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Syllabus FALL 2011 MUSI 3388.

001 Piano II TR 11:30 12:45

Instructor: Mary Medrick Office JO 4.638 Office Hrs. by appointment Required Materials: One book on the topic of piano technique: Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing by Josef Lhevinne OR Piano Technique by Walter Gieseking, which may be found online or at local stores. A 3-page written response will be due on Oct. 6th. Hanon Exercises (1-60) any edition Bach 2 and 3 Part Inventions, preferably Kalmus edition, edited by Bischoff 3-ring binder for handouts This class is designed for the piano student who reads music well and who has established basic piano technique through prior study. Students will become proficient in major and minor scales and a variety of other keyboard skills. Students will prepare individual projects, including at least one Bach Invention and one movement from a Classical Sonatina/Sonata and one piano work from the Romantic period . Other projects may vary by individual interest and may include a contemporary or jazz selection. A variety of resources will be made available for individual study, including online listening materials, music dictionaries and theory software. Students will select individual pieces to prepare for in-class performances and will participate in campus recitals and/or Festival. For practice, students will have access to the keyboard lab and several other rooms on campus with acoustic pianos. Class time will consist of lecture, demonstration, discussion, group exercises, supervised practice and performance. Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
1. Students will demonstrate understanding of musical notation, and will demonstrate intermediate to advanced technical facility through assigned exercises. 2. Students will demonstrate interpretive skills through accurate and expressive performance of musical pieces.

Class Requirements: Attendance and class participation are required. Students will be expected to arrive on time and begin individual practice before the group exercises. A minimum of 6 hrs. per week will be needed for practice time outside of class. Students will be required to attend 2 concerts (featuring piano) on campus and write short response papers. Participation in Fall Festival will be required, Saturday Dec. 7, schedule TBA. Written assignments (All typed, standard formatting and font): 1) Due Oct. 6: Technique assessment/Book Response; 2) Due on Workshop Days: Repertoire analysis: for each piece studied, a written analysis including composer, historic period, style, form, rhythmic, harmonic and melodic elements. 1-3 pages, plus a copy of the score with markings. 3) Due within a week of recitals: 2 Performance Reports: Observe 2 classical piano performances and write about the performers technique. 2 pages

GRADING: 25% attendance/participation, 25% written assignments, 25% preparation of exercises and other assigned material, 25% final performance MUSI 3388 Calendar R Aug 25 T Aug 30 R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T Sep 1 Sep 6 Sep 8 Sep 13 Sep 15 Sep 20 Sep 22 Sep 26 Sep 29 Oct 4 Oct 6 Oct 11 Oct 13 Oct 18 Oct 20 Oct 25 Oct 27 Introductions Terms and Tones Rhythmic Acuity Phrasing and Expression Sightreading Duets and Fourhands Repertoire Individual Meetings Regular Class Session Individual Meetings Individual Meetings WORKSHOP 1 Regular Class Session Regular Class Session/Technique Paper Due Regular Class Session Individual Meetings Regular Class Session Individual Meetings Individual Meetings WORKSHOP 2

Nov 1 Regular Class Session Nov 3 Regular Class Session Nov 8 Regular Class Session Nov 10 Individual Meetings Nov 15 Regular Class Session Nov 17 Individual Meetings Nov 22 Individual Meetings Nov 24 HOLIDAY Nov 29 WORKSHOP 3

R Dec 1 Preparation for Festival Performance T Dec 5 Last Class FALL Festival Performance: Saturday, Dec. 3, Time TBA This schedule is subject to change. Changes will be announced in class and sent out by email. Be sure to check your student e-mail regularly. To review university policies and procedures, read: