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Heres a toast to the coast



| FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 2011


Manu Prasad



enturies ago, this coastline used to be a favourite hangout of Arab, Persian and Portuguese traders, and their cuisine has had some influence on the dishes of this region. Malabar is derived from the word mala meaning hill in Malayalam and bar has nothing to do with Keralas increasing alcohol consumption of late. The owners, Cochin-based and whose holdings span from Colombo to Dubai, probably pre-empted this devilish line of Mala-Bar-Cafe thinking and smartly named the place Cafe Malabari, the first of four restaurants that they plan to open in Bangalore. must Meat Kappa Roast, well boiled tapioca mashed together with a spicy and thick meat gravy. For the vegetarians who would like to get a taste of this eternal favourite of Malayalis, try the Kappa Ularthu. We were given an excellent red chillies and onion-based chutney along with the starters. It goes very well with the kappa, so make sure you ask for it. The Kurumulagu Peralan Mutton had only a subtle pepper flavour, but did prove a good combination with the appam, though the latter was reheated and was of the flat variety as opposed to the more favoured appachatti version. The spicy tomato-based Egg Roast was also a good side dish for the appams. The Puttu (steamed rice cake) hit that exact mid spot between pasty and powdery, and had just the right amount of grated coconut, though its trusted combination the Kadala curry was rather insipid. The Chilly Gobi, which is waging a battle along with its Manchurian cousin for the title of Keralas most preferred dish, was moderately this industry," warns cosmetic doctor Aamer Khan. "They are more likely to use too much Botox all over the face rather than using several different, complementary treatments, such as line fillers and skin volumisers. Be especially careful if you are having deep peels or lasers, because in the wrong hands, the pores can literally be burnt off. After that, the skin doesnt work properly and looks very strange and plasticlike." If I have my face lifted now, will it spicy and a tad too colourful. The Chicken Ishtew got the coconut milk flavoured gravy right, but the country chicken was bent on putting up a good fight in its afterlife. The Cafe Malabari Special Gift is meant to be a meal in itself with Kappa, Fish Vattichathu, Appam and Avoli (pomfret) fry but except for the spicy second item, which went well with the Kappa, it was a bad show. Another mala-barb was the Meen (fish) Varutharacha curry, in which we could find no trace of the fried coconut flavour that makes it special. Ghee Rice it was called, but only the rice could make it for dinner. But the biggest heartache turned out to be the non availability of the Pathiri (a thin pancake) and the Moplah Mutton Biriyani, the latter being a favourite wedding dish in Malabar.

No 143, 5th Block, Munireddy Kalyana Mandapa Road, Next to Anand Sweets, Koramangala, Bangalore 95 Ph: 25507373

Cafe Malabari


Owner(s) Chef Alcohol Price range Parking Wheelchair access Service

The regular menu does not acknowledge the existence of starters, so make sure you ask for the weeks special menu. There were six starters available, with the Gobi/Mushroom/ Paneer 65 being the sole vegetarian representative. The Prawns Kombail Korthuthu is a specialty and quite deserves the tag. Its satay-like in presentation, but has a crisp exterior and succulent inside, flavoured with a spicy masala. The Kunthal (squid) Varuval wasnt as much a favourite as the masala hadnt quite seeped in, but it was reasonably tasty. The Travancore Chicken Dry Fry is just another name for the item thats commonly found in menus across Kerala Poricha Kozhi. Purists might frown at the presentation, since the dish is not famous for garnishing, but it did make a pretty picture. The chicken was crisp on the outside and tender inside, just the way it should be done.

Malabari, with some hat tips to specialties from other regions of Kerala. Snacks like Parippu vada, Pazhampori served in the evening. Mr Srikanth Mr Sreejith, recently returned from Dubai No `400-500 for two. Credit card not accepted for now. Street parking No

Cheerful, and a conversation in Malayalam earns you brownie points Sound level Only ambient street noise Ambience Functional, comfortable benches, decor dominated by green Hours Daily 12 noon 11 pm Home delivery Not yet, coming soon Reservations Walk in, and hope to get a seat




Top to bottom: Travancore Chicken Dry Fry; Irachi Puttu; Prawns Kombil Varathathu; Kappa with Karimeen

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Cafe Malabari sets the Malabar high by doing a good job on quite a few traditional Kerala dishes. Youd do well to make an early start to your dinner though, just so that you dont miss out on the specialties.

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