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CrazyTalk v6.2 Readme file Copyright (c) 2000 ~ 2010, Reallusion, Inc. All rights reserved.

About ===== Reallusion CrazyTalk 6 features multiple actor animation for generating real-tim e dialogue sequences, VividEye technology increasing the high realism of virtual eye movement, and auto human face fitting advancements in Reallusion's remarkab ly simple image transformation process that converts any 2D image into a fully a nimated digital actor within minutes. Quickly design and animate talking actors for use in any commercial or personal web page, video project or social network widget. CrazyTalk 6 delivers the ulti mate solution for today's digital content creators looking to add a virtual host , product pitchman or digital actor to their movies, video projects and websites .

CONTENTS ========== - What's New - System Requirements - Notice - Getting Started Guide - Known Issues - Additional Technical Support Information What's New in CrazyTalk v6.2 ======================= v6.2 1. Added: 3D-Stereo Video output. 2. Fixed: Transparent background output issue with web avatar. 3. Fixed: Bug that caused CrazyTalk to crash when outputed in the smallest cropp ed area. 4. Enhanced: Improved Text-To-Speech engine quality for voices in 16kHz. v6.13 (6.13.1208.1) released 10th December-09 - Fixed: The real-time speed when operating software in stage mode - Fixed: Upload option for YouTube publishing - Fixed: SFX export sizes differing between CrazyTalk editing on stage and final export - Fixed: Idle motion speeds on stage and final export; they are now identical sp eeds v6.12 released 14th September-09 - Fixed: When users set a key between two keys, the original etimes lose its blend effect. - Fixed: The published web avatar wouldnt display normally - Fixed: The fade-in and fade-out function wouldnt operate - Fixed: If a user inputted text into a tag column, it might ctly upload to YouTube (the tag column is also removed now). animation would som in Firefox. normally. have failed to dire

v6.1 released 11th August-09 - Added: Crop function for export. - Added: Specify the range of the video with mark points in play bar to be expor ted. - Added: Be able to set the color of the background border.

- Added: Be able to customize the idle motion of your avatar. - Added: Use hot keys to turn on/off the idle mode. - Enhanced: Web Avatar output with transparent background. - Enhanced: Be able to edit the clip name freely. (see how it works in Online He lp) v6.0 released 11th June-09 - Added: Multi-head setup with fitting tools to identify up to 4 heads in any im age. - Added: Dynamic dialogue with multi-character editing tracks in Stage Feature. - Added: Camera system with zooming in/out for flexibly arranging the scene. - Added: 3D Face Orientation setting enables precise fitting for slight head tur ns. - Added: Add Character Frame to animate (move, rotate, scale) the full character in Timeline Editor. - Added: 4 layers of VividEye effects: adjustment of eyeballs, optics, eye shado w and eyelashes. - Added: Match your character style with VividEye Templates V anime, animal, cart oon, comic, human. - Added: EyeMagic adds various cosmetic effects with adjustable colors and lash sizes, style controls. - Added: Interactive Flash Web Avatar V able to follow the mouse cursor, with cus tom model and script for output. - Added: Export for web (Interactive Flash Avatar/Widget) V export transparent-ba ckground Avatar Widgets for WidgetMe and WidgetCast. - Enhanced: The additional layer of hair mesh provides the accurate fitting, ena bling the natural movement of characters with large hair, a hat and ears. - Enhanced: Auto human face fitting engine simplifies the face fitting procedure s. - Enhanced: More selections of Idle animations in different moods. - Enhanced: Open GL hardware acceleration for performance. - Enhanced: Direct output to YouTube. - Removed: Mobile format output. System Requirements =================== Hardware - Pentium IV 2GHz or higher recommended - 512MB RAM or higher recommended - 1GB disk space or higher recommended - Duplex Sound Card/VGA Card/Keyboard/Mouse/Microphone/Speaker - Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher - Video Memory: 128MB RAM or higher recommended Software - Windows XP SP2/Vista - Browsers: Internet Explorer 6 or above, Firefox 2 or above - DirectX 9 & WMEncoder 9 are required for WMV exporting. *SiS chipsets are not supported. Recommended Hardware (CrazyTalk will have better performance in below recommende d environment.) - Dual core CPU or higher recommended - 1GB RAM or higher recommended - 2GB hard disk or higher recommended - Video Memory: 256MB RAM or higher recommended

Notice ====== - If you want to export WMV files, you have to install WMEncoder9 first from the Microsoft site. - CrazyTalk6 is ready for Windows 7, please make sure to update display driver f or Windows 7 - The multiple head dialog function takes further system resource. Please keep t he project length under 30 min, and no more than 16 talking scripts for each cha racter track. Known Issues ============ - Please check on-line FAQ for updates Additional Technical Support Information ======================================== If you need further information or have any questions regarding the installation or use of CrazyTalk, please first visit the support section of our web site htt p:// Please reference your product serial number and system configuration when contac ting us for technical support.