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Root Operations in the Medical and Surgical Section

Medical and Surgical Section Root Operation Groups Root Objective of Procedure Site of Procedure Operation Root Operations that take out some/all of a body part


Cutting out/off without Some of a body Breast lumpectomy replacement part Resection Cutting out/off without All of a body part Total mastectomy replacement Detachment Cutting out/off without Extremity only, Amputation above replacement any level elbow Destruction Eradication without Some/all of a Fulguration of replacement body part endometrium Extraction Pulling out or off without Some/all of a Suction D&C replacement body part Root Operations that take out solids/fluids/gases from a body part Drainage Taking/letting out Within a body Incision and drainage fluids/gases part Extirpation Taking/cutting out solid Within a body Thrombectomy matter part Fragmentation Breaking solid matter Within a body Lithotripsy into pieces part Root operations involving cutting or separation only Division Cutting into/separating a Within a body Neurotomy body part part Release Freeing a body part from Around a body Adhesiolysis constraint part Root operations that put in/put back or move some/all of a body part Transplant Putting in a living body Some/all of a Kidney transplant part from a body part person/animal Reattachment Putting back a detached Some/all of a Reattach severed body part body part finger Transfer Moving, to function for a Some/all of a Skin transfer flap similar body part body part Reposition Moving, to normal or Some/all of body Move undescended other suitable location part testicle Root operation that alter the diameter/route of a tubular body Partially closing Tubular body part Gastroesophageal Restriction orifice/lumen fundoplication Completely closing Tubular body part Fallopian tube Occlusion orifice/lumen ligation Expanding orifice/lumen Tubular body part Percutaneous Dilation


Altering route of passage

Tubular body part

transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)

Root operations that always involve a device Insertion Putting in non-biological In/on a body part device Replacement Putting in device that Some/all of a replaces a body part body part Supplement Putting in device that In/on a body part reinforces or augments a body part Change Exchanging device In/on a body part without cutting/puncturing Removal Taking out device In/on a body part Revision Correcting a In/on a body part malfunctioning/displaced device Root operations involving examination only Inspection Visual/manual Some/all of a exploration body part Map Locating electrical Brain/cardiac impulses/functional conduction areas mechanism Root operations that include other repairs Repair Restoring body part to its Some/all of a normal structure body part Control Stopping/attempting to Anatomical region stop postprocedural bleed Root operations that include other objectives Fusion Rendering joint immobile Joint Alteration Modifying body part for Some/all of a cosmetic purposes body part without affection function Creation Making new structure for Perineum sex change operation

Central line insertion Total hip replacement Abdominal wall herniorrhaphy using mesh Drainage tube change Central line removal Revision of pacemaker insertion Diagnostic cystoscopy Cardiac electrophysiological study Suture laceration Post-prostatectomy bleeding Spinal fusion Face lift

Artificial vagina/penis