typing in chat messages, you can define up to 10 autochat message s through the editor on the Player Info screen. These will be saved in the [Aut ochat Messages] section of your PLAYER.INI. While driving these are accessed by the 1 through 0 keys (not on the number pad). To have messages automatically s ent, end them with a dollar sign "$" (i.e. Pass High$). All others will be queu ed up allowing you to add additional text onto the end of the message. These ca n then be sent by pressing ENTER like normal chat messages. Note that if you ha ve in-car chat disabled in the Options menu you will be unable to send autochat messages. MULTIPLAYER CAR SELECTION Because NASCAR Racing 2003 Season only allows a single occurrence of a car number at a track, you will automatically be placed in another car number if you have chosen a car number that is already in use by another player who connected to th e server before you. ADDING AI OPPONENTS TO A MULTIPLAYER RACE You may only have up to 42 connections to a multiplayer server for both human an d AI opponents. In order to allow the addition of AI opponents to the server, y ; Show player join/leave messages

ou must first reduce the number of allowed TCP/IP or IPX connections to less tha n 42 human opponents. Once this is done you will be able to fill out the field with AI opponents. COMMUNICATION METERS The Internet can be a harrowing medium through which to race. Game play is dire ctly affected by the latency, reliability, and consistency of the connection bet ween you and the game server, so it's important that the program give you a good sense of these factors. NASCAR Racing 2003 Season includes a graphical display that allows you to monitor the status of your communications with the server whe n you are a client. These meters can only be displayed while in the car, and ca n be toggled on/off by pressing CTRL+C. They can be distracting while driving, so they are turned off by default. The bar graphs are as follows: (L) Instantaneous latency from 0.0 seconds (the bar is empty) to 1.0 seconds (th e bar is full height). This is the amount of time that it takes for a message t o go from the server, to your client, and back to the server. (Q) Quality from 100% (the bar is empty) to 50% (the bar is full height). The m ore data that is lost or garbled during transmission from the server to you, the lower the quality of your connection, and the higher this bar will go. (S) The time skew (difference) between your client and the server. If your curr ent time is behind where you expect the server to be, this bar will be below cen ter. If it is at the bottom, then you believe that you are 1.0 seconds (or more ) behind the server. If your current time is ahead of where you expect the serv er to be, it will be above center. If it is at the top, then you believe that y ou are 1.0 seconds (or more) ahead of the server. If the bar reaches the top or bottom, then your client will re-synchronize itself with the server (it will sm ash its clock). Ideally, no bars should be visible whatsoever. That is, you have 0.0 seconds of latency, 100% of data from the server is getting to you, and your client believ es that it is at the same point in time as the server. In practice, this will n ot happen. The (L)atency bar will almost always be visible since it is not possible for dat a to get from the server to you instantaneously. The higher the latency, the lo nger it takes for data to get from the server to your computer, and so the older it is when it gets there. The older the data is, the more "predicting" your cl ient has to do about the positions of other cars on the track. The more that it has to predict, the more likely that it will predict incorrectly, and the more the other cars will jump around when it realizes its error. It is not uncommon for the (Q)uality bar to be completely empty (indicating litt le or no data loss), but it is also not uncommon for a few percent of the data t o be lost or garbled during transmission, showing as a small (Q)uality bar. If the bar starts to grow steadily, then something bad has happened on the route th rough the Internet between you and the server (or the server has crashed). If t he route doesn't clear up quickly, you will soon be disconnected. If it does cl ear up, there will probably be short period of mayhem as the route settles down, and old data that has been stuck in transit is flushed. If the latency is varying a bit, it can be difficult for your client to determin e what point in time the server is currently at, and a small (S)kew bar is likel y to appear. If the (S)kew bar grows continuously until it hits the top or bott

om, your client will smash its clock to re-synchronize itself to the server. If it does this, then either the connection between you and the server is very poo r, or either your machine or the server machine is extremely overloaded, and you r client can no longer stay in step with the server. EJECTING DRIVERS Any admin or boss (remote or local) may remove a player from their server by usi ng the "!eject" command. Ejected drivers will be able to reconnect once the ser ver is reset or returns to the track select screen. The command should be enter ed as a chat message. The format of the command is "!eject player", where playe r can either be the "#" symbol along with the player's car number, or the player s name. For example: "!eject "!eject "!eject "!eject BANNING DRIVERS Any admin (remote or local) may also ban a player from their server by using the "!ban" command. For races this will eject the driver from the r ace and prevent them from reconnecting until the server is reset. For m races, the driver is ejected and automatically added to the server's muzzle li st which will prevent him from ever reconnecting. Again the command should be e ntered as a chat message. The format of the command is "!ban player", where pla yer can either be the "#" symbol along with the player's car number, or the play er's name. For example: "!ban "!ban "!ban "!ban #12" smith" j.smith" john.smith" #12" smith" j.smith" john.smith"

VIEWING DETAILED SIERRA.COM RATINGS You can view a detailed points history by clicking on a ID in the "PLAYERS", "INVITE" or "MUZZLE" lists, hitting the "Profile" button, and then holding down the left-shift and left-control keys while the PROFILE dialog box is displayed. The number between () is your current rating at the track ty pe, and the numbers between [] are your point totals for your last 9 races. The other numbers are RR=races run, RC=races completed, LA=laps available in those races, LC=laps completed, and IC=incident count. Your LPI (laps per incident) r ating is LC divided by IC. Note that this "left-shift + left-control" trick als o works on the Entry List tab of race weekend screen to display the current rati ngs of all the users connected to the race. RATINGS UPDATE MESSAGE AFTER COMPLETION OF RACE After the server has completed its ratings updates, clients still connected to t he server will receive a system chat message informing them of the ratings outco me of the completed race. The message is of the form... Incidents(i), Points(p): New Rating(r), Average(a). Up@(u) Down@(d)

This means that you were assessed (i) incidents, and received a total of (p) poi nts for this race. The word New will only appear if your rating changed as a re sult of this race. You now-current rating (r) is given, and your current averag e skill points (after dropping the two lowest) is shown as (a). (u) and (d) sho w the average point levels at which your rating will increase or decrease. Also , you will be informed if ratings were disabled for the race, or if there were t oo few drivers or the race was too short to qualify for ratings updates. THE POLLING AND VOTE SYSTEM Multiplayer servers now have the option of allowing any connected user to call a poll to allowing them to vote on certain admin commands. Only one poll is allo wed at a time. A 'yes' vote is automatically entered for the person initiating a poll. All other users can vote on the poll using chat commands "!YES" or "!NO ". Only those users who were connected to the server at the time the poll was i nitiated are allowed to vote. At the completion of the vote's timer any non-vot es are counted as no votes, and the final outcome is broadcast to all users. To prevent hogging the polling system, a user is not allowed to initiate a new pol l for a short time after having conducted a poll. The poll is entered as a chat message "!poll pole_type player" where player can either be the "#" symbol alon g with the player's car number, or the player's name. The chat command "!list_p olls" will return a complete list of available polls. For example: !poll !poll !poll !poll !poll !poll !poll eject player [<comment>] yellow [<comment>] black player [<comment>] clear player [<comment>] lap+ player [<comment>] lap- player [<comment>] track track_name

Two new driving controls have been added to quickly vote YES or NO in response t o a poll. Note that these hotkeys are only available while driving in-car: F11 - votes yes (issues !yes chat command) F12 - votes no (issues !no chat command) DISABLING THE CHAT FILTER By default the game will filter all incoming chat for offensive language. You m ay choose to disable this feature by editing the following line in your PLAYER.I NI, changing the 0 to a 1. Note that this will have no effect on your outgoing chat messages seen by other users, only the chat that you see displayed on your system. [Misc] disable_chat_filter=0 V. CONTACTING SIERRA ==================== A) CUSTOMER SERVICE, SUPPORT AND SALES United States U.S.A. Sales Phone: (800) 757-7707 or (310) 649-8008 Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM to 4:45 PM PST ; Disable the chat filter

International Sales: (310) 649-8008 Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM to 4:45 PM PST Fax: (310) 258-0744 Sierra Entertainment, Inc. 6060 Center Drive 6th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90045 Phone: (800) 757-7707 or (310) 649-8008 Fax: (310) 258-0744 On-Line Sales Internet USA:

B) TECHNICAL SUPPORT North America Sierra Entertainment offers a 24-hour automated technical support line with reco rded answers to the most frequently asked technical questions. To access this s ervice, call (310) 649-8033, and follow the recorded instructions to find your s pecific topic and resolve the issue. If this fails to solve your problem, you ma y still write or fax us with your questions, or contact us via our Web site - ht tp:// Sierra Entertainment Technical Support 4247 South Minnewawa Avenue Fresno, CA 93725 Main: (310) 649-8033 Monday-Friday, 8:00 A.M.- 4:45 P.M. PST Fax: (310) 258-0755


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