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Rigid body is a thing that does not change shape when the force is done on the object. F

2. RIGID BODY BALANCE. A rigid body is in mechanical equilibrium when viewed from an inertial reference frame, if: a. linear acceleration of center of mass equal to zero, apm = 0. b. angular acceleration equal to zero, = 0. To vpm = 0 and = 0 is called static equilibrium. If apm = 0, then Feks = 0. For the forces in space (3 dimensions) is obtained: F1x + F2x + ... + Fnx = 0 or Fx = 0 F1y + F2y + ... + Fny = 0 or Fy = 0 F1z + F2z + ... + Fnz = 0 or Fz = 0 Ex = 0, and obtained + 1y + 1z +
1x 2x eks

= 0 then = 0 or ny = 0 or nz = 0 or

+ ... + 2y + ... + 2z + ... +

=0 y = 0 z = 0

In certain cases where the forces are located only in one area, (eg the xy plane) is obtained : F1x + F2x + ... + Fnx = 0 or Fx = 0 F1y + F2y + ... + Fny = 0 or Fy = 0 1z + 2z + ... + nz = 0 or z = 0

= 0 is of an arbitrary point on the rigid body. F1 F2 r1 O

Torque to the point O is: o = (r1 x F1) + (r2 x F2) + ... + (rn x Fn) Torque to the point O 'is: o = (r1- r) x F1+ (r2 - r) x F2 + ... + (rn - r) x Fn o = {(r1 x F1) + (r2 x F2) + ... + (rn x Fn) } r x (F1+ F2 + + Fn) If the system is in a state of balance, F = 0 then o = o Torque on an arbitrary point is the same. 3. CENTER OF GRAVITY If we consider a rigid body, one of the styles that need to be considered is the weight of the object, namely the gravitational force acting on the object. To calculate the torque of gravity, the gravity can be considered concentrated at a point called the center of gravity. Consider an arbitrary shaped object in the xy plane. Things we divide up into particles with masses m1, m2, which has the coordinates (x1, y1) , (x2, y2) , the center of mass can be expressed as m1x1 + m2x2 + m3x3 + m 1 + m2 + m3 +

y m1g pg m2g x

W = Mg

Each particle contributes a torque to the center point and is equal to the torque generated by a single force, namely gravity multiplied by the arm of his style. The point at which gravity works is called the center of gravity. (m1g1 + m2g2 + m3g3 + ) xpg = m1g1x1 + m2g2x2 + m3g3x3 + With the assumption that g homogenised then, the center of gravity: m1x1 + m2x2 + m3x3 + m 1 + m2 + m3 + When gravity is homogeneous, the center of gravity coincides with the center of mass. 4. BALANCE SYSTEM At the completion of a balanced system under the influence of several styles, there are several procedures that need to be followed. a. Specify the object / objects that become the focus of the balance system. b. Picture style external force acting on the object. c. Select the appropriate coordinates, drawing the components of the force in the coordinates that have been selected. d. Apply the force balance for each component. e. Select a specific point to calculate the torque of the forces that exist on that point.Selection of an arbitrary point, but should facilitate the settlement. f. From the equation that is formed, can be solved variable in question.

Problem exercises
1.For homogenous rod of length L in gantngkan weight 200N 400N load (see picture) made a big style on the trunk buffer is ... A. FA = 210N; FB = 330N B. FB = 430N; FB = 210N C. FA = 200N; FB = 440N D. FA = 210N; FB = 430N E. FA = 440N; FB = 200N

5. AB homogenous ladder 5 m long, weighs 200N against the wall rough floors slick tires. A person who weighs 600N to climb the ladder as far as 2.5 m, before the ladder slipped. The coefficient of static gesekn between floors with a ladder is ... A. 0,170 B.0, 200 C.0, 230 D.0, 250 E.0, 375 6. The axis of the two rear wheels of a truck which 1.500kg mass is 2m. Centre truck 1.5 m behind the front wheels. In supposing that the acceleration of gravity is 10m/s2, the expenses borne by the two front wheels of the truck was the same as ... A.1.250N B.2.500N C.3.750N D.5.000N E.6250N 7.Di where the emphasis lies awake as in the picture above ...? A. x = 6cm; y = 4cm B. X = 4cm; y = 6cm C.x = 4.3 cm, y = 4cm D.x = 4cm y = 4.3 E. x = 3cm; y = 3cm 8. A bear with a stick AB homogenous load length 2m. Expenses at the end of A = 100n, and at the end of B 400N. If rod AB equilibrium, then the shoulders of the person that should be placed ... A.0, 75 m from B B.1 m of B C.1, 5 m from A D.1, 6m from B E.1, 6m from A

2. A 1.5 ton car era strike on the bridge AB. AB = 30m, AC = 10m, g = 1om/s2 and the bridge are ignored, then the large normal force at A and B are .... A. NA = NB = 15.000N B. NA = NB = 5.000N 10.000N C. NA = NB = 7.500N 7.500N D. NA = NB = 10.000N 5.000N E. NA = NB = 500N 1.000N 3.Pada picture below, the pair of action and reaction force is ... A.T2 and T3 B.T2 and T1 C.T1 and W D.T1 and T3 E.T2 and W 4. Bendategar equilibrium in the system as shown, AB homogenous rod length 80cm, weight 18N, 30N weight, BC is a rope. If the distance AC = 60 cm, tension in the rope is (in Newton) ... A.36 B.48 C.50 D.65 E.80

9. In the figure below, Z Adah emphasis 10kg rod AB of his time. If the system in a state of balance then the load C is ... A.50kg B.30 kg C.20 kg D.10 kg E. 4 kg 10. Consider Figure! Beams AB = 5m, BZ = 1m (Z center of gravity beam). If the heavy weight of the load beam 100N then C is ... A.40N B.60N C.80N D.90N E.92N 11. Uniform wooden beam above along 8m and beratanya 200N is above two pillars A and B. Expenses dyrasakan by point A (in N) is ... A.60 B.90 C.120 D.150 E.180 12. 20kg mass load is placed at a distance of 1.5 m from the foot of B (see picture) on a flat table 100kg masslength 6m. Forces acting on the foot of A to take the weight and the table is ... A.150N B.350N C.550N D.750N E.950N

13. A uniform pipe with a length of 20m and the 20 kg is supported by the leverage at one point the pipe. When the tip of the left tube was given 10 kg load and the fulcrum is at a distance of 2m from the center of pipe, determine the load that must be given at the right end of the pipe for a balance ... A.10kg B.20kg C.30kg D.40kg E.50kg 14. At rest, exercise rigid body rotation with angular acceleration 15rad/s2. Point A is at these objects, is 10cm from the pivot, Just after the object rotates for 0.4 s, an acceleration A total of ... A.1, 5 B.2, 1 C.3, 6 D.3, 9 E.5, 1 15.Sebuah 2kg mass of solid cylinders have the radius of 20cm and 10cm long, on the edge of the cylinder wrapped around the rope. At time t = 0, the cylinder is at rest. If the rope is pulled with force and equipment amounting to 25N then the angular acceleration of the cylinder is ... A.50 B.75 C.100 D.125 E.150