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1.enzyme regulating the conversion of ethanol to acetaldehde

a) alcohol dehdrogenase *

b) acetldehyde dehydrogenase

c) catalase

d) xanthine oxidase

2.During exercise 1.cerebral blood flow increases if there is increase in systolic blood pressure. 2.body temperature increases.

3.blood flow to the muscle increase after the first half minute. 4.lymphatic flow from the muscle decrease 3.when a normal person lies down 1.there is immediate increase in venous return. 2.heart rate becomes stable at slightly more than normal.

3.cerebral blood flow increases and becomes stable at more than normal. 4.blood flow to the apex of the lung decreases 4.specimen for biopsy is taken from

a) margins of lesions*

b) centre of lesion

5hyaline cartilage contains:


b)type 2

c)type 3


6auspitz sign seen in psoriasis 7chrismas factor 8. chrismas factor. 9. anaesthesia effect except:



11. Cefoperazon - anti pseudomonal

12 imp mat choice for osmf:

addition silicone

arrangement of teeth depends:

ridge size n shape

13.comversion of ethanol to acetaldehyde:

alcohol dehydrogenase

14.maxillary canine pontic design

modified ridge lap

15.calcium is present in circulation in da form of:

ionic ca

bone resorption

protein bound

16.mode of action of clindamycin

ribosome binding

17"technical assault"means 18.true positive n true negatives

specificity n sensitivity

19.defense against viral infection helper t suppressor t natural killer cytotoxic

20.therapeutic index

21.postural hypotension prazosin 22.interstial nephritis methicillin



23 pencillin moa

acts on da cell wall

24.vit k requires bile for absorption and is fat soluble

25 which doesnt convert hydrophobic to hydrophillic ??

methylation, glucuronide conjugation, acetylation,hydroxylation

26 predisposition to oral carcinoma

plummer vinson,struge weber, rendu osler ?

27 which is nt toxicity of aminoglycoside




28 incidence

ans 20

29 prevalence

ans 250

30 zygo arch frac best radiographic view

31 national aids cont prog

32 branch of facial artery runnin at inf border of mand etc

33 rodent ulcer

34 ground glass app

35 which hormone sec less at night?

acth, gh, melatonin, etc?????????

36 protein tht doesnt play role in folding

37 which is false about heparin

-antithrobin III action

-idiosyncratic throbocytopenia etc

38 ectopic sebaceous gland

-fordyces spots

39 which is false about warfarin

-used as rodenticide??

40 melphelan is the drug of choice in

-multiple myeloma

41 which one is acid labile

-penicillin G

42 Pontic used to replace maxi canine

banning of sexual contact wid foreigners


basal cell ca

hyper parathyroidism

zinc finger motif

-ridge lap

-modified ridge lap -sanitary -ovate

43 spore used for sterilization ….CLOSTRIDIUM TETANY

44 bacteria can grow at temp of 25 to 40 c called a

45 Genetic endowment in humans is

a)genetic engineering



d)genetic recombinant technology

46 If tongue protudes to right side there could be lesion of

a)right hypoglossal nerve b)left hypoglossal nerve c)right lingual nerve

d)left lingual nerve

47 true wax


b)coccoa butter



48 primitive streak is formed from

a)Bachryus gene b)nodal gene

49 if there is repetitive painful stimulus pain increases becoz of

a)repetitive reflex

b)threshold is decreased




whick does not contain CCK





51 Clearence test of urea and creatinine

a)glomerular filtration

b)tubular excretion

52 .nerve cells stop growing becoz

a)glial cells exhibit inhibitory action b)schwann cells stop growing

53 epinephrine formed 4m all except

dopamine,nor adr, isoprenaline, phenyl ephrine

54 open bie coz of-bilat condylar#

55 poorly calcified: enamel lamellae n incremental linez of retzius

enamel lamellae n gnarled enamel

enamel lamellae n perikymata, INTERGLOBULAR DENTIN

56 child mortality rate 1-4 yrs

57 hand wrist r/g for

chronological age, skeletal age,both

58 arrange : protocol,subject selection,rct,intervene n follow up

59 arrange : decay.low fluoride

60 defect in calcification stage: interglobular dentin

61 geniculate ganglion n facial nerve affect- taste.lacrimation,salivation

62 on sectionin submand gland which nerve not injured on medial side: facial,


63 Urothelium lining absent in: minor calyx, ureter, collecting duct, urinary bladder

64 not a pigment in basement memb:rhodopsin

65 tongue dev 4m occipital somites

66 the radiolucent zone seen jus below DEJ can be misjudged as

-Tomes granular layer etc

67 Loose denture after several years

68 immunoglobulin

69 Epulis fissuratum

70 Immune complexes in jnts, etc

71 Subcunjunctival h`rrhage seen in all except

72 Tube Shift

73 Target object distance in Lat ceph

74 Hinge axis

75 subgingival calculus consistency

76 elyzol contains

77 proliferative n degenerative changes in pocket epi

78 purulent exudation frm gingiva

79 corectly placd pps creates

80 antiboitic cover mandatory 4

81 stephans curve 1.PH2 2,FREQUENCYOF SUGAR,3.AMNT OF SUGAR

82 dignoses of small occlusal cavities BY PROBE AND EXPLORER

83 Anti-fungals are ALL EX – Clofazamine / Ciclopirox / Fluconazole / Undecyclenic acid

84 Low glycemic index: brown rice, whole wheat bread,ice cream, potato

85 Saturated fatty acids source: plam oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil

86 3 month old restoration shows radiopaque line below DEJ-CaOH2, zn phosphate, zn o eugenol, zn o

eugenol with formocresol

87 primary mandibular first molar- 4 pulp horns, 3 canals etc,

88 3 inherent characteristics of a radiographic film: density, distortion,CONTRAST

89 lab test for ANUG: phase contrast microscopy, tissue culture, dark field illumination

90 odnotoblasts retract processes and calcospherites/spicules deposited…odontoblasts trapped within…

which type ossification- endochondral, intra-membranous

91 while recording BP: 1) cuff and sphygmo at the level of heart

2) cuff at heart level, sphygmo at eye level of observer 3) cuff lower than heart 4) sphygmo lower then heart

92 not true about pericytes: actin and myosin in cytoplasm, line the vasculature,

93 urinary VMA rises in. DIABETES ETC

94 adult erythropoeisis

95 .prvent distotn of wax pattern

96 all anti folate except

97 how attrision can be minimised in teeth opposin porcelain restorations

by usin high fusing porcelain,by finishing rathre thn glazing, by group function occlusion

98 in ortho ceph s overlapped with

community approval


occlusal contacts


light and heavy chains

ill fitting dentures


(or Good Pasteur)

5 ft

Leforte I


either kinematic OR arbitary


flint like



inflamatory changes in pocket wall

vacuum beneath maxilary denture

congenital heart diseases

long bones

keep at lowertemp.


sn plane

99 in ortho ceph s overlapped with

100 caspase enzyme associated with:


101 primary impression 4 flabby ridges impresssion compd

sn plane

putty impression

irreversible hydrocolllid* heavy body elastomers

102 mephalan is best given for treatment of? Multiple myeloma

103 Feature of epithelial dysplasia- 1. Hyperkeratinisation 2. Drop shaped rete pegs 3.decrease in n/c


104 Which of the following is used as a thickening agent in dentifrices?--- Carboxymethyl cellulose,

alginate amylase

105 The mean DMFT values for 12 year old school children is 2/5. 68% of the population has DMFT

values 2 and 3. The standard deviation for the population is:- 0.5

106 An example for primary prevention of dental diseases is:--- wearing gloves and sterilization of the


107 Which of the following techniques would be the best preventive measure for dental caries

Substitution of alcohol — based sugar for sucrose.

108 In health education program, a group of 10 people are planning to speak on a topic of common

interest. Which one of following is best educational approach?--- Symposium

109 geographic tongue is also known as – all of the above

110 protein which coagulate on heating---- bence john’s protein

111 bence john’s protein--- multiple myeloma

112 auspitz sign--- psoriasis

113 taurodontism associated with- mandi. 1st molar

114 Which of the following is true about Agar hydrocolloid impression material?

Liquefies between 71-100°C

115 Which of the following is not responsible for endogenous staining of teeth during development?

Vitamin C deficiency

116 radioleucency b/w LI & canine with vital teeth--- globulomaxillary cyst

117 shell teeth associated with--- dentinogenesis imperfecta

118 ghost teeth----- regional odontodysplasia

119 The most suitable margin design for porcelain crown is:---- Shoulder

120 Apical grp of fibre attach to……tip of root

121 coenzyme for transamination b6,niacin

122 rare earth noble metal….gold silver, riuthinium,osmium

123 location of reciprocal clasp…

124 main advantage of parraling technique

125 taste buds not present in which papillae of tongue filliform fungiform folate

126 common compln n third molar extrn n upper arch….fracture of tuberosity

127 lactobacillus widely believed to be cause of dental caries…… acidogenic n aciduric

128 caries visible on radiograph when bone loss s

129 clonidine is a alpha ,bita alpha2 beta2

130 false abt capo4 bonded investment material used in gold ,palladium can’t heat above 500-700 c

131 which antifungal drug has inhibit steroid synthesis action… ketoconazole

132 foster miller probe detects….depth of pocket n cej

133 nabers probe used to detect…horizontal defect,vertical defect,both

134 which is correct…….a cells secrete


distortion of object

10-20% 20-30% 5-10%

b cells





135 which doesn't have relasing factor: prolactin

136 which one is not used in chemopropp of non falcip malaria gentamicin

137 use of intensifying screen….to decrease scattered radiation

138 which one is d best theorydentin conduction theory

139 which one is a viral manifestation herpangina

140 cross occlusal radiographs r used in sialolithiasis

141 about eagle's syndrome

,acth,growth harmone