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Walt Mueller wwalt.mueller@yahoo.


36 Williams Ave, Middletown, NJ 07748 3G RNC NodeB Radio Access Engineer

SUMMARY An energetic self-motivated Sr. Systems Engineer capable of performing multitasks in dynamic/changing situations while optimizing availability of system services to users with demonstrated ability to resolve complex technical issues in fast-paced environments. Effective communicator with hands-on experience to design, implement and support technical based solutions as well as configure network server applications/backups, Hardware/Software solutions, disaster recovery, network conversions, and remote access with system security in a high volume mission-critical 24 x 7 transaction processing environment Supported over 800 Ericsson RBS and 10 Ericsson BSCs/RNCs. Experienced in RNC/Node B/BSC configuration, integration, testing, commissioning, rehoming and planning.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Oct 07 Till date At &T Mobility LLC, Middletown, NJ 3G RNC NodeB Radio Engineer - Network Services/Support Responsibilities

Provided NodeB Rehome Clusters for New RNCs. Provided CIQ of Node B rehoming for new RNCs. Provided CIQ of Domino Rehome/Physical Rebalance to balance out T1s on Subracks of RNCs to support IuB growth. Provided CIQ of Dip Conversion in different BSCs. Provided CIQ of IUR Augments on different RNCs. Submitted trouble tickets and using Remedy. T1 augment/disconnect analyzing and PRF creating on various BSCs using Granit. Virtual rebalance analyzing with MP load of various RNCs for P6. Prepared the RRC data Analysis on different RNCs using Business Objects. Worked on Subrack Assignments for new RNCs using Map Info SW. Prepared the subrack assignments for 1C/2C/3C carriers. Pulled out the data from RNCs such as Subracks/RNCs/Node Bs using PL/SQL for RNC Dump reporting. Prepared the MP Load report file every day for Ericsson RNCs. Provided the BSC utilization report files for Ericsson BSCs. HW design, configuration and proposing Rehomes/Rebalances depending on network needs. Review and analyze on the impacts of network element upgrades and additions. Analyze the Domino rehome/Physical rebalances after each rehome.

April 05 Jul 07 Ericsson Inc, Sparta, NJ BSC Design Engineer Responsibilities BSC Dimensioning & Abis Optimization for Customer for new Configuration for 2G. Designed in-building coverage systems Familiarity with 3GPP standards and releases Abis Calculation & RNC/BSC PAT for GSM / WCDMA Network for MTN HW Dimensioning by Cmex SW & BSC Proposal SW for BSC, BSC/TRC & TRC Nodes New Cell Design and identified and justified sites, SARF's issues Assisted with site selection and acquisition with engineers RF design (coverage, capacity, frequency planning with neighboring markets), budget analysis, and coordinating and reviewing site integration process Worked with regional teams to develop and implement long range market plans.

Jan 04 Aril 05 Ericsson, Little Falls, NJ NOC Engineer Responsibilities Monitored, escalated, and followed up on the alarms for all nodes Opened trouble tickets using Remedy Performed troubleshooting of RNC, Node B, RXI, BTS, BSC, MLM Ericsson Transmission, transport and connectivity problems. Supported NOC personnel, field technicians and other engineers regarding technical questions and operational issues of the customer Operation and maintenance of Ericsson RNC / BSC through Citrix /WinFiol /Moshell/AMOS. Performed analysis & investigations including corrective actions and troubleshooting in cooperation with RF & RND departments & Integration Teams & Drive Test Teams Created and administered trouble reports and ticket management. Issued daily reports (BSS-Transmission), daily backups of multiple Ericsson BSC, APG, RNC and Completed Pre check & Post check of all nodes including Health Checks Created, prepared, executed and validated scripts to be run in the RNC, Node B Performed tests and configurations for RNC, Node B, IUCS, IUPS, and CPU Handover (TS, MAIO parameters) checking Performed Node B/BTS integration, configuration, testing and rehoming Performed RNC configurations, testing, rehoming and RET control. Sent notification emails with details of drive test result & current site situation Downloaded commissioning script to Node B Worked with Ericsson ALEX based information system and Ericsson technical support teams to resolve critical BSC/ RNC issues within the network complex Ensured TCH availability & network availability, performance analysis and improved performance of Radio Network Monitored, reviewed, and reported network KPI to customer.

Performed Network Performance Improvement, including tracing and analysis of single call as well as traffic analysis and improvement using KPIs Checking for cell outages and extraordinary high drops & blocks.

Oct 02 Nov 03 Vectorlink Inc, Alpharetta, GA RAN Support Responsibilities

Performed troubleshooting and commissioning of BTS/Node B (400 Cell Sites of Nokia Ultra site & Flexi & Ericsson RBS -2G, 3G, Siemens) -IRAN-East & North of Tehran (BSS & Transmission such as Mini Link of Ericsson & Siemens Equ, ITI & Nokia Transmission) WCDMA Node B/BTS Integration on various RNCs/BSCs. Responsible for 100 Siemens BTS sites and 4 Siemens BSCs Used tools such as Anritsu Site Master, BER Meter-GN NETTEST-Navigator-Digital Power Meter - BIRD- BTS SW for IDB loading (OMT, BTS Manager) and Element Manager. Oversaw and coordinated 7 field technicians in troubleshooting HW alarms on RBS Provided field support for new cell construction in the following areas: on site supervision, equipment delivery coordination, path alignment coordination, equipment installation, cell integration, and cell optimization and Call test & drive test of new installation from each TRX per sector. Participated in new cell site acquisition (zoning hearings, site design, regulatory, integration) Upgraded and downgraded RBS sites on BSCs /RNCs. Performed software audits on RNC & Node Bs Performed QA of all work performed by tower crews in support of the antenna swaps and Wiring of 2Mb/s for cell sites/E1s. Worked very closely with switch & RF Engineering to integrate Cell Site into network and ensure optimal performance by following Ericssons integration procedures Oversaw implementation of new cell site build and maintenance in support of best network practices. Worked with marketing and sales team to understand, design and segmentation of market to provide voice and data network solutions for new and emerging markets

Jul 00 Sept 02 SR Company Iran Cell Site Integrator Responsibilities Installed BTS /Node Bs/RBS 2206/2106/3106/3206 Radio Transmission installer with experience on Ericsson & NOKIA & Siemens GSM /WCDMA nodes IDB installing by OMT Set DXU in Ericsson RBS in Local Mode

Installed Earth Quake Bracing, Surge Arrestors, Ground, Pwr Cables for Cell Site (Label and Dress), Pwr Cables for Pwr Rack, Ground Cable for cell site, E1 Cable, DC Breakers for Cell Site, RF Jumpers Downloaded commissioning scripts to various Node Bs and utilized co-site solution Repaired, checked and tested E1 traffic routing and troubleshooting back to the E1. Terminated all the E1s to the OVP Operated, calibrated, and interpreted the test results for various test equipment such as: E1 tester, Power meter, Air Interface System Analyzer, RF line analyzer, Earth Ground Resistivity meter BS Degree, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA


TECHNICAL SKILLS: Completed over 10 Ericsson courses such as: GSM Fundamental in Ericsson AXE Operation & Configuration GPRS System Survey-Ericsson Minilink Systems O&M (TN)- Ericsson RBS 2202,2206,3106,3206 Ericsson NodeB O&M WCDMA Operation & Configuration RAN P6/NODE B Commissioning -Ericsson RNC3810 ConfigurationATM port / IMA configurations-Nokia Ultra Site, Talk Family& Flexi BTS& Node B - SIEMENS BS60, BS240XL, BS241XL BTS Nokia Ultra & Metro site Commissioning -Nokia Metro Hub- GSM/WCDMA Antennas for Mobile Communication-HDSL, Various Modem & RADIO O&M-Q.A Training according to AIRCOM standards -MS-Power Point/Word /Excel/Map Info/Actix/Tems/AMOS/Moshell /Granit/Remedy/NDT/PLSQL/Prospect/Business Objects/Atoll.